My experience with blepharitis - may help others

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Greetings from Canada!

I'm a new poster, suffered from this condition for only a few months. I have read the existing posts with interest, thanks to all for sharing their stories.

A few months ago I began showing the symptoms of blepharitis, and I began doing all the stuff that's recommended: the q-tips with baby shampoo, the warm compresses, the anti-dandruff shampoo etc. I did not however stop wearing contacts or replace/forgo makeup.

The treatments helped a bit but I ended up in a holding pattern with no improvement. At the same time, I also began to suspect I was suffering from anemia.

The main symptom I experience that triggers my suspicions is an overgrowth of candida.

After a couple of months of diligent adherence to the blepharitis protocols, I gave all of them up except for washing my eyes extra-well during regular face-washing.

At this point, I was officially diagnosed with anemia and began iron supplements.

Almost immediately there was a significant improvement of my blepharitis symptoms, and after a month of iron supplementation, the symptoms are down to 2% of what they were at their worst. Without any special treatments besides an extra 20 seconds a day cleansing my eyelids.

I believe that my susceptibility to this condition may have been due to a suppressed immune system. The same condition (anemia) that made me susceptible to candida.

Perhaps this might be the case with other people.

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    Very interesting reading. I am type two diabetic, so my immune system is not working properly, & I take a herbal remedy to boast it up.

    So perhaps there is a link between a poor immune system & this problem with eyes. At the moment I think my eyes are improving, I am cleaning with the wetones as recommended on here.

    Did not bother with the Baby Shampoo.

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    Hi Natalie

    I've read your post with great interest. I'm wondering whether there are different strains of Blepharitis. The reason I'm wondering this is because most of us who have been posting on this topic is we all seem to differ with our symptoms.

    I only seem to have it mainly on my right eye. I too have a bad immune system and am regularly down on my vitamins and suffer candida too.

    I've been using the wet ones and drops from my GP. I have been finding the more I use these products the worse my right eye seems to be.

    This is now the worst I have ever had it and my eye lid is now quite swollen and more lashes have come out I'm now going to stop putting anything on my eyes other than give them a good wipe with warm water a couple of times a day and just see if it settles down.

    I almost feel as if I have been feeding it! It's very strange. Has anyone else found anything like this with treatment?

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    Thanks for your replies, Linda & Bambicat.

    I think what I'd love for people to take from my post is, get yourself tested for anemia and get it treated if your iron is low!

    Also Bambicat, in my readings after diagnosis, I gleaned that there are 3 main causes of blepharditis: fungal, bacterial and demodex mites. From my past work at a skincare company, I know that all 3 of those pathogens flourish in the bodies of people who are immunocompromised.

    I also understand from other readings that sometimes what is diagnosed as blepharditis is actually ocular rosacea or allergies. I have no knowledge or comment on those.

    My blepharditis did not look like most of the photos I saw online (which were of very puffy, red, wet looking eyelids), but it did match the descriptions in the list of symptoms.

    My eyelids were red, greasy, flaky and scaly, and the skin was noticeably thickened. I had very little swelling except on odd occasions where the 'condition' (infection?) seemed to go up into the area around my eyes, with no redness but with swelling and extreme itchiness.

    I experienced no pain, but an agonising itch and lots of tears. I only had pus about 4 days out of the 4 months I suffered, and it was very little (I have had more serious eye infections and I do not think my condition was bacterial). For the first few weeks when it was at its worst, my eyelids did crust over and stick shut overnight.

    Hope that helps!

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      Thank you for this post, really helpful.  I have a combination of things happening and my GP has not diagnosed anything and I am on the hunt for the root cause.  I had what I thought was a reaction to a skin care product 9 months ago, my skin started flushing, puffy, red and flared up and down for 2 months and went away.  Three doctors said different things, dermatitis, hives and angioedema!  The reaction happened again recently, after what I thought was the start of a cold. Visit to the GP and agreed with me that previous diagnosis were not right, but she doesn't know what it is - hormonal or stress.

      Anyway, I have also developed Bletharitis - I had an eye exam booked and just before I noticed really itchy and stinging eyes, she confirmed a mild case.  They I noticed dandruff.  I read that blepharitis can be caused by Rosacea or Sebhorrahic dermatitis, neither of which the GP is committing too.

      I am interested in what you write as I have a suspicion this is fungal or perhaps mites - I developed a fungal toenail at around the same time this first started.

      I have been under a lot of stress, not sleeping well and basically I believe I have inflammation internally and immune issues come about from that.  So, I am doing the eyelid wipes, which help, focussing on strengthening my immune system and treating my skin as if it is the start of Rosacea or Seb Derm and am trying Apple Cider Vinegar on my skin to see if this neutralises the possible fungus.

      I am also taking B vitamins as I think these might also be a root cause.

      Long post with no real answers, I was just fascinated to read your perspective and happy for you that you have a result.

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    Hi everyone,

    I have candida too from a strong antibiotic and didn't take probiotics after using it until it was too late.

    I have someone in a rest home who has that gunk (yellow) on her eyes and they were pasted shut. I could not get if off with water so I thought why not. I pulled out a WET ONE and used it on her eyes as she kept touching her eyes. I do it 2-3 times a week only as she is old and skin is thin. It keeps it under control and takes it away when I use the wipes. It has to bacterial or the wipes would not work.

    People are allergic to the wipes. So anyone who is allergic to shampoo, fabric softners, hand wipes or even spermicidal jellies should not use them. If you are not allergic (try oin skin of face (small spot) and hands, why not give it a try and see if you get improvement.

    Many people who have different symptoms have gotten relief. Honjon on this site had the oily problem. He used a different handwipe but it was still an ammonium salt or compound.

    I hope this informatiion helps.


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    Hi Lynda79:

    I've read your amazing and successful solution on a number of threads on this forum... I'm so happy you've found a solution that works for you and that seems to be a successful treatment for others as well.

    If I'd seen your posts a month ago when I had given up on other methods I would have been using it in a second!

    But I *am* really glad that I got a blood test, since anemia in my case *seems* to be the underlying cause, and I think for myself, it's better to be treating the underlying cause rather than just the symptoms.

    All the best with your journey to a cure!

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    Hi Lynda & Natalie

    It's all very interesting! Firstly Lynda - I am taking antibiotics on a daily basis. I have a condition which has to be kept under control with taking 1 antibiotic each day. I have 3 different types which are rotated so my system doesn't become immune to them. I think I might see what happens if I stop taking them for a while.

    Natalie - you mention Demodex Mites. I work with feral cats so that's another thing to think about (not that I will ever give up my voluntary work with them) I don't think any of them are carrying mites and they are regularly treated for fleas & mites but I suppose it only takes 1 mite as with the cats who may have allergy's to fleas - it only takes 1 bite from a flea to cause problems with their coat's.

    I think I should see a Vet!! Only Joking! but you just never know really do you what causes the flare up of this Blepharitis?

    My eye lid has a swollen white ridge just where my eyelashes are and little white lumps. I've noticed my eyes water for no reason. There must be different strains of it.

    I know what you mean Lynda about your elderly relative as I used to nurse the elderly and often came across the same problem with many of them. Their eyes used to matt together and could only be opened with gentle bathing.

    I can see me going to work with the cats wearing Swimming Goggles!!

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      Hi Jenny

      Sorry for the delay I've only just got your message.  The information you have sent is very interesting.  I have started using Tea Tree Oil on my lashes and am waiting to see what happens.

      I will let you know how I get on with it.  Once again Thanks for the info.


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      You could actually get tested for presence of mites but you could start with the treeatment and see if it helps.You must have read it yourself but just in case be careful with use of tea tree I remember it should be diluted with some other base oil as almond oil...

      dont treat only your eye area.I would add few drops in my bottle of  shampoo and wash my hair and scalp too...

      I personally eliminated this as possible cause and have a huge success by using wet ones...

      Wish you well,



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      Hi Jenny

      I'm going to do as you suggested and wash my hair with some Tea Tree in with the shampoo.

      I just hope this finally works.

      Kind regards

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    Dear Natalie,

    I have learned that Blepharitis is caused by staphylococcus. The wipes with .03% Benzethonium Chloride killed it and I found that these Quats (ammonium salt compounds) kill staphylococcus. Google these words and you will find the same info.

    Someone on another site said the UK wipes have .3% in them and that is a huge difference and they say not to even put on the face.

    I used the ones with .03%. Please order on-line to get those Wet Ones.

    Thought you might like this info.

    Thinking of you,


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      Thanks for the info lynda79! Yes, staph is one of the known causes of blepharitis.

      I am happy to report though that I am almost 100% recovered after pursuing the treatment above. I have no redness, flakes, watery or crusty eyes, and only have a tiny bit of itch once every two weeks or so, and it usually only lasts from a few minutes to an hour.

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      Dear Everyone,

      I realized that the amount of Benzethonium Chloride was 0.3%. in the US wipes.

      Thinking of everyone,


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      Dear everyone,

      I found some other wipes which contain bezenthonium chloride and according to the information with even lower dosage of an active ingredient B.C.

      Probably needs more reasearch.

      I am posting this for 2 reasons:

      - for those allergic to lanolin and other ingredients found in wet ones

      - for everyone willing to try bezenthonium chloride in lower dosage

      Would like to hear what you all think.

      I will copy-paste as we are not allowed to leave links here

      Antibacterial wipes tested with active ingredients..

      Mr. Clean Wipe-ups (Citric Acid 1.5% )

      Clorox Disinfecting Wipes (Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride 0.145% and Dimethyl Ethylbenzyl Ammonium chloride 0.145%)

      Lysol Sanitizing Wipes (Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride 0.28%)

      Lever 2000 Anti-bacterial Moisturizing Wipes (Benzethonium Chloride 0.15%)

      Equate Antibacterial Wipes (Benzalkonium Chloride 0.115%)


      Mr. Clean: Effective against all 6 bacteria

      Clorox: Effective against Salmonella, Klebisella, Serratia, and Staphylococuus

      Lysol: Effective against Ecoli, Klebissela, and Staphylococcus

      Equate: Effective against Klebissela and Staphylococcus

      Lever 2000: Effective against Salmonella and Staphylococcus

      Most effective: Mr. Clean

      Most effective against Staphylococcus (which is most commonly found on the skin): Equate and Lever 2000 (due to them being hand/personal wipes instead of household cleaner wipes)


      I will post it here for 2 reasons

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      It looks I made mistake by sharing something I havent checked properly.

      The lever 2000 antibacterial wipes have been discontinued...the same company seem to sell some soaps,washing gels...

      Good try???


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