My BG cyst burst and there was a lot of blood!

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Usually - I get one - it's a hard lump and doesnt really hurt so bad and after soaking in baths it will burst - before it had clear pus mixed with it - this time - straight blood. This happened last night. Just wondering if this means anything serious. I'm 47. My Gyn tells me that some women are just prone and if theyre bursting on their own its nothing to worry about. I'm not so sure though. Seems like there's always a lump there ? I've gotten used to it though. Any advice ? Thank you!

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    Hello jjscyst,

    Please note I'm not a doctor, just an acute BGC suffer..

    The blood is normal, and your very lucky that they bust on there own. I've had issues the last three years. My don't pop, (size of an orange, both were 4cm) and I've had to have them lanced. I've had two surgeries so far, with no fix to the issue.

    My left one is still infected, and just a few months ago, my right gland also got infected. I am seeing the top doctor in my region, and he is also dumbfounded on why it hasn't cleared.

    I've also seen an oncologist, and he has recommended to remove the whole gland. They are unsure how big the actual gland is, but assume it is fairly large.

    Just keep an eye on it, as bartholin gland cyst does not just "go away". After the age of 40, they need to keep a good eye on it, as it could cause the glad to become cancerous.( In rare cases)

    Do your research!! Salt bath really help as it pulls out infection, and gives relief for pain.

    Polysporin also helps to heal it.

    They won't do anything if it causes no issues!!

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      Thank you for your reply - they arent painful enough to warrant surgery or lancing which just terrified me even thinking about those options. They sure are annoying little things though!! The blood just super freaked me out. I've been reading about some silica spray that maybe will help? Haven't gone online yet to look for it. New to this forum. Best of luck to you, Dawn!

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    I think I'm nearly a specialist with the bartholin cysts. I'm 41, had em since age of 17, I've had 6 surgery to remove cysts that were to large to be done in clinical setting. I've had them lanced and catheterized 27 times. They have never went away completely. I've been very sick because of a cyst that has been sitting like an inactive volcano for 10 yrs. This Nov it started growing and infection in my body so bad I was on 2800mg of anti b a day that is usually prescribed to aids patients. With all the previous catheter etc I still had a little opening that would allow drainage. Well the anti b didn't work at all. I ended up back in clinic and it had closed and grew more again. My gynecologist insisted with my history to get the entire gland removed.which is a rare surgery and only done in severe cases like me. He is only working from retirement to help out, so o was referred to who is spouse to be the best oncologist and gynecology in my area.drove 2 hrs to have biopsy and set up surgery. The doc was a nut job. He told me to come back after it turns to cancer. I told him I'm here to prevent the cancer and have it removed. Nope he refused surgery and said that's a cancer surgery only. gynecology doc at home is furious. He wants it out cause my chance of cancer goes up 90% and I have 9 cancer cursor already. I've seen online tons of women who have the gland removed because the cysts don't stop. Now I'm looking for another doc 4 hrs from home. The surgery is nothing to take lightly, there is women still in pain up to a yr. But all have said it was worth it. But yes my lump has never gone away and when it closes and grows they are awful painful. My biggest was size of grapefruit. Ugh if you have them chronically and always need catheter etc. If your doc says remove it, I'd seriously consider it. I live in a state with terrible health care doctors etc. So do research, that's what I'm doing again now. I interviewed each doc for any procedure. This surgeon was supposed to be great with over 6000 surgeries. But he said until I have bartholin cancer,he won't do it. I've already ordered my medical dictation records from him so I have proof of the things he said to me. Just do your research, don't do to much you'll freak yourself out. I watched the videos ugh and read everything. Just to much stress and I should already be in surgery instead of home suffering and finding another surgeon. Good luck to you

    Any other questions, I'm sure I could give any advice.and I only use medical sites I trust for info, mayo clinic etc

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      Hey Tracy76522,

      I honestly feel your pain. That was only a smidge of what I've been through.

      Have you had marsupialization??

      How come they are lancing it so much? It's just a quick fix.

      I have had it marsupialated 2x's, and just recently had the carbon lazer done, but infection is still present.

      I haven't had any tests for cancer, x-ray, ultrasound, to see how big this cyst is. I do indeed feel this sucker in my leg and butt cheek.

      Antibiotics do nothing for it, I've been on 13 so far, and my body is ammune to them!

      I'm from Canada, and just at my wits end with this stupid thing.

      I said for many months, that the other side is gonna go, and it finally did.

      He actually left it, after looking, and I wound up back in emergency to hav the infection lanced...

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      Thank you Tracy - i feel guilty complaining after all you've been thru - i feel so bad and wish there was some magic cure ! sad

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      I had over 18+ I&Ds and finally had the gland removed Dec 2015. I haven't had an abscess since, but it is sensitive still from all of the scar tissue from the drainings, but it hasn't become infected and I haven't had to visit another doctor. I usually just use Tea Tree Oil when I feel it becoming uncomfortable for a day or to and it subsides. I had to see countless doctors all over to finally found one who felt comfortable and who I felt comfortable with performing the surgery. Oddly enough it was the first time she had performed this surgery.

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    I am so glad I ran across your post. I just turned 41 and have the exact same thing happening. I've had them before but always were clear discharge and hurt. This time it started as an itch and started draining bloody discharge. I've been searching online trying to convince myself I don't have something serious wrong.

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    Ok haven't been to ob/gyn have apt on the 9th yet pretty sure I have a bartholin cyst it's been 2 months ive tried everything to clean it but puss collects daily while I just keep draining the puss (it was white, but lately it's  taken on a neon greenish hue)  and clear liquid...... tonight I had a startling effect a lot of blood squirt all over the bathroom mirror!!!! Is this normal???? Really wish I could post a pic on here not of my vag just the blood and how much etc. Anyone else experience this?

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    I have a large BC cyst

    I have been soaking in hot water and putting PRID drawing cream on it. It's so painful to pee i hate to go to the bathroom .

    I think the PRID drawing cream is working .

    Last time I went to the bathroom the cyst drained a little and there was lots of blood in it. So I guess that is normal.

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    Hi! I’m 28 years old and had my first BG cyst flare up about two years ago on my left side. It swelled up to the size of a golf ball and I couldn’t walk or sit it was awful, I went to the ER and they tried to lance it but the walls were too thick, they gave me antibiotics and I had to follow up with my gyno after. The swelling finally went down but the gyno said he thinks it was not a BGC. Fast forward to last week it happened again (it never fully went away I could always feel it there but it was the size of a quarter) I went to the ER again and they cut it open this fine and put in a drain but the only thing that came out was a ton of blood and blood clots so the dr at the ER said he didn’t think it was a BGC either, but when I followed up with another gyno on Wednesday (I know live in a different state as two years ago) she said she thinks it is one and will have to get it fully removed in a couple weeks. I’m just worried cuz so much blood has been draining it’s like it’s never ending but the pressure and pain is finally gone but it just keeps bleeding. I also have one on my right side as well but it hasn’t ever swelled up but it’s definitely there I can feel it when I look for it. How long did yours continue to bleed? And do you have it on both sides? I’m just concerned it’s something more serious since I’ve had so many different inputs from the different doctors. I guess I will find out when they go in to remove sac. I’m also concerned from all the swelling and incisions that everything is going to look permanently messed up 😢 it’s all been so stressful and such a nightmare! And the fact the dr at the ER was concerned because there was no puss or fluid only large blood clots and a ton of blood!

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      Hello Danielle!

      I'm curious as to what your diagnosis ended up being. I just got home from the ER where I had my left bartholin drained. But like you, all that came out was a ton of blood and blood clots. The ER doctor even made a comment on how she thought that was weird. No puss at all. Just blood and blood clots plus some clear liquid.

      I decided to google a bit and came across this forum. I read the article that you posted down below and now I'm extremely concerned. I'm 37 years old and the thought about this possibly being cancer, scares me.

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    ok my burst last night ladies,

    originaly it first showed up .. maybe last winter and its september 28th 2018 now,

    I did not know what to do with it then so i just let it be .. md was no help.

    Recently about 8 days ago.. i felt pain as if i am getting a period.

    it got inflamed.. 

    i used sitz bath one day,

    another day put mix of witch hazel with calamine lotion and tea tree oil and ground turmeric all day and night, 

    and after that only Smile's Prid homeopathis drawin salve 5$ WALMART ( black cream , crna mast ) all bought at walmart.. 

    massaged the tubes that lead to the cyst.. which is along your leg.. on your stomack side. and massaged the cyst itself while with Prid cream,

    while massaging last nigh,

    i felt pointed pressure on the cyst.. 

    this is over my underware in laying down position on the side.. 

    it burst. and i made it dran. 


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