Mirtazapine 15 mg

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When you start taking it dose it make like you are not in this world or your in outer space is this right or not .

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    HI LOFTYWARD,,,,no not as you ask,,,,,,but u do get some side efects ,,mainly tiredness,,this helps u to relax,,it efects people differently as we are not all the same,,u do not say what your problems are???..try reading other posts and share your problems with us i am sure we can help you,,also it takes time to get in your system so u have to be patient and persiver with it ,,hope this helps,,good luck  BLUESY
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      I have depression and anxiety for about 18 years I was on citalopram for 17 years came off because it was no working any .so move on to mirtazapine 15 mg for two weeks stop it because it made me like a zombie so dr put me on tranodone 150 a day but no good I add no sleep for two weeks so back on mirtazapine now just it works for me
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      HI LOFTYWARD,,i also was on ,,valium/activan/ect for 20 yrs ,,i had counselling and got myself clean,for 10 yrs,, then 6 months ago BANG IT HIT ME AGAIN,,try a lower dose [7.5mg] for a while to see what happens it may help with the zombie state also sleep,,the mirt worked 4 me on this level,it takes time and persiverence,,so give it a good try       BLUESY
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      Hello Bleusy,

      May i ask you a question?

      How long took it when 7,5 mg works for you?


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      HI KARINA,,when i started on the 7.5mg it was about ,,,7-10 days and i started to feel a lot better,,i stayed on it for 8-10 weeks and greatly improved more,,i did have some side efects,,dreams/sweating/constipation...but these soon stopped and i was able to do things i had not felt like doing for months,,i then reduced to 3.75mg and slowly reduced to zero over about 3 weeks then OFF,,THAT WAS 4 WEEKS AGO,,no side efects..i feel fine compared to 6 months ago ,i was very ill then with anx/dep/imsomnia /ect,but i persisted ,,i had some bad days but overcome them,,i do have a sleep problem but will get over that as well i am taking TRAZODONE for it,,hope this helps you,,,,,,,TAKE CARE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,BLUESY  
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      Hello Bluesy,

      That is very quick that it was helping.

      I am taking 15 mg for 6 weeks and it is not helping my anxiety is very high and in the evening i am very tired.

      I do not know what to do anymore.

      Thanks for reply.

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      HI KARIN,,,sorry your not too good,,i can only suggest that u reduce to 7.5mg for a while to see if it helps to improve the tiredness/anx,,,and then take it from there,,,,,,,,,,,,good luck,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,BLUESY  
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      Thanks Bluesy,

      I am afraid to go to 7,5 mg from 15 mg.

      So i think i go back to 11,25 mg for a while.

      Calmer said, 11,25 mg works very well for anxiety.


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      Ooooo glad I checked in.  I wouldn't drop 50%, thats a big jump down.  You can try 11.25 mg, you might find some symptoms from dropping down, or you could try a 10% drop first maybe?  Using the liquid method - you can make a liquid by using a pill crusher, or easier if you can get Mirtazapine Sol Tabs from your doctor - click on my name to read instructions if you like - there are links under my status there.

      Best wishes Karin x

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      Hello Calmer,

      No i do not go to 7.5 mg in one time.

      I am in doubt what to do. 15 mg doesn´t seems to work anymore, in 2015 in works for two months and then i tapered, so stupid, i wish i was holding 15 mg then.

      I can crush my pill in three quarters with a pillcutter.

      My head is so fuzzy and i am shaking all the time on 15 mg, i need 20 mg of diazepam a day.

      I am almost 6 weeks on 15 mg again.

      When i read my other post it was not helping me then, so out off this world.

      Thanks Calmer for reply.

      My other topic was this:


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      I forgot something that maybe is very important.

      I am in menopause too and the hormones are rushing through my fains, so i do not know what really the problem is.

      Is it the hormones or another problem, it is so difficult to tell what it is.

      Before menopause i could function, but now i do not.


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      I just read your previous thread, I remember it now.  If I remember rightly you along with MUD, Wendy, Sharon, Jeannie - all cold turkeyed at the same time, is that right?  I think I left the conversation soon after this.

      The thing is, and I'm sorry if I'm repeating myself, constantly going up and down on the doses is very bad for our  Central Nervous System, put simply it puts our anxiety in freefall.  I remember MUD advising folk to "just quit" and then MUD later coming back into the conversation speaking of the "terror" he felt - that's cold turkey and the destabilising.  No Wonder.  (Sorry MUD). 

      We cannnot choose one dose and jump to another, and then another.  That is why you are suffering with the anxiety now, in my humble opinion.  I'm sorry I don't mean to sound harsh, but if you want to improve you've got to stick with the same dose - now.  And then when stable, you can taper at no more than 10% per month (or 5% every 2 weeks) should you want to.

      30 mg is renowned for causing anxiety and not helping sleep.

      15 mg & 7.5 will both help you sleep but you must not jump between the doses.  11.25 is similar.

      Its hard when we get caught up with the destabilisation and not able to see the wood for the trees.  So you are taking 15 mg now right?  I would stay on that dose, just stay on it until you feel better, hopefully soon.  x

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      Hi Calmer,

      Thx for your reply and I wasn't in the group quiting cold turkey.

      I'm still on 15mg, for 6 weeks straight now and planning to stay on it for some time.

      I was close to cutting back to 11,25 yesterday but made up my mind and kept the 15mg.

      I realise that my mood swings are a result of my homonal imbalance.

      Let's see what the future brings.

      Thanks again.


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      Sorry for that, another Karin maybe.  I know perople who quit cold turkey and then can't stabilise, so I usually don't offer any advice as it is too difficult.  

      I hope you can find some peace soon, I think you must have had enough of the anxiety now.  

      Menopause ugh !!  Mine was at 46, yours ??


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      Hello Calmer,

      No problemsmile

      I remember Mud.

      Yes the anxiety is horror, i also hope that that is soon over.

      Pre menopause began at 43. My last menstruation was in june 2014 and from then it was heavier till now, it is really hell for me.

      Thanks Calmer for reply.

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      Oh i forgot something.

      I was following the topic of Mud but can not find it anymore.

      Do you have a link?

      Or somebody else maybe?



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      No I havn't seem Mud on the forum for some weeks now, either much improved on started Mirt again ... maybe he/she will come back later.  If you wanted to see the thread, you could click on your own name and scroll down your own "ACTIVITY" to find any discussions maybe?  When you find it you could send a private message if you wanted to get in touch.

      Hope he/she is alright.


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      Hello Calmer,

      I have tried that but could not find the topic. I try it again.


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