Mirtazapine - The Happy/Sad Situation

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I have been taking Mirtazapine on and off for about the last 8 months.

Thought it was time to share my pesronal experience with people.

Mirtazapine is no miracle drug but for me it does work.

I had been very ill last year suffering Panic, Anxeity & Depression. I had been on Seroxat, Diazepam & Prozac and all seemed to have terrible side effects with me. The Doctor eventaully gave me Mirtazapine and the started to work straight away. The initial problems I had were the usual:

1. Increased sleep & tiredness - This helped as I would lie awake most days & nights BUT the mirtazapine is so strong at first that it knocks you for six. I was like a zombie for about the first 2 weeks. Also some very wierd dreams, some dreams amazing some really bad nightmares.

2. Increased appetite - At first this was good for me because I was getting dangeroulsy thin as I could not face food. When the Mirtazapine kicked in I ate like a horse, was constantly hungry and especailly craved sweet things.

After a while the drugs got into my system and these effects lessened.

The reason I write this post is that my mental illnes has always been a really bad stigma for me to talk about.

I found it very difficult to talk to Family & Friends about my illness as I had no reason to be ill

When this happened I was 30yrs old (Now 34) I was an Amatuer boxer, Trained 5 nights and swam every weekend. I didn't drink or smoke and eat a very healthy diet. So it proves the fact that this can happen to anybody.

Because I was boxing training at the time I would consider myself as super-fit so I kept asking - Why Me ?

I tried to pretend to people that I was not ill and constantly covered it up with some very lame excuses. I was a 12st Boxer who was supposedly a hard strong person (Body & Mind) who behind closed doors I was now reduced to a tearfull crumbling wreck.

I have tried to be brutaully honest here as things for me have got better but as with any new drug you try; it is a matter of trial & error.

I worked for me BUT might not work for you

I would also like to dismiss a few commom myths that over the years I have come up against.


These are my opions only[/b:d89ea92a86]

1. Excersice - It trully does help me BUT when you are suffering it can be the hardest thing to get up and make the effort. Try a little 5-10min walk per day and you should feel the benefits

2. Alcohol - I now have the occasional Beer or Glass of wine and I feel that it helps as long as you are eating correctly- Do not substitute Alcohol for food EVER ! - Everything in moderation. When I have a drink I have MAX 1 Bottle Beer or 1 Small Glass Wine always with a meal NEVER on its own for the sake of it.

3. Try to talk to friends & family and you will be surprised how much support you actually get. I was so scared to tell anybody but eventually I did and know at least people can understand what I've been through. I sat down with my family and friends and fully explained my situation and now they don'y make those annoying comments like \"Snap out of it\" or \"You'll feel better tomorrow\" Until these people have walked a mile in your shoes they can not even begin to understand just how we feel. Now I get great comments from family & friends. Even just a small \"How are feeling today ?\" helps a lot - Explain you need positive comments not annoying quirks

The downside with Mirtazapine is that I have put on weight. So What ! I'm Happy.

I'm now back at work and when this lousy weather gets better I'm going to start training again. Things are looking up.

I would like to thank everybody in the forum for there comments over the last 6-10 months, I have only ever looked in from the outside but know I have brought myself to post my experience.

I hope this helps people out there

And Remeber - You Are Not Alone



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    Thanks for all encouraging messages,you all really are a lifeline for me and these daily posts help me to order my chaotic thoughts and try tp start to see some improvements.

    Today still have anxiety which is more like an unexplained dread of something.I think I use my daughters erratic behaviour to explain this feeling but actually if it wasnt that it would be because of something else.

    I have decided that I am going to stop spending money because Ive been wildly internet shopping to try to make myself happy but it doesnt work.

    2.I am going to get out of the house every day even if I dont want to

    3.I am going to stop panicking so much about my daughters attitude because she is more often than not OK its just her explosive temper makes me forget that.

    Im doing OK but am tearful,the voices have gone but yesterday I did self harm and am still eating and purging without them.Apparently it can be 2 steps forward and 3 steps back so maybe its not so bad.

    I still rely heavily on diazepam at these panicky times,I think the sooner the psychotherapy starts the better.

    keep sharing any opinions with me,

    Jox :?

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    I meant to say that the increased appetite does seem to lessen after a while,I found that after about 6 weeks.Try to eat healthy stuff and exercise especially in the beginning as this helped me.

    Good luck

    Jo x

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    :shock: Hi Haybay

    I felt exactly the same as you on starting Mirtazapine, had put on 56ibs with Seroxat and definately don't want to gain anymore!!! But now I'm starting to think...ah well I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet cos the problems in my head aren't just gonna go away unless I do something about it and as Craig says if your abit heavy...so what. Its who you are inside that matters and I know that doesnt always feel like the best advice when your trying to heave your ass back into a pair of jeans that you fitted into 2 weeks ago and can't even get the button done up... let alone have a muffin top....mines more of a gateaux top oozing over the waistband...but hey, sod it at least i'm still fighting this thing and i'm not gonna let a bit of fat stop me getting my head back in gear. So don't worry your definately not alone, but don't give up we can all fight this together. promise.

    Birdy xxx

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    i honestly think the urge to eat goes after a few weeks but I did put a fair bit on at first.You have to decide whether its worth gaining the weight and feeliing better,or trying smething else.Im a bit of a hypocrit because although I take 45mg of the stuff I seem to have develped bulimia which isnt what you want.However this afternoon for the first time I can remember I felt happy,little rushes of happiness for no reason like I used to.For that reason,stick with it,its got to be worth it,feeling depressed is so terrible,a bit of weight is just insignificant even to me

    Jo x

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    Just a \"wee update\" after my original post.

    I have now started training again (Mon, Tues & Thurs) and on a Sunday morning I have started swimmimg.

    The endorphin rushes I'm getting a are amazing. I have had to make another appointment with my GP as I think my Seratonin level has gone through the roof with the amount of excercise that I'm doing. The combination of the Mirtazapine and Excercise is giving me a really great feeling. I read about this and some Physcologists have called it \"Paradise Syndrome\" basically a kind of Bi-Polar disorder.

    I constantly have it in the back of my mind that my demons will return to haunt me. But I'm trying to stay positive and the training & swimming really helps me to stop thinking about things as much

    The training has helped stabilize my weight as the Mirtazapine was making me bloat again.

    Good luck to everybody out there with the same problems that we are experiencing.

    Please feel free to contact me

    \"Dont Fight It - Feel It\"



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    I've just read the posts about mirtazapine with a great deal of interest... I've got discharged from hospital today after three weeks after what can only be described as a total meltdown, culminating in an overdose.

    I have taken Prozac for years on and off for mild depression, and never had any side effects, and thought they would prescribe that again - but the Psychiatrist decided to try me on Mirtazapine and see how I go with that.

    I've now been on it for 19 days.. the first 5 days I was on 15mg, raised to 30mg a week later, and up to 45mg last Wednesday. The cravings for sweet things have been horrendous (especially Cadburys Mini Rolls!) and as a \"cuddly lady\" I was in a real panic about putting on the extra weight, but I had to weigh up the options... worry about the weight, or get mentally well again and deal with the weight issue later.. I have opted for the latter option!

    The other side effect I've had is dreadful nightmares. I was prescribed Zopiclone for the first two weeks to help me sleep... I found the nights I did take it, I slept like a baby, the nights I didnt take it, it was hell. I have been told they will subside with time, but it really is difficult coping with awful dreams at night and depression by day. Now I am home, I'm not allowed anymore Zopiclone, so it's back to paceing the floor at 3am! I am going to persevere with the Mirtazapine until the end of the 4th week, but if they don't calm down the doc is going to have to think again

    I am now under the care of the \"Home Team\" who are going to come and see me every day for the first week, then gradually reduce their time with me as I start to feel more able to cope. I was eager to get home fairly quickly because I could feel myself getting more and more \"institutionalised\", and whilst I still have very dark thoughts about self-harming, I know I will be able to cope better within my own environment... like using distraction techniques of loud music (sorry neighbours!) or cleaning!

    The ironic thing about this is, up until September of last year I was a \"carer\" for my daughter who was diagnosed with psychosis and severe depression in 2004. She has now gone off to University 200 miles away and is having the time of her life! When she was really ill, I could never understand the total darkness she must have lived in - now I do!!!! But, she is a reminder to me that if she can get better, then so can I. :D

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    Had a very bizzare experience on Saturday night !

    I have stopped taking Mirtazapine for over a week now for many reason (see my previous post) and thought it would be a good idea to get ou as I had been feeling good again.

    My mates had been hounding me for a while to go out so I decided to join them on Saturday night. They wanted to take me to the Comedy Club in Edinburgh for a \"Good Laugh\".

    Before I went I had it in the back of my mind that I would freak out. This was a very negative thought to have but because I had not been out for so long I was a little scared.

    My mates arrived in the Taxi to pick me up and about 5mins into the journey I started to have a massive panic attack .

    I just wanted to get out the taxi and go home !

    I decided to try to and get on with the night. When we arrived at the club i felt really wierd. The comedians were standing telling jokes and i was just standing there finding nothing at all funny !

    I spent most of my time looking around - feeling very paranoid and my mind was racing at about 100 miles per hour.

    When I'm out I feel this incredible urge to go home. My house is like a safe sanctuary for me.

    I kept saying to myself that I should just stay for a bit longer but these thoughts kept running through my mind. I also spend a lot of time lookng at other people and comparing myself to them. I put myself down a lot and think that everybody looks & dresses amazingly well. I had spent about 3hrs getting ready BUT when I was in the club felt really ugly, badly dressed and so out of touch with reality.

    What happened next was very bizzare

    I decided to leave the club as I was really freaking out.

    The city centre was really busy and could not get a Taxi so I noticed that there was a casino in near by. I went into the casino on my own a went up to the top floor and ordered a diet coke. When I looked around I noticed I was the only person in the place and suddenly I felt this huge surge of relief come over me. The anxiety had totally lifted and I felt amazing !

    The barmaid came over and put the TV on for me and I chatted to her for a while. I actually felt normal !!

    In the space of about 1hr I had gone from nearly completely freaking out to feeling so calm, happy and relaxed.

    I eventually phoned a Taxi and made my way home.

    I think the pressure was so much for me that when I \"escaped\" my body started to relax. My mates all know my condition and they now know that when I \"escape\" that I will be ok.

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    Have you considered that you may have developed agoraphobia or do I mean claustrophobia?
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