My cure for LPR!!

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I was diagnosed with LPR in July 2017 having gone to my GP with a feeling of a lump in my throat.

The standard PPI's were prescribed and many of them, all with no effect. My symptoms became worse and additional symptoms developed. Pains across my chest, pains under my arms, painful lymph nodes, back pain, headaches, feeling of my throat swelling, choking, sore throat day after day after day!

Camera down my throat into my stomach, camera up my nose and then down my throat, voice therapy, bland diet for six month!!! and I mean six months, no alcohol, chocolate, fatty foods, I didn't cheat once.

Alkaline water everyday, books bought, research conducted, DGL, Mastic Gum, Slippery Elm, natural alternatives. Gaviscon Advance, probiotics, we've all been there.

Paid privately to see a specialist who was happy to take my money and tell me I was going to have this for the rest of my life so "Get used to it"

I felt SO BAD!!! depressed, looking for a miracle, prayed a lot! I really thought it was going to be the end of me. Anxious, unable to enjoy my life anymore knowing that this pain was going to be with me forever.

The alternative medicine did help ease my pain but it didn't get rid of it. At the end of everyday my throat would be so sore.

I've mentioned the probiotics and I was taking these for around 3-4 weeks before I started to notice a slight improvement. I was taking 2 x 3 billion good bacteria in tablet form about 30 minutes before my evening meal.

I continued on this dose for months until a friend came over just before Xmas and handed me an un opened bottle of Acidophilus 20 billion. It may sound silly but in all the hours of research conducted It didn't dawn on me that I could up the strength.

I started taking just one tablet before my main evening meal since Xmas.

Gradually all my symptoms have subsided, so much so I had 2 cans of a Cola yesterday and no issues at all. I had one just to test it and then another as I couldn't believe I wasn't experiencing any pain!!

I'm not saying that this will be the silver bullet for everyone but for me by upping the strength has made such a MASSIVE IMPACT. I'm still in shock that I no longer have a sore throat, any feeling of swelling or difficulty swallowing.

I wanted to share my findings as I know exactly what hell looks and feels like.

Its not a quick fix and has taken several weeks to to get to this stage but they have really helped me.

If you stumble by this post I hope that this information may assist.

Good luck and if I experience any changes I'll come back and post again.

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    I'm so pleased for you I've been on PPI medication for years and it's not helping me I get sore throat and in my chest burning 24 /7 I will try this for myself

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      Hi Gillian,

      Thank you

      Please do try them, as I mentioned, it may not work for everyone but like you I would try anything to rid me of this terrible condition.

      It took 3-4 weeks but again today symptom free. I'm just hoping it lasts!!!

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      Ive had LPR for 4 years now and constantly have a very sore throat. Had all the tests you mentioned and been on Lansoprazole 30mg twice a day, never had any relief apart from when I cut out all carbs from my diet, I was doing it to lose a few pounds but after a week of 20 grams of carbs a day, all my symptoms where totally gone! Only thing is its not easy sticking to and I ended up with the sore throat again. Im going to try what you mentioned and cut down on sugar as much as possible!

      Thank you for your post and please keep us updated xx

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      Hi Carlabear17,

      Having read lots of posts here and in other forums it soon becomes apparent that there appears to be no consistent approach to tackling this terrible condition.

      What is also concerning is that having visited so called "specialists" I've not been supplied with any good advice, just fobbed off with PPI's.

      As stated in my original post it may not work for everyone but like you I'm willing to try anything to get rid of it.

      I was interested to read that by reducing your carbs, symptoms subsided. It is so difficult to try and stick with a diet as every now and again we all deserve a treat but with this awful condition you soon start to regret it.

      I strongly believe that the good bacteria in my gut was being over whelmed with the bad bacteria and by upping my dose of probiotics has addressed the balance.

      Please let me know how you get on. It did take around 3-4 weeks before I noticed a difference but what a difference!!!

      Best of luck!

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      did you wean off off you ppi or stopped cold turkey? i have been on them for almost three most with no relief. i have sore throat, sour taste in mouth all the time and burning throat. i think i being worse since i started ppi them when was not taking them. i am scare to stop them since i hear about the rebound acid. any advice will be appreacite. thanks!

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      Ive just st read this question you asked I'm need v to know that to I'm suffering really bad now with stinging throat chest nasty sour taist in mouth can sad anything everything seems to trigger it off I get heart burn every day horse voice coughing

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      how long have you been on ppi and what is your dose? do you take it once or twice? ppi don't do anything for me. does they help you a little?

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      Hi Maria,

      I experienced exactly the same on PPI's. My symptoms became a lot worse. My throat, chest, back, voice all hurt so much more. When I mentioned this with my GP I was told that it must be something else causing it. I'm not a Dr but I knew that these drugs were the cause. I reduced the dose in a controlled was over a period of time and therefore prevented the rebound.

      I kept to my bland diet and kept up with my Alkaline water and Probiotics and had Gaviscon Advance after every meal and before going to bed. But as stated the miracle cure for me was upping my dose of probiotic. I'm still symptom free.

      I hope that helps.

      Let me know how you get on.

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      Hey, I bought some 20 billion probiotics, I’m on day 5 of taking them.

      One interesting thing I found out is having a vitamin D deficiency can cause acid reflux. I had my bloods done and it came back that I’m very deficient. I’ve been googling away and found that alone can cause all sorts of chronic ENT problems.

      The so called “specialists” label you with LPR, acid reflux and that seems to be it! The only advice I got was to avoid triggering foods and to raise the head of my bed. Very frustrating.

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      Over those four years have you noticed any patterns to your condition.?

      I am finding it most difficult to convince my Gastroenterologist that what I have is LPR. The ENT consultant sees the result of the reflux around my larynx and notes it as LPR. Even his letters which I have copied to the Gastroenterologist state that. I just struggle to try and maintain positive when the person who should be the most supportive is trying to convince me the opposite of the symptoms that I present.

      A very difficult condition to manage made worse when you are only given PPI'S or Gaviscon type products. Although I am using nortriptyline at the moment.

      Best wishes.

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      Annoying when your list is awaiting moderation when I am only asking if you have noticed a pattern to your condition over those 4 years.?!

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      I always copy my post before I hit reply. That way I can remove any words that may trigger a moderation without having to rewrite the whole thing.

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      Thanks, very good idea.

      I have had some posts waiting for moderation but I'm not sure what the trigger word(s) are to either not use them or at least understand that the post will be delayed before being able to read.

      If you could be warned when you press post of it occurring that would be useful.

      Thanks again.

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      Trigger words are sometimes highlighted but it is automated so there is no warning. Most medication names are not allowed. Abbreviations or any acronyms can trigger it also.

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      I have noted some words showing highlighted, as spelling errors or when using combinations of letters as you describe.

      Thanks for the tips.

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      Hi Carlabear,

      Just curious to see how you were getting on with the 20 Billion?



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      what exact probiotics did you use? also did you have phlegm and throat clearing all the time??

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