My Prostate Issues Have Mostly Resolved - Here's How I Did It.

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I used to post a lot here on the board late last year. I honestly believed I was headed for a certain surgical procedure to fix my rather severe prostate issues/BPH. I even tried cathing a few times and ordered a couple of hundred of them which I now have no need or use for at all.

My IPSS score was over 30 then, and since I tried a specific regimen, that score is now under 10. Here's what I did and it could work for you; some of these things are brand specific, and I do not work for, or am I compensated in any way from any of these brands. I will try to avoid a brand whenever possible.

  1. Testo booster - instead of listing the brand, its the #1 for guys over 50 and can only be bought on co's website - it's like 4 bottles for $200 or so.
  2. Iodide/Iodine solution, also called "Lugols Solution" - at least 25mg's a day. Stuff is dirt cheap and can be found being sold by a ton of different brands on Amazon.
  3. Vitamin D3 - I was severely deficient in this - at least 10k mgs a day, but no more than 15k!
  4. Parasite cleanser - I used one that is "Complete" <, hint on brand name
  5. Cocoa supplement 250 to 325 mgs a day - there's one really good/popular one made by a candy company.
  6. At least 15mgs a day of zinc - it's in the testo booster.

The other 'standard' stuff for BPH NEVER worked for me at all.

I'm again able to consume caffeine. I get up a max of 2 times a night to pee, sometimes none at all. While my flow is not what it was when I was young (I'm 52), I no longer strain or feel that I have not emptied my bladder -- no more forcing out at the end.

My URO was kinda blown away by what I did and asked me to make a list of what I did.. I'm lucky to have a good URO who cares about his patients

Urgency has completely been eliminated, and I pee 5 to 7 times a day, within the range of what a normal person does. I can hold in pee fine without the said urgency anymore.

Before I did the above stuff, I got a self paid for hormone test which showed me GROSSLY LACKING IN VITAMIN D3.

I can't guarantee this will work for everyone, but I know it worked for me. I highly suggest people try this before engaging in any prostate procedure.

Suggestion - avoid sex and/or masturbation for at least 2 months while on this. If anyone wishes to private message me for any reason, feel free as I want to help. I know the fear feeling I was going thru thinking I absolutely needed surgery - see some of my old posts here, GL!

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    Can you post the name of the testo booster product or send me a private message with the name? I take D3 and zinc already and used to take iodine but none of them helped with prostate issues. Perhaps the testo booster is the key to your improvement.

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      Also, Lugol's Solution is a combo Iodine, Iodide. I tried straight nascent iodine and it did not do much for me - Lugol's did.. BUT, dont take it at night as for me, It caused some insomnia.. Also, cutting carbs down (no need to stop carbs totally) has helped. Middle aged man on upwards in the western world, a great deal of us are on the edge of slight diabetes -- that can cause us to pee a ton more!

      Not a name brand as EVERYONE and their mothers sell it on Ebay and Amazon - it's been around forever. Google things like "Lugol's solution and the prostate" same with "BPH" "Iodide and the prostate", etc, etc.

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    Are these products regulated by a government agency? Are they advertised anywhere? Are they herbals or supplements? Are they sold in stores or by mail? What claims do they make? Would a doctor recommend them?

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      None of the stuff I have mentioned make any claims. They can all be bought online at the standard places.. As far as regulation, yes - standard supplement regulation.

      A doctor would not even know about this stuff. I personally advise doctors on biotech stocks - which ones to buy, which ones to avoid. I used my background in research analysis, along with my biz partner who is an inventor and cancer researcher to help me figure out how I could possibly treat myself.. My issues are still there, but they have gone from major to minor. For instance, I would sometimes pee 6 TIMES AN HOUR! Often times, sudden urges, inability to hold it in, always thinking about where a bathroom is. Now, I don't think about it, but I do wake-up (nocturia) sometimes and pee a little bit at night -- still working on that and researching this particular issue. Looking into melatonin for that as there is some literature on it.

      I genuinely want to help others; Ken and other guys were very helpful towards me on here, so looking to payback.. I make my money via the stock market, so I have ZERO financial interest in anything here, ZERO interest in writing some book for $$$. In my case, my prostate was not super enlarged - it was at last check somewhere around 45 g...with biliobar obstruction. I still take generic flowmax, but every other day now.

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    All the questions about regulations and claims. With most of surgeries not working what is there to lose? With surgeries there is alot to lose!

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      You could lose a lot of money. Most of these products are scams that target suffererers. Late night TV infomercials are full of them. They are unregulated because they do nothing. No doctor would recommend them. Give them your credit card number and they will deduct from it every month. The only way to cancel is to cancel your credit card. Don't fall for it.

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      Yep, I have tried everything I thought would help...

      Zinc, Magnesium, D3, Beta-Sitosterol, Saw Palmetto extracts and / or pure, of all kinds, Stinging Nettle plants from yard in Tea and other forms of ingestion, Lycopene, Green Tea extract, Pumpkin Seeds, Pomegranate, Trans-Resveratol, LinumLife complex, Turmeric, Selenium, Frankincense oil (Holy Shitake' is that stuff EXPENSIVE), Sandalwood Oil, Oreganol, and on and on, etc..., etc..., etc...

      Some things "seemed" to help a little. But never enough, nor consistently, so could have been the Placebo effect.

      Lord I swear, this is one helluva affliction to be forced to endure (too bad we can't turn it into a gas, then Spray it on our Enemies - LMFAO ). I wish all my Brothers who are suffering from this, the absolute Miracle they are searching for. And BTW, I wish that for myself too. LOL

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      Well, some money - I figure I've spent upwards over 1k on this stuff. The testo booster is somewhat overpriced while the other stuff is pretty cheap.

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      Right, DON'T BUY stuff advertised as miracle crap and pre-made prostate solutions crap. Supplements are in fact regulated, but not like prescription meds -- that's my field of knowledge as I cover biotech public companies, trade and invest in them.. A GREAT DEAL of FDA approved drugs should not be approved. Also, the majority contain a lot of side-effects. I HIGHLY SUGGEST THAT any meds your doctor prescribes for you, DO RESEARCH on (people wrongly assume doctors know a ton about drugs, they don't. they actually know a lot less than most people would think).

      In the original clinical trials, look for black-box label warnings, drug-drug interactions - look at the reported side effects in phase 3 trials, % of users who experienced adverse to serious adverse effects.

      What I engaged in took a ton of time and effort - HOURS UPON HOURS of research. Hell, I even bought some device that is a magnetic pulser (did not do anything for me, and in fact, made me worse).

      Every person is different - different prostate issues, sizes, blockages (my stuff prob would do nothing for a Middle lobe obstruction), Biliobar, Triliobar, etc, etc.

      Saw Palmetto - research indicates it does not do much, if anything at all.

      Out of all the "popular" remedies via supplement, Beta-Sitosterol has the most documented research that says it works to a certain degree. The problem with it is THE SOURCE YOU BUY IT FROM! While supplements are FDA regulated to a degree, quality assurances aren't -- not like prescription drugs, so you have to do A LOT OF RESEARCH there as well., Personally, Beta-S gave me a lot of gas and did not do much for me. The stuff we see on TV are mainly bunk semi-scams (Larry King should be ashamed of himself).

      I cannot speak for others, I just know what I did worked for me. It did not CURE ME, but greatly improved my issues to the point I don't think about it much anymore (reason I have not posted here in awhile)..

      Conclusion - people who put in the hours upon hours of research, trial and error, more often than not find something that will work to a certain degree. Who knows, in time I may need some sort of surgical intervention, but not now!

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      How big is your prostate? That does matter. If you have a bad obstruction, the stuff I mentioned may help a bit, but prob not enough to matter if you are over 50G's in size.

      If not, I see you left out some thing I have used. Also consider a good cranberry supplement -- I use them sometimes.

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    Does Testo booster boost testosterone? Isn't testosterone responsible for prostate growth? Just curious

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      It can help older guys reach peak NATURAL testo production, but WILL NOT BOOST over that, follow? It's NOT GOOD to add artificial testo like via injections = that will BLOW UP our prostates. The idea here is to get us to make OUR OWN PEAK TESTO NATURALLY.

      The Testo I use has the following in it -- this stuff can also be bought separately;

      D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate



      Korean Red Ginseng



      Mucuna Pruriens

      Nettle Root

      Vitamin B6

      Vitamin D3

      Vitamin K2


      I'm 52 and my testo levels are over 500 - normal higher side range.

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      Not arguing but, I'm not sure what the difference between injecting Testosterone or adding supplements to encourage my body to produce it. Seems to me higher T means more prostate growth.

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