My hemorrhoidectomy recovery

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Hi there, this is my first time posting to a forum of any kind regarding this issue, I have however read countless stories from all different places (over 99% horror stories) in the last couple of years. 

This post is to share my personal experience, answer any questions and also to get some feed back from people who have had the procedure done also. Forgive me in advance for the long post but I am trying to be as detailed as possible. 

First of all, I am a 33 years old male, 5’6 and 110 lbs. I have suffered from hemorrhoids since my teen years but within the last few years they have seriously affecting my life. I had 2 very large grade 3 internal,  2 external hemorrhoids and an extremely painful anal fissure. I had the 2 internal ones banded in April of last year but it didn’t work. 

My surgeon suggested that I do a complete Hemorrhoidectomy of int and ex hemorrhoids along with a sphinterotomy, HOWEVER, I have decided not to do the sphincterotomy because I was afraid of getting incontinence. 

DAY 1: I woke up in recovery at 6:00pm in excruciating pain, was given dilaudid thru IV with no relief and again about 15 mins later and then fentanyl about 10 mins after that and then 10mg of oxycodone by mouth, all which didn’t even touch the pain. I was then taken back to my room to get discharged. While waiting for the discharge nurse I decided to try to urinate but only a few drops came out. I then Signed my discharge papers and was wheeled out to my car and my father drove me home. During the car ride home (about 20 mins) the pain was still the same, I got home around 8:00pm, took stool softeners and ran a bath which offered some welcomed relief, repeated the bath about 30 mins later, ate some soup and crackers and took my second dose of 10mg of oxycodone and 1,000mg of Tylenol at 10:00pm. As I am writing this post it is 11:30pm and am in the bath again (3rd Time since I’ve been home). I Also would like to add that I am using extremely hot water because that seems to help better but am wondering if that could be harmful to the surgical area (any input would be greatly appreciated). The pain meds make me really tired but am not able to sleep for more than 15 mins because the pain wakes me up. 

All in all so far it is every bit as painful as advertised and i ABSOLUTELY DREAD when I have to have my first bowel movement. I am hoping that this doesn’t become one of those horror stories but so far it has been. But on the bright side, it has only been about 6 hours post op. 

I will be updating this frequently so feel free to any questions. 

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    Hi bas84, Thanks for sharing about this, I haven't had surgery yet, but I'm in a desperate situation with chronic bleeding from hemorrhoids, and today I had an iron infusion. I've have a referral to see a surgeon. I hope the pain eases up for you soon.

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      Hi Annie

      I have suffered similarly for some time and after deciding to resolve the problem I was seen by a specialist called Mr Jonotan M. Gilbert last week who mentioned how painful hemorrhoidectomy was. He suggested that he had been performing another procedure called HALO-RAR successfully for some eight years and would recommend I had that instead. I agreed immediately and will be having the procedure on 17th April. Have you heard of this option and might it work for you? Good luck.

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      Hi Annie

      I forgot to come back here and report my experience. Probably because the treatment I had was so successful and relatively painfree that I was out the other side and too happy about it to even think about the previous alternatives.

      HALO-RAR Is brilliant, exactly as described by the consultant. I had about a week of diminishing pain ranging from directly the pain killing post operative injection wore off when it was quite painful but nothing to shout about and easily handled with a few paracetemol to seven days later when I had no pain at all. And no bleeding at all. 

      I am now back doing trenuous sports regularly and I wish I had done it years ago.


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    I, literally, feel your pain. I'm 9 days into recovery from removal of a large persistent hemmi and removal of some skin tags. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news...and keep in mind that everyone heals differently...but I am still in agony. I cry every morning anticipating the pain a bowel movement is going to cause...then I cry during and after.

    The bath is a great relief...I run the tub with hellisly hot water before my movement and ease myself in immediately after. My doctor recommended the scalding hot water so I doubt it will have any ill effects to the area.

    I also woke up in the recovery room in tremendous pain and begged for relief. They shot me up with everything short of heroin and it didn't help so the nurse finally gave me fentanyl and gravol and I musta passed out because I woke up again 2 hours later. They couldn't wait to get me dressed and out the door it seemed.

    I also didn't sleep for close to 4 nights because of the pain...and when I finally did sleep, the oxy gave me terrifying nightmares. I had my meds changed to Tramadol and the nightmares are gone. This doesn't work quite as well on the pain but in the mornings I take 1 oxy 2 hours after 2 of the Tramadol and it works well.

    I don't remember if you mentioned you were taking anti-inflammatory but I was prescribed prescription strength Advil to help with swelling...not sure if it's doing anything but I'm taking it.

    Take as many hot baths as you need to get relief...first few days I took 5-6 a day. Also, I found a spray of ice cold water on the area immediately after a hot bath felt wonderful. I have a hand held shower head I use for this but you can also just pour a glass of ice water down your backside...or use a spray bottle.

    IF YOU CAN GET YOUR DOCTOR TO PRESCRIBE SOMETHING CALLED PROCTOFOAM DO SO!! I was prescribed it post surgery to help with the pain...and I'm using it now externally and it helps a lot. I just dab the foam on my anus and it provides instant relief.

    Anyway...hope you are doing well. I honestly didn't think I would still be feeling this way after 9 days...but here I am. Everyone heals differently and don't let anyone tell you how you should be feeling...your body tells you.

    Hang in there my friend!!!

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      Sorry...I made a mistake in my post.

      I was prescribed the PROCTO-foam to help with pain pre-surgery, not post as I indicated. I used it while waiting for surgery and decided to try it after as well. It must have some kind of topical anesthetic in it because it works well as a short term relief. My surgeon didn't prescribe it post surgery so I don't know if I should be using it or not...but I don't give a s**t at this point. It helps. It's only available through prescription anyway so if the doctor says it's ok get him/her to write you a scrip.

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    So I’ve run across this post in hopes of finding some sort of relief.  I just had the hemorrhoidectomy done on two sides and had a fissure corrected at the same time.  

    Ive not felt pain like this in a very long time.  Hydrocodone and the keterolac are barely touching the pain. 

    Im typing this from the bathtub.  

    I was was having so many issues over the last 2 years as a result of these combined issues I’m pretty sure once the pain dies down that any complications of the surgery will be far less of an issue than what I was dealing with before.   

    Your comment about dreading the first bowel movement is no joke.  I tried but it hurt so bad that I couldn’t do it. 

    The local anastetic that they used is still in force to some degree going to the bathroom (#1) feel very strange.  Unfortunately it’s not doing anything for the interior pain, which ebbs and flows and is horrific at times. 

    How is are you doing?  

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      Hi Rob,

      I am currently 8 days post-op. Since my last post I could tell you that it has been a huge rollercoaster. Right now you are in the worst stage of the surgery as far a my experience goes, the first 3 days are brutal not only physically but emotionally. I had a first BM on the 4th day and it wasn’t too bad, I mean it was bad but not what I thought it would be. I drank magnesium citrate to have a BM. The pain after BM was a constant burning and stinging that only the bath tub could help, not much but it does. The next day I felt good and thought I turned a corner but day 5 hit me like a ton of bricks. I am in pretty much constant pain but over the last 4 days it’s been 1 good day and 1 horrible day. Today was a good day for me. I’m still taking the oxycodone but not as frequently. I was able to go out and have a pretty normal day a few days ago for the first time since the surgery. All I can tell you is that to this point is that it’s up and down, you will feel like you’re getting better then it will come back and make you think something went wrong. Take your baths, don’t try to avoid BM, take your meds every 4 hours because once the pain sets in you won’t be able to stop it. Let me know how you are. 

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    Hi everyone I always go to this site to check some tips from all who have undergo this surgery and see if there is any who were related to me. I had serious bleeding everyday from July 23 2017 - August 17 2017, so it was about 25 days I was bleeding streak everytime I use the toilet. at first 3 days I was crying thought it was cancer, btw I was in UAE that time and my employer didNt want me to go home, I was run in different hospitals for 4x due to bleeding and pain everywhere in my tummy specially the left and right side, I have hemorrhoids internals and external, before I can manage to push it back and the bleeding is only little whenever I eat so much junk, however july 23-august 17 is a much different incidents. my back and glute hurts I cant even walk properly those times. Different doctors have different opinions. First they check you for a digital rectal exam, some says I have anal fissure, some says acute hemorrhoids, some says rectal bleeding.

    But when I got home here in philippines I didnt bleed for a month and that was a good relief, but still having cramping pains most of the time and it affects my day to day life, I go for a colonoscopy I didnt see all things because I was put to sleep, but my mom and wife saw most of it, there I was diagnosed with Chronic non-specific colitis and Internal hemorrhoids. I dont know if "Non-specific" is justifiable?? but Im pretty much confident that my colitis is cured because I only consider fish and veggies on meals I eat chicken meat sometimes. sweet potatoes on breakfast and boiled eggs most of the time. and Im much focused on my hemmies every bm However last month December 13 I bleed again after bm streaks of blood until December 25 and its my 13th day of bleeding, I tried to consult in a different doc and I was prescribed Dioxel more like daflon, and I take it every 6 hours, my right side and leftside hurt in a seperate time specially at night. the medicine had no effect at all. All I can do is pray and wait for a hemorrhoidectomy, the doctor said if this medicine doesnt work for the first week I have to take the operation. I dont know where the bleeding comes from all I know I have large internal hemorrhoid maybe 4 or 5 inside that bulge outside every time I go to the toilet like a size of strawberry everytime I poo and some large external ones. my only concern is "IM GOING TO HAVE THE SCHEDULE OPERATION TOMORROW" from a surgeon and not a colorectal surgeon actually. . . can they diagnose me right before or during the operation. I dont know anything because its my first time having this kind of surgery in my entire life, I was praying alot that I could overcome this condition and live a good life again after. I appreciate all the advice. and I keep you updated. . 


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      Update Guys 6 days post op. . 

      Last Friday I was admitted to a room and take laxatives for good 6pm and strictly told not to eat anything from 12am to 8am that night I cant help but to think what I have to go through but i keep myself brave and brace for the worst

      Saturday 8am when I am still pooping from the enema I have taken the burse and helpers looking for me but im still in the loo, and I dont know how many bm my tummy wants to release. and the nurse keep telling me that i must go for the operation time. when I go they wheeled me back to the OR. and 8:30am there I have 2 anesthesiologist and two nurses talking but the surgeon was not there yet. I was positioned backside when he arrived. He's not a colorectal surgeon actually but my mom told me that doctor was a professional when it comes to this type of surgery.

      they injected something through my iv and then the last feeling I got is when someone tap my back and then thats it. Im drowsy and cant move my legs its paralyzed. Maybe that is what they've called General anesthesia. I heard the surgeon and the anesthesiologist talking while they cutting me down there they are talking that i was bleeding whenver they cut or remove something. I just cant feel nothing except when they start to stitch me down there it feels like he's pulling my intestines out but can tolerate because of the GA.

      it was a good more than 1 hour operation and 3 hours they monitored me in the recovery room. i felt nothing its just like if its end of the world for me. 3 hours all I do is to see my beeping line and blood pressure maybe in every 15 mins they injecting something in my iv but I dont know what it is. last time I ask they told me that it was antibiotics and painkillers. All I know when I am still numb down there the pain killer makes me drowsy that I want to puke and sleep but didnt happened.

      Diet= oats and water and take all of my medicines

      Day 1=the pain is not a joke even if you are a boy you will cry eventually in excruciating pain imagine that they do the operation without GA. thats what serves me.

      On top of that Im stil worried about the packing I cant poop like there is blockage down there. there is but I manage to drop it off in day 2 while trying to poop I say everyone can. Just that still I cant poop normal until now it feels like somethings blocking maybe its just the swelling area and I just havent eaten any solid yet.

      DAY 2= pain level 10/10 sitz bath is only your friend specially the injectible pain reliver that it male me drowsy and sleep the pain away. pain killers didnt even touch the pain. sits bath everytime I go to the bathroom crawling and making the noisiest voice i HAVE ever been in my life that the nurses really annoyed by it. Tips to get through day 2 and 3 

      #1 you must have somebody to take care of you your medicines, foods, and cleaning your bum

      (Wife is must!!!)

      #2 Sitz bath= you sit in a steaming medium warm water it was my bestfriend everytime for toilet visit

      #3 sanitary pads. I wear it on day 4 after my discharge dont be ashamed it will help you because you will bleed little for many days I was still wearing now.

      #4 I only eat oats. if I have rice i must sure it has steamed veggies in it because i really didnt enjoy eating oats. kinds of soup with rice is okay for me.

      DAY3-6=  I talked to my surgeon because I still cant poop normal it feels like still there is something blocking He says its normal the poop will dilate the size of my passage. ( so it means it really narrowed down there!!????) I keep on pushing to release the big one but it feels like its just really a blockage not a poop and there is a pressure like A big hemorrhoid and a large serve blood will explode if I really push much more harder and im aware not to strain.

      did anyone does experience the same?? If does how many days for the feeling of buldgeness and blockage goes away??? I appreciate any answers and advice.. I keep you posted and now its my 6 days post op.


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      Hi paolo how are you now? I read your post and feel bit of relief that im not the only one who feel like how you felt during BM.  Do you still have the same issue during pooping now? 
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      Hi there. i am currently 6 days post op and feeling exactly the same. im currently taking laxido and eating small amounts to my bowel movements are pretty much liquid, even so it feels like theres something inside thats blocking me and even struggling to pass this. how long did this feeling last for you?

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      Hello! i am also feeling the same thing, like there is a blockage inside and it is moving eventually. is it because the area is swelled up , I am not sure. how long did you feel that way? is it better now?

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    Well, after the set back I had with the bleeding on day 10 (you can read about it on another post on here), I can say that on day 20 from original surgery and day 10 from second surgery, I am doing great. It wasn’t a progressive thing, I felt pretty bad on day 17 but by mid day on day 18 everything changed quick. I felt almost completely normal. As of right now I am pretty much able to do anything I did before the surgery, my pain level is way down to almost nothing, I do still have some pain after BM but nothing to really talk about and I do soak in the tub afterward as a precaution. There is still some swelling but that has gone WAY down and gets better every day.  I am hardly taking any pain meds. I am still gonna take it easy for a couple more weeks as far as strenuous activities go just as a precaution. I will not be updating this forum anymore but will check it every once in a while to answer any questions. 
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