My 14 yr old son has 17% kidney function

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Hi there, I cant seem to get answers from anyone.  My son is a unique case.  Probably too long for the message board, but I have going crazy waiting to hear many answers from the docs.  He lost 11% function in less then 8 wks sad.  He is peeing more then he can drink.  I can't find any info.  Will he need to start dialysis or can it still wait?  He has a heart condition and possibly bone disease now also (will find that out in a cpl wks).  This has been awful and the stress of waiting for answers all the time.  Then I look on google and get the worst case senario.  He was healthy, at the age of 10 a doc made a mistake.  He almost died, so I am so happy he's here with me but man, this is not supposed to be his life and I am incredibly sad.  I am hoping to be a match if it comes to that....He has no 100% sibling unfortunately.  Any feed back I am grateful for.  I have tried everything.  Bought an expensive machine for our water...only to find out that it is bad for people with CKD!  I specially asked.  Tried natural path and that did irreversable damage, tired eating all organic, vegatarian...I am so willing but nothing seems to help and I am at my wits end!  Please if anyone has tried anything that has helped a child (as adults and children are very different apparently) I am all ears.  Thank you.  Sorry for going on, its just been hard to watch him go down hill so fast and I know some of you will kinda undertsand...

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    hi sorry to hear from that.

    lose 11% kidney function in 8 weeks. is it acute renal failure? i think your son should be warded ASAP. seek for proper hospital treatment. the doctors sure will help.

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      Hi Yehyeh,

      He has had CKD for 4 yrs now.  He sees a nephrologist regularly.  They are doing the workup for transplant.  The thing I find weird is that he is peeing more then he can drink.  He only pees 2-3 times per day but he drinks a lot and in those few times he pees extra liters... I cant find anything about this....

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      CKD 4 years and left 11% kidney function is fast. what is his creatinine level now? i strongly suggest do admitted ward, medicine or drip may help.

      is it dehrayrated??

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      His creatin is 351, urea is 21....17% left but went down 11% from 8 wks ago.

      I am not sure if its dehydrated.  I am waiting on the oc to get back to me...

      By drip you mean to help him rehydrate? Like a saline solution?

      Thank you


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      yes. my creatinine was 400++ while i was admitted in Jan. 

      acute renal failure. by drip, then i able to recover back to 150 region.

      my kidney function quite stablized at 150-180.

      for many years  , about 9 years.

      but then, this year jan and march, it shoot up to 240 region, then my doctor warded me, just discharge 3 days ago. i also did a blood tranfussion and also i have urine infection. now creatinine drop back to 150 region and my doctor discharge me.

      i hope i able to stablized at 150 region.

      well, did you check whether your son got any infection or diarhea? or dehydrated? i think really need to warded him for a check up. 

      kidney function will not lose so much in a short period of time, should be able to reverse.

      btw i have lupus nephritis for about 22 years.

      hope it helps.

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      Thank you, I hope you feel better soon also.  I am going to get intouch with his nephrologist today and let them know.  Because its chronic I am not sure its the same but that would be nice to think he could gain some function back.

      By warded you mean admitted?  He just went for a check up last tues and goes again april 5....then again on april 16th....

      Lots of appointments, I am sure you are fimaliar.  Thank you for the advice and I hope all the best for you, as a friend of mine has lupus and I kinda understand the challenges sad....



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      hi lee-ann

      yes, i think admitted hospital and let's doctor investigate, i do have a infection and my creatinine was fluctuate , doctor would like warded me on end of Jan but i refused as i just discharge on early jan.

      However, then March, the infection getting worse and causing me lose blood and worsen my kidney function.

      doctor didnt knew the reason but suspect a flare in my lupus. then warded me. ended up, found out there is infection.

      warded 2 weeks time to find out the causes of the worsening kidney function is worth it.

      however, if really do need dialysis. then just go ahead. i knew many are doing dialysis and they are still doing good.

      be more positive.


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      Wow you have been through a lot. 

      Hes been on dialysis before.  It just takes alot out of you.  Yes if he has to its ok but I prefer not of course.

      Thank you and all the best YehYeh.


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      yes Lee ann

      are you chinese? i am in singapore.

      i prepare the worst and get ready for dialysis. 10 years ago, my doctor did said that i may have to start dialysis. while 10 years now and my kidney function still stablized at 150-180

      i try not to worry much and still keep my life as per usual. btw i still working full time jobsmile

      no matter dialysis or not, we still have to positive and live as per normal.


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      No I am a white Canadian smile.  Good for you!  Keep proving them wrong.  My son should have died a bunch of times sad...But he proved them wrong :D.  I agree staying positive and praying smile.  Most important thing you can do for sure!
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      hi Lee ann

      i have something in my mind. well, your son pee more than what he intake. which means he is losing body fluids. which i highly suspect dehyrated. 

      dehyration will cause kidney function worsening too.

      u consult doctor opinion??

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    my kidney function was worsening and reach 400++ and also able to regain back to 150. 

    i was admitted 2 times this year and now my kidney function also able to stablized. 

    so not to worry much. keep the spirit high! cheerssmile


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    I'm so sorry to hear about your son. Your anxiety is understandable. There is probably nothing that you can do to help except ask your doctor to explain. There are lots of reasons why kidneys can detetiorate in young people and usually this is what the doctors will be trying to find out - the possible cause.

    Obviously he will have had blood tests for both kidney and liver function. Has he had an ultrasound which can look at the kidneys? It is a very simple procedure - like x-ray - but watched on a computer in real-time.

    If you have not already done so, ask for a long talk with your doctor ( take someone with you because you will not remember half of what you are told). Ask if they have any idea of the cause; what they will do to try to identify the cause; what can be done to prevent deterioration of kidneys while they are waiting for answers (if anything); what possible treatments/interventions are likelypossible and at what point intervention/treatment becomes essential.

    Ask what you can look out for in case of emergency/when you must call for medical aid.

    I wish you well. I am a mother and grandmother who is now on dialysis - my life-saver. If it were my child - I would be feeling exactly as you are now.

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