Nausea for 3 years help

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I've had nausea (never sick) and loose stools for years now and have no idea what's caused it. It all happened after a course of antibiotics. I've had so many tests done in hospital. A doctor said it could be IBS/food intolerance. I don't get bloating or cramps so none of the usual IBS tablets help me.

It just flares up out the blue, I feel so sick and have to keep going to the toilet with really loose stools. Sometimes once I go, I feel slightly better. My bowels habits have completely changed since all of this started.

I sometimes feel if I get the odd day where I don't have a bowel movement, then the next day, I'll feel really sick and have to keep going to the toilet.

I have kept food diaries but I have no idea what's causing these flare ups. No food in particular seems to jump out. I've even looked at ingredients. I don't eat processed foods anymore, or anything out of packets, jars etc. All my own made things and yet still this is happening 😦 it's affecting my life so much and i struggle to stick to plans I may have when I feel awful. I have a baby and it's really hard going. I don't have any help from the doctors who throw me anti sickness tablets and that's it.

Does anyone else experience this? or have a food intolerance? what was the culprit for you? help 😦

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    Hi ElleJ22

    Antibiotics can cause imbalance of good gut flora, it can kill off good gut bacteria that keep our gut and digestive system in good working order. You could try taking probiotic tabs that replace the good bacteria that has been destroyed by the antibiotics. Also probiotic yogurt with cultures. Eat 'Pre-biotic foods' (google). Try not to eat sugary foods of which the yuk bacteria feed off and thrive in your gut. You could also have gut candida caused by the antibiotics, again the probiotics will help. You also may be intolerant to wheat, gluten and dairy..try leaving these out of your diet go wheat, gluten and dairy free. Try the above suggestions and see if it makes a difference to your problem.....these health issues can't be much fun with a babe to care for......hope the above works for you good wishes your way....keep us postedπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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      hi Mary,

      thanks very much for your reply. I'll have a look at prebiotic foods and pick some up today and get myself some probiotics. I just decided the other day to cut out bread as I've had a really bad flare up and barely ate for days, so I've bought some gluten free bread to see how it goes.

      is there a test for gut Candida? I'm from the UK. My stools have been tested before but I don't know what for, all I know is that they came back as normal.

      thanks for all your advice πŸ˜ƒ will try anything as it is very hard going the last few days trying to look after a baby exhausted and drained from feeling so sick .

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      Hi Elle J22

      Ask your doctor for a stool test to check for yeast overgrowth. It can be carried out in UK...

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    Ask your doctor to test you for gut flora inbalance.

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      Do you know if this test available in the UK? Thanks, seeing my doctor in a few weeks again about it all

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      First of all you could ask your doctor about a breath test for gut flora imbalance which can be carried out in the UK.

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      thanks, I will ask my doctor at my next appointment I've arranged.

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    Hi ElleJ22

    I am not sure if it work for you, but I have heard nice things about Ibarogast and Mastic Gum. Google for them. If you ever think of using it, please do leave your reviews here too. I cannot afford to buy them right now... but I am too looking for some solution.

    Please note that it's not any type of marketing for any product. But trying to find out some solution, in case there is really some natural and safe treatment available.

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      Also my personal advice. Never look google for what is the "cause" of your problem. Don't just ask randomly anyone. They can scare you unnecessarily. People have no idea, and they just make up horrible stories, and spread rumours . It will make you more nervous and create severe anxiety, loss of sleep. Even if your problem may not be serious, the anxiety will worsen it. Try to google more on solution, or natural treatments, exercise and yoga.

      If you want to consult, better try to consult a "trusted" doctor you may know.

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      Hi, thanks for your reply. I had a look at both medicines on Google there. they do look good. I may try buy the Iberogast later this month. Will let you know if I do. I'm due to see my doctor in a few weeks so will speak to him first.

      I did try something in the past called Silicolgel. It got good reviews however it ended up not helping me in the end. I know not everything works for everyone but just something else you could have a little look at. It is similar to the 2 medicines you mentioned.

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      The silicol gel does not look like an effective medicine. I am not sure.

      Also this one is worth looking at:

      For the above medicine, people say that instead of PPI ( like esmoprazol, I think your doctor must have prescribed you PPI somewhere in last 3 years ), which blocks acid, the above medicine, that helps adding up acid requirement. I am personally confused on such comments, as I don't understand, if it is more acid or less acid that creates problem. PPI blocks acid. The above medicine adds up required acid.

      But please take with caution after doctor's advice. May be more acid might not suit you.

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      Moderator removed the link

      Search for "Betaine HCL pepsin and gentian bitters"

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      yes I didn't find Silicolgel gel effective for me. thank you I will Google the other two you mentioned just now to read up about them!

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