Menopause is driving me nuts!

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It's so nice to know that I'm not going crazy or dying.  I was just diagnosed a month ago as being in menopause and it's driving me nuts.  I have had bouts with anxiety but it had subsided a few years ago, and i had stopped taking the antidepressant I was on until a month ago; after that, I was checked out and told I was in menopause; in which in turn my doctor told me that with me having an underlying issue with anxiety, menopause can make it a little harder on me, so of course I'm back on my antidepressant (the anxiety has eased up a little bit) but I would surely love for it to stop completely.  I have the dizziness, the depression, the increased/decreased in libido.  Sometimes I feel like I'm about to run out my own skin.  Will the symptoms ever stop?!

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    Check out Bach flower remedies.  In particular bachflower dot org.  You will find help there.  It has helped me immensley.

    Check out walnut, larch, wild rose, and perhaps mimilus or aspen.


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    Hi Rebecca, menopause does stop I remember my sister when she went through it and now she is free from the symptoms...I'm myself going through it similar to her and now starting to feel better and going outside and getting on with life

    it does take years but it will subside bit by bit there no quick fix its long halt believe you me, you will get through it.....Anxiety is no joke and can relate to it, times I feel walking the road like being daze in the head something like that

    try not to worry do what ever you can to ease meno, you will come out of doom gloom bubble (((((((hugs)))))))

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      Thank you so much Maria, some days I feel like I'm out of it.  But knowing there's light at the end of the tunnel; I can try and focus on making these menopause symptoms something of the past.  Blessings to you.

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      Thank you Maria,

      I needed that reassurance because some days I feel like it's "the end."  I feel like I'm going crazy sometimes and I know I'm running my family and friends crazy.  Blessings to you.

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    Is dizziness typical for menopause?  When do you feel it? I moved to Florida about 5 years ago and developed allergies and dizziness, but I am also menopausal age of 50. I feel dizzy on humid days with a lot of allergens in the air, as well when there is a pressure change. I noticed also that when I get very scared I get dizzy to the point of losing consciousness. I was wondering how much of it is menopause and how much is allergies that affect my ears and sinuses.


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      Hey Anetta! Dizziness is one of the major symptoms and besides anxiety, also a disturbing one. When you have a decrease in estrogen you sometimes feel like you have "sea legs", drunkenness, or a fall down wobble. The fluctuations of hormones ( bouncing up and down ) causes this symptom. I sometimes feel like they're having a dance party inside of me although they are unwelcome guests who need to GO HOME!!

      They do dissipate and also at times come back with a vengeance. I hate it! But I know we'll both get thru. It's the reason we're women😀

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    Hi Rebecca,

    I'm sorry to hear your going through this.

    I felt like I could of written your post because I am going through

    The same exact thing and it's horrible! !

    One day I feel okay and think it's going away and for the next 5 days I

    Feel horrible again. Its vicious cycle! The anxiety, panic attacks and depression

    Is taking a toll on me.

    Maybe you just need to give the medication more time to work.

    I truly hope it works for you. I'm on medication but I don't think

    It works so I am going to ask my doctor to change it.

    It helps just talking on here and to know we are not alone.

    I hope you feel better soon and just know you are not going crazy

    And you are not alone.

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      Hi Traci,

      Yes, you're right, it does help talking on here.  This is helping me a lot.  Hopefully, the new medication will help you; I guess it's trial and error for us in regards to trying to find something that'll work for us.  One day (hopefully soon), we'll be able to look back on this and laugh with relief when all this calms down.  Blessings.

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    We all want it stop at dis moment am hot, depressed, headaches , dizziness an totally hating myself thinking i shod jus b don an over wit..its hard to live like dis especially wen ppl do nt understand
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      Hi Wendy,

      I keep telling myself, "this too shall pass" because eventually it will, I know it's easy to say but just know that we will get through this phase victorious.  I have my rough days that I feel like screaming, and crying, but I tell myself over and over again that above phrase.  I'm going through the dizziness right now myself and it's awful.  All of us are strong women and we will be alright.  Remember, that bright light is at the end of the tunnel for us; that's what I've been telling myself.  Just don't be hard on yourself; this is another natural process for us.  Blessings to you.

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      I have gone from a strong independant, self sufficient person who never depended on anyone for anything.  I could use every power tool in that garage, I could BUILD a knit, crochet, sew, cook, bake...I mean I cant believe I jut took those things for granted!  These days I have the attention span of a twi year old, had to instruct my husband how to patch the drywall we needed patched the other day cause I couldn,\'t even do that myself.  I feel like I am a shell these days that the snail has outgrown and left behind, being tossed along the seashore by the waves...

      If i did manage to even cut a 2x4 I wouldn't know what to do with it after it is cut  lol!

      I think one of the worst things I ever did was try to quit smoking through all this...I went back to it after 4 months because I thought that was the culprit of my mood swings...but the anxiety seemed to hit hard when I started again.  Ugh

      Patience...think good thoughts...keep very very busy doing nothing...that is my motto these days  lol!

      If I could go back to my mid thirties i would have set my life up a very different way by the time i reached 47 in preparation for

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      Indifferent, why are you beating yourself up like this, I am

      in awe of the things you have achieved over the years!

      You are just slowing down a bit. I truly believe you will do

      all these things again if you want to, but at the moment you

      need to take it easy and pamper yourself a bit.

      I am 56 now and I am starting to enjoy different things ton

      what I did in my thirties. I went through that attention

      span of a fly and some days can't remember a thing but

      hey ho go with it. I think well I can't concentrate or

      remember what the heck I was gonna do so I will

      put my feet up and read a magazine.

      Let your husband take over for a bit (I have always had

      everything done for me, I am a princess)lol😂😂

      Enjoy it while you can because your energy will return,

      trust me.

      Right I want to hear that you are taking it easy and

      enjoying it, ok?😁😁

      All my best to you, Wonderwoman😊

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      I think because I look around this house and see all the plans I had...and they aren't getting done now, it frustrates me.  I promised the grandkids a playstructure last summer, because they outgrew the little playhouse me and my four year old granddaughter built together (yes she takes right after her Nana that one)  She is 8 now.  They are still waiting for that playstructure  lol.

      I have just landed in this very different place in my head and somethng in me just isn't quite happy here but trying hard to be.  Longing for the old self but the new self is moving in fast and I don't know who she is!  I never was one to slow down, ever.  Everyone used to wonder where I got all the energy I just have scattered thoughts that are here one minute, gone the next.  I have a really hard time some days.  I have had to hire a carpenter recently...oh goodness!

      I mean I was the woman they used to take into the back in the car repair shop to show me what was up and why it was going to cost money, they knew I understood it.  

      But I never had a carreer.  Never could identify myself with "I'm a nurse, or a secretary, or a teacher"...I just kept really busy.  I was a wife.  And at least I knew that.  I was actually just FINALLY getting used to that...just finally comforartable with going to parties and when asked what I did I would smile and say "I'm a kept woman, what do you do?"  Hahahaha!

      Now it isn't so funny...because it turns out I need an awful lot of keeping these days.  I can't even spend a night by myself without getting anxiety.

      But as Rebecca says, this too shall pass smile

      And it will, some days I just can't sit in the bubble bath long enough.

      Now you, live everyones dream, you are a princess and you know it!  Can you teach me how?  I think I need a "career" change right about now


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      You are just like me. I lost my independence and became a little baby. Therefore my fears. I have the same thing with the lonely nights, and my husband has worked in another state for 4 years. Now he can't understand why I cant be by myself. And I can no longer, it got to the point that I became suicidal.I am not sure why nature does it to us women.

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      My husband also works away a lot.  I am not sure how I am going to make out.  I get in bed and I start thinking...and then my sister called and triggered my anxiety with something she said...ugh.  How to you tell people to be careful what they say to you?

      I had the suicidal thoughts the whole month of November, it was so scary, more like a compulsion than anything I wanted to do.  Crazy.  I did find something that helps with that part.  Rescue remedy or cherry plum (a flower esssense by a company called Bach)  The rescue remedy I had to get up out of bed ad take because hubby was away last night.

      I hear you Anetta, it is not easy, and is really testing my faith

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