Nausea preceding and accompanying Shingles !

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I was diagnosed with Shingles mid March this year. I had nausea mid Feb, went to my Doctor who diagnosed me as lactose intolerant. Seven days later i got shingles but the nausea accompanied the shingles and still have it.

Wont bother going into my story, but would really like to know if others have also had nausea?

Now getting quite low.

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    yes, I was diagnosed with Shingles on June 21st. Prior to that I had days where I felt like I was getting the flu., achy all over (which i know how was the nerve pain), but also sick to stomach, not vomiting but diarrhea and having to go a lot. I also had a horrible migraine like 2 weeks before the shingles rash, and the week before the rash I woke from a dead sleep with my heart racing (which lasted for 8 hrs) that day along with the diarrhea, and sick to my stomach, as well as just feeling "out of it -zombie like, during that 8 hrs. Since the rash came out Ive had that sick to my stomach feeling and diarrhea twice, last Saturday, and again yesterday going into today. Yes, same thing as we speak. Since the shingles Ive been trying to pinpoint why Ive still been feeling like this, so its good to know someone else is going through the same thing. Its just crazy that its still related to the shingles! Its crazy how shingles can do so much to your body! Yesterday was the first day I tried to not take anything for the pain from the shingles and on the rash site, but I could hardly

    sleep all night. Still didnt take anything though. I had the rash, but never had the blisters, thank God! I Havent missed a day of work and didnt tell my work I Have Shingles for fear that theyd make me miss work until the rash is gone, or whatever, even though IM not contagious, and never have been. I Just cant afford to be off work If work if i can make it. Yes, Id love to be out, so i can rest, and probably need to. I hope

    you start feeling better soon!

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      Hi Tpar,

      I am so sorry you are having to deal with all these issues and going to work. It is terrible you do not receive sick time when you need it. Where is the pain?

      Best Wishes

      Merry Juliana

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      HI Merry!

      Thank you for replying! Right now the pain in right where the rash is (on my right side) and in the surrounding area. The pain in my upper back has finally gone away, thank goodness! Right now I am also dealing with having diarrhea for 2 days now. This same thing happened last Saturday. The symptoms i had prior to shingles was 3 weeks prior to rash was the most awful migraine ever, then the next week I woke up out of a dead sleep at 2:45 with my heart racing. This lasted for 8 hrs and I felt horrible, like a zombie. Really weird! Then on June 21 st I went to the urgent care clinic where they diagnosed me with the Shingles. This was the first day I notuced the rash. The teo days before that I just had 4 little dots where the rash is now. They gave me an antiviral medication and Gabapeinton which did nothing for the pain. The next day the Dr called me to see how I was. I told him I was still having the pain really bad so he gave me Tramadol which has helped, but I am scared to death of having seizures on this medicine! I actually only have a few pills left. I've been trying to only take one tramadol a day for the last few days, which has been difficult dealing with the pain and working two jobs. 😦 I never did get the blisters, thank goodness, and the Dr said I may not since I got

      the antiviral medication in me right away. I've been trying to de-stress as much as i can, but I CAN't help worrying that something else may be going on with my body, or will happen once I'm over the shingles. I've NEVER been one to go to the Dr or take pills of any kind so this is really stressing me out! Any words of encouragement are most appreciated.

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      Thank you for replying,

      Ohhh I really feel for you! This is an insidious disease and am convinced some symptoms can go on for a long time.

      I feel doctors don't know the depth of this mean virus ... they talk of pain,a rash and skin sensations but there are so many more symptoms which vary from person to person. (I was told to just take a Panadol for the pain.)

      My pre symptoms to the rash were nausea, itchy inner thigh, a cold, fatigued, vagueness, irritability, no appetite and weight loss.

      One doctor told me these symptoms weren't connected to shingles but I thought this virus circulates throughout the entire body causing generalised symptoms of a viral infection

      Then excruciating stabbing pain which woke me up at 4.00am which led to a rash on my right buttock with sensitivity and pain in my lower back

      The doctor who I saw, suggested I have acupuncture as this treatment significantly relieves rashes and pain.

      At the end of May he used laser on my pressure points as it wasn't as invasive as acupuncture, (only because I became wary). That was a month ago.

      Personally I found this treatment incredibly beneficial !!!!

      The nerves in my lower back were tingling post treatment ( no pain) I felt exhausted in the evening but the next day my back felt cleared /and still does. perhaps consider it later when you feel able.

      I really do feel for you working! You need to be home sleeping and relaxing. Hope you get better soon.

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      All your concerns regarding your body is normal ....i went through the same and still am. Have lost quite a bit of confidence.

      Am the same as you where medication is concerned, but you require it. The anti viral medication stops the replication of the virus reducing the amount of pain and duration of the illness.

      Such a pity you cant have sick leave as you really need to give in and rest.

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      Thank you MAZ6743!

      Yes, it's crazy that I can't really take time off work, but at least I do have weekends off now. My second job is more relaxed, and fun. 😃 I am relaxing now, except for going to see my client for a few hours to watch the Spiderman movie. 😃 Otherwise the rest of today and tomorrow I will be resting. I just can't really afford to miss work, And I haven't mentioned to anyone at work that I've got shingles because I don't want anyone freaking out! Even though I'm not contagious I can just see our employee health dept. having a freak attack and saying I can't return to work til the rash is gone, which from what I've read may never completely go away. Or some kid gets chicken pox and then they try to blame it on me. Just want to avoid all that! So, my furbaby and I are relaxing on the couch. 😃 Glad you are feeling better, and that that procedure worked for you!

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    When I had shingles two years ago I had real problems with my stomach and stool samples came back that there was a problem and after six weeks everything went back to normal including the results of new samples.

    I tell you this as I had never had any problems before this and after. the six weeks.

    I know shingles is very sore but that on top of it nearly broke me , so you have my sympathies about how you are feeling, I hope you feel better soon.

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      They came back as inflammation of the bowel and when the bowel started working normally (no loose stools) my sample came back as normal no inflammation. I had been booked in for a colonoscopy but had a horrible cold and had to cancel and my stomach went back to my normal and I went to doctor and asked if I could get another stool check as I was feeling better much better. The sample said my bowel wasn't inflamed anymore.

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      Thank you for replying, it means a lot to me as you get totally engrossed and lost with shingles.

      Am going to my doctor on Tuesday with pages of notes re nausea... am beside myself.

      Am so grateful to read other stories.

      Much appreciated!

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