My drinking.....I know I have a problem,

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Hi I have been reading this forum for a couple of days now and thought it was time I joined and wrote down my experiences hopefully to recieve some support. 

I have been drinking too much for about 19 years. A combitnation of drinking everyday to binge drinking.  The pattern for the five years or so had been drinking on alternate evenings.  It has been escalating and I now find myself drinking an awful lot more and getting completly wasted for no reason I will continue to drink until there is nothing left, vomiting and knowing that the next day is ruined. 

I lost my job 4 weeks ago due to my drinking and also made a rally stupid mistake which thankfully nobody has ound out about but it is niggling at me and I feel so guilty.... So what do I do I get drunk again and again. 

it is now affecting me physically, I look like sh*t,I have a red face, I am putting on weight.I have pains under my ribs. I miss out on whole days as I am too ill to even get out of bed. I discovered taking a small drink of beer in the morning will help me but it just makes the hangovers worse when they do come. I take Citalopram for depression and anxiety but I keep forgetting to take them. I am now a nervous wreck, at my worse I lie in my bed, crying, demanding my husband stays with me as I think I am going to die. 

I ladt got wasted on Wednesady night, I drunk 1/2 bottle of JD and 1/2 bottle of wine. Had a beer on Thursday morning and then spent all day in bed. I had an OK day on Friday, went out with my husbands hand holding and again in the evening with my children and a friend. Home by 9pm, felt proud of myself and thought, Well done, I deserve a drink. Well one drink turned to 3 large JD's, I just coudnt stop, even though I knew I had things to do on Saturday. 

Luckily on Sat AM I managed to get out the house although I was shaking, and a nervous mess. Spent all day out with my family, trying so hard to appear normal. I cant let them know what I am going through. 

Got home last night, with no kids, they were having a sleep over. Perfect oppertunity for me to get bladdered and there was a full bottle of JD in the house.....

But I was good, I had an ovaltine and went to bed with my kindle and have only just woken up. (Best nights sleep ever!) 

However I still feel nervous and shaky and that bottle of JD is still talking to me.

I know I have to stop I just dont know how to and how to find the strength, I have forgotton who I am. 


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    Hi vic, how are you doing today, just a quick mail to tell you my wife is still drinking even through my time of trying to stop, i had a small slip today but i think i can get over it, keep srong and mabey 1 day you can help your husband as thats what im planing to do with ny wife, to be honest i feel gelous that my wife can still drink and function and wish i could become a normal drinker but in my heart i know this will never happen, keep strong and good luck
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    Oh my god the cravings................

    I am trying to distract myself, what can I do?

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      Thanks Paul. Excercise, thats a new one for me :-)

      Good idea, get out the house, walk. 

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    Had a good day, re did Xmas decs, tried to walk the cravings off. Managed to speak to school without a panic and sweats. Came home vacuumed and thought I'd clean the fish tank. VERY productive day for me. Found quarter if a bottle of JD hidden in the bloody  fish bucket off all places, it's the hubby's, he's put it there so I don't drink it lol. Too late now. 

    Now to stop my self opening the red wine.

    What an idiot 

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      sod it i oppened the bottle, bloody weak idiot , gotta sort this out 
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    Hi vic its 330 ish wed morning and i failed yesterday too, house we are selling deal got messed up , loads of calls and e mails and crap that a recovering alcholic doesnt need , row with wife then drink, drink , drink it was lovely to visit my old friend the bottle again, but now i want my friend to leave me agaun for a long while, i have just been downstairs cos my wife sleeped on the settee and ther is an un oppened bottle of wine in the kitchen, if it was oppened i would havee taken a swig ,i stil might open it while my wife s asleep, 2 bloody idiots on this forum vic !
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      Hi Nantucket I am sorry that you had a bad day yesterday too. 

      Today is another day 

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      Don't think 'idiot.' Think 'struggling but will win.' It's all too easy to tell yourself that you are an idiot and therefore make excuses for slipping smile Fight on! smile
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    i stopped myself. I didnt empty the quarter bottle. Poured 2 drinks, drunk the first and half of the second then tipped it away. That was SO hard. I feel like maybe I havnt failed quite so badly. Im going to draw a line under it, today is a new day and I will not be tempted today 
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      That is VERY difficult to do, Vic, to pour away a drink when you have an alcohol problem. You did well!!

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