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I have a message out to my doctor.  She might not be too familiar with Nalrexone.  Can anyone tell me what the starting dose is?  Also, it is just one pill one hour before drinking?  Then on days you don't drink you don't take it, correct?

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    Hi Kelly. Good that you're ready to move forward in your battle. My advice also is to print out the information that Joanna meantiones to give to your doctor. This is what I did, she had only heard of this for drug addiction, not alcohol. She prescribed it to with the understanding that I would go to the alcohol advisery service( not addaction) along side of it. She meantioned addaction which  my response was way!..she said that's response from nearly everyone. 

    Also my prescription instructions said..1 pill everyday and didn't meantion anything about 1 hour wait or no need to take if not drinking. So stick with Joanna's advice 100 percent. Good luck and keep posting x

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      Thank you.  I've printed out the information.  I've also found other doctors in my area who prescribe the naltrexone.  So, if my family doctor refuses I'll know where to move on to.  
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    Ok.  Now I am confused.  My doctor did indeed call the naltrexone into the pharmacy.  50mg.  I asked about the clonazapam and the nurse said it doe not say anything in the note about interractions.  I suppose I'll have to ask the pharmacist.  
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      If your doctor has approved it, knowing what other meds you are on (I assume that he is aware?) then you should be able to put your mind at rest that there will no contradications with the other meds you are on.

      However, some meds do not interract with the naltrexone directly, but do potentially disrupt the method.

      Read up everything on the method, see how it goes as you may not find this anyway, but if you experience difficulties in the method working for you, you know where to look first :-)

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      Once again, thank you!  I"m not sure my doctor is up on all of this.  I work in the health care field and know a doctor who comes in to visit the patients and he is a participant in TSM.  I'm going to ask his thoughts tomorrow on this.  smile  
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      "... and know a doctor who comes in to visit the patients and he is a participant in TSM. "

      What great luck!

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      Yes, that's pretty cool. I just picked up the Naltrexon. The pharmacist said there are no interractions with clonazepam. Why does the bottle say " alcohol may intensify this effect" ?????? Just confused. Lol....
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      Yeah, Naltrexone won't stop you from getting drunk if you drink too much. Is that what you meant? 
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      I guess maybe because it is generally not recommended to drink on medications.

      Your next thing is to thoroughly learn about TSM, and talk to your doctor friend, which is a huge advantage to have!  Do not just rely on luck when you need to take the pill.  Understand what you are going to be doing, and how to make this work well.  This is what Alonangel had to do and now she is really starting to see the benefits 9 weeks in.

      Also, I might be wrong but do I recall you mentioning you recently had some dental work?  The reason I mention this is because if that treatment, or any painkillers you took afterwards included any type of opiates, you must have a break of around 5-7 days for those opiates to leave your system BEFORE taking naltrexone.

      If you do not wait, you will become very ill as the naltrexone pushes away any remaining opiates in your system and you will effectively suffer an opiate withdrawal.  Not nice!  If you are not sure then check with the dentist and ask your pharmacist about any painkillers you may have taken - do they contain any trace of opiates?

      When you have naltreoxne in your system, opiates simply do not work as the naltrexone blocks them.  Therefore, if you need painkillers, or any medications for that matter, always check with the pharmacist before buying them and taking them or you will be simply waisting your money!

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      Long story short I no longer work on Saturdays (dayshift) to see this doctor anymore.  He's not actually a friend but I know he'll answer any questions I have.  I have confided in a co-worker about my drinking and I asked her to ask the doctor some questions should he stop by tomorrow.

      I will definitely read up on the TSM.  I have time tonight since I was unable to drag my butt to work. UGH!

      As for the dental work.  It's just that they're making me a new upper denture.  Just going through so much with their practice lately that it's stress driving me crazy.  So, no meds involved there.

      But, thank you for you concern.  I think I get through til Sunday without a drink so I have some time to research before taking the naltrexone.  Tomorrow will be difficult but my husband has all our money so I have nothing in my wallet but $2.  

      I'm still praying I will not need to go that route as I'd like to detox and try without TSM.  But, I'm open to anything at this point.

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      It's whatever works for you, Kelly biggrin

      If you don't need TSM, great, but if you start to falter it is there.

      It's important to recognise if you are really beginning to struggle with cravings too much, though.  As you will see when you read up, it really helps to take the tablet, wait the hour and drink mindfully. It just makes things easier and smoother.

      If you wait too long, trying to battle through the cravings that are getting more and more demanding, then there is less chance that you will have the ability to be mindful since you will be so desperate to get that drink down you.

      So, give detox and abstinence your best shot but don't allow yourself to get beyond the point of no return.  Hopefully, that won't happen for you and everything will be fine, but remember that there are no awards for who can white-knuckle the longest if that eventually leads to a catastrophic relapse. 

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      I totally get what you're saying. You've got a lot great info to share on here. I will definitely stay mindful of the cravings. I guess part of me is afraid to try TSM because that means drinking again but this time there's a purpose behind the theory. I am so desperate that I'll try anything. But if I feel the cravings I will act on them right away. Thanks again!

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