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Hi everyone I’m new to the group and have a few questions but wanna tell me story first so it will be kind of a long first post. It all started two weeks ago. I’m a full time nursing student and a full time ER nurse. I was diagnosed with mono in January and was told to take it easy and not stress and drink plenty of water.... well with my profession and school those things were impossible. So Thursday about two weeks ago I took some zzzquil to go to sleep because I had been kind of congested and wanted to get a full nights rest. I drifted asleep and woke up to a pure state of panic I couldn’t breath I thought I was about to pass out and I just all around knew something was wrong. After trying to calm myself I ended up going to the ER and my Heart rate was in the 160s the gave me fluids and some potassium because mine was a little low and sent me home. As soon as I started walking to my car I felt it kick back up but I was able to control it till I got home. I pretty much kept it under control over the next few days although falling asleep was the worst every time I would fall asleep I would wake up to a racing heart rate. Fast forward to Sunday I had another bad attack while just sitting on the couch and ended up in the minor care. The doctor there diagnosed me with possible svt and sent me to a cardiologist. I went to clinical Monday and had another attack and my teacher walked me to the ER and checked me in. Every trip to the ER it was the same thing all labs were normal ekg showed tachycardia but no arrhythmias slightly elevated white blood cell count and at this point my potassium was fine again. So I was sent home again. Tuesday I went to a cardiologist and he did and echo, thyroid, sediment, and a 48 hour monitor all which came back normal. I ended up back in the ER Wednesday night and the ekg showed svt they put the pads on me and were about to give me medication to help cardiovert me but the Doctor said it wasn’t true svt and they gave me cardizem instead and slowed it down. The doctor tried to admit me but my cardiologist who I had meet once for all of ten minutes told him to send me home on 12.5 metoprolol twice daily. I tried that and it dropped my blood pressure (which already runs low normally) and made me into a zombie. The next day I went back to the hospital because I had another flare up and tried to take my anxiety medicine which seemed to make it worse. The ER doctor ended up getting me admitted and they ran a bunch of test over a four day span. Adrenal function, A1C, CBC,CMP, cardiac enzymes, they did a cat scan of my chest with contrast to rule out clots... everything came back normal. Basically almost everything. They cardiologist came in and changed me to 10mg of propanolol which thankfully I’m a nurse and I know how my body works so I started out with only half of that which bottomed my pressure out so I ended up stopping that. So after four days they discharged me with no answers. I am feeling ALOT better now and no bad flair ups since I was discharged, however my heart rate does go up when I get up and walk around. It doesn’t stop me from moving I just know I have to change positions slower. I am slowly starting to feel better my main issue now is my swollen lymph nodes!! ive also lost 20 pounds in about 8 weeks going from 132 to 112. I wanted to get everyone’s input on this and see what y’all thought. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please feel free to ask me anything you think of.

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    wow i went from 132 to 120 and that was scary for me. diagnised in January as well but had been sick since the end of nov. it took me 6 weeks to get diagnosed and i lost my.mind not knowing what was wrong but being so sick. i am in therapy now bc of how badly it effected me. diagnosed with ptsd anxiety and depression. mono totally messed with my.brain and made me anxious and depressed. you are totally having panic attacks. ive been to the hospital for them so many times ... always shows like svt but nothing else wrong. they can make your white blood cell count high too. ive had a few panic attacks thru this whole mono thing and the trauma associated with it.

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      yes this virus messes with you in so many ways.. the list is long . and yes all the trauma of this .... im going on 13 months and its been awful

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      thank you! its great to know im not alone in all of this! how are you doing now?

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    sounds like anxiety which i have major with ebv mono . try some cbd oil or medial marijuana if its legal where you live .

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    This virus makes your body/mind so vulnerable. A lot of us have found once you get rid of 1 symptom another pops up. T his definitely sounds like panic attacks i used to have. The only medicine that helped me was clonezepam. I tried several and they all either left me like you said a zombie or didnt help at all. At my worst which sounds like where you are near I took .5 mg morning and night and after 2 weeks it worked. This is a very low dose and after a month i was able to cut it in half. I took it for years and still keep some with me now just in case. I also urge you to try meditation and self hypnosis. On youtube there is a gentleman named thomas hall that has excellent 20 min relaxation seasions for anxiety and panic attacks. Also, a few years ago i got a fitbit and it helped me realize my heart rate at certain times when i was walking stairs or working. These attacks make your body so senitive to any kind of increase in heart rate and turns into a vicious cycle. praying for u

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      thank you! it feels good to find people who are going through the same thing it makes me not feel so alone through all of this. may i ask if take any supplements? i have troubles swallowing pills so im not sure what my options are.

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    Yeah thats kind of my story i never had an anxiety/panic attack before and i was out duck hunting relaxing having fun and it hit me. I had already been tired a month or two and then that day i got dizzy heart was racing blood pressure was high and i didnt know what was going on with my body i was sick to my stomach well i went to the ER like 5 times from it and they sent me to a cardiologist and a one month monitor showed nothing wrong slightly high blood pressure which is gone now but it tool two month to say i had mono i have had so many different symptoms. It seems to slowly get better so do not fret over the panic attacks. I am a super laid back non worrying person and i got them from it. They did not really stop until i came to terms with it was just panic attacks and now if i feel one happening i just breath and think of something happy and it calms me down somehow and the feelings goes away.

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    This happened to me several times. I woke up one night with my heart beating so fast that I truly thought I was dying. Other nights, I woke up in sweats with a rapid heart beat. sometimes just moving positions in bed would shoot my heart rate up. I had to do breathing techniques to calm myself down.

    I also had numbness down one side of my body. I remember showering and noticing I could not feel when I washed a spot on my leg. I could see it, but not feel it.

    My doctor also prescribed clozapam to help with the anxiety through the rough spots. I only took it a few times, but it did help.

    This virus made me so anxious and scared, something I hadn't dealt with before.

    The racing heart, insomnia and anxiety lasted a few weeks. After that new symptoms moved in, but less scary symptoms like fatigue.

    I lost 12 pounds within a week or two.

    Everything you are saying sounds like mono to me. Its scary I know, but it will get better. I'm at about 95% back to normal at month 8. Don't t push yourself, rest...and this too shall pass.

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      what did you take? i can barely swallow pills so its hard for me to find things i can take.

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      I went to a holistic doctor once my regular doctor said he couldnt do anything for me. The holistic doctor had me on: blackseed oil, elderberry syrup, ashwagandha, lots of vitamin C, multivitamin, vitamin D and echinacea.

      Here in the states, elderberry syrup and blackseed oil are liquid. I would suggest vitamin C gummies or an immune support gummies. Here in the states we have Emergen-C and Airborne gummies for that. I dont know if any of the others come in liquid.

      None of these will hurt you to try and I swear they helped me. I'm at month 8 and feel back to normal.

      Do some research though. Theres a lot of information online regarding these supplements and how they can help you. Good luck.

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      oh ive taken all that stuff and much more doesnt work .... this virus comes when it wants and goes when it wants . thats a fact .

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      Sorry it didn't work for you Lori. I do feel like it helped me to build my immune system back up.

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      Sometimes it can trial and error trying different supplements, therapies, etc to find something that you feel helps. Different things can help different people for sure, just hoping Lori that you can find something that can be help in terms of supplements, therapies, etc that can really help you to take a step forward with things.

      I know the feeling that it can be so wearying when trying so many different things it can dent your confidence and be very discouraging, but hang in there Lori I still believe better times are ahead - take it to the Lord and ask Him if there is a therapy or a supplement or another thing that He wants to use to help with your recovery that He guides you to it and enables it to help a great deal in your recovery.

      Keep trusting in God Lori, I still believe that you are going to be well again and that God wants you to not to be panicked and to know that He is in control and is going to restore you and bring you back to peace and good health again - hang in there Lori, still keeping you in my prayers. God is a miracle worker He is a healer and a good God - let's keep putting our hope in Him.


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    Also, I took supplements and I truly feel that helped me build my immune system back.

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    Hi alexa,

    mono gave me panic attacks, general anxiety and racing heart before any other symptoms showed up. i would just be sitting on my bed or doing regular things and suddenly my heart would start racing and i would feel on edge and nervous, couldnt calm down unless i paced back and forth in my room and breathed in and out slowly to control my heart rate. it was horrible and scary and it persisted for two months before the rest of the symptoms caught up and i realized what was going on. i think this is just part of the virus and you just need to ride it out. its hard, i struggled for a couple months just this past summer but with time it does go away. really make sure to take it easy and try not to stress because it aggravates the virus! I hope you don't get anymore panic attacks or racing heart but if it does come up again you are not the only one who's gone throught it, remember that. i hope you feel better soon!

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