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Well, well, well.  You'll never guess what I found, today.  I eventually uncovered the gin bottle... from Friday's binge.  I hide the bottles, then have to try to remember, where.  Funny old life.  Anyway, the bottle had some left in it. I had not completely finished it. I am so glad. It is finished now, by the way, but that's another story. 'Can't let it go to waste. So, my Units were about the 20 mark, on Friday. 0 yesterday, as I felt poisoned. About 6 tonight.

The strange thing is, 20 Units in wine... 2 bottles, would not have had such an effect on me. I have had worse experiences with spirits, especially vodka, but I do think there is a message... a warning, if you like. Units and Type of Alcohol matter/differ. Problem is, I get fed up with all the wines.  Why can't I just stop?

I am going to try for half a bottle of wine tomorrow, 2 hours after my Selincro tablet. Leaving half the bottle will be a big challenge. Buying the bottle is more cost effective than miniature bottles. 2 miniature bottles = half a full size bottle.

Tomorrow is another day, again.

Alonangel 🎇

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    do not worry too much. The fact that you are so honest with us and list everything is great. you are on the right path for certain..great that you are also taking medication and best of luck! Robin
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      Honesty. I've really messed up. I do understand why Joanna and Paul get so frustrated with us. I've drank tonight without naltrexone. I'm finding all this so difficult. It was working for me, I think( or am I kidding myself) re naltrexone..?

      The thing is that I've now become obsessed with alcohol again. I went 5,months sober last year. I'm beginning to think that the campral route is the way forward for me..I'm upset and confused. I'm am so depressed x

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      Hey Paper fairy.  We have all really messed up !  We have got to keep fighting it... or it will kill us.  I tell myself that, when times are really bad.  My liver was damaged, in the past.  Goodness only knows what other damage I have done.  

      I don't have the willpower, just now, for Campral.  I had Campral, in the past.  Just ended up drinking anyway. I don't know what my cravings level might be.  The Selincro/Nalmefene is my best chance, for now.  

      Try to focus on the tapering down, again.  That's what I am planning for tomorrow. Reduce the intake, bit by bit... then stopping might be a possibility.

      Blessings, my friend.

      Angel  X

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      Just get back on the horse, Paper. Remember, it's only doing the same thing you did before, just with that one little change of taking the pill. That's the little change that will make the big change. Don't get confused, but don't let the alcohol touch your brain without the Naltrexone protecting it. People frequently have doubts about it in the early days, then they come back months later and say "It works. I can't believe it, but it bloody works!" 
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      For the record...

      I find it so hard that I scream out loud at times... I am alone at home, a lot ! 

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      I'm sure I speak on behalf of Joanna, as well as myself, when I say that we don't get FRUSTRATED with you. We have concerns when people find themselves doing things that affect the effectiveness of their treatment, but we recognise this as part of the illness. Just keep going and do everything you can to stick to the rules of TSM. NO drinking witghout first taking a pill smile
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      I never get frustrated with you as a person, Paper Fairy, but I want you to succeed and I know this method will work for you IF you remain compliant because you did start to see more control and a reduction in your drinking.  Whilst you were compliant to taking the pill and waiting the hour before drinking, it was gradually working for you.

      When someone has a blip and drinks without the tablet, it isn't an ideal situation, but it happens and I understand that.  We are only human, after all.

      When someone then starts repeating drinking without the medication, I know, from experience, that the chances of them remaining compliant to the end result of extinction of their cravings fall significantly because their brain starts to 'cheat' them and tell them that it won't matter one more time. It's already trying to convince you that maybe naltrexone isn't the way for you.  The medication was working for you, yes.

      The more times someone takes a drink without the pill, or before the waiting time has elapsed, the more likely that they are to stop the method as they begin to perceive it as not working for them.

      This is a method that requires patience and compliance.  You know you are needing to take the tablet an hour before, so it's a case of working out why you didn't and then implementing an action, a safeguard, to reduce the chances of that happening again.

      You CAN do this, PF.  I know you can.

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      What a pair! You cheered me up when I was so down, so now my turn. I understand what feeling depressed is like, but you were doing so well. Ok you drank without taking a tablet, but it's another day now, so "pick yourself up and start all over again". Easier said than done, but I know you can do it. I may be wrong, but sounds like you're anxious about filling in that long form and it's set you back. Hope you have a better day xx
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      Hello Joanna,

      I just want to thank you for your good advice.  You are helping others when you patiently go over the compliance routine.  It is good to be reminded by someone who has such experience.  I thought it was a bit too tough for me, at first.  Now, a little bit wiser, I know that your approach is exactly what is needed.  I am sorry if I offended you by any previous remark.

      I had a bad blip, even though I had taken Selincro/Nalmefene and waited the 2 hours... just lost it, then totally overdid gin.  'Very regretful and reflective, now.  I will stick with this method.  A blip is not the end... it's a blip !

      Keep up your good work.  Inspirational, supportive care.

      Alonangel 🎇

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      Hello Paul,

      Your concern means a lot to me.  I am battling on... on my own, in the home situation as my husband does not understand TSM... nor does he want to. 'Just says that I should not drink. When you advise one person on this Forum, others benefit too.

      Thank you for caring.

      Alonangel 🎇

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      No problem, Alonangel smile I like being able to make a positive difference whenever that is possible smile
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    The Selincro/Nalfemene WORKS.  I can notice the difference.  I am so happy about this...WOO, HOO !  I bought a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc today, I then "decanted" half of it into two miniature empties(saving the planet).  I have put the two mins. away, for tomorrow.  I have had most of the other half of the bottle... but don't want any more, for now.  Weird.  I always want more until bottle finished.  Bottle beside me, with some in it... I will probably finish it... but no "compulsion" to do so.  

    The two miniatures for tomorrow mean that I don't have to go buy more, tomorrow.  Less temptation.  I have got more used to the "no effect" when I take my first drink.  Weird. I am full of hope.  This is Week 4 on the medication and I thought I had blown it, a few days ago.  What a wonderful realisation, today.

    I hope this Post gives hope and encouragement to my fellow strugglers. 

    Keep on beating it, bit by bit, beating it ! 

    Alonangel 🎇


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      Made up for you Alon! Did you do anything different that may have made the Nalmefene more effective?

      I took some of Paul's advice and drank my drink a little later than usual. Rather than drink after 2 hours, I've been drinking at 2.5-3 hours after taking the tablet - I've noticed a massive change.

      I took my tablet at 3:30pm today and didn't start drinking until 6pm. It is now 7:15 and I have only drank half a bottle of wine - normally I'd have completely nailed the entire bottle by now. Actually it's a struggle drinking it. The bottle seems huge.

      I'm back at the prescribers on Wednesday and although they may not be happy I haven't had an alcohol free day yet (the woman I spoke to at the clinic said I'd see an instant reduction, I didn't) I'll still be going in positive. I will be going in positive because I've been able to slow down my drinking these past two days rather than gulping down my wine. I made a bottle of wine last 3 hours last night - unheard of before. Hopefully they will see this as a step in the right direction too, because I and others have noticed a positive change in my drinking.

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      I'm glad waiting a little longer between the pill and your first drink has helped. BK522.
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      I drank later than usual,too.  I've still got the last bit of my drink for today, to take... 2 hours after I started... unheard of. I will finish it, but I don't feel the same way about it.

      I'm going to continue the "decanting" strategy, this week.  Here's hoping that will change my habit.  The bottle of wine seemed a lot to me today, as well.  Usually, I would have it finished well within half an hour! I was able to share it out for tomorrow, no problem.  Weird!

      I think we are getting somewhere... Oh goody !

      A future beckons...

      Alonangel 😀

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      Well done you Alon, it seems we are getting somewhere despite the slow start - slow and steady wins the race after all.

      I think delaying the drink until the 3 hour mark has passed has deifinitely helped me. I'm also more aware of time, making sure a drink lasts a half hour, rather than knocking it back.

      It's completely weird thinking what dire situation I was in Thursday, Friday and Saturday... Compared to the past two days, it's literally like a switch was pressed and I didn't want to drink as much or too frequent. Is this the breakthrough? Or am I simply just entering the honeymoon phase? sad

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      Well done too, BK.  I am so delighted for you.  It is soul destroying, getting nowhere, day by day.  They did say slowly, steadily... we are just impatient.  I am going for this being the breakthrough.  We have got to recognise the changes in our behaviour.  Then, hopefully, the new behaviour settles in ! 😄

      I just finished off my wine... wasn't bothered whether I had it or not... just finished it because it was there.

      I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

      I haven't felt like that for a lllooooonnnngg time !

      Alonangel 🎇

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      you seem to be improving. Well done Alonangel.Robin
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      Thank you for your support, Robin.

      I am glad that things are taking a turn for the better.😀


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