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I took my first nalmephene tablet on Thursday.

it suggested taking the tablet 2 hours prior to expecting a drink.

so I took the tablet with a 1 and an half hour car journey ahead of me.

there was nothing listed about driving, being a problem.

1 hour later still half an hour to do in the car, I was in a state, I simply couldn't focus properly.

made it home, in a state of confusion, was irritable with everyone around me, every noise was irritating me and whilst I had dinner, it was horrible.

couldnt concentrate on the TV, so at 8.30 pm went to bed feeling tired.

i think I got 1 hours sleep during the entire night, I felt sweaty and confused throughout the night.

next morning I still couldn't concentrate, I worked on my computer and appeared to make many errors.

at around 2 pm, I started feeling better.

we normally go out Friday evenings, I did not have the need to do so and didn't drink, my wife who is not taking the drug was climbing the walls, but didn't drink, where I managed fine.

however, I have not had another dose as it frightened me how bad the side effects are.

can anyone offer some up to date advice as all the threads appear a little old


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    I'm on Naltrexone which is similar and has the same effects on me. Keep with it, it will get better. Yes it is scarey as most meds are...99% are confirmed BAD for humans.

    The few that work are for the stronger of us that believe in medical miracles.

    Good luck with this, it truely is a struggle.

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      There may be another drug you can take.  I wouldn't take something that made me feel that way.  The reason we stop drinking is to feel ALIVE...not to be taken down....then by another drug....I'm sorry you got sick on it...thats not good.


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      Yea, really the meds for me...just add more problems.

      If we are going to drink...there is really nothing besides will power that is going to be able to stop. 

      Willpower and the willingness and desire to STOP being a slave to alcohol.   Its a tough truly is..and almost killed me a few times in my life.

      my thought process now is I won't let it defeat me...IF I drink again...the odds are not good for me...I have to keep that in the front of my mind and that is my medicine.

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      Thanks for your comments

      It sounds like you have tried them too then

      Might have another go

      But it truly was an horrendous experience on my first attempt

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      I can't take medication well for some reason.

      And when I don't feel just increases me WANTING to drink to escape the uncomfortable feelings.

      A long time ago, when I tried to quit I took Antabuse...this drug is supposed to make your liver unable to process alcohol.  (so you don't get the effects of being drunk).  Once you take 1 shouldn't have a drink for 2 weeks because a person can get violently sick.

      I took this pill for about a month...then I had a super craving to I stopped taking the pill...waited two weeks to the DAY...and DRANK.

      I had such a VIOLENT reaction...ended in hospital strapped to a bed because I was body was reacting with super high blood pressure, I was hallucinating.  That drug is the WORST....

      Come to find out it built up toxic levels in my body....with some of these drugs used to curb alcohol cravings or stop alcohol use...they put alot of pressure on our livers...causing potentially MORE problems.

      It was suggested to me...if I really wanted to stop curb cravings with chocolate, food and AA meetings.


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    Hi Hedgehog,

    Side effects associated with this medication are the worst they will be on the first tablet, then reduce gradually over the next 6-7 tablets.  Please do not break the tablet as it can cause skin irritation.  Instead, eat a good meal about 30 minutes before taking it and drink lots and lots of water.

    The long term success rate of this method is huge and 78%.  I am sure we have all lived through some pretty bad hangovers over the years!  Isn't a few days discomfort worth it, especially now you know that your next tablets will not make you feel as bad as you did.

    To be fair, the Patient Information Leaflet that comes with your tablets does say....

    ''Driving and using machines

    The effects of this medicine on the ability to drive and use machines have not been studied.

    Selincro may cause side effects such as nausea, dizziness, insomnia, and headache. The majority of these reactions were mild or moderate, occurred at the beginning of treatment and lasted for a few hours to a few days. These side effects may affect your skills when driving or doing anything that requires you to be alert, including operating machinery.''

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      Your reply is really helpfull.


      It as made me consider taking the next pill

      However, i must drive to do my work and driving is a definate no no on the side effects i had

      I would say it was harder to drive than if i had 3 pints

      It really needs flagging up in the information leaflet

      As does the vile side effects

      I agree with your points on the hangover

      One thing though, when you are ill from normal illness, you can usually sleep, this stuff doesnt allow it no matter how tired you feel

      Does this go away and allow a normal sleep pattern

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      Hi joanna

      i have read a few comments of yours and Paul turner, you guys seam really well informed.

      so can you tell me, assuming I pop the next pill and stick with this.

      will my next week, allow me to work, drive, and sleep.

      because these things are exceptionally important in my life.

      what is the longer term position, say 1 month down the line, will my body adjust so that, I have a good sleep pattern. 

      I would imagine you know the longer term implications of taking this drug.

      your help is much appreciated.

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      I've taken this medication yes, Hedgehog, and now I support others who are taking it.  Very few people get away with mild side effects, most suffer the first few days in the way you have,

      In the collective experience of myself and everyone I have supported so far, the first tablet is most definitely the worst.  The next one is pretty bad too, but not AS bad.  It's from the third one that things start getting noticeably less awful.

      The interrupted sleep pattern seems to the the last thing to return to normal, but again it gets a little better each time.

      I can't say how quickly you will feel capable of work etc as everyone reacts slightly differently.  The only thing I can suggest is to eat first and drink lots of water, both with the tablet and during that wait.  So, being on the road is probably not a good idea since you can't really concentrate of driving, but drinking lots of water too.

      Depending on what time you finish work, could you take it perhaps 30 minutes from home and then when you get home you ensure you wait one hour before drinking?

      As I say each time gets slightly easier and most people are completely through the side effects by tablet 8-10, but most also feel much better by tablet 4-6.

      In terms of whether you can work, yes you should be able but obviously I don't know what you do for a living.  If you are operating machinery or anything that could be dangerous if your concentrate lapses, then i would say no - wait until next Friday (assuming you don't work weekends).  If you took the tablet, Friday, Saturday and Sunday then by Monday you probably won't be flying around happy as Larry, but you will feel like you are not so ill and will be able to cope better.

      I will PM you my phone number in case you wanted to chat further at any point.

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      You've been a great help, many thanks, I took the second tablet this morning simply to get it in the body, I never drink Sunday's on a tablet or not.

      i had a good breakfast waited half an hour and took the tablet, I've kept well hydrated and so far, I've had a good day, with few of the problems that I had first tablet.

      just going to bed, so I will see if my sleep is an issue tonight.

      i will simply keep at it now and hope it works.

      i was definitely going to give up after the first tablet, I was so ill, yours and the support of other lovely, lovely people on this site is so fantastic.

      its better to talk with you all as you can explain your experiences, the Drs simply don't know how the side effects affect people.

      so to all who have commented and helped so far, thanks.


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    I was on another Gaba B inhibitor which could lead to a lot of side effects which appears similar.  This drug is prescribed in France for the last 5 years.  All put together the patient's experience is as follows : The efective dosage varies very very widely from one patient to another. Some people respond to very low dosage, other needs higher dose. You might be a low responder and have "over dosed" with your first pill.  Faced with side effects, my sister and most patients found, with the help of their doctor, found the following:

    - lower the dose until finding a dose with not too many (ie bearable) side effects

    - stay there 2 weeks to get the body use to it;

    - slowly increase the dosage litte by little.

    This approached worked for many patients. Pease discuss it with your doctor.  The UK doctor have no or little experience with Gaba B antagonists, but if it allows you to drink less, it is worth a try.....

    Best of luck.

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      Thanks sophie

      I think your correct

      However, i dont beleive they do a lower dose and they are film coated so not supposed to break them

      I have had a few good replies, but im still unsure how to move on

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    Hedghog, I take the same drug and been on it about 3 months now. The first week is very unpleasant I have to admit. It affects people in different ways but all the side effects are listed and can be expected at some level. It does get better believe me. Continue with the drug for a week .  I drank 60 - 100 units a week mainly in the evenings. I was reducing my drinking to about 18 units a week  and only taking the drug maybe a couple of times a week to drink. Then went on holiday for two weeks.I wondered how I would be and knew I would need to take a tablet each day as I would be at risk of having a drink.  I need not have worried, yes I had a drink everyday but at low levels. maybe a beer in the afternoon ( at 40c temp that is acceptable ) then a wine and maybe a G & T in the evening. That was all.   Now we are back home I hardly take the tablet. Only maybe two days a week when I am having a drink with friends. NORMAL drinking I guess now. 

    However, I still have a little side effect when I take a tablet . NOt much just a little sweat and dry mouth. Alcohol is not the same for me anymore and I sometimes feel I miss that feeling, the love of it, however, I could not go on the way I was going. 

    Stick with it Hedghog over the first week and it will get much better. This drug has really worked for me. 


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      Thanks Ray

      i have taken the second tablet today, must say it hasn't seamed too bad so far.

      not like my first experience, so hope it improves from here on.

      i drink around 70 units per week, always on an evening and normally have 2 free nights without alcohol, I have struggled getting this to improve though and I hope the treatment helps to reduce my drinking to Friday and Saturday nights.

      fingers crossed.

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      It has done that for me as I could not even take a night off in the end. I have to warn people thought that this is for life. When ever you have a drink you have to have the tablet. That is the downside .


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