Mirrazapine + Venlafaxine please help!!

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I am posting on here out of desperation as really don't know what to do.

I have been on mirrazapine 45mg since the birth of my daughter 4 years ago due to severe post natal anxiety,depression and insomnia.

I have had a couple of good years then due to what I believe could be hormonal issues I have had to add venlafaxine.

Every few months a week to 10 days before my period I loose it. I can't sleep I have panic attacks I can't eat can't leave the house cry all day it really is hell on earth. I also sometimes get suicidal thoughts. During these times it is as if I am not taking any medication whatsoever. It seems to spiral and even my period sometimes doesn't relieve things then I have to increase the venlafaxine. The doctor has said I may have PMDD and agrees my anxiety and depression occurs with my cycles. Each time my doctor increases venlafaxine by 37.5mg and this helps me until my next blip.

I am currently on 45mg mirtazapine 187.5mg venlafaxine. I am in the middle of another blip and am just at my wits end. I am terrified to increase the ven again as it is getting to the point I'm going to be on such high doses I will have no where to go from here. I have been referred to a psychiatrist who has said about maybe switching meds this again terrifies me as I have a 4 year old to look after without having to go through withdrawals.

If anyone has any information on these drugs together please please contact me.

I don't know whether the drugs have just stopped working for me which is why I have to keep increasing or if it is really PMDD and I will have to

keep going through this forever until menopause.

My doctors don't really know what to do with my anymore so I am requesting a referal back to the psychiatrist, I just don't understand how I can be taking two strong medications and still feeling so anxious and depressed.

Thank you to whoever takes the time to read this.

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    Well I can report that i've been on 30mg mirtazapine with 225mg venlafaxine, very effectively for over 6 years so I don't think you need to worry about the doses. Although I didn't have such an extreme problems as you pre-menstrually, my recurrent depression and anxiety were said to be linked to hormonal changes - ie at adolescence, post-natal depression (twice) and at the menopause they were at their worst. I would say that all you can do is listen to the doctors, and I think you are wise to ask for referral to a psychiatrist. I know it's easy to say and not so easy to do, but you do need to try not to worry about having anxiety, because that only makes it worse, it's like a spiral. Do all you can to relax, find something, anything, that helps you to get through the day, one day at a time, and congratulate yourself when you've done it! I hope that helps a bit. Pixie xx

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      Thank you so much for the response pixie. It's nice not to feel like I am the only one that has been through it or going through it.

      I am terrified to have any more children because of my post natal depression/anxiety.

      This year has just been getting worse for me I have Given up two jobs and had to cancel our family holiday all because of my anxiety flaring up.

      Because it keeps happening I feel like I have no time to recover then I'm back at square one and just feel like giving up on everything.

      Maybe I should increase up to 225mg and see from there did your doctor say this was the maximum dose you could be on?

      Did the increased dose give you any bad side effects I'm always worried it will make my insomnia worse even though it has always helped with this! I'm just my own worst enemy at the moment

      Thanks again xxx

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      My psychiatrist increased my dose until I started getting better, so I stopped at 225mg and I don't know if I could have gone any higher, sorry. I can honestly say I've had minimal side-effects. I haven't put on weight, which some people get with mirtazapine, and I usually sleep well, although I do also take a small dose of haloperidol (0.5mg) which I was prescribed after I started getting panic attacks after a traumatic experience with an operation that went wrong. My only side-effects from venlafaxine is difficulty with reaching orgasm (sorry if that is too much information!) but we've found ways round it! I do hope you can get the help you need and DESERVE. Pixie xx

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      Thank you pixie I am just lying in bed worrying about increasing and serotonin syndrome, getting worse etc etc. Thank you for replying to me. I have a phone appointment with GP this morning so will see what they say.
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    My sister was like u exactly like u and in the end she got so bad round her period she was seeing gnyne for a hysterectomy the gyne advised her to go on a certain kind of pill not sure of the name but to try that b4 surgery it works amazing
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      Thank you! I am really considering having a hysterectomy so will try and get my doctor to refer me to a gynae and go from there. If you see your sister could you ask her the name of the pill? Thank you for your reply xx
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    Hi Lauren - sorry to read of your situation. I was prescribed venlafaxine @ 18o mgs several years ago. these drugs affect everyone differently and I had a terrible time. Things became disjointed and I would also suffer electric-shock-like events in my joints. I did some research and found that venlafaxine was suspected of causing suicidal ideation in some patients. I stopped taking it (replaced with Pristiq which I no longer require.) I think you should consider your psychiatrist may be sensible in offering a change to your prescriptions. It would be usual for you to decrease dosage of venlafaxine before coming off them and starting another med. Also I have been on 45mgs of Mirtazipine without side effects, but there are some who have a terrible time with it. There is a thread on this site re: mirtazipine where you can converse with people who suffer from negative effects.
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      Hi Wayne

      Thank you for your response.

      I was definatley wondering whether the drugs have maybe stopped working as they worked initially great for me.

      Mirrazapine was a miracle for me as I had such severe post natal depression it took about 3 weeks to fully kick in but then I was great for a year on it with no side effects.

      I then had to add the venlafaxine at 37.5mg again great on these for a year then this year I have had 5 dose increases of the venlafaxine.

      It does seem to be tied in with my hormones but again maybe the drugs aren't working properly as I had two good years with no problems with my hormones.

      Do you know if I would have to fully withdraw from the venlafaxine and mirtazapine to start something else or could I just switch?

      The thought of being without anything especially now... I'm terrified. I kind of feel as if I am dependant on these, even though their not doing there job anymore.

      I just sit here thinking how the hell have I got into this mess. Before I had my child I didn't even know what anxiety and depression was I was the most relaxed happy go lucky person I think that's why I find it harder to deal with especially as it was so sudden and I have been trying to fight it for 4 years now.

      I increased my venlafaxine to 225mg yesterday and although I'm feeling a little bit better today I am just thinking in a few weeks I will be feeling terrible again even if I start to feel better.

      This really is the most horrendous thing. L

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      Lauren i was the same until i had my kids i had no idea wat anxiety was
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      It's just awful. Did you have it post natal? Mine started straight after giving birth 

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      I had a stillborn wee boy it started then i also got pregnant again 7 weeks later so i was up to 90 all the way through and after she was born fine but i worried abt her constantly and then developed health anx and through the yrs its become gad
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      I'm sorry to hear that. You sound as if you have been through a hell of a lot. You must be a strong person to of got through what you have. How many children do you have and what medication do you take?

      I had a really traumatic time in hospital after having my daughter with bad health complications.

      When I got home a couple of weeks later was when I realised I wasn't acting normally it took me a while to realise it was anxiety. I would sit up all night watching my daughter asleep as was terrified of cot death. I went so long without sleep I just became a complete wreck it was the worst experience of my life.

      The doctor told me it was PND and anxiety because of the hospital experience but 4 years on I feel as though I've made no progress really as it just seems every month Around my period I have to increase anti depressants.

      Wish I could just be normal again and I worry how it will affect my daughter as she gets older and see's how I get each month.

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      I used to do that to i worried abt cot death so i bought a breathing alarm i was always poking her to see if she was ok! I had her in 40 minutes im hosp but that scared me to i thought i was dying i agree abt the not acting normal but ive never been normal since ive had them i just have her an shes 7 bloody kids who'd have them! Joking

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      Hahaha I agree!! I look at other mums and i think how are you normal when I'm not?

      Just been to the doctor and he has prescribed me cerazette a contraceptive pill.

      Terrified to try it incase it sends me even more loopy.

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      It shouldnt is that one where u can take it continuiosly i think thats what my sis has, i think the theory is ur hormones shouldnt go up n down therefore eliminating the pmdd symptoms. Id love to b one of that normal yummy mummies that bounce out of bed an excited by organic oats for breakfast and babies in the wild mums and babies groups but im not i drag myself out of bed thinking oh god not another day of this sh*t running late for school begging my child to evrn just eat a biscuit anything before school! Lol
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      Yes I have to take it continuously he said hopefully it will stop my periods so I won't have the hormone fluctuations.

      I said to him the way I am feeling at the moment I can't bare to take it as I'm panicking about taking it so he says to wait until I am feeling better then start it whenever.

      I'm just worried it's going to send me even more mental and I can't increase my anti depressants.

      do you take any meds?

      I am the same. I look at my other friends that are mum's and I feel like never seeing them again because they can cope and I can't. 😩

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      No one can cope they just make it look like they can, im lucky i have very honest friends who say it like it is when it comes to parenting. I take sertraline and propanolol i switched from citralopram 3 weeks ago after a meltdown so im 3 days into 50 mg its increasing my anxiety just want to feel better! If i were u id start the pill it shouldnt make u worse
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      Did you have to wean off the citalopram? I am so worried about having to switch meds.

      Yeah I have got to try this pill as I can't keep going through this every month if it carries on I don't know what I'll do. Def going to wait till I hopefully get over this blip before adding anything to my hormones.

      Do you ever have problems with your sleep? It's the insomnia and early waking that drives me insane.

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      No doc just said dont take cit for a few days then start the sertraline so i did but only on 25 mg then upped to 50 mg yes i struggle with sleep and early morning wakening thats how i know i dont feel right i start wakening really early
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      that's exactly what happens to me just start waking at 5am then it gets earlier and earlier and then it spirals from there probably because I know it is going to get worse.

      Do you get up once your awake. I lie in bed wishing To go back to sleep but I never do. People have told me to get up and start the day but I just can't face it at that time

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      No i lie in bed getting more an more anxious my hearts racing im sweating just aggitated, normally i could sleep half the day away if i could so i know when im awake and anxious at 6 am somethings not right im so tempted to ask my doc to try mitraz but i get scared to rock the boat with meds iykwim
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      Your exactly the same as me.

      I wouldn't be too worried as you are on a pretty low dose of your meds.

      I am on the top whack of both of mine.

      I really think mirrazapine would help you sometimes it can be added on as a sleep aid in low doses to other anti depressants

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      Do u only feel bad around ur period or just now in ur blip r u feeling bad all the time?
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      How did u feel on mitraz when u first started it?
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      Normally just 10 days before my period. It gets so unbearable I have thoughts of killing myself so I have to increase meds. Then usually gets better after my period. I have had times where it hasn't though which makes me wonder if my meds are just 'pooping out' on me.

      I am so anxious now though and not sure if I can get out of it even once my period starts as I'm panicking about being at my max dosage of meds and having to start this contraceptive pill. I am going to phone my mental health centre tomorrow and beg to see someone as I really need some reassurance about my meds before I start this contraceptive pill.

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      The only effect mirt had initially was helping me sleep as I couldn't sleep at all. It would make me feel drowsy after an hour but I was still waking early.

      I still felt depressed and anxious for a week or so and then it really lifted and as that lifted I could sleep in for longer etc.

      I haven't had any side effects that I've read about online. When I'm good I sleep like a normal person. And I can also doze off on the couch and have naps so I can still sleep naturally.

      I have had nights out where I've been up till 3am and just take it when I get in and still get up at 9am.

      I never put on any weight either like other people report.

      It was literally the most amazing thing for me. I really really recommend it esp if you have insomnia with the anxiety and depression.

      I tried citalopram with sleeping tablets and that did nothing for the anxiety insomnia. Infact I remember taking night nurse on top of them and still not falling asleep.

      Until the underlying anxiety and depression is getting better it is so hard to sleep normally even with sleeping pills.

      I think mine only stopped working because I took contraceptives that messed with my hormones and I really wish i hadn't of ever done that

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      Do! And let me know how you get on. Any questions just msg me

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