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In the last 3 minutes I began to burn up. After I was dizzy and fwelt sick and my face hands legs etc were red and it felt like sunburn. I had to go in a cold bath at night to cool off for months. Other symptoms occurred. Dry mouth dry eyes. These are still going on.


Anybody else have a reaction to MRI?

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    Hi Julie,

    I am so happy you posted your experience! No one believes me and no one can give me an explanation for my experiences.

    First, I always understood that the MRI is magnetic, not like radiation, and could pull anything metal out of your body. I have not experienced anything negative with the 15 or 20 MRI's I have had over the last 30 years, however I have not had one since my total hip replacements.

    What has happened to me that no one can explain and people think I am crazy, is from the CT scan. They never caused me any discomfort until about eight years ago.

    For some reason with my eyes closed, I can see the red laser light and as it moves back and forth in it's slicing action, it causes me so much pain in my head that I have had to force the tech to stop the scan. Afterwards I am left with an inner burning sensation in my head, red skin and physical pain that lasts for hours. It leaves me sick too. CT scans are unbearable for me and I have refused a great many of them because of it.

    I have even asked for pain medication ahead of time but whatever happens to me during a scan still happens even though the pain med helps dull the sensations.

    Not one medical person believes me nor can they give me an explanation. My whole life since I was born very ill, I have had a huge amount of x-rays from 1958 till 2015. One year, 2009, I had 17 CT scans! I wonder if there is such a thing as radiation poisening? Could that be the reason?


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      Hi, Dawn.  I had an MRI lat  Nov., 2016.  During the last 10 minutes or so, I experienced a terrible durning sensation across my chest from one arm to the other at the level under my breasts.  The technician said that would go away in a short while.  This is March now and I am still suffering from great pain.  My skin under my breasts is cracked and with small bubbles that hurt tremendously when I perspire.  I cannot wear a bra since just the touch of a blouse is quite painful.  I have seen thre dermatologists and none believe my MRI experience and keep treatment as if it were a skin infection.  Have you found a doctor to finally treat the condition adequately.  I am at my wits end and do not know what else to do.
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      Hi. I have similar symptoms. Not only did I burn all over from my MRI of my head without contrast and still do, but similar sore has developed on my scalp like you describe under your bust. I hope you are experiencng some releif now. I am personally determined to get these risks taken seriously. Please see my post to this thread regarding reporting a Yellow Card and joingin a Facebook group for MRI injuries and side effects.

      Take care for now.

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      Hi Dawn 

      ?I have a very bad issue which I have added into this forum and it was down to neglect and poor procedures by the contractor  at the mobile unit of the MRI scan. PS I did have an MRI 3 months earlier and the palte was temoved no side effects at all.

      ?It seems we are all fighting against ignorrant and inexperienced professionals who have no idea about the side effects and who state that it is safe. WHy do they rhen have a safety check list it is not all about images in our case.

      ?I have met senior radioologist /management and was inform it is safe. I have in a way some lean towards their view but when I asked them to put a similar metal into their mouth  they were very reluctant to do a 10 min test of the body with the plate in. The proof is there  to see. If they cant go into the machine with confidence , then the are blowing off false statements when you and others indicate we have a problem. As far as I am concerned outwith the mri and radioologist units you are just wasting your time speaking to a doctor, they dont know , i have tried . Taking the matter to a A&E section is no better. WE need better pre helth assessment from proper professionals who know their area of work, not some form of elementary set of questions asked by a member of clerical teams otherwise the issue of side effects will continue.  


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    Hi, ppl do get burns from MRI's. I had one and I cross my hands over my chest and the hand on top had such burns, only noticeable several days later because the skin was so dry, rough, scaly, and skin coloe had darkened. I was told by primary care Dr., "oh it's just winter dryness", I know my body and you should always listen to it.
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      Burns occur when body parts are crossed, joints are bent and touching ( like elbows, forearms touching humerus), this closes a circuit and heat generates, that is just physics. Keep hands uncrossed, don't bend arms and make sure pads keep you from touching sides of machine and you will fine.

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    Hi Julie, I have regular MRI scans which include a brain scan with electrodes and never had any problems ( been having them since 1979) however now with THR more care must be taken as any prosthesis can cause problems as can tattoos, even of the make-up variety, metal including jewelry, alergic reaction and severe kidney disease. If you have none of these you should request a reporting (yellow) card from your consultant. I am sorry you have suffered from your MRI and it is rare but some situations/conditions can only be identified by MRI so it is important to fill in a report form and have photo's to show the damage. It will help future patients and may help you with a claim as it goes to NICE and not your local HA. Good luck and best wishes, Dot.
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      Hi Dot, can anyone help me?  What do you do if you've been injured by an MRI?  It's been almost a year now and I told my doctors about the problem but they never mentioned doing anything about it and I never contacted the hospital where I had it done because I don't know what to do about it?

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    Hi  I just  had an abdominal MRI laying on my stomach that was ordered to view fistulas and while inside the machine I started feeling unbearable burning in stomach all way through back and I stay freezing cold everywhere because I'm endemic but this was unbearable burning so I pushed the button and told them I was. Burning up on my stomach so they stopped for a few mins. Then restarted and the burning was just unbearable in the stomach area so I pushed the button again and this time they called the radiology dr. And they say to stop the test if I was feeling the burning was unbearable so I did and it turns out that the stomach bile in my ostomy pouch over my fistula was heating up and the glue they used to adhere it to my skin was melting like into me I'm not sure what to do now but I'm in pain,burning,etc. Still in hospital any suggestions,help,info would be great
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      Oh my goodness Tammy that's Terrible experience. I don't even know what to say to comfort you

      Are they giving your skin anything to stop the burning? Surely they are giving you proper treatment.I sure pray you will be alright.

      Another person also had burns on their skin during an MRI too. She reported that experience on this site.

      I've had many no problems.but what happened to you is really frightening.

      Please let us know how your doing.Hugs to you xxxx

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      I wish someone could give a really good explanation as to why an MRI would cause this in people. It is a giant magnet.

      What causes me to feel as though I am frying from the inside, mostly my skull and eyes, is the CT-Scan, whether I have the iodine for contrast or not.

      X-Ray recognitions have yelled at me and treated me like a child when I press the help button.

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      Hi Dawn,

      I have been looking for information on this and all implants for any medical use have to go through testing and rating for safety in MRI scanning. The results range from safe to unsafe with conditional between 1 & 8 between. The first two are obvious but conditional determines the strength the MRI scanner is to be set.

      The list is extensive, orthopedic implants that are conditional (frequently conditional 6) the strength is 1.5 - 3

      Because orthopedic implants tend to have a variety of sizes and shapes, it is particular challenging to assess MRI-related heating for these devices. An efficient means of addressing this issue is to conduct MRI simulations to predict the worst-case of MRI-induced heating for a given orthopedic implant of different sizes under 1.5-T/64-MHz and 3-T/128-MHz conditions and then to apply the experimental test to validate the numerical results for worst-case heating.

      For any of us to fully understand the related risk of ANY implant is to know both the constituents and the manufacturer so that in the event of needing an MRI scan we can inform them and request they check the list before doing the scan.

      Sorry if that all sounds complicated, if you have a question I will try to give more details. Best wishes, Dot.

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      Thank you Dot, I had no idea of this info which makes it so complicated for the patient.
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      The diagnostics with an MRI are performed with radio frequency waves just like the ones your microwave uses.

      And a microwave cooks from the inside out.

       Go to another hospital not affiliated with the one you’re in now and retain an attorney who specializes in MRI burns.

       I am in the process of doing that right now. 

       Please keep us informed about what happens and remember that you are in our prayers. 

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