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My Experience - 7 Weeks After Nhs Halo And Haemorrhoidectomy

I am a 49-year old male and had stage 3 piles for about 5 years. They never really caused me any pain or suffering per se but were an inconvenience. I had been to my GP ages ago to make sure it wasn't anything serious. Towards the end of 2009 I decided to see what options I might have for sorting them out as I figured I wouldn't want them to get worse and despite being fit and healthy and eating well, they had not gone away of my own accord.

I went to my GP and she did a digital exam and said they were very small - didn't seem like it to me - she said she could refer me if I wanted but I declined. A few weeks later I figured I was copping out and returned to get a referral. I went to see a consultant locally who got me to come back for banding. This was very easy and though it was a bit uncomfortable I was optimistic that it would sort it all out. It didn't - even though it seemed like it would work it in fact made no difference whatsoever. I returned to him and he said he would try the schlerotherapy and another banding as they were quite big and the portable banding machine wasn't up to it. Again nothing really changed.

I read all these forums and was in two minds like so many others whether to pursue it any more. After all I was not in pain per se and clearly some people have really awful experiences, sometimes made worse by the tteatment - I knew I certainly didn't want anything slicing off! I read up what I could about HALO but it seemed to be mainly sales pitch. I decided to see the consultant again and ask him about it. He said he didn't know anything about it but his next step would be banding under GA and he was confident that would do it.

For one reason or another I wasn't convinced and so I called the HALO people and found out where there was locally that did it. They also told me how much it would cost privately (?3k+) but that with a referral I could probably get it on the NHS. A few weeks later I had a session with a consultant who explained the whole thing - also diagnosing a polyp as well as piles - which would never have responded to banding so I was glad to have taken the 2nd opinion. Anyway he put me on the waiting list for a polyp exision and possible HALO.

Time came around in about 6 weeks and I went into hospital for the first time in my life to have day surgery. I was apprehensive but quite positive. The whole experience was very reassuring - the staff were great and I felt very cared for and the surgeon was friendly and explained things. I signed on the dotted line, had my pre-med and felt the curtains close

Woke up feeling fine about 30 mins later. The surgeon explained to my surprise and a bit of shock that they had had to cut a large pile off so I might have a longer recovery time than expected (he had said at least 2 weeks for HALO and up to 10 for pilectomy). That concerned me a bit, espceially when the nurse brought my meds to take home - 3 types of opioid painkiller, 2 types of laxative and some antibiotics. I got the impression they were trying to tell me something. I stayed about 2 hours to satisfy them I'd had a wee, eaten and drunk some fluids etc and got my wife to pick me up.

Felt pretty OK generally even with after effects of the GA - ate and drank lightly and feared the first pooh which came 2 days after the op. Uncomfortable certainly but not especially painful. The absolute best thing after each BM was a nice warm shower spray for a few minutes which really soothed the bruised feeling. This got better over the next 7 to 10 days. I work from home so was fortunate that I didn't need to take time off per se after the first day getting my head clearer but I wouldn't have wanted to have to commute or be away from home.

There were some bad bits but not what I would have expected. The worst bit by far, and it was _horrible_ was the antibiotic (metronidazole)- I had to take it for 5 days and didn't realise what a nasty drug it is (check it out on ****)- around day 3 I was finding alternate nights of complete insomnia, nausea, sweating and a really depressing state of mind feeling like I would never get better. I googled all the meds and realised it was the AB and that these were fairly common side-effects. If I had had a longer run of them I would have asked to change but I figured I would see them out. It was awful and I did have another day off cos I just felt so damn bad from them. My advice here - don't just take what is given to you and not check it out - be aware of what has been prescribed (in fairness they did say thatsome of the meds could give nausea, constipation etc but I didn't expect this one to be so heavy).

The other downside was the laxative - I should have had clearer instructions. You definitely want to make sure you have soft stools etc and are acutely aware that what you eat has to come out the other end - soups, bran flakes, porridge etc are great for this. However if you just take teh laxatives as prescribed - and you are not already constipated (I am always regular)- then they will just play havoc and have you very windy (which also seems to come from the GA gases) and farting all the time with a sore anus is quite painful/uncomfortable in itself (esp if you're not too sure what might be coming down the pipes!) It kept me awake a bit.

What I should have thought with the meds from teh starts is - take them /if/ needed (except see below)

So I had been prescribed metronidazole as mentioned - I took that for the 5 days. I had 3 painkillers - Tramadol which I didn't bother taking, Codrydamol, I took a couple but then didn't bother (and my wife used them all up on migraines!) and Diclofenac - this last one I should have taken all the time but didn't. It is an anti-inflammatory and because I didn't bother with it I think I put myself back a couple days with a very sore and inflamed bottom - so this one I would say take as a matter of course (and I didn't have any side effects). For laxatives I had lactulose syrup and ispagel husks - both are palatable enough but as above I realised after a coupe of days that I probably didn't need them.

All told I was not incapacitated at all. It took a good week to not be too worried about the next BM. After that it just was a process of it getting better every day. The main thing was that the prolapsing piles/polyp were gone and that was a great relief. Had a check up last week and I would say I now feel 100% down there and no concerns at all.

I am very pleased I went ahead with it - I had overcome embarrassment about it ages ago and plain speaking is all that is needed - my reticence had been around being \"operated\" on but that all went very smoothly. I know there are some horror stories on here where people say that the op is worse than the piles but I am sure that complications are in the minority and I would not hesitate in recommending anyone suffering and holding back, check out a good consultant and have it all sorted out. I was glad I had it sorted out when I was fit and in good shape - I think that plays a big part in making the op run smoothly and the caring for oneself that much easier. If was old, infirm or very overweight I think it would be harder. Weight wise I had lost nearly 3 stone over the last 18 months and again I think that helped keep recuperation short.

If, and I hope they don't, recur then I would happily go down the same route again. I hope this story helps others.

Mr Relieved of Surrey

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  • shaz3458 shaz3458

    Hi.. I had my op yesterday and up until this evening the pain has been bearable. I have been given metronidazole and lactulose and told to take paracetamol and ibuprofen. I also have some diazepam if I need it.

    I keep feeling like I need to do a poo every time I go for a wee. A little while ago I started to go and the pain

    Was like nothing on earth, it made me want to be sick. I passed quite a lot of blood and just didn't know what

    To do with myself and I didn't even go!!

    I have been eating all the right foods and every hour or so having a little walk round but the pain is getting

    Worse all the time. I know it's early days but I can't stand the thought of going thro this for the next however

    Many weeks like other people on here.

    Already I am beginning to wonder whether I've done the right thing by having the op.

    The letter from Mr relieved of Surrey is the inky positive letter that I've read so far..

    Any advice will be welcome.. I'm feeling desperate at the moment.

    From Shaz

    • eren93736 eren93736 shaz3458

      Hi Shaz,

      Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I'm a 53yr woman whom suffered from piles for years, but because I was too embarassed to be examined, just put up with all the bleeding. I had no pain with it, but all the same, it was just a nuisance. On a few occassions, it got to a point where the bleeding had clots with it! So I thought its time to have it sorted once and for all. After being examined by my GP, I was refered to a north london hospital for the 'rubber-band' treatment (which didn't work). The problem was back again within 9 months. So I went back to my GP, who then refered me to a very good hospital in Euston - London. I was seen quite quickly, and it was agreed I would have the Halo op, as well as the stitching up of the loose skin, which the piles had caused. I had my Pre Assessment a couple of weeks ago and all was fine. Yesterday I actually had my Halo operation and it all went very well! The nurses and care was good. You get to talk to all the staff that will be dealing with you pre-op and post-op, they explain what is about to happen to you, you can ask them anything you are concerned about etc. The only person you do not actually meet is the Consultant (which is understandable). Before I left the hospital, I was given Paracetomol, Maximus Strength Ibuprofen and Codeine Phosphate as painkillers, and Liquid Movicol for softening the stools. I was told I wouldn't need to take any medication until the next day, but I took the Ibuprofen last night before going to bed - just in case. I also had some Movicol.

      This morning I woke up with a bit of discomfort (nothing too drastic). I took the paracetomol and Ibuprofen only ( I didnt have the Codeine because apparently it sometimes causes constipation). I have had my first bm with no pain!! As long as you relax and dont force it, you are more likely not to hurt. I didnt have any bleeding neither - which quite surprised me! Afterwards I got into a warm salty sit bath, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have eaten and drank normally normally since last night. I will continue with the meds I have been taking for now. But all-in-all my experience has been ok!

      The reason I wanted to write about my experience is that some of the experiences on this forum sound so frightening, that it puts people off of having the treatment done. I myself, having read some of them, got so frightened that I delayed my treatment and was considering cancelling it completely! Its only that I started bleeding heavily again that I actually felt I HAD to do it, so I went and had it done. I know that not all people have the same pain threshold but surely, if you explain this to the nurses they will supply efficient medication to help you. I just don't want people to suffer needlessly, when they dont need to, thats all.

      I hope my experience helps others decide to have it done. It's not always

      So bad. I'm with Mr Surrey on this one.

      Kind regards

    • mia54105 mia54105 eren93736

      I know u posted over a year ago but I'm keen to know with the operation when did the bleeding totally stop after bowel movement.

      I'm two months past HALO and still bleeding after BM I've a colonoscopy to rule anything nasty out.

      Best ,

    • kay93486 kay93486 mia54105

      Hi Mia,

      My husband had Halo surgery 10 days back to treat grade 3 haemarroids. He has been in terrible pain since then which he is managing with paracetamol. He was constipated but it's getting better now with high fibre foods.

      It has now started bleeding and there is fresh blood on and off. How long does the bleeding last as we are really worried and the follow up with the surgeon is after 3 months.

    • Little Miss RC Little Miss RC kay93486

      Hi Kay,

      ​I had HALO op in May 2015. My surgeon told me that some people pass a lot of blood between 10 and 14 days after HALO, he said he didn't know why this happens and it doesn't happen to everyone (fortunately it didn't happen to me), but to be aware this can happen. I experienced a lot of pain after the op and was off work for 4 weeks. I would say if the bleeding is severe or doesn't settle after a few days, your husband should contact his doctor or surgeon. It does get better eventually.

    • Mrs Hope Mrs Hope kay93486

      Hi Kay

      I had HALO procedure about 7 weeks ago to treat grade 4 haemarroids and now I would say I have fully recovered. But in the first couple weeks I was in lots of pain and taken back to the hospital by the ambulance a week after due to severe post-op bleeding. 

      I had the review with my surgeon 2 weeks ago and he explained the  reason about the bleeding was mainly due to the extent of artileries stiches (did 9 stiches). In my case, bleeding stopped about 3 weeks after op. I went back to work part time 2 weeks after op for one week and full time afterwards. 

      One thing I like to stress like others has already mentioned - avoid constipation at any cost. Movical or Laxido works well for me.

      Despite the amount of pain, it is worth to do this procedure. I have got my life back and can do all the activities which was prevented by this awful condition. So don't be afraid and all will be better!

  • grace1982 grace1982

    Hi Shaz, I hope you are feeling better now? I had my hemmorridectomy on 17th September and I am just starting to feel better nearly 4 weeks post op, I know its classed as "minor" surgery, I tell you the recovery feels anything but minor. I was discharged with metronidazole and oramorph for pain relief, the first night after the op I was in agony and the first bowel movement felt like I was being split in two! After a week I became severely constipated and even urinating was nee on impossible,my tummy was so sore and I looked 6 months pregnant, I was not sleeping and in constant agony, after 6 days I saw my G.P who was wonderful and prescribed movicol, enemas and suppositories which have really helped thank god! I have dramatically changed my diet, cut down on tea and coffee, having at least 2 pints of pure orange juice and water, increased fruit and veg and reduced dairy and white flour products, this has really really helped. I also have a small bath with salt in after every bowel movement,this bath has deffo become my best friend since the op! If I knew what I know now I dont think I would of had the op, although I may feel differently in another 8/10 weeks as I have been told this is the complete recovery period, I have been left with a small amount of leakage from my bottom but my G.P has reassured me that this is a very common side effect from this surgery and is only temporary. I would be interested in anyone else's story in having this surgery.

  • shaz3458 shaz3458

    Hi grace,

    I had to have another op yesterday as the pain was increasing instead of decreasing. The result was I had

    A blockage, impacted faeces, 3 areas were bleeding, a fissure and muscle spasm.

    I hope now that they have all been corrected and I have been cleared out that I will start to recover. My

    Surgeon said that my poo must be soft but not runny, I must have a BM daily and not get constipated! That's

    All easier said than done when my bowels seem to have a mind of their own. I have a laxido sachet every

    Night but he said that as soon as my poo is soft enough I must regulate that to maybe half a sachet. One day it might be soft the next day hard so I will just have to see how it goes.

    Right from the start I've been eating loads of fruit, drinking lots of water and green tea. I don't drink tea or

    Coffee. I bought some bran from a health food shop and sprinkled it on my cereal but I'm sure that made

    Things worse. I have had a wheat test and I'm not intolerant but the bran definitely caused me more problems. I know you have to add fibre gradually as that can cause you to get impacted, maybe that's what happened

    To me, I don't know.

    I just hope this second op sorts me out because I'm really tired of it all, I want to get back to work and to a

    Normal life. I've been off work 7 and a half weeks already and nowhere near ready to go back as I feel I'm starting all over again.

    I too wish I'd never had this op done , I'd rather of put up with the heammoroids !!

    Mind you, my surgeon did tell me that other than all the things that had gone wrong the rest of it was healing well !!! I thought that was funny as there can't be much more left.

    Anyway.. Keep in touch and let me know how your doing.

    From Shaz

  • grace1982 grace1982

    Hi Shaz,

    I'm so sorry you have had to have more horrific surgery due to impaction,tears and muscle spasms, how devastating for you after already going through the hell of a hemmoroidectomy. I'm keeping everything crossed for you that now you will begin recovering and get your life back! I totally get that as I have chronic pain and have been on morphine for over four years so my constipation is mainly due to the morphine as it dehydrates the bowel so I cant win most of the time! My GP also said the stool should be soft and be easy to pass without straining and I have thankfully found that 45ml of lactlose in 3x15ml separate doses throughout the day 1x laxido sachet mid afternoon and 2x senna 7.5mg tablets at night are a good combination to have a daily soft BM. As well as a fibre and fluid rich diet. Avoid the bran for a couple of weeks and replace it with another high fibre food and see if this helps your bowels. Are you on painkillers post op? As they are well know for causing constipation, you cannot win as you cant be in pain but you need daily soft BM! I have never heard of the gel mentioned in the above posts, its sounds great but for you and I its too late for it. I have found a local anesthetic cream helpful to put on prior to a BM which my GP gave me, if your interested I can post the name of it for you? I am continuing to recover slowly thank God, my bottom is still sore and the leakage continues but I will mention it to my surgeon at my post op appointment so hoping he can tell me the score!

    Hope your feeling a bit better today? Let me know how your doing.

    Grace :-)

    • marina60017 marina60017 june91785

      Hi june. I feel your pain i really do.

      Mines been 16days today which is christmas day and im in so much pain after having a bm this afternoon (im pleased i managed this far for my children)

      The pain and spasms i still have are out of this world seriously want the ground to swallow me up 😣

      How are you now ? Would like to know so i know this isnt going to last months on end.

    • june91785 june91785 marina60017

      Hi Marina and Happy 🎄 Christmas, so sorry you are in so much pain.i will help all I can, on Dec 29 th it will be 5 weeks for me . I can tell you what I actually had done and you can then compare what you had and I will explain how I am right now. I had 4 grade 4 haemorrhoids done. 3 by haemorroidectomy and one by the HALI method. I almost passed out with the pain the following morning even with morphine. I regretted having it done. Then by the. 2nd. Week I was off all pain killers and to pass a BM got easier and easier everyday. By week 3 I was 95 per cent 0k but still a bit sore especially after a BM. Today I am 100 💯 percent back to normal, but still have what looks like a very very tiny lump protruding, I think it will just disappear but will check this out when I see my surgeon on Dec. 28th. Keep the warm baths, also the pain killers until you can cope without them. Eat good that goes through the system easily, avoid 🌶 spicy continue with the stool softeners I am taking 1/4 packet only per day right now. Ask me anything I will answer all I can. I think I have just about got over this horrid op now. Best of luck let me know how you progress. June

  • lara35299 lara35299

    Hi Grace,

    I would be very interested in the name of the local anesthetic cream your go prescribed. How many days are you post op now? I am day 6 and still in lots of pain.

    Shaz has really been through the mill poor thing.

    Lara xx

  • Real pain Real pain

    Hi all

    I had the op on Tuesday morning through Bupa and am in quite a bit more pain today , Friday than I have been so far this week. I had thought it would get better each day not worse

    In fairness I wouldn't say I'm in agony compared to some of the experiences I have read about here and elsewhere on the net. I only had the one removed although it was quite big. Perhaps this is why.

    Is this a false sense if security though ? Will it start to improve or get worse by the day

    Can't believe I dread needing to go to the toilet so much

    I also had a vasectomy just 1 week ago. Thought it was a good idea to get both done together so one period of sick leave in work. Not so sure it was a good idea now smile

  • shaz3458 shaz3458

    Hi mr vasectomy!!

    You are very brave having both ops done!!

    Unfortunately it does seem to get worse before it starts getting better. I've read loads and loads of blogs on

    Several different websites and everybody's story is more or less the same. I found reading them all did help

    Because I wasn't sure at first if all the different things that I was experiencing were normal, so it helped put

    my mind at rest.

    If you've read my blog you will know that I've had a particularly rough time, I had to have a second op. I'm

    now on day 4 and as with the first op each day is getting worse. I've now been off sick from work for 8 weeks

    And there is still no light at the end of the tunnel.

    All I can say to you is just take one day at a time, don't overdo things, take regular pain killers and laxatives and don't ever strain.

    As you had yours done through bupa you may get a better aftercare, don't be afraid to use it !!

    I hope it all goes well for you..

    Take care



  • grace1982 grace1982

    Hi Lara and everyone else,

    The cream my G.P prescribed as I mentioned in my previous post is called ANUGESIC HC CREAM 30g. Its excellent as it numbs your bottom, I put it on about 30 minutes before I move my bowels and I would strongly recommend having a salt bath ready to jump into after you have had a BM as it really helps the painful spasms after you have had a BM. I used to sit in the bath for 45 minutes for the first 3/4 weeks post op. I still use the cream and salt bath and I'm 5 weeks post op tomorrow. As for the pain, I am getting better now and no longer dread going to the toilet, for the first 3/4 weeks I was crying with dread at moving my bowels. It didn't help that I became severely constipated shortly after the op but I've got through it and you will too hun.

    I had 2 large hemorrhoids removed and also an abscess in my groin which compared to the hemorrhoids was nothing pain wise and the groin wound was being cleaned out and packed daily for 4 weeks!

    Hope the cream works for you Lara and try the salt baths, let me know how you get on.

    Hope everyone is improving and coping with the dreaded BM's!!!

    Grace xx

  • Emis Moderator Emis Moderator

    Hi all,

    I have removed the posts that were off topic re gels etc in case users were wondering where they went. If any other posts like this are added please use the "Report" link to highlight them to me and I can deal with them quicker.



    Emis Moderator

  • amanda31789 amanda31789

    I had an op on Monday afternoon. I'm mostly in bed, trying to stay comfortable, eating healthily, drinking lots, and wondering how long it took for people to be well enough to drive?

    I had a pretty nasty experience yesterday morning; an explosive attack of the runs. Like others have mentioned, I was prescribed lactulose solution even though I am lactose intolerant! Hello!! Spoke to the G.P. and she said only use if really needed. The difficulty with all this seems to me to get the stools just right! Too soft, and I'll be causing the anal canal to heal up in a 'scarred and narrow state' according to my notes from the hospital, therefore ripping my insides in two later on, when everything calms down, and the inevitable constipation comes back. Not soft enough and I'll be in agony now, and since by bum looks like I've been in the ring with Mike Tyson, I can't really imagine anything worse!

    I have IBS, I am pretty sure I should avoid wheat, maybe also sensitive to starchy foods (carbs) and yeast. So basically I need to eat a very careful diet to have healthy B.M. and I find it really tough to stick to it long term.

    I have children and lots of temptation all around me to eat the things I know make me ill yet I love them so much. I know why I am in this mess, it is simply a lack of determination and a weak willpower. Now that I am (trying to)sitting here, writing this, I realise that if I don't sort it out, I'll continue down the road to colon cancer and other very serious illnesses.

    Any advice at this time would be greatly appreciated, as I am feeling rather fed up, I miss my little boy and just want to get well quick!


  • lara35299 lara35299

    Hi Mandy,

    I had my op nearly 4 weeks ago now and my bowels are still not right. I have been off laxatives for 4 days now and am finding I am not quite so regular as I was, when I was on the, they are a lot firmer tho. I am finding my bm are still quite long and small, I can't seem to go like I used too which is a little worrying! Just hope it improves. It's still quite sore when I go now as didn't really notice it when they were softer. I also have ibs and I never seem to get it right, it's always one way or the other! You sound like your coping quite well, I did get constipated in the beginning which was agony for about 6 days, didn't know what to do with myself, spent half my life in the bath. I couldn't look after the children properly for about 8 days. I eventually managed to drive comfortably after 2 weeks but sure it differs for others. Movical was very good for me.

    It's a horrible thing to go through, would never do it again if I knew what to expect.

    Keep us posted Lara xx

  • amanda31789 amanda31789

    Hi Lara,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Did your hospital explain much? Apart from the notes I was given at my pre-op assessment, I got no practical advice at all. Just sent home with medication. It seems like a big challenge for everybody, getting the BM's the right size and shape. Also a high fibre diet could be detrimental to some people and actually cause constipation! I know it isn't the reason everybody with piles gets them, but diet and lifestyle has to come into it. My hospital offered me a sandwich after the op but I declined; bread is one of the worst culprits for me. I had one of those Eat Natural nut and fruit bars instead, and after such a long time without food it tasted great!

    So you got constipated early on? I am concerned that lack of mobility will slow my system down. I try to get up and move about regularly; standing for too long hurts as does sitting - so laying down, mostly... It could become a catch 22 situation of needing codeine for the pain following a painful BM, thus getting more constipated, thus needing more laxatives!!! This forum is the first place I have looked. I really hope I don't end up in more of a mess than I was before.

    The problem I have found with laxatives over the years is they tend to make your bowels really lazy. I was having trouble with sluggish bowels, esp. when it's that 'time of the month', almost as if my body can't concentrate on more than one thing at a time. I have come to the conclusion that when I am following a really healthy, low carb, low fat, low sugar diet, I am much better, but I have to push myself to drink enough and when I am busy I just forget to drink. All things I have to work on.

    My son is staying elsewhere for the time being. I need to be able to drive to get him to school and I know I'd find it impossible to cope with him right now, esp. as he has some autistic tendencies and can be a handful!

    I can't help wondering if I have made a big mistake, but I guess only time will tell.

    Thanks for your reply, it feels better to know I am not alone!

    Mandy xx

  • lara35299 lara35299

    Hi Mandy,

    I got exactly the same as you the"notes" nothing else. Seems like your just left alone to get on with it, we are not the only ones tho, seems as tho everybody gets the same.

    It will get better honestly, I def felt a lot better after about 8 -10 days tho still uncomfortable for a bit after, even now if I move funny it hurts especially getting in and out car, remember to lift your bum up rather than slide across!!

    I wore pads for about 31/2 weeks as had slight leakage but seems to be improving.

    Remember lots of hot baths with salt, really does help!

    Got my outpatients appt in 3 weeks so will ask lots of questions.

    Am back to work Monday so hoping will be ok as like to be near the toilet!

    Take care, keep me posted Lara xx

  • shaz3458 shaz3458

    Hi girls...

    I'm still off work!! Still not back to normal !! It's been 11 weeks and 2 operations now!!

    I have been told by my GP to keep taking laxatives because when I stop it only takes 2 days and I'm very

    constipated. She has advised me to take half a sachet of laxido every night. Sometimes this works and

    Sometimes it doesn't.

    I have found that bran is an absolute no-no !! Too much fibre causes all sorts of problems, it makes you need to go about 4-5 times a day and if you are like me, the pain sets in afterwards and is awful.

    I still have no bowel control and hate leaving the house. I only take paracetamol now when the pain is too bad

    So it must be getting a bit better.

    All you can do is take each day at a time, don't overdo it, no lifting etc as this can cause you to strain.

    Lots of salt baths and try to rest when you can.

    I am doing a lot more around the house now and I'm going to start going for walks to try and build myself up.

    I also find that small, light meals are easier to pass thro than big dinners.

    It's a nightmare.. One day something will work, then the next day it doesn't.

    Don't expect to be back to normal for quite a while, others say it takes around 4-6 weeks, at least!!!

    Mine has taken longer because of extra complications.. Good luck x

  • amanda31789 amanda31789


    Sorry to hear you are having such a long recovery. I just wish there had been more help with all my IBS related problems earlier on. Prob would not be in this mess now!

    I shall keep you all informed of my recovery, better than a diary!

    Mandy x

  • grace1982 grace1982

    Hello Ladies,

    I have been reading all of your posts and I can totally understand how distressing the post op problems are. I am now 7 weeks post op and I have finally got back to normal. The leakage I mentioned in an earlier post has thankfully stopped and I am now controlling my BMs with laxatives, this is because my bowel is lazy due to being on morphine for the last four years. Getting the balance is very tricky, I still find it hard to get my BM just 'right'. I am no longer in pain after going to the toilet but I have become a little obsessed in making sure I move my bowels daily as I am frightened of becoming impacted again! I continue with the high fibre diet, I did some research into the 'correct' type of fibre foods as there are two types, as mentioned in above posts, certain fibre foods cause constipation! Its well worth investigating this if your struggling. Lara mentions her BMs are small and long, this sounds like a condition called anal stenosis which, I think, is scarring inside the bottom causing the BM to be long and thin.

    Hope everyone is recovering, it does get better although it dosen't feel that way at the beginning of post op.

    Grace xx

    • john94613 john94613 grace1982

      Hi Grace, it has been a while since this conversation took place. Hope you are doing well. I was hoping to ask you a few questions as it seems like I am having some similar post-surgery issues. I had a hemmroidectomy 4 weeks ago and I too am experiencing a leak. I am getting pretty concerned that something is not right. I would love to ask you some questions about your experience (above you stated your leak stopped at around 7 weeks) and ideally put my mind at ease. I will wait to ask you any specifics until you respond and I know you are receiving this. Thanks in advance.

  • shaz3458 shaz3458

    Hi grace,

    I'm really glad you are feeling better.

    I'm very interested to find out more about these high fibre foods. Can you tell me which ones are the good


    And which ones can cause constipation.

    I think I've got this stenosis too as that describes my bm's,.

    I'm now going to have a look and see what I can find out.

    Thank you very much, your comments are very interesting.

    Take care


    Shaz xx

  • shaz3458 shaz3458

    Hi, me again!!

    I've just been having a read online about fibre foods that can cause constipation. It's really interesting,

    There is a lot of information about foods that will make ibs worse.

    I've written 2 lists of foods to help constipation and foods to avoid, which can make matters worse.

    For people going through what we are all going through, every bit of info helps.

    I shall take my list with me when I go shopping to remind me of what not to buy.

    Unfortunately chocolate is on my avoid list... !!

    Shaz x

  • amanda31789 amanda31789

    Hi ladies,

    My notes from pre-op assessment mentioned how it is important to have 'formed stools' and avoid loose watery stools because the anal canal can heal up in a scarred and narrow state. I wonder if it is best to eat the type of fibre that bulks up the stools, making them soft, yet of a size that is normal? Normal size (diameter) to me, would probably be something the thickness of a large carrot? I am much better eating lots of veg, always have been, and fruit (although I read somewhere else that it's best to avoid citrus fruit for a while, maybe because it is acidic?)

    I read about a lady in Germany who was kept in for 5 days on a liquid diet of fruit and veg juices and water. She seemed to have a pretty good recovery but I wonder what size her stools were? Maybe I'll ask! This is all a minefield. Personally, I have been sticking to very small meals, consisting of fruit, veg, a little chicken and one small portion of carbohydrate a day e.g. half a jacket spud, 45g rice, a few oatcakes, a small bowl of porridge oats... I am definitely a fan of wholegrain rice and find pasta and bread are terrible for slowing things down.

    Today is day 3 of my recovery (op on Monday p.m.) so still early days. I am finding I want to have a B.M. 3 times; and only after the 3rd do I feel 'empty' and that bearing down feeling goes away. Just to top it all off, I now have my monthly cycle to deal with so I intend to increase my Movicol sachets just in case I get constipated. I think I'd rather have soft, long thin B.M's than suffer the hell of a hard stool!

    Thanks to all for your comments, it's cheering me up to know there is light at the end of the tunnel!


  • grace1982 grace1982

    Hello Girls,

    I am glad Shaz has found out which fibre foods are 'good' and 'bad', I too was gutted to discover my beloved chocolate was on the list,I love my chocolate! The foods that most experts say we should avoid are red meat, dairy products, caffeine and white flour foods. Increasing your fibre intake suddenly can cause constipation as the body does not have time to adjust,thus causing constipation,cramping and bloating or diarrhea. Also, increasing your fibre without increasing your fluid intake can cause constipation as your body draws fluids from your gut. There are two types of fibre: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibre draws fluids from your intestines which slows down digestion, soluble fibre foods include: oats,bran,some fruits,lentils,beans and nuts.

    Insoluble fibre is considered gut friendly as they have a mild laxitive effect as they add bulk to your diet helping to prevent constipation, insoluble fibre foods include: wholemeal produce, such as brown bread,rice and pasta, cabbage,carrots,green beans,dark leafy greens,broccoli,raisins,some fruit,cucumber,onions,tomatoes,root vegetables.

    Insoluble fibre foods act like a sponge,they soak up fluid and travel easily through your gut, they have been proved to be an effective treatment for both constipation and IBS. To prevent constipation it is recommended that your diet should consist of approx 70% insoluble and 30% soluble fibre with an increase in fluids, try to drink 2 to 3 pints a day. Experts debate whether tea and decaff coffee can be included in the fluid intake. Most foods contains a combination of soluble and insoluble fibre, for example, an apples skin is insoluble and its flesh is soluble. I think it really is trial and error in finding a good balance, its bloody hard! As everyone is different, and some people on here suffer from IBS so I cant imagine how difficult it is for them. Being mobile also really helps but I realise that sometimes that is not always possible. When I was not mobile I found that squatting on the bathroom floor for about ten minutes before getting on the toilet helped. People who squat over toilets in the ground in some countries(I think India is one) very rarley suffer digestive problems as squatting is the body's natural position to open the bowel. Also try using a footstool/a pile of yellow pages to elevate your feet when sat on the loo. You could also try rubbing the left side of your tummy in a clockwise direction to stimulate your bowel.

    Regarding Mandy's post about wanting to move her bowels three times before she feels empty, did you know its recommended that we sit on the toilet for at least fifteen minutes to allow the body to recognise

    that the bowels need to be moved. It might be an idea to speak to your GP about trying a suppository to see if that helps you to empty your bowels in one go. Also, you mention having hellish hard stools, I had them early on post op and I know the agony they cause. I'm just wondering if you are having enough laxatives, you mention movicol, how many sachets are you having and at what time? It will get better, I know your only 4 days post op but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

    I hope everyone is continuing to keep strong and battling through the pain,

    Love Grace xxx

    • an67778 an67778 grace1982

      Hello everyone....

      I have been reading all this and I know its been a while now, but I am wondering and hoping that everyone now in a perfect conditions after your ops???

      I am having my surgery next week to remove 2nd degree haemmorhoid and skin tagsad and I've been reading a lot on this forum which I found really informatif. 

      but everyone who writes here mostly share how painful was the recovery... and eventually get less and less...

      but does anyone now very happy with the results after months or even years???

      is the "back there" looking as it was before the hemorrhoid?

      because I am more concern about my skin tag than the haemmorhoid it self at this point, as my hemmorhoid doesnt give me any discomfort, no bleeding or anything, its just there.

      like i said my skin tag really does bothers me.

      I am really hoping that someone will reply to my post. And really hope that everyone is happy now with the result of the surgery...


    • Ouchies Ouchies an67778


      How did your surgery go? I'm booked in for mine next week and just starting panic. I'm mostly panicking that they won't get all of it as it seems to come and go and also I'm worried about the pain afterward.


    • mia54105 mia54105 Ouchies

      Dear ouchies,

      Pior to having my piles Halo-ed I had a colonoscopy which is when they use a camera to look at rectum and bowel and instines they found no piles just a Ployp that they removes two months later my problems started again I went back and was told I had a proplasped pile they operated a week later I think unless they are swollen up or proplasped at the examination they can't get them all

      I think I either have a new pile or a existing one that wasn't caught as well sometimes I feel something hanging down when I stand for two long I had the operation 6 weeks ago

      Good luck the only thing I will recommend is laxatives for afterwards as hard stools hurt and make u bleed it's a slow slow recovery I'm still on the mend 6 weeks later I have to be careful not to get constipated as last time it hurt like glass shard and made me lightly spot bleed 😔

    • Little Miss RC Little Miss RC Ouchies


      I had the Halo procedure in May and this is what I wrote following my op:

      HALO Operation – My Experience (NHS)

      I am a female who has suffered from painful internal haemorrhoids for over 20 years (since the birth of my 2nd child). I tried all kinds of bought and prescription remedies but the haemorrhoids always came back – usually at the most inconvenient times. Most GP’s I saw were not very sympathetic as the they were internal and they were reluctant to look properly. Finally, after a particularly bad episode when the haemorrhoids had prolapsed and the whole area was covered with tiny painful blisters, I was referred to a colorectal surgeon. The surgeon said I was a prime candidate for the HALO procedure. I am writing this because I spent ages looking for information and deliberating whether or not to go ahead with the procedure. I had to be at the hospital (NHS) by 7.00 on the day of the operation and was admitted to a ward. I was given all the usual checks and issued with compression stockings which came up to my knees. The anaesthetist came to see me and then the surgeon who explained the procedure to me again and I signed to go ahead. I thought I would be given a GA but due to allergies I was advised to have a spinal anaesthetic. Inserting the cannula into my hand was extremely painful but the needle in my spine was not as painful. After the entire bottom section of my body was numb, I was wheeled into the operating theatre. My legs were lifted into stirrups – that was odd as I couldn’t feel my legs – they looked like plastic legs that didn’t belong to me. There was a screen across the lower part of my body and the operation began, I was conscious the whole time but didn’t feel anything. The operation lasted about 30 minutes and I was told 8 arteries had been ligated. The surgeon said I had a gel plug inserted and not to panic when it came out when I opened my bowels – it would be red with blood. I was then taken to recovery and given a cup of tea, monitored for bleeding from my spine and then taken to the ward. I had to wait for the feeling to come back to the lower part of my body – this actually took 3 hours 30 minutes. I had intermittent pneumatic compression devices (pumps) on both legs during this time to reduce the risk of clots. I was given some food at lunch time and plenty of tea and water. When I could feel my legs I was encouraged to get out of bed and walk to the toilet, with help. I found it painful to empty my bladder and I also felt the urge to open my bowels, at this point the red gel plug came out. I discovered I had been given netting pants and a pad was in place, I struggled back to my bed. A pharmacist came to see me and told me I would be given tramadol pain relief to take home. The pain began, I was in agony, I was given 1 tramadol, then another but it didn’t touch the pain. I was told I may have to have morphine but then would have to stay in hospital over night. I had taken some of my own paracetamol with me and the nurse said I could take them with the tramadol. The pain began to subside and I was given some food and told I could go home. My operation started at 9.30 and I left the hospital at 19.00 – I had someone to collect me. Halfway home I suddenly felt sick and vomited in the car. I went straight to bed when I got home. I vomited after every cup of tea, pain relief tablet and eventually after every sip of water. I didn’t know whether to have another tablet as I didn’t know what had been absorbed in my body. I went to the toilet and was trying to empty my bladder, open my bowels and vomit all at the same time – apparently I looked grey. I did manage to sleep a bit on and off and the next morning I ate some porridge and kept it down. The pain was excruciating, I felt like I was having intense contractions up my bottom and my stomach hurt too. I stopped taking tramadol and stuck to paracetamol and also had lactulose once a day. I stayed in bed for the next 3 days, only getting up to use the toilet and soak in a warm bath each day – that gave some relief. I ate my meals in bed, making sure I had plenty of fibre and drinks. The dreaded first proper bowel opening came on day 3 – it can only be described as agony but very little blood. Every bowel movement after that was painful and it also hurt to empty my bladder – like cystitis, this went on for almost 2 weeks. Now its day 19 and things are settling down, bowel movements are still painful but I feel much better. I would say, despite it saying you will be fit for work after 48 hours on all the marketing info; you definitely need at least a week off work and it is definitely not a pain free operation! I have been off work for 2 weeks now and my GP has signed me off for another 2 weeks. I hope this description helps anyone out there thinking of having the HALO procedure and looking for information.

      It is now 8 months later and I am fine and so glad I had it done. Don't panic - it isn't a pleasant experience but it will be worth it.

      Good luck - I hope it goes well. 

    • mia54105 mia54105 Little Miss RC

      Hello little miss RC,

      Today I went to the loo 3 times since this operation I pass BM once a day instead of once every two or three weeks is this common side effect?

      I don't want to pass BM to much as I'm scared of deal getting new piles I haven't had any problems since Christmas Day I hope that's it now .


    • Little Miss RC Little Miss RC mia54105

      I always went to the loo regularly but since my op I go at least once a day + when i feel the need to go, i have to go immediately. That didn't happen before. I'd say go when you feel you need to but don't strain. if you hold it in, you will get more piles. 

    • mia54105 mia54105 Little Miss RC

      Dear Miss RC,

      Thank you so much for your help and ongoing support with my issue's I feel like I'm this forum it's the only people that understand.

      Every day I don't have any problems I'm so thankful I hope one day my anxiety will stop I was so scared.

      I have my final appointment on the 15 th Feb I hope I'm fixed and fully healed by then

      Today was okay normal toilet no concerns !

    • Ouchies Ouchies mia54105

      Hi Mia,

      I'm glad you are starting to feel better. I'm booked in for surgery on Tuesday and I'm really nervous about the pain.

      Even anyone saying it is worth it is also saying it was agony, I had one banded and I was in a lot of pain for 24 hours when they said it shouldn't hurt. I had a significant (sorry) BM directly following the procedure though so I wonder if that exasperated it.

    • Ouchies Ouchies

      Oops, pressed send too quickly.

      I'm doing lots of research on aftercare and I'm eating plenty of flax seed in homemade spinach and fruit smoothies. I'm also trying to increase my water in take.

      I'm still torn though, between getting dehydrated to make it as bad as possible for the surgery to make sure it is all showing and gets treated on the day and getting really hydrated and well to ease recovery.

      I just want to try and give myself the best chance of only having to do this once and getting a good result.

      My husband and I want to start a family and I don't want the pain and pressure to hinder pregnancy. I'm also not sure how long I need to wait before I start trying.

      Glad to hear from you and I'm sure you'll hear more from me too.

      Thanks Little Miss RC for your words too. I'm glad you think it is still worth it even with the pain you had.


    • mia54105 mia54105 Ouchies

      Dear ouchies,

      I'm only 6 weeks past HALO it was painful for the first few days but the painkiller they give u is so strong it really does numb any pain.

      The antibiotic's made me throw up I developed a serve infection a week after surgery and was rushed to A and E as I was bleeding a lot the infection took three weeks to clear

      I feel better now however I have really bad wind and more frequent BM the doctor told me this is fine I've had one spot bleeding incident since the infection cleared on Christmas Day

      I had to have mine done as I was bleeding a lot after BM

      I hope this helps and I hope my piles have gone I have a follow up on the 15 th of Feb

    • mia54105 mia54105

      Dear Ouchies,

      Before I was operated on I had two weeks of no bleeding I was pretty sure the would find nothing on examination however the found the grade two prolapse pile they think this is where the bleeding started to come from.

      I am still worried and check 100's time after every BM that there r no symptoms I really think I've become OCD with them it's been a scary 6 months not know what was wrong having a colonoscopy I'm now just taking every pain free blood free BM as a gift from god I can't wait for it to b 6 months with no problems I will have so much gratitude for this feeling and never miss treat my bowels again with considpation and you laxatives with great care speak soon

    • mia54105 mia54105 Little Miss RC

      Dear Little miss RC,

      Today I went to the loo and guess what ! Bright red blood on the toilet paper I've had a colonoscopy so know it's nothing dangerous but why am I still bleeding after bowel movement it's been two months since surgery I'm s depressed and crying again I don't know if it's piles on the outside and I've rubbed to hard and made them bleed I'm so upset 😢 my check up is not until the 15 th feb

    • sorebutt sorebutt mia54105

      Hello Mia , just logged into this site today for first time and been reading the posts . Hope things are improving for you and your check-up went well . With regards to the blood on the toilet tissue , I suspect maybe you have a fissure , which is something that many people with rectal problems seem to have . Nothing to really worry about , just more of an annoyance . It basically a small cut / tear on the opening which is often aggravated during bowel movements , or as you rightly said , by being too rough with the toilet tissue . Unfortunately they dont heal easily or quickly , but you can get a cream that speeds up the healing on them . Hopefully thats all it is .

       I have had one for years which just wont go , but compared to the bleeding that has been coming from a bursting haemorrhoid its quite insignificant . Best way to deal with it , is after you clean up after toilet , press on a piece of toilet paper and clench it tight between your cheeks for 60 seconds , then just get on with your day .  smile 

    • mia54105 mia54105 sorebutt

      Dear sore butt,

      I had my check up last Monday my doctor said I was healed up nicely and pile free the following day I did a poo it was kind of hard there was so much blood 😥 I got a mirror and had a look cause I could feel something in my bum hole there was a massive pink peace of circular skin just hanging there ! I showed my mum she said it was an external pile since then I have tried every cream going it won't go down I'm so upset and sick of having them I will ask for another referral the bleeding is so frightening I really can't live like this anymore😩

      I have tried drinking two liters of water a day taking laxatives and lactose to keep my poo soft fiver supplements horse chestnut red vine leaf vitamin c flavonoids going vegetarian and vegan nothing works I feel drained and sick I've been crying for days my main fear is that the blood is something else bad but I've had a colonoscopy and biopsy which was fine what can I do now , I was going to book for a anal std test I have never had anal sex but I don't know what all this bleeding could be please any advise would be much appreciated im so stressed and scared .


    • sorebutt sorebutt mia54105

      Hi Mia , I sent you a reply on your earlier post but never noticed this message to me until now .

        I too felt a foreign object in my back passage which I felt was stopping me from going to the toilet properly. I felt so blocked , sore during the toilet , but even more sore afterwards . On wednesday I was at the toilet 10 times in the day , each time passing very little . On thursday I was there 13 times , again passing little drops and still having that pressure feeling that I was needing to poo very badly . On the friday I never went to the toilet until noon , and when i did , I passed something that wasnt poo . It was like a great big piece of flesh over 4 inches long , followed by a smaller piece which had traces of blood . Basicially it looked like something which had been torn off from somewhere in my lower bowel . Since then my bowel movements have been much better but the amount of blood has increased .I still do feel like there is still something in there restricting me , although it does not seem as big now . As you wil see from my other reply to you , I think I may have had the wrong procedure , but wont know until the 29th , when I go back into theatre .

       Like you , I also have an external pile since my op , something I never had before I went for surgery , although have had this 3 or 4 times over the last 10 years . Everybody has a different take on how to deal with them , and other peoples methods might not work for you . I always try to keep it clean , and use the ointments . But what I have found is by keeping my backside squeezed reasonably tight ( uncomfortable and slightly sore ) , it does stop it from filling up with even more blood and getting bigger and even sorer .

       Keep your chin up Mia , but more importantly insist they check you out and re-look at your pain killers . 


    • sorebutt sorebutt mia54105

      If you get a slightly sharp , stinging ,  almost tearing pain when you go to the toilet , along with a little bright blood , then chances are you will likely have a fissure . Unfortunately there is very little can be done about them , other than a gel to apply which is supposed to speed up the healing of the tear . The small print on the packet listing side effects might put you off using it , and you will have to let it heal on its own . If your fissure is internal , you wont want to be trying to push the gel inside anyway as i believe that would just aggravate it . I've had one for years and it has only become a pain since my last procedure when they obviously tore it a bit further while operating .

    • mia54105 mia54105 sorebutt

      Hi guys ,

      So on Saturday I'd been considapated for about a week I had a really painful bowel movement along with blood do u think the surgeons could of missed something I'm worried that I actually don't have piles because I had a colonoscopy and the Halo when I feel inside I can feel a lump I'm thinking to go to the hospital in the week

    • Ouchies Ouchies mia54105

      Hi Mia,

      I'm also still bleeding if I get constipated. All I can suggest is that you really keep going with your supplements of probiotics, soluble fibre (flax seed) and drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruit and veg.

      I can also feel small lumps when I'm dehydrated or a little contipated but I assume this is a pucker that swells from where the stitches were.

      If you're worried, it's best to go and get checked out but the fact that this has happened after getting constipated makes me think the two are connected.

      Make your appointment but fluid and fibre up to see if it reduces.

      I'm also trying to decide if I should try and go back for a checkup so they can make sure it's all gone. I really hope it is.

      Good luck.


    • sorebutt sorebutt Ouchies

      Hi Ouchies , hope all ok with you now . Sorry I have not responded to your last message . Every time I came to this site my pc would freeze up and I kinda gave in for ages . Seems to be ok for now after 15 mins of being here . I'm still waiting to go in for the dreaded camera as they wanting to see what is going on . I have two surgeons telling me different things now , which doesnt inspire confidence . They been told to argue it out and come back to me with an agreed answer . Will just need to see what they come back with . x


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