Molloscum Contagiosum Nightmare

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Although I didn't know it until a couple months ago, I've been living with MC for almost 5 months now.

It first appeared on my bottom, I thought they were just zits. Me and my doctor think I picked it up from a toilet seat, as I'm only sexually active with my boyfriend, and he doesn't have it.

I frantically searched the web, I did the apple cider vinegar on my bottom and it burned so bad but I successfully killed off a good amount. But not only am I left with LARGE RED scars on my ass, but there are more popping up everyday.

Another popped up on my shoulder, and shortly after one on my stomach.

My ass looks like a battlefield, and now it is spreading as we speak on both my shoulder and stomach. I've tried EVERYTHING!!!!! Clove oil, tea tree oil, oregano oil, ACV, iodine, hydrogen peroxide.

Somebody please help, I'm at my wits end. I've even considered suicide I'm so upset. I feel disgusting, diseased, and I hate myself and my body. I feel as though I'll never be molloscum free. I'm crying as I write all this.

I can't be intimate with my boyfriend, I can't go swimming, I can't wear tank tops, I can't enjoy anything anymore. This virus has taken all my happiness.

Somebody, I beg of you, reccomend something to me and tell me what worked for you. I am extremely healthy, I eat well, I take a multivitamin as well as Vitamin C, D, and Omega 3 everyday. I don't understand why this isn't going away.

Sorry for the long rant, I'm just very upset and hopeless. Please tell me what worked for you

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    Hi Sarah. My daughter had it for a year. Couldn't get rid of it entirely with all sorts of products and doctor visits. She broke out suddenly over night 7 months ago with cause. She does have eczema which predisposed her anyway. This outbreak of sorts where bumps everywhere on her legs, arms, torso, etc. doctors said it was an allergic reaction and gave her a 5 day regiment of Prednisone. Bam! It worked! Gone gone gone they are (knock on wood). She hasn't had them in 7 months. So...since you have tried everything, why not go one step further? What do you have to lose? See if you can get it. The 5-day regiment was a few doses a day at a higher amount which tampered off each day with less until we finished the 5 days. They were gone. I nearly cried. So good luck.

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    Sarah, I just found your post or I would've answered you sooner. Please do not panic or do anything drastic. This is a terrible, awful problem, but it WILL go away. I completely understand how horrified you are right now. I did not catch this myself, yet, but my little boy has it. It was all over his legs, belly, and groin. He's down to half a dozen now, but this has been the most awful year. I finally took him to a dermatologist (after listening to my doctor who said they'd go away, and then they only got worse.) who started beetle juice treatments. It's not for the faint of heart. It hurts and takes a while to heal. But we just couldn't do nothing any longer. I am so sorry this happened to you. You are not alone and this will get better. I do not have a magic bullet for you, but I will tell you that I tried everything on and off the Internet with no results. Here is what helped us. No baths. Clean towel every night or dry off with paper towels. Don't let your boyfriend handle the wet towels. Defense soap seemed to help contain it. They will spread like wildfire if you scratch them. Put little bandaids over the ones that look like they are going to pop. They are most contagious when the white part comes out. Please don't not feel alone with this. It sucks so bad and no one ever talks about having it because who wants to admit they have a contagious skin disease?!? But it's out there, and you are not alone. It's going to be ok.

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    Hey please don't feel hopeless. Luckily the virus is not permanent like herpes so hopefully you get some relief there. Have you or your doctor spoke about having them frozen off or scraped off? That may help in terms of getting rid of them to prevent the infection. For the ones in less hairy areas I would cover them with a bandage to help prevent spreading.

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    Hi Sarah

    I know this is an old post and maybe you have found a solution to your problem og they have just disapeared on their own.

    My daughter had more than 100 bumps ALL over her body and face. To date I have newer felt so bad as when she had these bumps. She had them around 6-9 months until we demanded a referal to a dermatologist. They are professionals and have several ways to remove the bumps. Our dermatologist chose to freze them very gently (this is important if you want to avoid scars and pain). After 4-5 visits they vere ALL gone. She had red scars for around 9-12 months after the treatment but today she has only one minor scar on the back of her leg (you will only notice it if you look directly at it). 

    Dermatologists have lots of ways to get rid of them and when you tell them how bad you feel (an believe me - you are not the only one having a VERY bad time over this) they will take you very seriously.

    If they are not already gone you WILL get rid of them. Of cource they will go away much faster if you go to the dermatologist rather than waiting them out :-)

    Best wishes


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