Nausea at night, can't sleep

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So a month ago I got a sinus infection, went to the doc and he gave me Amoxicillin. A week later, I lost my appetite which is not good for me because I am already small (5'7" 128lb). I stopped the antibiotics and went back in for blood and stool tests. All came back ok. A week later I went to Urgent Care because I was still not eating well, maybe 1,000-1,200 calories a day and mostly from smoothies, no large meals.  The doc there took ex-rays and found nothing. Gave me anti-acid pills (Ranitidine and Omeprazole) and sent me on my way.  For a week and half everything seemed to be going well, I was eating and sleeping ok.  I woke up a few times a night but I felt fine at elast. If I take a sleep aid, I'm out all night but I don't want to use that as a crutch.  Last night I woke up a few times feeling nauseous again, dry throat, and heart beating kinda of hard.  I'm wondering if it's the anti-acid meds my doc gave me?  Other wise I feel fine during the day, and I'm exercising regularly.  Maybe my sinus infection was actually the stomach flu and it's still hanging around?  I haven't actually thrown up from being nauseous but it's very scary when I wake up in the middle of the night with these symptoms.  Anyone experience something like this?

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    I think your loss of appetite came from your infection and that will take a while.

    Since a round of antibiotics will kill all the good bacteria in your stomach you need to take Probiotics (take supplement, drink kefir, kombucha or eat plain Joghurt)

    Plus don’t take the anti-acids.. that will ruin your stomach  PH level that is necessary for good bacteria to grow and digestion.. 

    And make sure you stay hydrated and drink enough plain water (at least 1/2 gallon per day) 

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      Thanks for your reply. I have been taking a probiotic and my appetite is normal again. I just don't understand why I keep waking up several times a night with nausea, no stomach pain or actual vomit.  Then my anxiety kicks in and makes it hard to fall back asleep.  I plan on stopping the anti-acids today since I've been reading up on the side effects/experiences on this site and they do not sound fun.  I normally have an iron stomach I don't feel like losing that.

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      In regards to your nausea at night.. I had that before as well. I thought it  is from dehydration since your body goes a long time without water. I usually drink half a glass of water and it helps. 

      But I think you probably were laying wrong and squeezed a nerve or something in your stomach. Sleeping on your right side makes things worse, sleeping a little elevated and on your back will help. 

      And check on that you are not eating too close to bedtime and watch what you eat. Just eat something that calms your stomach and don't eat too much. Plus drink a few sips of water before sleep.

      I hope this helps : )


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      I plan on drinking some ginger tea tonight and taking only the Ranitidine from here on out until the prescription is gone.  That should make a big difference.  My doc called me back and of course he doesn't think the Omeprazole is the problem and that I should go back to my primary care provider for help....thanks for nothing.  I don't want to go back to the doctor unless I'm actually vomiting or having bad pain, other wise they will just keep testing and finding nothing.  I have a very stress-free life but I have been known to worry about things, I usually keep it under control and don't let it affect my daily activities. Does anyone know if apple cider vinegar pills actually work? I can't bare to stomach the liquid stuff.

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      try aloe vera supplements  before you go to bed.. they helped me sooo much with my stomach pain...
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      and yes, ginger tea will help as well.. 
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      I had a pretty good night.  I ate 2 hours before bed, and I took a ginger root pill, Zzzquil and a Ranitidine.  I woke up once but wasn't nauseous.  So that's good progress!  Tonight I will try the same thing but without the Zzzquil and see what happens.  And this morning is the first where I am not taking the Omeprazole so I hope that I don't get any bad withdrawal symptoms since I've only been taking it for 2 weeks. I will keep everyone updated on my progress and let you know what works best for me in the hopes that it could help someone else having similar issues.

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      Hi amber30306

      Pleased you had a good night!....hope it continues using your process of elimination plan.....

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      You may be taking too many medications. You don’t need to finish your prescription of ranitidine unless you have indigestion or heartburn. If you don’t have these symptoms, you don’t need an antacid.  You said antacids weren’t helping your nausea anyway, so I wouldn’t bother with them.  Antacids don’t help nausea.

      I would stop all the supplements as well and only take the anti nausea pill if your nausea continues.  However, if you are now having no nausea, you maybe don’t need them either.  

      Doctors often underplay side effects and if you found the nausea went away after stopping omeprazole, the PPI may have caused your nausea. Omeprazole is known for nausea.

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      I was having nausea at night before I started the Omeprazole, that's why it's been hard to pinpoint what's causing it.  I know antacids don't help with nausea. My doc thought that I had damage in my stomach lining which was causing loss of appetite so he gave me the antacids.  Honestly, I think the loss of appetite was from anxiety.  Now that my appetite has returned, I'm still getting nausea at night for no reason.  So I've been trying to figure out why.  The night time nausea is also accompanied by a nervous feeling in my arms and legs also which is a scary feeling that I've never had before (maybe also from anxiety?). 

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      The sinus infection you had and the antibiotics which disagreed with you could have triggered the loss of appetite in the first place.   You probably don't need all these medications and supplements now that your appetite is back.  Sometimes, you can overload your system witb medications and this could be the cause of the nausea.  I would come off all your drugs including the nausea tablets to clear your body of potential toxic reactions and if you are still nauseous, try milk instead to treat it.   Nausea can also be caused by anxiety.

      You could also try a food diary to see if any food is causing nausea.  If you have eaten someting you wouldn't normally eat, try excluding it to see if that has upset your stomach.  Try relaxing things before going to sleep such as reading or listening to music.

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    Amoxicillin made me very sick and when the vomiting stopped I completely lost my appetite and it took a least a week or longer to come off bland foods and start eating normally.  Make sure you take yoghurt after your antibiotic to make sure you rebalance your gut flora which can get disturbed after antibiotics.

    A sinus infection and gastric flu are two different things.  A sinus infection would cause mainly nasal congestion and maybe headaches and sinus pain.  Gastric flu would cause nausea and vomiting, fever, chills and maybe a blocked nose.

    Omeprazole can cause nausea and an itchy rash which is usually short lived.  I have experienced this.  Ranitidine is milder and easier on the stomach.  However, omeprazole is usually given for reflux and indigestion; I haven't heard of it being used to improve your appetite. Report these side effects to your doctor if they continue  and ask if you really need them if you are not experiencing reflux or indigestion and your appetite has improved.

    Your symptoms could well be related to a combination of side effects from your antibiotics and PPI, both of which can cause nausea.

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      Thank you.  I haven't taken the antibiotics for over 3 weeks now so I'm not concerned about them, except for them possibly causing some damage in my stomach, hence the reason my second doctor gave me the anti-acids so that it could heal.  He gave them to me to help with the night time nausea but it hasen't worked.  I am waiting on a call back from him for the next step.  Thanks for the tip on the yogurt after the probiotic, I will start doing that.  I have also been taking a magnesium pill at lunch but do you think I should take it around dinner time instead?

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      Oh and also, my "sinus infection" symptoms were just a lot of drainage in the back of my throat and a constant cough/gag that kept me from sleeping.  Not stuffed up, or sneezing, no chills or fever...very odd.

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      Antacids won't help nausea; they only help with indigestion and acid reflux.  For nausea, you would need an anti nausea medication.  I don't know anything about magnesium pills.  However, you don't need a magnesium supplement unless your doctor has told you that you are deficient in it.  

      Omeprazole can cause nausea; so I would come off that slowly and see if your nausea improves.  If your nausea goes away, you won't need an anti nausea tablet. 

      The original infection you had sounds more like a sinus infection.  Sometimes, you can overload your body with medications which all cause side effects.  I would let your body recover naturally from the infection without all these medications.

      When I mentioned yoghurt, I meant you should take it after being on antibotics not take it after probiotics.  Yoghurt has probiotic qualities.

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      Right, my doc gave me antacids because he thought the antibiotics damaged my stomach lining and there was an over-production of stomach acid which was not allowing it to heal and the acid was keeping me up at night (even though I don't have heartburn).  If all that's true is still to be determined but he had good intentions I guess. I have anti-nausea meds but not very many so I have to use them sparingly. Tonight I will just try the Ranitidine before bed.  If that doesn't work, I will try the anti-nausea pills the next night.  I'd like to not use anything but I have my hands tied right now so that I can make it to my job every day.  The weekend will be my experiment.

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      I would try the anti nausea med first because they are designed to help nausea.  It doesn't matter if you run out, because you can always get more from your doctor.  However, if you don't want to use all your anti nausea meds, you could try milk and that works for nausea too. I have tried sipping milk when nauseous and it works for me. Antacids are designed for heartburn only, that's why you found they didn't help your nausea.  

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