My ear sorted!!!

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after (i'm sorry but only) 2 weeks of prodding and poking and putting oil in and using every ear product under the sun except for the ear candles (cos I burnt myself last time) I am pleased to say I have sorted my ear.

After the doctor said there was nothing wrong with either ear I eventually came online and did a self diagnosis. I was suspecting that the problem was on the other side of my ear drum so a eustachian tube blockage made sense.

I felt like I had asparagus growing in one ear and had tinnitus of varying degrees and pitches.

Like the rest of you it was making me miserable, grumpy and it was hard to work and focus.

Yesterday my Osteopathic colleague worked on me and released tight neck muscles and scalp muscles.

This morning I woke up and the deafness and tinnitus was really bad.

Now, before I tell you what I did .. here is the theory.

The deafness and tinnitus is caused by gunk covering the inside of the ear drum... prodding, poking and closing the nose and blowing pushes the gunk upwards which clears the eardrum for a short time then the gunk comes down again. The gunk has to come out DOWNWARDS. How to we get the gunk to come out downwards? By breathing in. Breathing in takes air down to the lungs which will produce suction in the eustachian tube.

So what I did in bed was to lie on the side of the good ear.

I then closed the nostril with my finger on the good side only and breathed in through the nostril on the bad side. I then closed the nostril on the bad side and breathed out through the nostril on the good side. I repeated this several times and just knew it was going to work. I'm sure doing the same practise upright should work just as well.

It wasnt totally better immediately but I sensed an improvement. Now having been to work and been out in the cold I can tell you it is better!!! No more asparagus in my ear!!!!

So, blowing the nose is not a good idea. It makes things worse. When having to blow the nose try to do it gently and aim the air out of the good ear .. if you have one.

If you have ear wax, the procedure I prescribed could make this worse as it will be sucking the wax onto the outside of the eardrum.

I am now taking garlic tablets to reduce the catarrh and echinacea and golden seal tincture to clear infection and catarrh.

The procedure is described as a pranayama technique in yoga and is called Surya Bhedana when breathing in through the right nostril and Chandra bhedana when breathing in through the left nostril

The book \"Light on Pranayama\" by BKS Iyengar says that the effects of this technique are:

It soothes and invigorates the nerves and cleanses the sinuses. It is good for persons suffering from low blood pressure.

It also says never perform Surya Bedhana and Chandra bhedana on the same day.

So to recap:

To clear eustachian tube of bad ear

Close nostril with finger on side of good ear

Breathe in through nostril on side of bad ear

Close nostril with finger on side of bad ear

Breathe out through nostril on side of good ear

Repeat, always breathing in on bad ear side and out through good ear side.

If both sides are blocked I'm not sure what to recommend but I'm sure understanding that the stuff needs to be sucked down using the in breath you will be able to work something out.

Now, to monitor progress I used my sound healing experience. I covered my good ear and made an oooooooooooooo sound. The oooooo resonated really well in my good ear.

I then tried the same in my bad ear. No resonance at all.

After the clearing procedure, even though I still felt my ear was blocked the resonance was much improved so I knew things were changing.

It may return, but I am so clear that the theory is correct I know I will be able to deal with it.

I really hope this helps others out there. Good luck.


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    Thankyou for your cheerfulness and advice. I have ETD and am trying your breathing method. I have a good feeling about trying something natural that i can do often. It is also calming for the nerves and I need this
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    I tried the breathing technique and it really helped my ears. Then I gave up drinking milk and my ears magically improved in two weeks. Later the blockages started again but I gave up eating flaxseed on my morning cut up fruit and my ears got better again. Previous to this lots of sprays and drops and drugs did nothing. I feel human again. What a relief!! I think I had food allergies that affected my ears.
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    I tried the breathing technique about 4 times a day for 3 weeks. I also drank a lot of water. I got relief with the breathing technique and it made me feel hopeful. Then when I gave up milk on my cereal and a cafe latte every day it fixed the problem. Now I have the occasional cafe latte maybe once a week and my system can tolerate that. Good luck and don't give up!!
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    I had a constant low grade buzzing in my ears and any loud noises in the environment hurt my ears. Once my ears had cleared, the buzzing went away and I was fine.
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    The difficulty I have with the claim about breathing causing suction is that the Eustachian Tube in it doormat state is closed. It is only opens when we yawn or swallow. It should also act like valve to keep pressure in the ear equal to that in the environment.

    The associated problem is that around 95 per cent of us breathe through one dominant nostril, we breathe much more strongly through it, and other is passive. This changes around every four hours. What I refer to nostril switching.

    Swallowing, especially sipping liquid, will have a much stronger suction effect upon the tube.

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    My left ear seems plugged and has a low muffled buzzing (almost sounds like a car going by in the distance with low resonating bass).  It's leaving me unbalanced and dizzy to sleep on either side and especially to lean or bend forward.  I need relief : /
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    Hi. I too have been suffering with a bad left ear for 5 months. Had lots of tests done and a vng shows I have a weak right ear, so this causes vision problems too, still can't work out why left ear is soooo been prescribed stronger anti histamines and more nasal sprays..any other advice greatly appreciated.
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