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Feel sick all the time but especially these last few weeks it's unbearable when I wake up. Gradually gets better sometimes but even if I doze off for a hour I wake up feeling absolutely dreadful

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    It's come to the point Where I don't want to go sleep anymore as I know what's coming when I wake up
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    Feel sick on what way? Nausea? Do you vomit? Diahhrea?
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      Hello Dan

      I have suffered with really bad nausea since Oct 2014.Was told in Nov 2014 I had HPylori took antibiotics and PPI's for 3 weeks was retested in Jan and April 2015 all gone but remained nauseous still to this day.

      I get light headed when I am nauseous nobody has mentioned this?

      I have had so many tests done can't find a thing.Have to wait for a scope booked Feb 2016. I will get a barium xray and abdominal ultrasound next week. Did you get your barium xray yet Dan? Did they find anything?

      I developed a chronic cough in July 2015 this is on top of nausea, foggy head too ! I keep getting told be patient or I am strong but now I am tired of this feeling running my life. Can't work for after being up for a few hours I have to lie down.

      Anyone get an barium how is it can they see a lot ?

      Thx Robin

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    What gender are you? If female could you be pregnant?
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      I'm male

      As soon as I open my eyes I feel really unwell. .I don't know what happens when I'm asleep

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      And you get better as the day goes on, and then wake up sick again?
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      I don't feel well really during the day but definitely worse when I wake even if only for 15 minute snooze
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      Are you vomiting or have diahhrea? If yes, how soon after you eat?
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      No thankfully neither

      I feel really sick but haven't been sick

      It's running my life as I don't want to sleep

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      Here is why I was on this site: I had surgery on my leg and knee and got sick right when I got home from the hospital. I woke up so sick and as the day went on by 6:00 at night I would start to feel better. I could only eat dinner - then wake up in the morning and start all over again - for 7 weeks!! Finally went to a GI Specislist for some tests. I had to drink only clear liquids for 3 days - I started to feel better - there was no food to digest - my digestive system was all messed up. After the tests, I started taking a probiotic mixture of 1 tablespoon each of acidophilus, aloe Vera juice, and lemon juice twice a day - I started to feel better and better each day.

      Not sure if this would work for you- I found my know what triggered your issues

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      hi lve had simular, l had a few bouts lasting a few week then settling, but became constant last oct, from waking to bedtime, worse on movement, so even getting dressed made it worse, and had to do household jobs and pet feeding, l did everything 5-l0min at a time and had to sit down to let it settle a bit for half hour, but also never vomitted or got runs, but felt if l ate more l could.  Appetite went, didnt want cereal,lived offf tea and oat biscuits day time, shopping an ordeal of just leaning on trolley to get essentials one shop,  Its very draining when constant, l felt washed out and looked it, dropped off to sleep on sofa for short times, also woke feeling rough, off it and chilled. l,d tried chemist stuff,gavison, rennies, ginger helped a little, by evening l could manage a small meal, no real appetite but had to eat, lost 2 stone in a few months, eating  quarter portion of before and plain food, pots, veg, chicken or fish, rice or pasta

      went off all tinned or ready meals, Gp tried anti nausea didnt work, got referred to gastrologist he  did scan scope,showed bit of inflammation, though he wasnt sure it could cause such severe nausea, l was given omprazole, 2-3wks later no better, l,d been taking a daily anti b for a couple of years to prevent intersticial cystitus flare ups, urologist prescribed, stopped them and other meds, got probiotics to take, also only spring water,  l also got bloating discomfort belching with it,and my tongue coated. so have stuck to same small meals plain food, no processed or tinned at all, never eat till lm full,or would bloat up.

      So relieved its settled 90percent, l truly empathise with you, for me it was worse than pain or tiredness, so debilitating, disabling at worst, and it does affect you mentally and depressing knowing your waking up to it daily. l dont know if youve seen your gp, or what youve tried re chemist,diet changes, but  gp should refer you to gastrologist, for scope, ask him to mark it urgent, as could be a long wait, or you could pay privately to speed it up. Try to eat something, if only small meal of plain food, try probiotics, yogurt. l understand how bad you feel, as the longer it went on the worse l felt, used to study about ways to go to sleep to try stop it happening, sitting up, whatever it took,  but  it has settled, for others also, so should for you, hope you find something to help you soon, best wishes. 

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      Can't have endoscopy as had one 2 1/2 years ago and only do one every 5 years my gp said. So he said barium xray.

      I have felt sick for months only last 10 days has it been there really badly when I wake

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      l didnt know there was time limits on having scope, anything can develop in less than 2yrs, Maybe barium xray will show cause, or if your in the position to do it you could pay to see consultant privately and see what they say.   good luck
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      I think it's the Dr not wanting to spend money by referring me. I did point out that anything can happen

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