Nausea for three months

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I have had constant nausea for three months I have had blood tests and been seen by surgeons though told it is just anxeuty. Can anxiety make you constantly sick? I have been prescribed anti depressant which I have been taking for the same time and wonder if this could be the cause. Please help I'm even having suicidal thoughts as at my wits end

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    Hi Astra I feel doctors are enthusiastic about describing tranquilizers after a few blood tests come back clear. They are not trained to look at diet etc. I think I would have a endoscopy and maybe a stomach scan to determine any physical abnormality 

    I have just had a tummy bug called Helicopti Pylori that caused nausea  It is quite common and curable but antibiotics Also look up on the Internet the GAPS Diet - similar to Paleo method of eating I have heard wonderful reports on digestive problems being cured

    I too have digestive problems and am going to try it - having a endoscopy first

    Hope this helps

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      Every time I had food I had nausea until the food was digested and then the nausea stopped Check out the symptoms on the Internet - affects everyone differently  It inflames the stomach linings etc  You have a blood test first and if positive you have a breath test (quite unintrusive) to see the severity Then a course of strong antibiotics Then another breath test to see if it has gone


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      Thanks. I had a stool gest done and confirmed it.  Cant tolerate the antibiotics. 
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      Thank you aileen, I have had a scan, endoscopy and colonoscopy in the last 12 months all clear! Bloods are normal to. I will look at diet
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    I find it soothing to read these posts for it's been 8 months of constant lightheaded feeling/nausea in those 8 months I had a week of diarrhea . After 3 months of being tested for colon/ stomach cancers and all sorts of blood work CTScans , X-rays lactose and celiac tests all came back clear!

    I have seen ENT , neurology , hormonal , naturopath and my GP. The only person I haven't seen is a GI.

    My dr after 3 months did a blood test for Hpylori not sure why I wasn't checked sooner?

    Did all the medication for 2 weeks back in Nov stayed on the PPI's until Jan when I retested via a breath test. It was gone but not my constant nausea .. I don't seem to get the lightheaded much now. My nausea is better where I am not restricted to bed but I have to lie down after a few hrs. My dr keeps trying to give me antidepressants but I refuse!

    To me this is a bandaid only.... My GI visit is still 4 months away.

    I take aloe Vera juice, elm bark , probiotic supplement nothing makes it go away. I've lost 40 lbs from last Sept and lost my job!

    Trying to keep upbeat meditating and wait for a scope. I have been told by the ER and my dr says my case isn't urgent no pains or blood in stool or vomiting to see a GI sooner .

    Well thanks for letting me rant about my last 8 months.. I've never been sick like this in my life in my 50's . I would love to hear if anyone had this and saw a GI specialist what they suggest ?

    Many Thanks

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      I have same digestive problems and just got my test back from breath test and h. Pylori  negative this time But still feel nausea after eating anything

      Didnt realise nausea etc  was so common until recently joining this forum Have to have a endoscopy next I guess.   You have certainly tried all avenues and no result - must be frustrating. Maybe it is a 21st century disease, too many toxins in our food, water, environment Also all the radioactive emissions from phones, TVs and many other devices so we are on overload. My quest to find the cause is just starting including natural medicines Let the forum know what eventuates from your GI appointment Good luck 

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      Hi Aileen

      I didn't know that nausea was so common with Hpylori until I saw the forums. I know lots of people that had this infection and no symptoms . My dr is guessing that I could have gastritis due to a bad case of the infrction.

      I am pretty careful of the environment and what I eat I am a vegan and work in the health industry always washing up!

      I try more natural ways over traditional medicine know too much about drugs not a good thing sad

      I take slippery elm bark... aloe juice.. natural probiotics . I don't eat much dairy mostly soya organic tofu.

      All those darn antibiotics and PPI's probably messed things up. I have been on a quest for months .. Hang in there if you find any new info let us knowsmile

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      Hi Robin 

      I was vegetarian until recently I lost so much weight due to this digestive problem I am eating more Paleo 

      Also I have just began taking Golden Seal and chewing mastic gum today - o Maruka Honey and Aloe juice goes into the mix ( Recommended by my friend who is a naturopath). I try to eat organic and avoid wheat and dairy too and natural probiotics must be a priority  Meditation and staying positive definitely helps Let me know of any positive changes with your current regime - we seem to be on the same wavelength looking at wholistic methods  My problems are nothing compared to what is happening to you so I'm sure eventually you will be back to normal Don't give up hope

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      Thanks Aileen for the vote of confidence ... I am sure in time I will get my life back. I am a big believer that there is something out there I am to learn by my illness. Since I have had all the tests one could have turning to negative for everything . I am trusting nothing is too serious I have to heal in the time it will take me to get my life lesson. Hope you understand 😉

      My dr suggested I try another antibiotic I took 6 months ago... just the one in case there is some sort of parasite or other antibiotic hanging on inside. I was tested for parasites it was negative but he said there are so many strains of parasites. Since I did take this months ago and this time it's only for 1 week and 1 med I am thinking I will try it. This time I am taking probiotics last time I didn't . I will let you know if there is a change .

      i have tried the gum didn't like it I take the honey and slippery elm bark.

      I know there are factors all on natural remedies or lifestyle.

      Meditation is a big factor for me as well !

      Thx again for the vote of improvement 💛

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