Mirtazapine withdrawal. How to get our minds off it.

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I believe we all are going to make it. We are not here to terrify each other, but to help each other exchanging info. Unfortunatelly we all believed our ignorant doctors who gave us this stuff without warning us about side effects and about the withdrawal process. We are experiencing one of the hardest moments of our lives. We are angry at the doctors and annoyed at our wives, husbands, relatives who thing we are exagerating...We feel lost. Nevertheless we found a little oasis, this site, where we feel less alone. All the people here, have a brilliant intelligence. Now, to get our minds off this drug I have a question:

What are your 10 favourite movies of all time?

My list

1) Chariots of fire

2) Rear window

3) Ghandi

4) Rocky

5) Top gun (yes Top gun...When I saw it I fell in love with K.Mc Gillis)

6) Dead poets society

7) Braveheart

8) Jaws

9) I do not remember

10) I do not remember

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    If a doctor warned us of all the possible side-effects we would never take any drug. And our condition would remain untreated.

    Dead Poets' Society. The Sting which introduced me to Ragtime music. Also All the President's Men. Annie Hall?

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      Exactly Nick. Annie Hall makes me sad. All Allen's movies are a bit sad.
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      I wouldn't go and see Allen's movies for a long time after he hitched up with his or Mia Farrow's stepdaughter. Far from being an auteur director he seemed more like a sleezbag. I feel rather the same way about Roman Polanski. If he was a real man he would have accepted his punishment. Rather than doing so he has been punished for the rest of his life in terms of where he can travel.
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    Dead poets society ....rocky ..... So many movies I need to watch more of the ones I love.

    im not sure if anyone has seen dumb and dumber...it's not going down as a classic but I couldn't stop laughing through the whole movie...and the sequel is coming out soon. I don't go to the movies often but I'm going for that one. Just because I know laughing releases some kind of really good hormones.

    hope very one is having a good nite and a good day.

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    Hi,I agree with you 100% what you said is exactly how I feel!,yes we know that if doctors told us every side effect we would never take anything but I do think they should take withdrawl symptoms a bit more seriously, I have never touched drugs or smoked and feel let down that because I ve trusted doctors I m in this nightmare.this site has been a life saver,because we have tried to help and comfort  each other,it has helped understand what is going on in our bodies,One of my favourite films is Blues Brothers,and 2 recent ones that I ve seen are Saving Mr Banks and Labor Day x
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      In fact, I have changed my doctor in the last few weeks for various reasons - I think that he didn't take the health care of me, a middle-aged man, seriously. Also he didn't record symptoms or complaints that I reported to him. I also thought that anything he recorded would be available to my consultant. Not at all - I was put right on this by my sister who is a GP. So any problems that I was having should have given my GP concern with my meds. I had reported problems with urinating and also serious back and hip pains. My sister thinks that I should see a hospital regarding this as possibly even a neurological problem. As I knew that my regular GP was unprepared to do anything I went to his junior partner and she has sent me to physio.

      For the urinary problem my GP tested my prostate but decided that it did not require any action. (When I was on Quetiapine which has an even stronger sedative effect than mirt I compalined to my GP that I was waking up after 10 hours sleep absolutely bursting - and indeed then I couldn't go. My GP said that I should worry - that his old men were waking up every hour because they were repeatedly wanting to go - essentially that big men don't cry.)

      One night I forgot to take my meds. The next morning I found that I had not problem peeing. I realised that this was due to not taking my mirt. I emailed my psych. He immediately took me off mirt and presumably knowing my MH situation he said that I could go to a GP for an anti-depressant if I needed it.

      So I stopped taking mirt (without any tapering). Within a few days the back pains and hip pains had stopped. No problems getting out of bed, my stiff neck has improved. I am going to the phsyio but the major problems are no longer.

      I mentioned to a doctor friend on my choir about this. He said that it was sell known that mirt caused musculo-skeletal problems.

      Finally there were two instances recently when due to either Sainsburys or my surgery my meds were not ready in good time when I went to collect them. So far from reducing my stress regarding my prescription it caused me great anxiety.

      So due to a combination of incompetence and complacency I decided to change my GP.

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    The Blues Brothers yeah loved it...I'm from Chicago so it made it more special to me.
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      Oh wow,I know its a bit silly but it's one of those films that makes you feel good,even my 11yr old daughter sings along to the songs 😀 I hope everyone is having a good day x
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    Wow what would we do without you manuelmanuel all you say about this terrible drug is true.I do Beleive we should be told about withdrawal of any tablet,but quite honestly I don't think GP really know.( though they should ) Anyway yes let's lighten the mood.Im not to good at remembering the name of films but here goes.                         Scarface,Godfathers 1-2,any film with Robert D,Nero ,Al Pachino,Any mafia type film I know I sound depressing but they really get my attention,I'm not much into comedy Oh Rainman was another and Mrs Doubtfire .Thank you manuelmanuel for cheering us up.

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