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Hip Replacement

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  • Emis Moderator M

    THR - Useful Resources

    Below are links to various resources for THR patients. If anyone has suggestions for other useful resources let me know but please do so by contacting me and not replying in this thread. Any links for inclusion will have to be from non-commercial reputable sites. Patient leaflet on anaesthetic choices:...

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  • YoMike 3
  • RichardKen 6

    No breaststroke for me!

    Dear All Before my total hip replacement failed I was swimming something over half a mile every other day so now that I'm walking on the revised hip I asked my physio when I could start swimming using the breaststroke and firmly told not until six months post op. Will have to learn to do something...

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  • leanne73643 2

    Hip op cancelled

    Hi  I was due to get a hip operation on monday got to the hospital spoke to the tagged and waiting to get changed when the surgoen appeared saying it was cancelled due to equipment..which i had tthe week before had a call about and told i had to come in for xrays so they could book...

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  • amanda12547 2

    Muscle spasm sciatica?

    Hi everyone I'm now almost 3 weeks post op.      Mobility wise doing ok.    My problem is at night my whole leg hurts thigh to foot it feels tight as if there's a tight band down whole leg to my foot.        Me still taking cocodamol but have reduced them during the day.  With full dose at night.    ...

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  • eileen7756 2

    Both hips at same time?

    Has anyone ever had both hips done at the same time? I am 61 and dreading having 2 surgeries. I don't even know if the doctor would do it but am asking here first. Thank you

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  • AnnieK 6
  • BEF 2

    60 yr old TLHR on Tuesdy next week...

    I've been doing alot of internet research related to this surgery.  I am very concerned about my up coming surgery. This forum has given me some encourgement and also some fears (people with their complications).  My problem started on Halloween of 2016, as I was out with my grandchildren and suddenly...

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  • sharon47867 2

    When to have op

    i am new to this page. I am 55 and have lost lot of movement in my hip. X-ray shows nothing to inject into. So op is next option. I walk with a limp 75 per cent of the time (friends tell me) pain level not too bad. The biggest prob is shoes and socks, unable to do these unaided! Driving manual car after...

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  • Johnvw 1

    Undecided THR

    hi to All, I am new to the Forum and welcome your comments. I am 68 y.o. and expecting to have a THR next March/April. I am not in pain, just discomfort. I am aware of the hip and it seems to catch at different times, walking is o/k, but not fast. I am undecided in regard to the operation because I am...

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  • johnygail 2

    Feel like I'm going Backwards 😒

    Since my THR LH. I have been Mr positive ok I have whinged about knee pain 😂. But this last couple of days I feel like my recovery is in reverse. Started to get lower back pain on op side, knee still won't bend and is sore to touch and now the top of my thigh is aching. So of course the mind being what...

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  • Hank81 1


    I am 50 years old and am in good shape sine I am A personal fitness trainer. I had total hip replacement on June 14 of this year, 11 days ago. Rehab is going great, although still on alot of pain meds for the unreal pain and stiffness. I am driving now and I am fine, with the exception of getting in...

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  • osprey1 3

    Another questiin about swelling

    Hi folks. Hip was replaced 2nd june. All went well, and happy with my progress. No pain mefication for 12 days! Considering amount of declofenac and paracetamol before hand it is amazing to be pain free. The only problems I have is back sleeping, and swelling in ankle and above knees. I know I am not...

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  • Bizz74 2

    Wound protection and feelings

    I'm 43 and had a LTHR nearly 4 weeks ago now. It all seems to be going well and I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate this group so firstly yeah! and thank you!! Anyhow, my first question is as follows- at what point do i not need to replace dressings that cover the scarred area? I've had super...

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  • Potsley 2

    pain after 5 years - what to do???

    Hi, fellow hippies! I had my right hip replaced over 5 years ago and I still have some pain.  It is not as bad as it was before the surgery but bad enough that I have to take medication for it.  (I was taking 2400 mg of ibuprofen each day before the surgery.  Now, I am taking 1800 mg each day.  But,...

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  • Bizz74 2

    Wound dressing

    Hi guys I'm new to this forum but in the last 3 weeks found it a blessing! My question is how long do the dressings need to stay on for please? I never thought to ask with the nurse when she checked it over. I have had glue rather than staples or stitches, and a LTHR about 3.5 weeks ago. To be honest...

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  • carol42631 2

    Swelling on operated leg

    i had THR on Thursday. All went very well. Yesterday my lower leg and foot became very swollen . Before I could be discharged from hospital I had ultra sound to ensure no clots. Was told it was excess of fluids and poor circulation. Since being home, have iced, kept elevated. This morning it was back...

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  • ann73107 3

    Cancelled Op,😥

    I was all geared up and ready mentally as much as I could be to go, my op was tomorrow 27th, just had a call and because they need a repeat sleep apnia test it has been re booked for 11th July, I'm so disappointed as the reason the 1st test was inconclusive was the equipment was faulty. Ah well it could...

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  • mary75553 2
  • ann73107 3

    Overweight but optimistic

    Having my long awaited op Tuesday 27th (eeecks) after losing some weight I'm still 3 stones heavier than I should be but I'm determined not to let this hamper my progress and after reading some of the inspiring problems some of you guys have dealt with I'm sure I can do this. My surgeon has assured me...

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  • Mamabearsue 2

    Clicky Hip

    Hi, I'm two nearly three weeks out from a right hip replacement in the UK. Three days ago after an almost perfect recovery, a had a horrid experience whilst sleeping. I think I had rolled over on the ok hip. I rolled back and moved the right foot inwards and I felt the whole hip joint ker chunk back...

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  • francis62103 2

    27 years old just had a LTHR

    Hello everyone, This is my first post and I don't know where or how to start. Well I was only 19 when I started feeling this uncomfortable pain in my hip so I had to abandon my career as a football player (soccer) because I couldn't bare the pain after training. I went see my doctor, he had me go...

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  • Bowling Julie 2

    PAIN ......Will the other pain relating to hip go !!!!!!

    Another rant ok where to start The pain at the moment is dreadful * chuffling up the stairs kills * re positioning all the time sitting n trying yo sleep * lift leg when get in car /calf pain now Sure everyone has suffered from these. BUT *The PAIN in upper outer rt thigh and knee is horrific its...

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  • ailish09658 1

    Pain after 8 weeks

    Hi guys! Hope you can help! I'm 56, 8 weeks post op total hip replacement... was doing great until a few days ago when I walked quite quickly - unaided - and the leg pain has returned. I don't understand why.? Ok sitting but walking is with a limp now... my consultant is away for another week or so...

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  • Chloeparrot 4

    Disappointed - now due for second THR in Aug/Sept

    I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself and could do with some fairy hugs! To recap - I had a surprise diagnosis of severe osteoarthritis last year, leading to a THR on my right hip in June 2016.  Though my surgeon indicated at the time that my left hip would also need replacing fairly soon, I had hoped...

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  • mderome70 2

    Extreme hip pain after a total hip replacement with some extras..

    Hi.. New here, so bear with me.  After limping into my Ortho's office in March of '14 I found out that I somehow fractured the ball on my left femur leading to a total hip replacement.  In '15 I found out that I developed heterotropic ossification in the left hip, and it was surgically removed.  Same...

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  • lulu75 2

    THR in 9 days and anxious any tips?

    Hi everyone, I am having a LTHR on the 27th June, I have never had an operation and I'm very anxious, does anyone have any advice on coping with the before and after of the op?  I was born with hip dysplasia and didn't know I had it, I have always been very active did gymnastic and athletics growing...

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  • patsy63 3

    Infection Update

    Hi, Many thanks for all your good wishes, hugs etc. It really means so much to me. I've been home for a couple of weeks now. I had a total hip revision No. 5 on 6th May, together with a Tummy tuck and the fat removed placed into my leg to fill the void from a simply massive psuedotumour.  Trouble was...

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  • Bowling Julie 2

    Surgery hip replacement

    Hi again any advice and support as in a previous post I have stated I am having a rt hip replacement on 18th August. In my letter its saying i am having a Gereral Anesthetic any thoughts around this I thought that I would be having an Epidural.......

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  • jeanette2016 2

    Back pain after hip replacement

    Now nearly 6 weeks post op after left THR and experiencing pretty severe back pain slightly left of my middle back. A very mild version of it started early on and I assumed (and still do) that it was down to having to constantly lie on my back. It bothers me night and day now and I'm really disappointed...

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  • johnygail 2

    Staples out on Friday

    Hi All, I had my staples out on Friday just gone, The nurse seeemed happy with the wound. However she was a bit Anti water lol, keep it dry now showers you should not have been having showers. I have had every day and wound fine lol. She then put a dressing on it and said don't get it wer. Any way...

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  • sue13845 3

    Swollen legs

    I am now 11 months after first hip and 6 after 2nd- I have had lots of problems having had multiple pulmonary emboli and spinal cord problems after second hip- Good news is that I can walk reasonably now( with a stick- and improving doing aqua therepy. I wander if anyone else had had problems with very...

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  • sue86656 2

    Hip Operation -SuperPath Method?

    Hi was wandering if anybody has had a hip operation using the superPath method. Need all the advise possiable due to have one shortley. I am extermley worried about have a hip operation. Any feed will be great.  

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  • leah35183 2

    THR with 18 months of pain hopefully resolved

    Hello, I haven't written in some time.  I has a THR (Ontario, Canada) in sept 2015.  Fairly young at 53 for AVN.  Like many I felt at the start it wasn't right.  After 3 months I still could barely get out of bed, and the pain felt like a 9 inch blade in my hip.  I was so long using  walker that I needed...

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  • Bowling Julie 2

    Hip Replacement

    Hi everyone after several years of a painful right hip I have been diagnosed with sever arthritis of the right hip and have just got confirmation my operation will be on the 18th August. I am a little nervous however can't wait as the pain is never ending. It looks like i am having a general anesthetic...

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