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I have a message out to my doctor.  She might not be too familiar with Nalrexone.  Can anyone tell me what the starting dose is?  Also, it is just one pill one hour before drinking?  Then on days you don't drink you don't take it, correct?

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    You have it correct, only the one pill per day - unless your binge takes you over 11 hours, then you need a second pill.

    The dose remaims constant, one per drinking day.

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    Read this and then, since you are in America, google and read the information on the C Three Foundation site.

    This site includes resources and information that you can print and give to your doctor if necessary. 

    RHGB is correct - the dose is 1 x 50mg tablet, one hour prior to drinking and only on drinking days.  For the first couple of times, to enable your body to adjust to the medication, the dose is to break the tablet in half so that you are taking 25mgs.  Once you are free of any minor side effets, you increase to the full tablet.

    Be aware that this is NOT a magic pill.  The method has tremendous success but it works much smoother if you take the time to read up and understand not only how the method works and what you are trying to do, but that you also work WITH the tablet by following the hints and tips suggestions (which is a pinned post at the top of this forum).

    You must also NEVER skip taking the tablet and waiting the hour.  This compliance is absolutely vital to a successful outcome.

    If you need anything else, just ask!

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    That's correct, Kelly. Here's a link to Joanna's post on getting started:

    You'll note that when starting out, you should use a lower dose. Since you're sensitive to meds, you might start out with 12.5mg to see how you feel that night and the following day. If all goes well, try half a pill. If no side effects from that, then ramp up to a whole pill. Best to plan on sticking around the house just in case you get nauseous. Do go over the link above thoroughly.

    If you're going to detox via outpatient, get that done with first, as TSM doesn't work well with benzodiazepines. 

    Are you taking any other meds? 

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      I take Clonazapm, Wellbutrin, and Nortriptyline
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      Clonazepam is one of the benzodiazepines, so that's likely to thwart TSM, but you can't just stop taking it, that could be very dangerous and you shouldn't change the dose on that at all without your doctor's blessing. Do you take it throughout the day? 

      You will want to make sure that your doc knows about these meds (and any others you're taking) when you go to see him about the Naltrexone. 

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      BTW, Kelly - I'm not a medical or health professional of any type, I'm just another guy on the internet and I'm not qualified to give any medical advice. Just want to make sure you know that.
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      A doctor is the person who has the knowledge of medications to be able to establish if taking naltrexone, in addition to other meds, is the correct thing to do. 

      None of us on here are trained in that respect.

      Dr Sinclair, who researched this method over 20 years, indicated that the first dose should be 25mgs, which meets the requirements on most people in terms of minor side effects.  He suggested (as does the patient information leaflet for naltrexone) that this is the starting dose.  In the unlikely event that this is intolerable, then he suggested that you reduce down next time.

      We are pretty used to feeling ill with hangovers, and it's very unusual that beginning on 25mgs of naltrexone would initially feel any worse than a bad hangover.  Done correctly with food and water before the half tablet, it is extremely rare for someone to begin on less than that.

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      I take it twice a day.  1mg in the morning and 1mg before bed.  I do not take it during the day.  My doctor prescribes these meds also.  But should she not prescribe the naltrexone I'll have to look elsewhere for a doctor.
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      Thank you!   I read about starting on 25 mg before upping it to 50 mg.  I will make sure my doctor knows I've been researching.
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      Would you like a free PDF copy of Dr. Eskapa's book? 
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      Clonazepam has a half life of 30 - 40 hours, per the info that I get from the web.
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      Which means what in terms of the naltrexone?

      A PDF copy would be great, thank you!

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      Kelly, this conversation is likely to get too complicated and vere off path.  The information is way beyond what you need to know right now and, quite frankly, is not helpful to you at the moment.

      Your key thing to concentrate on right now is getting infront of your doctor, discussing the possibility of naltrexone, and allowing this properly qualified person to make the decision.

      What half-life any other medication you are taking has is completely irrelevant right now and going to confuse you.

      Please concentrate on learning about the method so that if naltrexone is appropriate for you, you can proceed from there.

      First thing first, let a doctor decide on possible issues with naltrexone and the other meds you are taking.

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      Benzodiazepines cause problems for TSM, so you might want to talk to your doctor about that, perhaps he has some suggestions for alternate meds that will get the job done? 

      Check your private for a link to the book.

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      That should have read: "Check your private messages for a link to the book."!

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