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andrew85535 andrew85535

muscle reattachment of the scapula

Hi Guys, I had reattchment surgery 11 months ago and I am still struggling with my right shoulder. Every movement of my arm makes my shoulder click which is very painful and annoying. I also don't have my full power in my right arm. I've had numerous mri scans and ultrasounds but all come back clear. I am now starting to have problems with my left shoulder as I am only able to sleep on my left side. Has anyone had a similar problem? The pain in my right shoulder started 2 and a half years ago after I was in a car accident.

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  • henpen1980 henpen1980 andrew85535

    Hello.  Have you called your physical therapist?  Your doctor?  What have they told you?  Have you looked into a chiropractor.  I do not like them and will not see one but you may find some relief in chiro treatments.  What about acupuncture?  Have you looked into a program at a local YMCA or Health Club for individuals recovering from injuries?  Good luck and post an update when you have time.

  • andrew85535 andrew85535

    Hi Henpen1980,

    I am due back to see my surgeon next Wednesday 19th to discuss my options going forward. I have had acupuncture in the past which didn't help at all. My Physio is amazed that my arm makes such a loud noise but like my orthopedic consultant they cant decide where the noise is coming from and why it is happening. Have you had this type of injury?

  • henpen1980 henpen1980 andrew85535

    Hello, no I haven't had scapula reattachment.  I did look it up online after reading your post.  Ouch!  

    Me:  I had an Christmas 2016 holiday accident dislocating my shoulder ripping three of the four rotator cuff mucsle tendons.  Two of the tendons are classified as "massive" complete tears requiring surgery to reattach to the humeral head using screws.  I am eleven weeks out of the surgery, nine weeks worth of physical therapy and still going 3x/wk.  I could be in PT for 6 months = / .  

    A little about me: I have been a competitive swimmer my entire life (All-American in college).  I have college degrees (Bachelors and Masters) in education (PE, APE, Health, SPED).  I teach public education currently I am on medical leave at least until 4/23.  I spend 20+ years as a director and I am a trainer and instructor-trainer for Red Cross and YMCA of USA in water programs, etc etc.  I would like to get back into the water myself to help with rehab but that is not possible for a few reasons at this point.  

    You must ask your doctor for greater clarity.  If the doctor cannot provide you with satisfactory clarity seek another opinon.  You must for your peace of mind.  We all must when necessary.  Don't give up or get discouraged.  Seek the clarity and understanding.

     I am not a fan of chiropractors but a good one might be able to help you.  No harm in checking that out as well.  

    Are you piling pillows when you sleep?  Five seems to be a good number.  Create a pocket with the pillows for your shoulder to drop into.  I am a side sleep too.  I have had to adjust to sleeping on my back (using the stacked pillows) and a Lazy Boy recliner.  

    Good luck to you!!  Keep your chin up!!  Post again after your appt on the 19th!!

  • jade22553 jade22553 andrew85535

    Hi Andrew

    Where did you have the reattachment done? I have just been diagnosed with this and weighing up the pros and cons of surgery. I have good functional use of my arm still but the pain is excruciating



    • andrew85535 andrew85535 jade22553

      Hi Jade,

      I had my surgery done in edinburgh royal infirmary. My surgeon was Mr Iain Brown. I am on the waiting list for the same procedure to be done again as not all the muscles reattached properly the first time. Apparently there isn't a very high success rate for this type of surgery.

      Whereabouts are you getting yours done? After my surgery my pain did get better for a while. I have relatively good movement but I have no power in my arm and struggle to lift the lightest of things.

      Hope this helps

    • jade22553 jade22553 andrew85535

      Hi Andrew

      Thanks for getting back to me! I am having it done in Manchester but we're trying rehab first. How were you with lifting before the surgery? I still have all my strength and able to lift heavy in the gym, it's just flares of unbareable pain. On bad days like today I would let them remove my arm if necessary. Just awful but then quite frightened by the surgery too, J

    • andrew85535 andrew85535 jade22553

      Hi Jade,

      I had a years worth of Physio and saw 3 different orthopaedic consultants before I got the diagnosis. Before I had the surgery I was unable to lift anything. Anything I tried to lift I would end up dropping because it was too heavy and too sore. I am in constant pain with my shoulder and it makes a very loud popping noise with every movement.

      The recovery time is about a year for the surgery so keep that in mind, what is the name of your surgeon in Manchester? I did a lot of research before I had my op and actually found the surgeon that came up with the surgery. His name is Ben Kibler from the states of you want to look him up for info.

    • jade22553 jade22553 andrew85535

      Yeah I was told I should try see Dr Kibler as he was the expert on this.

      I already have that popping and pain - that's snapping scapula, which is what I was first diagnosed with before the muscle detachment. I think they tend to go hand in hand. Sounds like you are having a hard time still - I'm sorry. I am still in the shock phase can't believe it's happened and how it turns your life upside down

    • andrew85535 andrew85535 jade22553

      Have you had any scans done? I've had 5 different MRIs done and none of them showed anything wrong with my shoulder. My consultant doesn't know what is causing my popping because it's not the usual noise of snapping scapula. How did you injure your shoulder?

      There has only been a handful of cases like ours in the UK so a lot of it is trial and error. When do you start your physio? I don't think it will help much if you have the same issue as me.

      It has totally changed my life since I had the car accident, I have been unable to work since and there doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

    • jade22553 jade22553 andrew85535

      If you want send me an email we can talk a bit more about it just conscious of writing everything on open forum.

      My MRIs showed nothing other than some assymetry and swelling, I've had 5 too and a CT scan. I know what you mean about no light at the end of the tunnel, I feel like even with surgery there isn't really a solution to this for the long term I am yet to find someone who says they've been able to turn it around for the better.

      Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the email address as we do not publish these in the forums. If users wish to exchange contact details please use the Private Message service.

    • henpen1980 henpen1980 jade22553

      Hope it goes well for both of you!  I was doing quite well... until my PT ripped the supraspinatus tendon right off the ball a week ago.  UGH... I have to have it reattached 6/2/17.  I have fired my PT...afer 13 plus weeks of PT his carelessness is inexcusable. 


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