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Mirtazapine withdrawal

Hey everyone,

I've been on Mirtazapine 30mg since Feb his year but I've had alot of problems with. Ear infections, burning mouth syndrome etc. so my Psychiatrist think's I should come of it. He told me to cut down to 15mg and only take them for a week and then just stop. So I finally stopped taking the 15mg on Mon night and I feel terrible.

It's not just my moods (my depression/anxiety had been great before coming off med), I physically feel really sick, been feeling extremely nauseated and last night couldn't sleep because I kept thinking I was going to throw up. Is this a normal reaction coming off mirtazapine?

Because my depression/anxiety had gotten alot better, we didn't feel the need to just take me off mirtazapine and put on on another drug because I thought I was cured. Plus, I don't want to take any more antidepressants at all really.

PLEASE, any help or advice you offer would be greatly appreciated because I'm really worried now and I don't want to have to go back to taking mirtazapine sad .

Will the withdrawal last long? How long will it take to fully get the tablets out of my system?

Please help,



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  • Pooh bear Pooh bear

    I can answer part of your post. I am also withdrawing from mirtazapine. I have been on 30mg and am now on 15mg like yourself. I haven't had anything like the problems that you are experiencing this time. I usually feel sick and headachy first thing but this usually goes off very quickly. I think that you need to talk to your GP about your next move. I had terrible panic attacks and major anxiety after completely withdrawing from mirtazapine. I was quickly put back up to 30mg which was a bit of a disaster but it did sort out my low mood. I was a bit tearful and crotchety this morning. I have asked and been given some valium for when I completely withdraw from mirtazapine. It sounds to me that you might need something like valium to help with the transition or another anti depressant. Only your doctor or psychiatrist can decide. I believe that we can be addicted ( not sure if this is backed up medically) to mirtazapine so stopping them will be far harder. If you are determined to withdraw from them like I am then it might be useful to go back up to 30mg and try to withdraw at a later date? I think that the only sensible way is by tapering not stopping dead. Mirtazapine is an excellent anti depressant and although you felt well (like I did) it might be masking symptoms of depression. I hope some of this helps you. I'm always around on these boards so post when you can. I hope that you feel better soon. Pooh

    • nay79595 nay79595 Pooh bear

      When I started taking avanza (mirtazapine), I was told that this medication was not in anyway addictive by my GP, but now I feel really frustrated because every time I try to come off it I have such serious withdrawal symptoms, I have to start taking it again, despite the fact I feel I have well and truly concurred my depression. If that isn’t the definition of addictive, than I don’t know what is! I have been on this drug for five years now and regardless the side effects I am determined to get ride of this horrible drug that has me dependent on it. I am experiencing severe diarrhea, nausea, anxiety, insomnia and cry at the drop of a hat, even though Ive been careful to lower my dose gradually. sad

    • ann55375 ann55375 nay79595

      I am having a terrible time trying tomget down from 15 to7.5.  How long will,the nausea vomiting and diarrhea alongside migraines take to go away. I feel terrible and am bedbound with it all. Cant. Eat ot drink either, sry mouth nausea is no fun.  Any help gratefully received

  • Pooh bear Pooh bear

    I have a little bit more to add. You should feel more sedated on 15mg than 30mg. If this is not the case is anxiety keeping you awake? I had also read somewhere that mirtazapine has a short half life ie the time that it takes for the drug to leave the body. Hence the arguement as to whether what we are experiencing are depressive symptoms or symptoms of withdrawal? I'm not sure but whatever it is it needs to be addressed so that you begin to feel better.

  • Guest Guest

    Hi Star,

    I withdrew suddenly from Mt (see posting 'Mitrazapine is extremely unsettling'wink as it was destroying me. I found that I needed about 4 days until I felt 'normal', but those were 4 real killer days, spent mostly in bed as I has crazy anxiety attacks. Having said that though, it was my own decision to go cold turkey, not a GP recommendation. However, I was only on Mt for 18 days so hadn't built up a tollerance or higher doses like some folks posting here. For me, cold turkey was the best way as it clears out of the system quicker (I have a lot of experience with diazapam withdrawal, and know that cutting down does didn't work for me). Mr x's suggestion of a month to fully clear out of the system is (in my opinion) also correct, because after 4 days I felt normal but could still feel a gradually milder side effects from the Mt appear, then disappear after about 3 weeks.

    Hope this works out well for you, best,


    • pete101 pete101 Guest

      i see you only took it for 18 days and it took you 4 days of hell before you felt normal and 3 weeks to disappear after, what were the milder effects of Mt that you had during those 3 weeks?

      i only took it once 7.5mg on Sat and had awful side effects of muscles joint aches, headache dry mouth and mild dizziness, 3 days after stopping my dizziness got worse to having motion sickness without the nausea and loss of balance, had it for 4 days now and not gotten better, have no idea what has happened, if it feels like withdrawl symptoms but how can that be if i only had 1 dose of 7.5mg?

      i feel like it's done something to my brain causing it to malfunction. i get twitchy muscle flinches as well, i hope it goes away within 3 weeks.

  • Guest Guest

    Thanks very much Pooh and Silent for getting back to me smile

    (For Pooh) I am completely off mirtazapine now, stopped taking 15mg on Monday night so I'm going cold turkey at the moment. When I took the 15mg for the seven days, I did feel side effects but wasn't as bad as this sad .

    (For Silent) After three weeks did you feel free of all withdrawel symptoms? Or do you still suffer from any now?

    I did speak to my pyschiatrist's secretary this morning and my pyschiatrist wants me to persevere because they want to see if it definitely was mirtazapine that was causing all my problems with my ear infection/sore gums etc.

    I had to take mirtazapine mainly to help with my eating which was extremely bad as I'd lost alot of weight. I've put more than enough weight back on now but I've had to repeatedly go to the doctors/ENT consultants over problems with my ears/mouth throat which I've never had before, unitll taking mirtazapine.

    Part of me wishes I had never taken the drug in the first place because of all the nasty side effects I got off it, but on the up side, my mood definitely improved and my eating is fine now.

    It's really interesting to see how other people have been reacting to mirtazapine and it's side effects. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's had problems with it. I've been very teary since Mon and have been getting upset over the most ridiculous things and it's so hard to describe to friends/family the really odd/strange feeling you get from coming off mirtazapine. I hope you know the feeling i'm on about, like feeling very disconnected from everything/spaced out and it kind of makes you panic? If that makes sense...I've feelt very agitated too, as I've noticed a few times that I'm tensing my legs for no reason at all when I'm sitting down for some reason, then I stop and few moments later I'm doing it again! :roll:

    Off to take some valerian root herbal tablets now to see if they help me sleep tonight. I'm going to try and persevere with the cold turkey, I will keep up to date with how i'm getting on(hopefully it won't get worse! :roll: ).

    Thanks very much for replying to my post! smile

    • Khurana2 Khurana2 Guest

      I have been taking 7.5 mg for 7 months and felt better and stopped cold turkey and nor after 5-6 weeks I am experiencing my anxiety and low mood is back and I feel crying . Has anybody has this experience. Doctor says it's impossible to have so long side effects.

      Please help I am from delhi india

    • Pauljdme Pauljdme Khurana2

      Hi khurana, a lot of doctors say the same thing, as they have not experienced it themselvs, and due to lack of knowledge. I also came off mirt cold turkey. It took me 2 weeks to get over the the terrible anxiety, panic attacks at 2/3am. It then took another 3 months befor i felt normal again. Like me and millions of others world wide thyat have been down that road, you are not alone. You will get better. Get well soon and gods speed : )

    • Khurana2 Khurana2 Pauljdme

      Hi Paul

      Thanks but problem is even after now 5 weeks I am shaky from indside and when I walk it seeens disbalance?

      The other issues is that I got lot of mood swings and seems I am energetic and few hours later it's gloomy ?

      Did you had this experience and when I go out for shop I see disbalnce .

      How long you took this medicine and dose . I took this medicine for health anxiety and mild depression

      Doctor asking me to start this Medicine again


    • Pauljdme Pauljdme Khurana2

      Everyone has different withdrawal​s, dizzyness and balance is one of hundreds that i have read about. I was on mirt for only four months and decided to stop cold turkey due to the fact that it made my depression much worst. You will get better it just takes a little time. Search this web site for comfort that you are not alone and that you are not bonkers, you are withdrawing...

  • Guest Guest

    Hi Star,

    I must admit that after 3 weeks I felt 'clean' BUT have had the occasional flashback where the dizzyness returns and I get 'head sweats' a lot (something I'd not had before but have had since during and after taking Mt.

    I'd like to attribute all of this to the drug's effect, but I think it is also because of the continued and increasing anxiety, panic attacks and dreadfully unpredictable depression. I feel at the moment (about 6 weeks off Mirtazapine) really head-flucked, but attribute that to restarting my psychotherapy and really pushing my agenda re GP/psychiatrist/cbt/physio/psychotherapy in combination with a big increase in back and leg pain through working too much (even though I've been on sick leave for the last 2 weeks but ended up working most days to clear off the backlog). Exhaustion too plays a big part.

    So basically I'm totally relieved to be off Mt but am not in good shape. However, I can't attribute this to Mt, just life.....

    Take care of yourself, this is very important!



  • Guest Guest

    Do not start taking valium to replace mirtazapine or to switch to another antidepressant! Valium is extremely adictive and you will have a hard time trying to come off of them. I started taking valium for anxiety back in 1996 and I was 13 years on it because I couldn't come off of them, just recently I managed to come off with a slow withdrawal that lasted 1year.

  • Swat77 Swat77

    Hi guys nice to read all your posts,

    Well like you guys i've come off Mirtazapine (4wks and counting)

    I was prescribed it for Anxiety after having a bad time on citalopram (devil drug)

    Well so far its been ok though i still seem to get my days when i feel a little anxious, i just hope that after all the tablets ive been on my brain will level out and get back to normal!

  • Guest Guest

    Hi there,

    It is reassuring to hear others experiences. I have been on/off various different anti-d's and was on MT for a month, my doc went on hols and i never went back for a prescritption.

    I was on 30mg for a month, and it is about 5 days since i had the last one. I have spent the past few days feeling like i have flu and nauseas. Not nice at all, but i don't think i will go back for more. I am hoping this eases up. Over-emotional, exhausted, but if it is withdrawals, then hopefully it will be over soon.

  • Guest Guest

    Hi. I have been or mirtazapine for over six years. I have had 3 previous attempts to come off this drug as my depression and anxiety have receded but they all failed during the weeks of reduction. Not due to sudden re-emergence of depression (that takes months if it happens), but because of horrendous withdrawal symptoms. These are anxiety, nausea, stomach upset, extreme jumpiness etc, exactly the kind of thing you get (i hear) with withdrawal from valium etc. I was annoyed at this as all the literature states withdrawal from this drug is rare and mild. I am currently trying again and this time using a liquid version to taper reduction more gradually. Hopefully this will work this time as I want to get off this drug due to side effects of weight gain and lurid nightmares. When we know so little of the brain and its chemistry it's no wonder that such drugs can be a blunt tool. I will post again to let you guys know how it goes. Sure being on the meds was better than my worst depression but I wish they weren't so addictive. Cheers

  • Guest Guest

    I had a severe depressive and anxiety illness that lasted 4 years - tried every anti depressant you can think of - finally psychiatrist prescribed ECT which was very effective - and have felt very well since then, but also was prescribed Mirtazipine and Venlafaxine as a \"preventative\" measure - want to get off them - was on 30mg of Mirtazipine then reduced to 15mg, and have now stopped for a week but seem to have withdrawal symptoms - feeling \"twitchy\" and a bit anxious. Any idea how long it takes for the withdawal symptons to stop ?

  • Guest Guest


    I found this post, because i also have been getting some bad side effects coming off the Mirtazapine, Mainly Anxiety, and panic attacks, I even experinced some heart palpitations, which i mentioned to my doctor. Thats when my panic attacks would start, as soon is i felt a heart palpitations or just a pain which was nothing, thats it i find my self pacing the house, not being able to sit down, Just basically thinking am dieing

    i was on the 30mg tablets then was put on 15mg and now i just taking half of a 15mg tablet daily. iiv been on them years, and just want of them!

  • RennyP RennyP


    I went 'cold turkey' from Mirtazapine and, although it is a bloody horrible experience including extreme anxiety, uncontrollable tearfulness, inability to sleep and generally feeling crap, I believe (and this is only my opinion so don't take it as gospel) this is the best way to do it. After 2 weeks of the anxiety I managed to get Valium from my GP, these helped a lot, they calmed me down and allowed me to sleep.

    I have been off them now for 5 weeks and the only symptoms I am still experiencing are the bouts of tearfulness (I am a male) but, things are definitely getting better, I just hope the tearfulness soon goes away.

    The reason I didn't want to go down the 'weaning' route was that I didn't want to prolong the agony, I just wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible.

    I wouldn't advise anyone to do it this way without discussing it with a professional but I believe it's the quickest option if you are prepared to put up with roughly 7 weeks of hell!

    • gary37514 gary37514 RennyP

      Hi there

      Your post gave me some relief so thankyou, after taking it for 6 months I've been off mirt (30mg) for 4 weeks exactly,my withdrawals have been awful, tearful at the slightest thing, paranoia severe anxiety, mainly involving traumatic events from several years ago, fear of dieing or losing my family.I find it hard to believe these symptoms are withdrawal symptoms, I can't see an end to it and think I'm going to end up like this forever,can you tell me how long these horrible withdrawals last and why they are so bad, my wife is incredibly supportive but I feel ashamed and embarrassed to put her through this, my GP has prescribed 100 mg sertraline and diazapam and zopliclone to help me sleep, this is making me more anxious as I'm paranoid about being on so much meds, any advice is appreciated greatly, I'm at my witts end

  • Guest Guest

    My doctor also said there would be no withdrawal. Yes, trying to stop them, the withdrawals are horrendous for me. I feel sick, shaky, disconnected, and anxious, all in all a total mess! A friend actually said I looked like I was withdrawing from heroin. That was just from half a 15mg nightly.

    I am down to a half of a 15mg at the moment and dare not cut down yet. I am going to reduce to quarter of 15mg soon though.

    These tablets scare me – I have never been on any AD for this long – usually 3 month spurts now and again when I hit, what feels like, a crisis level.

    I have been on these for about a year, mainly as I was really underweight. Not anymore! Although I have stopped smoking too so can’t attribute the Mirtazapine entirely to that.

  • Guest Guest

    I looked into this site because i wondered what the hell was wrong with me.I am 4 weeks off mt and im having the most terrible time.

    Feeling dizzy terrible anxiety numbness in my body especially in bed at night.Vivid dreams cant relax blurred vision ringing in the ears and a total feeling of being disconnected and the insomnia is terrible does anyone know how long this lasts i dont want to go back on the tablets but its a nightmare.Glad i found this site it has helped me alot.

  • lee lee lee lee

    Hi All, I’m replying to this post to help other people who may be in a similar position, I was prescribed 30mg of Zispin (Mirtazapine) about 5 months ago, as I realised I had become dependant on them (i.e. needing a pill to knock me out to sleep) I decided the time was right to come off them, I spoke to my GP who said I should wait another few months and them gradually come off them.. They had helped with my mood and I made a conscious decision to sort myself out or be trapped on them for years, against advice I cut my does in half for 2 weeks, that felt like hell as my mood changed and the depression and anxiety was coming back, what kept me going was that I knowingly felt that I craved the drug. Any way I ran out of pills eventually. I missed my gp appointment (as zispin had been causing memory loss and forgetfulness). so as I had now not taken any for 4 days I continued and saw my doctor the week after, she wanted me to go back on a half dose, but as it appears 6 - 8 weeks of withdrawal I have to go through will it make it easier? I decided that I am 2 weeks in withdrawal so go for it, I am now at the end of my 3rd week, and what a bad time I had at the weekend, hot sweats, intensive anxiety, feeling sick all the time, not sleeping right, tied during the day, head aches and so drowsy also my eye twitches. I haven’t given up and I am still keeping off them, if I can conquer the withdrawal then that’s me on the way to recovery. I am a professional person and ended up on these due to my relationship breaking down (6 years relationship), I have been having CBT and this seems to have done the trick more than the pills. I hope that my life will get better and that I will be happy again, only time will tell. Maybe I realised that popping a pill really doesn’t fix the problem and it just covers it up and it was time for me to face reality, you have to help yourself! (Which is the hardest thing to do)? Lee (Lancashire, UK)

  • Guest Guest

    i too am in to 5 weeks of withdrawe lgod i wish i could sleep the anxiety has gone almost but the nights are terrible numbness in my body cant sleep at all still vivid dreams but im gonna see it out and get my life back to normal the pills helped me but getting of them is worse than the illness nobody tells u this hope u feel better soon

  • danray0069 danray0069

    Go for it Lee. I'm on last dose of Mirtaz (3.75mg) after reducing from 7.5mg 3 weeks ago, and feel terrible too. I have read on this site usually takes 7 weeks or so to improve. Hope it passes quickly for you my friend. They like to mess our lives up don't they, when they put us on this garbage? I am in recovery from Valium addiction and this is nearly as bad as that! 11 months clean from Valium. All the best, danray

  • Guest Guest

    Just reading through all your experiences...ive found over time that theres no clear and fast rules to these tablets..everyone is different with effects etc. ive been on 15mg to 30mg then had problems with digestion and pale stool etc so stepped off over 2 weeks...7 days later im still nausious when i wake and evenings and appetite dropped off dramatically...these tablets can effect you quite badly even more than youd think from my point of view... do not worry people its just time and belief that your ok...keep forcing yourself on to a good healthy normal life. Im still suffering and questioning if im ok but unfortuantely its our cross to bear in life, least we are healthy deep down we just cant get a grip...dam it!!!!!!

  • Guest Guest

    Hi all,

    Well I am out of withdrawal thank god, the anxiety is still slightly there but is getting better, have been discharged from CBT too, just need to cut back on the wine wink

    A phrase I have learnt and keep looking at when I feel a bit shit is

    \"When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.\"

    How true!

    Don't give up!! lee

  • danray0069 danray0069

    My favourite saying is there's always light at the end of the tunnel, you then get to the light and there's a sign ahead that says \" beware new tunnel ahead!!!\" olo lol


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