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Hip Replacement

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  • Emis Moderator M

    THR - Useful Resources

    Below are links to various resources for THR patients. If anyone has suggestions for other useful resources let me know but please do so by contacting me and not replying in this thread. Any links for inclusion will have to be from non-commercial reputable sites. Patient leaflet on anaesthetic choices:...

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  • Angie york 3

    Pain after bike ride

    Hi my Left hip was replaced in January R hip September I've been feeling great walking pain free up until Iast Sunday when the family asked me to join them on a bike ride , although we went on the family trail it was bumpy and a bit hilly in places however it was great to get back in the saddle or

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  • carol19895 2

    Post op. groin pain

    Had a half hip replacement after a fall two months ago.  Recovering really well until 2 weeks ago when my groin became painful.  It wakes me up every hour or so at night and it's very painful trying to straighten my leg out.  I get some respite during the day but will cry out in pain sometimes when

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  • Bisquitlips 2

    THR - Doing so well and 15 days later unbearable pain!

    Hi All! First I appreciate any insight and wisdon you can give me on this. I had Anteriior THR on my left hip on March 22nd 2017 and was released from the hospital on the 24th after performing all the actions my surgeon said would give evidence that I was ready for discharge.  My surgeon said I

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  • Randy48 2

    Flooring contractor

    Hi All, new here and just found out I need THR due to hip dysplasia. I'm a 48 year old flooring contractor and my doctor say's this will be a career ender. I have 2 children ages 6 and 10 and I'm terrified I won't be able to support my family. I've been doing flooring for 30 years and don't know

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  • stella97565UK 3

    Congenital dislocation of the hip leading to THR

    I'm wondering how many other people have had to have THRs in later life following being born with congenital dislocation of the hip?  I believe that this is not the same as dysplasia but may be similar.  I was born in 1953 and at age 18 months was discovered to have CDH on both sides with the left

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  • Pippyj 2

    Hi. I'm new to this forum and hip replacements.

    I had a THR 12 days ago and would love suggestions as to how to cope with buttock cramp after doing some of the exercises - it is so painful that I have to stop. I'm a sufferer from cramp anyway and on quinine on a daily basis. Also it would be good to hear what is 'average' recovery at this

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  • CottageDi 1

    Leg length discrepancy following hip replacement

    I had an anterior hip replacement 6 months ago.  That leg was 2 1/2" longer following surgery and is still 1 1/2" longer, causing considerable back pain.  I have been sleeping in a recliner for 4 months and have to use a walker.  This surgery has turned me into an old lady.  No more golfing, etc.  

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  • gillcat PE32UK 6

    3 years on

    Here I am 2 years on after my hip replacement and still going strong. Doing so much more than I have been doing for many years.. The only thing I do sometimes struggle with is getting on my knees to garden. Annoying but a little at a time gets me there. I can still pull the weeds faster than they

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  • angela19641 2

    2 days post op and up in the chair

    I got up with support today to sit in a proper chair for just 3 or 4 mins. Tomorrow will be an hour ! Such a difference to yesterday when I thought I'd never walk again.I couldn't lift my leg much at all just enough to sit on the edge of the bed. Today is a marked proud of myself but

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  • sinead74973 2
  • angela19641 2

    operation in 8 days, losing sleep!

    Hi all, im 44 and I'm going in to nuffield orthopeadic hospital in oxford to get my left hip done next Tuesday 25th for op Wednesday morning. I can't tell you how scared I am. Last time I was in hospital was the maternity unit in Fife 22 years ago. I'm very overweight,4 ish stone, due to my

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  • Kebra 3

    New Hip This Morning

    Wow I am now an official Hippee My infection cleared so I was able to have the scheduled surgery.  It was a complete success.  Did general anesthesia with no issues.  I have some Dramamine-like patch behind my hear, it's good for three days. I have walked three times today with the walker.  Have

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  • larry 34106 2

    Pain in the butt

    Hello! This is Larry in Georgia,i had right hip replacement in November 2016 and in four weeks walking and in no pain. March 2017 had left hip replacement. Has been seven weeks i walk just fine but can't bend down to put my shoe on with out severe pain in my buttocks and have severe cramps. has

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  • Froggi 1


    I have had hip,knee both shoulders replaced any questions I can help?

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  • markbeekmans 2

    Extreme pain after total hip replacement

    Hello everybody, I am hoping that some one can help me. But before I start I am want to express my sympathy with all of you in pain and suffering. It must be devastating to live each day like that and I feel genuinely sorry for all of you. I hope you will find a solution soon. Please try to help

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  • ruth0905 2

    Don't be like Ruth

    Hi hippies. I haven't done much original posting but here goes. Had anterior RTHP on 2/7/17 (in the US because there are differences). Was walking unaided by the end of the first week. No narcotic pain pills. Had no restrictions for sleeping, leg crossing etc. Did 5 weeks (10 sessions) of

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  • randy67379 2

    Cracked Femur and micro-motion in the stem

    HI everybody:  It's been 6 1/2 months since my anterior, non-cemented THR and I have been in severe pain the entire time. My surgeon said he was confused and had never seen my symptoms before. The worst of the symptoms were an inability to go from walking to standing, thigh pain near the lower tip

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  • starr 16935 2
  • destiney00306 2
  • AnnieK 6
  • Lucindagl 3

    Hip distended - anterior approach

    Hello all. I am 7 weeks post op now and my surgeon was puzzled by my pain and swelling in the side of my leg (by the hip) and said it looked distended. My osteopath confirmed that it was distended. My osteopath recommended I get an aqua jogger and practice "running" in the deep end of a pool, to

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  • Ginnys 2

    Painful and stiff walking

    hi folks my surgery was cancelled April 3 because surgeon broke his leg but I now have new date may 30  i am having so much pain and stiffness in both legs the past few days when trying to walk, even with a cane. I'm taking ibuprofen and Tylenol 3  but pain still there Is this normal or do you

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  • jimbone 2

    Hip Replacement Surgery Outside USA

    Greetings All, Newly registered here and seeking all the information I can find regarding Total Hip Replacement Surgery.  I am 62 in June of this year and in mostly good health other than the bum hip- osteo arthritis so the prognosis seems inevitable.  Guess what 40 years of physical labor, over

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  • terrie 77563 2


    Ok, I am 4 1/2 weeks post op, I have had a few hic ups along this road to recovery. I had such a good day yesterday with very little discomfort from the days activities ..I did some yard work without any problems I was careful not to bend used my cane and tried not to over do and rested when

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  • john56733 3


    The best thing about posterior surgery, is now I am smiling when I come in the room and when I leave the room!!

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  • elaine1957 2

    Nearly 2 years

    nearly 2 years after a nasty hip break resulting in thr on right side, I was doing really well, now if I stand for any length of time I am left almost unable to move. The pain is excruciating down through my buttock and into my groin. I have to manually lift me leg and rest for hours before the

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  • ShelleyS1102 2
  • glynis89553 2

    uneven leg lengths

    Good morning. I am now 4 weeks after a posterior THR (right) and able to walk without crutches on even ground but, the operated leg is definitely longer than the other, consequently I have a somewhat rolling gait.  My right knee is painful too.  Apparently the op was difficult because of a twisted femur. ...

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  • larry 34106 2

    Having severe cramps i my buttocks

    November had hip surgery in 2016 , went very well,in march 2017 had left hip replacement. It's been over six weeks and having severe cramps in my buttocks, I am walking every day and can't get the cramps to let off. Are they anyone having severe cramp problems . Thanks Larry

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  • gale05177 2
  • Soos2016 5

    Answers - or NON-answers - at One Year Checkup, Also PT

    Here are son's takes on the new orthopedic surgeon (he moved from the midwest to the west coast).  - He's old - He's ready to retire, so he gives odd answers   (almost as if he didn't care) So for the long list of questions - here they are: - Do I have any restrictions about lifting objects?  - Are

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  • ann67105 3

    Bi Lateral hip replacement

    Hi everyone just wanted to let you all know I have had my 3 month assessment and everything went really well no problems whatsoever. I am going for long walks, sleeping on both sides and in no pain at all. My life is back pain free I am so happy. I cannot thank you all enough for your fantastic

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  • junegro 3

    Severe left knee pain after total left hip replacement

    I have written on the blog,  I had total left knee replacement July 18 of this year and was doing fine for about 4 weeks then I got a severe pain my left knee (the left knee of the hip replacement). I have had numerous xrays and nothing shows up.  i am going for a bone scan tomorrow and I just

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  • Globe410 2

    Hello question about THR

    So I have a hip spacer as of now its squeaky and it clicks when I walk sometimes more or less than other no pain but just wondering? My final hip replacement is on the second week of June. It's frustrating and I cant wait, its a bummer walking with a limp, and walking around with a cane. My THR is

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