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Had my 2nd op on the 16th Jan they stitchede me up again after they promised they would leave it open!

I first had the op on the 28th Aug when I discovered our little hole friends! I went under GA and had the sinus and gunk removed about 4 weeks later that awful smell was back and a dis charge in my boxers on a daily basis. Went back to the doctors they had me on anti biotics for nearly 4 months trying to clear it GUESS WHAT! It never worked so the doc put me for another op.

Woke up from this one in a bit of pain and was told they stitched it up becuase it was so deep!? I am now being extremeley careful not to get infection and as the stitches are so tight I have to be so careful not to split them no driving, exercise etc etc off work for 4 weeks its an exspensive problem to have!!

I just hope it works this time as I have read people have had it done 4/5 times!~

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    Hi all,

    I had a very painful experience some yrs ago. The pain caused by my pilonidal sinus was unbearable. I actually attended casualty where they whipped me in an operated right away.

    3 operations and 2 years later (visiting the health centre every day) after being burned, stitched (not recommended) plugged and left open it eventually healed up, leaving me a nice deep scar at my tail bone.

    Wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy.


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    Famous last words a week and a 1/2 afeter the op the 2 holes have come back and I am leaking infection! I had a primary clousure for the 2nd time I don't understand why they keep closing it am waiting to hear if I need further surgery!
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    so now I have this hole back and the doc took a swab of it it comes back that the infection is anerobes anyone had this??

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    Yes they have taken a swab from my wound before if the results come back that you have an anerobic infection they will put you on a specific antibiotic to treat that type of infection, usually metronidozal which you cannot drink alcohol with sad the other antibiotics do not treat this sort of infection.
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    so I went back to the surgeon and now she believes the sinus has gone and that the hold is just wound breakdown! No antibiotics but now they are packing it daily I'm still not convinced but hope something works out soon as I am now losing pay!
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    This is what happened to me they kept fobbing me off saying everything was ok and just to continue packing. In my experience if there is pus coming out of the wound and the swab says it is an anerobes you still have an infection and is is not going to heal.

    I had to have five or six examinations while under anisthetic until they found my infection and cleared it out, i had my first abcess which they drained and left me with a district nurse packing daily. after about a week i still had pain (throbbing) and there was still discharge coming from the wound. All doctors and surgeons said no it looks fine, looks fine.

    Kept going to a + e when the pain was too bad kept getting sent home told it was fine. When eventually I was reffered to a different colo-rectal surgeon and he operated my making another incision where the pain was, he found the abcess had made two tracts and these were causing it to get reinfected.

    You know your own body better than anyone if your not happy keep pestering them until they look at it again. If you have pain or swelling redness or bruising or any thick pus coming from that hole you need to get it checked again.

    I hope it turns out to be ok but i know how you feel when no one seems to be listening to you. I am on the mend now finally but i have had 6 months of this to date.

    All the best smile

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    still having it packed daily that horrible infection smell is back but the nurse says it's blood.

    Aparently the bleeding shows it's healing but I'm still yet to be convinced. When I am going the loo there is a blood discharge from my anus however the nurse says that just may be running down from the wound.

    I am not on any antibiotics. I am managing to sit for a couple of hours and the pain seems to have gone. However still have a slightly open wound.

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    Hi I think you should speak to your surgeons secretary and tell her your concerned. Your situation sounds so similar to mine, its sounds like you may have a fistula as these are tracts that can connect to your anus making blood or pus drain into there. They should have another look at you whilst under anisthetic but i'll warn you it took about four attempts to find mine. I hope this isn't the case but you should get checked out again by your surgeon[is he a colo-rectal surgeon?] if not get refered. In my experience the nurses and gps aren't very knowledgeable in this field and it is better to speak to he surgeon.
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    Maybe you should be a doctor!

    Today had a touch of silver nitrate stung like mad heard my GP say there looked like there was a point!

    She is trying to bring my appointment forward.

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    have today been referred to a new hospital and a specialist at last!!!!
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    so I am still bleeding alot and the open wound is just not healing am awaiting to see a specialist to see what happens next!
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    Hi I was wondering how you were getting on. Why do they leave you waiting so bloody long!!! they really dont know how this thing effects your every day life - you cant go back to work, you get bored stiff, you feel smelly and dirty all the time!! Hope you get to see someone soon! Is the blood coming from your wound/holes or your anus? My wound bleeds sometimes and the nurse says its not a bad sign as it shows that the area still has a healthy blood supply to it which is good for healing.

    Wishing you all the best smile

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    The blood comes from my wound and my anus they beleve I may have a tract somewhere. The scar is now splitting and my doc thinks I'll have a skin graft!

    The only thing is the hole is near my anus and it's not healing so I don't know what they will do

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    yes that is exactly what i had a tract that led from the abcess to my anus so it drained from there as well as the wound, they call that a fistula. There are a number of different treatments they can do, google \"fistula\" in ano or anal fistula this will give you more info. First they will have to find the tract sometimes they cant find it straight away, it depends where it is. you may need an mri scan. I have something now called a seton which keeps this tract draining and slowly cuts through the tract. These things can take a long time to heal I really hope you haven't got one, but it will be good if they can get to the cause of your problems and quickly so you can get your life back on track. These things are a Pain in the arse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LITERALLY sad
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    met with the speicalist this week and he is booking me in for an MR scan he reckons he can feel another sinus under the scar tissue where the other hospital had done the op.

    He swears this time it will be left open and hopefully the MR scan will show exactly whats going on.

    Have been off since Jan I can't see myself being back in work til sept is there any help out there for us?!

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