My son has molluscum on his face please help

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PLEASE HELP......My 6 year old son developed molluscum about 6 months ago. We noticed some bumps on his chin.Eventually diagnosed by a Dr as molluscum.

His chin is now compleatly covered in these spots,he also has them under his chin,neck and in his eyebrows. He is so self concious of them and it is devestating to hear him call himself a alien,and that he hates himself :cry:

We have tried Zymaderm oil and face wash (made no difference at all)

Silver Water (useless) Tea Tree and Which hazel oil ( no change) and are now using cider vinegar,which we hope can help.

We want these horrible things to go so we can have our happy boy back again.If anyone has any suggestions we would be so gratefull.

Many Thanks

Amy and Elliott

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    I have heard from a friend that a homeopath treated her daughter after she'd had this for some time. Remedies from the doctor did nothing. Within a few weeks of treatment, it was clear.

    Hope it gets sorted

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    Hi, just came across your post and wanted to share our success story. My son (age 9) had been suffering from this awful condition for 12-18months and was covered in large nasty spots (many infected) and he had become increasingly distressed by the comments made by friends at school. After being sent home by the GP to 'wait until they go on their own', another GP suggested the homeopathic remedy, Thuja and we were obviously willing to give this a try. Two weeks have now past and I cannot believe the results - the spots have all but gone and all that he is left with is a few purplish scars where some of the nastier spots had been. Please, please do give this a try as I know from personal experience how distressing this condition is for mum and child!
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      What was the Thuja you got? Was it the little white homeopathic pills and if so, 6x or 30x or? Or topical?
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    Both our girls have had molluscum contagiosum and our GP said there was no treatment. After researching online we purchased a wheat grass spray for skin conditions and used this a couple of times a day. We also used thuga (ointment from health food shop) at night and some nights used manuka honey instead of the thuga. After about 8 weeks the molluscum were all gone. Be sure to keep up the treatment each day. One daughter looks like she may have it again at the moment on the back of her thighs so we have started with the wheat grass spray again. Good luck. It is an awful condition.

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    desperate mummy if you are ever on here again i would love to chat to you as my daughter has it all over her face and im so upset with it all and other childrens and parents comments...shes 8.....I love to hear if you found a remedy and it will be nice to talk to someone who is going through the same thing. cry:
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    Hi sorry its been so long,

    We are stiil trying to find a cure for this horrible condition :x

    Thanks for the letting me know about thuja, happy mother, will definatley give it a try!

    Megs Mum- how is your daughter now,i will pm you my email address it would be nice to chat with someone who understands x

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    Please I need some help my daughter has molluscum on her face, for 4 months. Have any of you with this problem found a solution I will be very greatefuly if you can recommend any treatment.
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    megs mum did your daughter molluscum resolved , please if you can help how can a treat my daughter she is 7 and has on her face I am desperate to help her. I don't know what to do
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    My 6 year old daughter has suffered for the past 18 months with spots appearing all

    Over her body. After several visits to the doctor to be told there's nothing you can do and

    they will eventually disappear, we started getting desperate. A week ago I started putting

    Sudocream on them twice a day. Amazingly within a week there is a vast

    Improvement and we are now hopeful they will have all gone after another week.

    Make sure you cover the spots thickly with the cream, don't worry about rubbing

    It in and then cover with a clean vest.

    Good luck!


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    Thanks Sarah, I hope it works for my daughter
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    My daughter has had this for 8 months the doctor kept saying it will go by its self but it just got worse she started with 4 now has 25 so I went back and got told to put a pin hole in each and put bettadine on them and cover with a bandaid it made them imflamed and then they went with in a week and a half u may need to do this a couple of times during the week. it did leave some scars but it definately did work. By making them inflamed it makes the body know that is has to fight the infection. Hope this helps smile
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      Hi I did needle bettadine and bandaid thing every 2 days and with in 2 weeks they were all gone she doenst have any scars or marks from them smile
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    My son is 6 and has had mollescum on his chinnfir about a year now. Today we saw a dermatologist and he put sone kind of liquid on them that makes them blister then they will "pop" scab over and dry out. He said normally it takes a couple treatments to remove them all but with each visit the number of spots gets smaller. For example today my lil guy had 12 spots in total and dr said when we go back in 3 weeks he may have none or he may have 5 it depends on how many non visible ones we missed today.
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    My daughter (8 years) had at its worst more than 100 bumps on her legs, arms, torso and 4 bumps around the eye. It is indeed a horrible condition and had a huge impact on me.

    We went to the dermatologist and got cured – it is possible!!!!!

    The doctor assistant used the liquid nitrogen method spraying on ALL bumps at each visit. A few hours before the appointment we gave ALL bumps an anesthetic EMLA creme (25 mg lidocain + 25 mg prilocain.) under occlusion. She almost couldn’t walk because of all the tape holding the EMLA creme but it did the job. The cryotherapy did almost not hurt (only very very little).

    The assistant was VERY gentle only spraying a few times on every bump and it took 4-5 visits before they were all gone. For the bumps around the eye and DIRECTLY on the eyelid the assistant put on some sort of tube in front of the cryo gun. The tube was then cooled down and the extremely cold tube was then applied to the bump for a few seconds.

    It is about 6 months since the bumps disappeared and I can only notice 2-3 very small scars on her legs and they are hard to notice. Also, some of the treated sites are still a little red but they get less and less noticeable (the doctor says it can take up to a year for the red to disappear). No scars or color on the face that was treated with the cooled tube.

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