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In the last 3 minutes I began to burn up. After I was dizzy and fwelt sick and my face hands legs etc were red and it felt like sunburn. I had to go in a cold bath at night to cool off for months. Other symptoms occurred. Dry mouth dry eyes. These are still going on.


Anybody else have a reaction to MRI?

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    Very interested to read of this....  You do well to research it yourself as NHS on permanent defensive... Expecting to be sued so close ranks.....What brought on the investigation?  After a THR or before?  If after, do you know what components were used.  You must find out if you've got more metal in there than thought....   How terrible as it sounds like internal burn like a microwave.    Hope you get some info on here.  Anyway even if there's no literature on it happening before, you could have set the precedent and should be given all help... Have you been offered alternative scan type investigations....  Do you have any metal elsewhere in your body ... what a mystery....  Keep on it, something will turn up and ask you GP for another opinion.  There must be someone in the ranks who knows more, unless they are clamming up and keeping silent, which would not surprise me at all.  Even if on your own, get to the bottom of it through the GP and process of elimination....  Maybe the MRI equipment operative had it on the incorrect settings... How about starting there... Finding out the qualifications and experience of hte operator...  bonne chance....
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      Please do you research on these areas, We are not operators we are technologist and using the wrong settings? is just ignorant.
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    Julie, you may get this reply twice, my internet is acting up!

    So sorry you have to go through this....I can't believe that is the only explanation they gave you....did they offer any plan for your relief while you go through this?

    I had my right hip done this past August and now I will be leary if they want to do another MRI for the left which is to be done next summer.

    All the best to you in the coming weeks while you go through this new recovery,


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    The MRI does give off heat waves.That's why it's in a cold room.

    People who have metal pain units in their spines cannot have MRI b/c it heard them up and would burn the spine tissue

    Did you have IV contrast? That can cause you to flush and feel hot.Al so make you like you have to pee at that time.

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      unless the wrong contrast was given, only ct contrast gives you the hot sensation and the sensation of peeing. Not mri contrast
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    Julie...I just thought to something else...I know it is different in the UK than Canada, but I think every hospital must have an internal customer service department (or whatever yours might be called)...I would call hospital without telling them specifics and ask what dept you would speak to if you had a issue that was not resolved (don't say complaint at this point).....if they try to fluff you off, just go to there website and I bet you will find friend works at a hospital here and she said she is sure every hospital has some accountability (even if they work together)...if they continue to stonewall you, is their a local government office that could enquire on your behalf (those who are elected usually like to keep their constituants happy and will do this for you)....also keep may think you will remember everything but after awhile it runs keep one book, where all your notes, phone conversations, etc go, so they are in one place).

    You don't know what the long term effect of this is so you might was well be proactive now and try to get as many answers as you can.....

    best of luck, Patricia

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    Hi julie

    was this what they call a nerve conduction test?

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      Thank you as I will not pursue an MRI for my probs now. I don't understand, since MRI is contraindicated where there is metal. You must have internal burns. God I've just seen Oppenheimer and made me think that an MRI over metal components is nothing short f dangerous. Bathe in aloe Vera, drink it. 

      What was the original problem being investigated with your THR? How can the metal be avoided in an MRI of the whole hip area. Another thing I read is that there can be a reaction to the preparation they anoint you with. Maybe do a skin test with that stuff.  It needs to be resolved

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      I did not have the injection. Last 3 minutes I began to burn all over. I looked as if I had been out in the sun all day with no sunblock. Hands eyes mouth lips thighs. Big toe burnt etc. EF radiation? as far as the radiology department is concerned it never happened. Go to A/E IMMEDIATELY, if it ever happens as they can deny responsibility as soon as you leave the hospital. I still have flare ups- like flu symptoms after 11 months- then my cheeks look as if I have had Botox and St Tropez tan!
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      Was.anything rubbed or applied onto the area to be scanned? Did you have bodylotion or perfume on. It is far too serious as it sounds like radiation burns as Dawn said. One can understand reactions after years of CTs. If I was suffering as you have been I would spend every waking moment researching it. There have to be others who had similar... I'm just using speech dictation as this site is awful for predictive errors. I did a cursory search and will post again when I've found information. nothing worse than medics denying something so obvious when you are the living proof..
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      True. There is nothing worse than medical people acting like the problem lays with the patient.
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      I agree medical people who say it is safe are unwilling to put it to test by going into the machine for 10min .

      I  tried to get them to do it they refused and made no further comment, there is your answer .

      They know , they dont do proper pre assessment and they need to start a re think in the medical wellbeing of a person and  address that stupid methods of assessment sheet that is currently in place . Most MRI are carried out by perople who do not have access to your medical history and again another area of risk as the doctors or physio base the need to have an mri as they think it is safe , A cluster of professionals who can't  understand the side effects and not are knowledgeable enough to make comment in the MRI scan

      The machine is possibly fine but their pre assessment is useless, aimed at image perfection and not for the patient. Metal of any king and MRI dont mix .....or they would have tested mine with confidence. Don't listen to them who throw stones and dont think it is wise to stand beside you when the stones are thrown at you. 


      It is as good as a tom tom route map (GPS)  that takes you to the wrong place.

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      Hello --how are you now?  I had an MRI a few weeks ago-- I felt the hip implant and then it felt warm while I was in the MRI. It's less painful today than it was the day after. I'm, still experiencing the effects. What was the outcome for you?


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