Mirtazepine 15mg for severe PND

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Hi I have a 4 week old baby and have been suffering terrible terrible terrible post natal depression and anxiety! I was taking paroxetine 20mg for four weeks but after being assessed by mental health team they have changed my medication to Mirt 15mg with an increase to 30mg in a weeks time! Ive been told that this will medication should benefit me more as it is a total different antidepressant I really hope it does as I just want to feel myself instead of this horrible person who regrets having a baby and wishes Id never got pregnant even though I was looking so forward to being a mum! I am aware the tablet helps you sleep I'm just wondering will I still be able to wake for night feeds? And is this tablet good as I am so desperate to feel normal again instead of this depressed person who can't bond with her son and doesn't want to be here!

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    Let me see if I have this straight. You didn't bond with your child at the hospital, you regret having him, wish that you had never got pregnant, and don't even want to be there. And now, you are starting to take mirtazapine! I am not a woman, having said that, no offense intended, but someone needs to be looking after that child's best interest while you get whatever your problem is worked out. I spent 31.5 years responding to emergency medical calls, and the situation that you describe could end in a tragedy. If you want to tell me that I don't know what I am talking about, feel free to do so. But I stand by what I said, as I am NOT running a popularity contest.
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      David you don't know what you talking about !

      This site is to help people and I sense a bit of a bully undertone in the way you're speaking to this young lady so I think you need to apologize to her thank you

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      Charlotte, the last thing that I wish to do is offend anyone, particularly someone who is going through a hard time. My only immediate concern is for your child. Rose is right. I appologize for the way that I came across in answering your post. I am not an unkind person, and have no idea what PPD is like. I sincerely hope that you accept my appology for obviously speaking out of school. I have seen infants abused and neglected because the mother was having problems with depression, and some of them were otherwise nice, decent people, so I was a little frightened by the situation. And Rose, I am not a bully, just a little abrupt at times, the result of dealing with what my career exposed me to. As much help as I have received on this sight, the last thing that I want to do is offend anyone. I wish you luck in dealing with your issues. Listen to these ladies, they are smart and experienced, not a knothead like me. It is obvious that I should have stayed out of this one. Ever since giving a 19 year old mother and her dead baby a ride to the hospital, I get real nervous even thinking about anything involving newborns. David
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      David, you don't know what you are talking about! Charlotte doesn't say she didn't want to get pregnant, she says she was looking forward to being a Mum. It's the post-natal depression that is making her feel how she does now, and I know what tthat feels like because I've had it twice. She is doing the right thing, being treated by the mental health team, and I'm sure they will be monitoring her progress, including the interests of the baby.

      Charlotte - i do hope your treatment works (mirtazapine works for me) and i wish you well. It WILL get better, remember that. Pixie xx

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      I knew what you were speaking of David because I know your background a little and I know you were a first responder.

      But I think charlotte just might have taken it as your thinking it was her fault or something. David is a great guy and I knew he was just being over protective with you Charlotte !!

      He was just worried about you that's all.

      It's hard to be a new mom, or dad.

      Keep posting tho because many moms here to help you. Im just a grandma and I've forgotten some of the issues but they were certainly there.... Best to all ❤️

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    I was taking 30mg mirtazipine for anxiety but it didn't help me or help me sleep! I do believe your doctor wouldn't have given you it if it stopped you waking up to the baby. Is your babies father able to wake up just incase plus it will give you an idea how it affects you.

    My daughter died during labour at 34 weeks the sleeplessness was awful, the doctor gave me zopiclone but I still woke up to my 11 month old son (they are stronger) so I don't believe you will have a problem while taking mirt, I hope you feel better soon, its a horrible illness to suffer from! Do you have anyone helping and supporting you? if you ever want someone to talk to you can private message me anytime, any day, please take care,



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    I'm so sorry you're going through a rough time right now feel free to private message me anytime good luck keep posting keep hanging in there
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    Charlotte, I really feel for you. I too suffered with pnd years ago and still the dreaded depression comes back at times but always disappears in time. I hope your not upset by davids reply. Its not nice or helpful at all. You can pm anytime.
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    Firstly do not listen to David. His ignorance may not be his fault but it is damaging, inappropriate and not at all helpful.

    Your baby will be fine and you will be one of the strongest mums out there, believe me.

    This is simply because you have recognised your symptoms and sort help early. So well done. That takes courage.

    Hormones can be like Class A drugs!  Pregnancy hormones and their sudden disappearance seem to be particularly soul warping too at times!

    However, you will come through this, feel better and delight in your baby.

    Having a baby in this day and age can be like recovering from a major op..Only you can't. Infact you have to be at your peak of fitness instead!

    Life is manic and expectations of new mothers ridiculously high and unrealistic.

    Your mind and body have taken the thrashing of their life so don't be hard on yourself..Please.

    Hang on in there.

    The meds you've been prescribed do help with sleep and you will be able to wake up.

    I do. I have an autistic son who needs regular attention at night and disturbed sleep patterns a natural part for both of us. However, this drug has helped me alongside Prozac (Fluoxetine).

    Prozac has addressed the neurotransmitter imbalance caused by childbirth and pregnancy. I use the other on sleep deprived/high anxiety nights.

    In the past I was only offered a filthy but effective drug, called prothiadene. It isn't used today as it is outdated now.

    Once the meds have stabilized your condition, sleep patterns will return and anxiety levels modulate themselves. You'll feel more rational and capable. Honestly you will as you have taken the first steps towards addressing the problems.

    Men's hormone levels are stable. Women's are NOT. End of!

    We are supposed to be nurturers and not competitors.. Clearly it isn't working in this crazy era and is a constant battle. Depression and anxiety go hand in hand..

    I could not accept this and battled on for so long..Too long before seeking help.

    My mother died on the same day, but 2 years on, to the day my first son was born. It was so hard!

    My husband was totally unable to understand the hormonal swings and ravages to my mind and body. I had no help. My dad was developing dementia too.

    I suffered retained afterbirth and mastitis..Just Hell being a new mum in the wilderness.

    It is entirely normal to feel resentful and regretful at such times.

    Whoever haerd of a positive spin on depression?


    Today I have 4 healthy children and the eldest is a successful Graphic Designer in London. The next has Asperger's syndrome and a 1st Class Honours in Animation..The next has High functioning Autism and is a wonderful Water paint artist and finally my daughter is an anxious but delightful teenager.

    Never despair..You will come through this and be happy once again!

    Adaptation is the key. It will come and these are very early days for you.

    I wish you all the very best. PM me by all means if it will help.


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    Reading David's comment earlier gave me anxiety!! I am not a bad mother and would never harm my baby this PND I am suffering is horrible and if you have never gone through it David you won't understand I inderstand that you are concerned but I would never harm my baby me and my partner have always wanted children and I was so looking forward to being a mother but going through this at the moment is making it really hard for me to bond and be the mother I want to be hence im seeking help! Thank you to all the people sticking up for me who understand what it is like to go through this horrible horroble illness! Alls I want is reassurance is that I'm going to get through this and this new medication im starting tonight will help me! Thank you very one who has gave me kind words xxxxx
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    Charlotte I was a police officer for 4 years.. Mums like you were the ones that got it right!

    Please please don't fret. Mirt will help you sleep quickly. You will awake but feel calmer. It is a gentle nudge into sleeep and calmness.

    That horrid anxiety that gnaws away at you will dissipate.

    In the morning you may feel slightly dizzy in the early days but it soon disperses when you have a hectic, baby filled day ahead. Prozac is more subtle in the long run but better declutters the hard disc long term!

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    Dear Charlotte,

    Wow I really feel for you and your baby and partner if you have one.  Either way having a new born baby is bloody hard work and 100 times harder when you have severe PND and anxiety.  I had it for about 3 years and really struggled with the crying, lonliness, isolation etc of having a young baby, it was definitely the toughess time ever in my life and I would not wish it upon anyone at all. 

    David I hear your concern for Charlotte's baby and sounds like you've had some first hand experience which is very unfortunately and I'm sure has made you protective of situations like this, we do understand your concern, but Charolette does need to be treated very delicately indeed.

    Charolette, it's great that you are being treated by a mental health care team, and GOOD ON YOU FOR SEEKING HELP, THAT'S A HUGE AND COURAGES MOVE you need to get every bit of support and help you can, practical and emotional help, but getting that help is really tough I know believe me.  What country do you live in?  I personally found the combination of Cymbalta 60 mlg taken in the morning and 30 mlg Mirtazpine at night time really helped me, I think from memory I was on even higher doses for quite some time, which did leave me feeling 'zombie fied' for a few weeks, but somehow I still manged to breastfeed until my son was 15 months old and look after him most of the time with having an emotional and physically abusive partner at the time because he couldn't handle my illness, I think the medication just put me into 'robot mode' but that was ok, I still loved and cuddled my son and attended to his essential needs, I probably wasn't as much fun or enjoyed the experience anywhere near as much as I would have liked to, but you will have great days and more difficult days.  I found here in Australia our public health system couldn't help me and I had to get good private health cover, then be admitted several times in Private Mental Health hospital both with my son when he was under 15 months old and later without him so I could focus on myself.  PND with a baby is bloody hard on everyone, but especially the mother.  Charolette, get as much help as you possibly can, even if it means taking yourself and bubs off to an emergency unit and demanding they help you.  Ideally you don't want to loose your baby in any way, but it's more important in the LONG term that you get well and learn to be a great mother for your child, your child will need you for the rest of their lives, god I still need my 78 year old mother, but if you do temporarily need to give your baby to someone while you get yourself better, perhaps family (grandparents, aunties, uncles, good friends) anyone who can look after bubs and bottle feed him until you get better and get rest, but yes this would be an absolutely last resort. 

    A lack of sleep with PND is horrible and lack of sleep only makes the situation 100 times worse.  I don't want to scare you anymore than you already are, gosh your message has brought back horrible memories for me, but you do need to get help for yourself and your baby.  Don't try and do it all on your own, because you probably can't at the moment. 

    There is light sweetie, it will NOT be like this forever I swear to you.  My son is now 8 years old and I have a beautiful relationship with him and I'm a bloody good and determined mother for him because of the fight I had to go through to beat PND and abuse from my ex partner because he couldn't handle the PND.  Most men just can't understand what this is really like.  I am now so so much stronger and don't let people push me around, you will be too, when you can concer this illness, AND YOU CAN BEAT THIS ILLNESS chick ok, you will be able to achieve anything. 

    God bless

    Nettie in Australia

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    Hi Charlotte. Mirtazapine is a really fast aacting and effective AD and so it is good that your doctor has prescribed it for you. However, it does not work for everyone. You should know within a few days if it's going to work for you as you will feel your mood lifting. But it DOES make you extremely drowsy. It will be really hard for you with a young baby for a few weeks, but stick with it; the drowsiness gets less each day. You should be able to wake up fine in the night but it will feel harder to actually get up! Though it will hellp you get back to sleep again after the night feedss. Just stick with it but only if your mood is getting better after a few days. It is notoriously hard to get off mirtazapine, so if it's not going to work for you then get off it sooner rather than later.
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