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Hip Replacement

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  • Emis Moderator M

    THR - Useful Resources

    Below are links to various resources for THR patients. If anyone has suggestions for other useful resources let me know but please do so by contacting me and not replying in this thread. Any links for inclusion will have to be from non-commercial reputable sites. Patient leaflet on anaesthetic choices:...

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  • Desire64 2

    When should we start physiotheraphy and swimming?

    Hello, When should we start physiotheraphy after THR? I had an operation 2 weeks ago, the physiotherapist told me to get physiotheraphy after 5 weeks, for a month. In the meantime I am doing the exercises she gave me.I would like to hear about your experiences. Also she said I can swim after one week....

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  • Soxy 3

    Thigh pain after hip replacement

    I'm wanting some feedback on high thigh pain after a hip replacement.  I am 68 years old (female) and am 10 weeks post op cement hip replacement due to severe arthritis.  I have been going on very well and thought all my troubles were over, but have now developed pain which seems to be...

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  • ellenco 1


    I'm 53 years old and had anterior THR. Overall I seem to be progressing very well. I can walk with a crutch or a cane. I am still using some pain medicine but not as much. They switched me to a lesser strength narcotic and it does not seem to be doing as well, but now that I can take ibuprofen...

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  • pat30148 2

    Hip replacement haematoma

    I've been reading all these experiences people have had with hip replacement. Has anyone gotten a haematoma? I am 2 weeks out from my surgery. I saw my Dr yesterday because I did not know what this Hugh swelling on my hip was. He said it was a haematoma like it was nothing. He mentioned possibly...

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  • angel2017 3

    I,ve just had a hip injection

    hi everyone again. Had a RTHR 16 weeks ago with total success. However afterwards within 4 weeks started having groin pain in other side, quite uncomfortable. My consultant suggested cortisone injection for diagnostic purposes more than anything, which I had done yesterday. The results are good pain...

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  • YoMike 3

    Bruising sore to touch 4 weeks post op

    I'll be 4 weeks out in 2 days, but I'm still bruised and sore to touch. I'm still on the blood thinners for another week or so, but today the soreness to touch went from my inner thigh to my calf. Should I be concerned about blood clots? Soreness is on inner part of calf muscle, not the...

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  • carol42631 3


    4 weeks today since TRHR and just got home from hospital after check up with surgeon. He is really pleased and doesn't need to see me again for several months when he will review the left hip. Can now drive and was told to try manage without the crutch . Haven't had any physio just been doing...

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  • kimberley38758 6

    1st Anniverary After FRHR

    Hello fellow hippies This time last year I was being prepped for surgery.  I remember being so terrified of the unknown.  This year has gone by so quickly, and I'm pleased to announce that the surgery was a success, I'm no longer in pain and I'm back to my normal lifestyle...

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  • Rocketman SG6UK 6

    Pilates anyone? 🤸

    I am thinking of taking up pilates, has anyone else any experience of this form of exercise?   I believe it will help me to build my core muscles ... but will I be able to get up off the floor  with my dignity intact ? Graham - 🚀💃 🤸🤸🤸

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  • pat 07646 2

    Hip replaacement

    Had hip revision 5 weeks ago thought things ok but last couple of days had strange feeling in leg. When l walk it feels like the bones are clicking. I've had two hip replacements and l revision but never experienced this before feel concerned. Anyone else had this.

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  • Sandy98765 2

    Getting ready for hip replacement

    I'm getting ready for hip replacement and am totally petrified. The surgeon is only 42 . I've got a book of exercises and have ordered a few pillows but it seems like some articles say you can never bend or twist again and other articles say you should be able to do most things after 6 months...

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  • jean95000 3


    another question guys ... three weeks post op been doing the light excersises  and walking well but on Tuesday the physio introduced the harder level those of us in uk will have the booklet the clam raising your butt off the bed laying on your side lifting the leg up and the clam these are creating...

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  • Cindybud 3

    Sleeping on my back

    Hi all, it's me again. Can I ask how long we are supposed to sleep on our backs please? They told me I must but didn't say how long. I do struggle as I'm sure most of you do. What are your thoughts please. I'm four weeks post op. xx

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  • pat 07646 2

    Hip replacement

    Has anyone suffered strange feelings after a hip revision. I can't put full weight on leg yet after 5 weeks till l go next week for my 6 week check up. But have these strange feelings in my leg when listening walk like s clicks feel and when you touch the leg it sorts of jerks. Anyone else or is...

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  • golf4 58 2

    Hip replacement infection but no pain at all

    Hello everyone I had a total hip replacement in the fall of 2016 when they were taking out the stitches they discovered it was infected I had a debridement and was on a PICC line for 8 weeks followed by antibiotic drugs a few weeks later it started to hurt again and it was discovered that I had an infection...

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  • Cindybud 3

    Exercise plan

    Hi, I'm reading all about when and how you have all been advised to exercise and leaflets you have been given. I haven't been told to do or shown any exercises at all by my surgeon or PT. They just said I could walk as much as I want. I'm now concerned that this may slow me down or hinder...

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  • ann47958 3

    Scar looks like a shark bite

    Hi I had my hip replacement 4 weeks ago and am recovering well but as my sister-in-law pointed out my scar looks like I have been bitten by a shark I know it's not going to get smaller but what if ant are you using treat your scars

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  • carol42631 3

    Really worth trying!

    I have read many posts from members that mention how constipation has affected them . Since my surgery I have been taking high doses of vitamin C because I had read how it really helps the healing process and oh boy, does it help stop constipation!!!! I'm taking 2000mg daily and I like the orange...

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  • Cindybud 3

    Handy tip

    Maybe most of you already know about this but maybe some of you don't.  I have found it most useful so I thought I would share it with you. As you know we are measured before surgery to find out our ideal sitting height. Mine is 181/2 inches. Before I left hospital the PT put some tape around...

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  • sue87388 UK 3

    Leg length discrepancy following double total hip replacement

    Does anyone have any problems with this. I have one leg longer than the other which I believe causes me problems when walking and could be the answer to a lot of my ongoing pain. My surgeon says the MRI looks good and could not cause the pain. I also had screws fitted to my hip for stability. When...

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  • Cindybud 3

    Hip dislocation

    Hi all, just reading some of your posts and replies. There are quite a few of you who have experienced hip dislocations. I am four weeks post surgery having had posterior surgery. Dislocation is my biggest fear at the moment. Can any of you tell me how and why this happens and how long after surgery...

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  • Onehip2hip-ugh 1

    New here - 7 weeks post hip replacement surgery

    I've been lurking for a while (sorry) but I must say thank you for all of the reads. Sometimes at my most worriesome moments I would read here and feel a little better knowing I wasn't alone. Anyway - I'm 40 years old and after about 7 years of pain which always seemed to be localized in...

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  • ann73107 3

    Update on All Gowned up and ready to go.

    Good morning all and a massive thank you to everybody who responded last Tuesday 11th, I didn't get back on the ward until late evening Tuesday and eventually got discharged 5pm Saturday evening. I ended up having a General as they couldn't manage to get a spinal in because of a blood clotting...

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  • Suziemo 3

    Getting down onto sun lounger after hip op

    hi everyone  I had my hip operation last year and haven't been on holiday since . Want to plan a holiday to the sun but thinking how will I get on as I won't be able to get down to a sun they are so low down . There must be lots of you out there that has had this thought and how...

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  • francis62103 2

    27 years old just had a LTHR

    Hello everyone, This is my first post and I don't know where or how to start. Well I was only 19 when I started feeling this uncomfortable pain in my hip so I had to abandon my career as a football player (soccer) because I couldn't bare the pain after training. I went see my doctor, he had...

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  • Kimberley1108 2

    Suitable chair for after the op.

    Hi all I have a provisional date for September 8th and I've just completed my chair/ sofa measurements for the hospital and realise that my setees in the lounge (3 and 2 seaters) are both too low. There isn't a single chair in the lounge but I do have one in the children's playroom but...

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  • sandy27782 2


    Hi, I had an anterior hip replacement done 12 days ago, Dr had to do some extra repair, so I'll be on a walker for 5 weeks. I'm so tired and depressed. I'm trying to get off the pain meds, which I know will make me tired. I'm also in Coumadin to stop blood clots. I researched anterior...

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  • jean95000 3

    Leg spasm

    hi folks here again . 3 weeks post op left hip replacement and I can't sleep for leg spasm any suggestion for relief   

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  • michael11283 3

    Second Stage at last

    Hi hippies. Well I am due to have my spacer replaced with a proper hip joint tomorrow. I can't wait!! Old joint was removed on 23rd March and this saga, since the joint infection was diagnosed will have taken 9 months. So all being well I will be a hippie once again. My poor wife, who is not a morning...

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  • daniel48106 1

    Knee issues after hip replacement

    I had a total left hip replacement in September last year. I have been struggling with pains around my right knee and quad over the last few weeks and there are many days where I battle to walk and be pain free. As anyone experienced this before? Am I over compensating on my good leg? Dan

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  • Johnvw 2

    Undecided THR

    hi to All, I am new to the Forum and welcome your comments. I am 68 y.o. and expecting to have a THR next March/April. I am not in pain, just discomfort. I am aware of the hip and it seems to catch at different times, walking is o/k, but not fast. I am undecided in regard to the operation because I am...

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  • Desire64 2
  • rachael2212 1

    Hip Replacement

    Hi, I'm looking for any advice or anyone experiencing the same issues with a ceramic hip replacement. I am 42yrs old & have had my replacement for 8 years, over the last couple of years I have had pain from my groin extending to my knee after the slightest bend or twist. Also if I've been...

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  • sarah22500 3

    Still waiting for THR but legs feel like lead

    Hi, my first hip replacement will be around October to December. I am well over 70 & I am always in pain but I've stopped the morphine patches I was on due to severe constipation. And I mean severe. However my legs are starting to feel more and more leaden. So heavy. I'm quite a slight person...

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