Mirtazapine (Remeron) Withdrawal Success Story!!

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Hello all!

I see a lot of taper / withdrawal threads on here explaining how bad it was for a lot of people but I wanted to share my experience with a relatively easy taper so those who google it don’t get completely terrified / hopefully it helps some people.

I was on mirtazapine for GAD and Panic Disorder for four years, 30mg for three and 45g for the final year. It helped a great deal in the beginning but the last six months or so I felt I was getting no benefits, so I decided to come off.

Here are my tips before I log my experience.

BE FIRM with your doctor. For too long I was pressured to stay on or even maximise my dose when I was unhappy. Tell your doctor you want off and you want off now and come up with a GAME PLAN.

GET ANTI-NAUSEA MEDS this one is simple, be prepared. I got a script for Maxolon from my doc to take twice a day during my withdrawal. It’s completely safe and non addictive and works wonders.

SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS you can do this. I personally have been through Valium (diazepam) withdrawal and it was horrifying, so with that experience behind me I knew this would be do-able. HAVE FAITH in yourself and your inner strength.

SYMPTOMS WILL PASS. The good thing is you know it is the withdrawal that is making your anxiety flare up or making you feel uneasy so you KNOW you can get through it and it will end.

So here comes my experience.

Had been on 45mg for a year (out of 4 on this med) and told my doctor I want off and I want off ASAP. They were aware of my success coming off diazepam so were supportive of me coming off this relatively quickly (I really earned my drug withdrawal stripes there haha).

45mg down to 30mg for five days. I took my anti-nausea pill when I woke up straight away and another in the evening if I needed. Honestly felt ZERO bad effects from this drop at all, if anything I felt better. Less violent anxiety, clearer head and happier mood.

30mg down to 15mg for five days. Kept taking those wonderful Maxolons and again this was a walk in the park!! Happier every day and really focussing on how much success I was having so far.

15mg down to 7.5mg for five days. Still on Maxolon every day to avoid the nausea. Had some days where anxiety would flare up quickly but that’s kind of normal for me anyway. Found on this low dose I was falling asleep so fast I had forgotten how sedating the low doses were!

7.5mg to 0 for the rest of my life. Still on Maxolon, have been noticing I still feel some nausea so I am grateful to have the anti-nausea meds to really minimise it. Have been taking 2 daily during this time. My sleep is becoming a bit more broken and less of a “coma” deep sleep now and I’ve been sweating bullets at random but DRINKING LOADS OF WATER.  STILL FEELING POSITIVE!!

I am now 3 days into 0mg and honestly it’s nowhere near as bad as a lot of people experienced and for that I am extremely grateful. Will update if people are interested to read how the next few days / weeks go now that I’m down to no mirt in my system.  It has been so much easier than I was braced for.

So here are a list of things I did experience.

Mild Nausea despite taking the anti nausea meds

Pooping more than usual

Some sleep disruption once I came off completely


Mild headache (easily fixed by ibuprofen)

Flare ups of anxiety but NO PANIC ATTACKS caused by withdrawal, if anything my panic attacks are less frequent now

Feeling a little foggy headed once I got down to zero, not a big deal

Jitters. Just general fidgeting and struggling to sit still but that’s expected after being sedated big time for the last four years by a variety of meds now I’m on zero medications.


(I’m not saying these don’t happen but merely they did not happen to me)



Insomnia (I still sleep every night)

Brain Zaps


Panic attacks caused by withdrawal

Suicidal thoughts / depression. I’m actually much happier.

Dizziness / feeling faint. Again this is less frequent now than it was while I was on 45mg.

Bad mood changes, being angry or crying for no reason.

So to anyone who bothered to read this essay post. YOU CAN DO IT. Everyone will experience these things differently and I am not disputing that some people have a really rough time, it’s just that when someone has a good experience or an easy time they are less likely to write about it. When I was starting my taper I found so many awful stories and so few positive ones which made me extremely anxious in itself. So I wanted to write out a successful withdrawal story for those people who are about to start to see that they might not have a horrifying experience and there are ways you can prevent a lot of the symptoms SAFELY.

Drink lots of water. Have faith in yourself. Be strong. Don’t put up with sh*t you don’t have to.

I am more than happy to reply to any questions people have about my experience and will update how things go for the next few days if anyone is interested. Cheers and good luck. 

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    Brillaint post and one that I am sure will help many, it's helped me as I am about to start a mirt withdrawal.

    I posted earlier today and yesterday on here about my experience on mirt the last 4 years and why I want off it. I am jsut afaid to drop from 15mg to 7.5mg just like that. My GP says I can but I am scared to so fast as it's really a big drop after 4 years.

    My fatigue is crippling me and I am sure this drug has alot to do with it. I want to come off it to see if it helps my level of fatigue and foggy head. I feel awful. You've given me hope it can be done without anything too scary happening.

    I certainly would be interested in hearing your futher updates.

    Thank you.


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      Hi Julie!

      So glad my post gave you some confidence! Feel free to reply more or message me if you need someone to chat to during your taper. I can tell you right now that the fogginess has reduced so much since getting down to zero. I feel much more present and connected in general and less.. Trapped behind the veil I guess.

      Best of luck to you and like I said if you need support hit me up anytime.

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      Hello Jingy,

      How was your Mirt withdrawal? was it really bad? I want to come off as well but I have crippling anxiety and am very scared at even the thought of it especially reading in the forums . I can't take the weight gain this is causing! Id love to hear how it went for you..

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    Just wanted to say thank you for your well thought out post which was a pleasure to read....you succeeded in everyway possible to help people who are trying to come off or down from Mirt.  Myself I've been at a 1/4 of 15mg for about four weeks, not sure where I'll go from here...see my doctor tomorrow...with this I take 10mg of prozac in the am....again just want to say I hope everyone reads your post it's well worth reading and I encourage everyone to take the time, Success

    Baby had the time and energy to do so....she deserves a standing ovation.

    cheers, not sure exactly what comes next for me...but will keep people posted.

    thank you...


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      Thank you for your lovely reply! So glad you sent it. You can make it through the taper good plan to touch base with your doctor and plan your next move. If you need a support buddy feel free to hit me up anytime smile
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      Great post.  Thanks for your positive attitude.  My story is very positive as well and I hope it may help others.. I took  8 months if mirtz 30 Mirtz.  This is how I tapered off.  2 weeks every other day at 30mgs...2 weeks every other day at 15 mgs..2 weeks of 7 1/2 mgs every other day and done.  As the weeks went by, it was easy on my system and I would, with your Doctor's approval for sure, consider this painless approach to withdrawal.

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      Hi Susan thank you for your post. Since I last spoke about my issue with mirtizapin I’ve successfully withdrawn. However I have now been put on cirtilaptam and clonazapam which still leaves me having anxiety attacks if I don’t a Deere to the prescribed dosage which is 20mg of cirt and 0.25x3 of clonazapam. My mood swings have increased and I don’t seem to have any relief from my depression. Anyone with ideas please let me know. Thank you. 
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    This is really a great post. I have been on mirt for 7 Years now. I have been wanting to come of Mirt because i was recently diagnose of Hyperthyriod but i have been postponing it due to the withdrawal symptoms i read about. You have made me want to really start withdrawing......

    Thanks  again for this wonderful post!!

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      I have been diagnosed hypothyroid and also put off withdrawing due to the horror stories but now I want to start coming off it.

      Good luck.

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    Well done.

    Im on 45 and plan to taper soon. Like you i have done a benzo withdrawal and it was what set off my serious mental health problems. Unfortunately im back on it 10mg a day as well as venlflaxine and very low dose if olanzapine.

    I want to come off the mirt first but don t know if i should do the valium first. Am very nervous about the whole thing.

    Did try and drop to 37.5 of mirt but felt terrible so reinstated but then got a virus so it may not have been withdrawals. Plan to try 10% drop first if that goes well speed it up.

    Thanks for sharing.

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      Just out of intrrest as im on venlaflaxine how did you withdraw from that. Im on 150 mg XR.

      Did you taper and at what rate ?

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      Yeah the benzo withdrawal is a real struggle. I still take diazepam as needed for panic attacks but the temptation to take it every day is real!

      Good plan to start with a 10% drop, I think that's what most doctors would recommend mine was just keen to help me get off it fast.

      I only came off the valium first because I knew the mirt would make me sleep at night and stop a lot of the insomnia from that. But I'm getting quite a bit of sleep disruption now coming off mirt so it could work the same in reverse the Val might stop that for you.

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    Well done Baby, of the taper and for the post.

    Thanks for this wonderfull "hope giving" post.

    I went to a Efexor withdrawall many years ago, very bad experience.

    Plan to start taper Mirta May 1st.

    But with my chronic insomnia ( even with mirta ), and all the bad stories you read, I am somewhat scared, but good to read positive stories to , gives hope and confidence. 



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    Hi baby, congratulations for coming off remeron. I'm trying for long time and not able to. I'm on 2.4 mg and has terrible burning headache and I don't know how people able to come off this afoul medication. How you doing now? You still doing good?

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      Hi Eva!

      Sorry to hear that you're having a rough time with headaches! I hope you get some relief from them soon.

      I'm doing okay now, I'm just over two weeks at zero and to be honest there were a few rough days there anxiety wise, had a few panic attacks and a bit of trouble sleeping but the sleep has returned to normal and the anxiety has gone down in intensity again. I don't feel that different to when I was on the mirt now to be honest!

      That being said my doctor and psych want me to start up on a new med this week because my anxiety is still really effecting my life so I'll be doing that in the next few days, fingers crossed it does more for me than the mirt did.

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      Got my mirt down to 7.5 but scared to lower in case i cant sleep. Already taking 5 of diaz when awake at 1am.  Feel dulled and lethargic.  Do i down the mirtaz first or the diaz?  Crazy dreaming from 5am every day. Diagnosed anx/depr.
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      Probably best to check with your doctor about which one to come off first. I came odd daily diazepam first but still use it if I really need to / am having an awful panic attack. But if you get the mirt down to zero first at least they you can use the Diaz to get through the first bit of withdrawal and help you sleep if you need! Best of luck

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