Nauseated and slight acid reflux

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I am a male, 18 years old. Never had any digestive problems before.

I have been experiencing nausea since last 6 months.

My symptoms are:

Nausea - especially on empty stomach, chronic in morning.

Acid reflux - slight, sometimes at night

Uncomfortable feeling of heat in the body - body temperature is around 98.5 C

Weight loss - lost 6 kgs weight in last 6 months but regained 3 kgs back when I was on antacids and stuff. Now again started to lose weight after the medicine dosage is over for about 2 weeks.

Sweating - mostly in groin region, palms and legs. Sometimes at night too but not chronic.

Blood tests and urine tests came out fine.

Can anyone please help me in determining what is wrong? My doctor says it is nothing, he asked me to correct my diet and gave me a proton inhibitor, antacid and a multi vitamins tablet.

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    Temperature is 98.5F not C
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    Hi karikm..

    Have you been tested for HPylori it is a stomach bacteia that lives in the gut lining and duodenum and causes the symptoms you mention. It can be treated with can be tested via stool test, breath test and endoscopy..blood tests are not always reliable for HP..ask your doc for a print out of your blood tests under 'Freedom of Information Act' you are allowed to see your blood test results and anything else medically....if you are a UK resident...I'm not certain about other wishes..

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      I have an endoscopy scheduled on day after tomorrow.

      Thanks for replying!

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      I visited my doctor again yesterday. He gave me an antibiotic yesterday (Nordys).
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    Eating late or before going to bed can increase acid reflux so try to avoid this.  Eat little but often.   Try raising your pillow and adding a second one.  This helps to allievate heartburn..  Avoid greasy, fatty and spicy foods.  Very spicy foods give me heartburn and if the food is too fatty, I feel sick to the point of vomiting, particularly with salami or chips cooked with lard.  Sometimes, your diet can cause acid, so your doctor is right to suggest this.  Try keeping a food diary to see if the nausea and hearburn is being caused by a particular food. 

    Acid can make you feel sick.  Another possibility is GERD which can be caused by a weak oesophageal sphincter which opens up and lets acid escape.  I have this.  If you are anxious or stressed, this can cause heartburn. Anxiety with exams caused it in my case. Sweating can be a sign of stress too.   I can get extremely hot and sweaty when over anxious.

    If you are not lactose intolerant, try milk before going to sleep.  It is very soothing on the stomach and is alkaline which gets rid of acid.  Take the medications your doctor has given you to see if they help.  I was given a PPI by my doctor for heartburn and it worked for me.

    If these solutions don't work, see your doctor again since you have had symptoms for 6 months. You may need an endoscopy to diagnose your nausea and heartburn.  If your doctor doesn't help, see someone else for a second opinion.

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      Thanks for replying!

      I do not eat any spicy foods now.

      I have an endoscopy appointment on day after tomorrow. I will let you know what were the results.

      Have a great day!

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      Since you are having an endoscopy, were you told to come off any PPI medication or antibiotics? If you are on these, this can make the test less reliable.

      Hope you get answers.

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      Ask your doctor to confirm this.  I'm surprised you weren't told.

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      Nothing came out in endoscopy. Still have my stool test remaining.

      I told wanna say anything like that. The doctor is kinda old and experienced. Saying that would be like questioning his work. rolleyes

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      That's good if the endoscopy was normal; maybe the stool test will show something.

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    Hi kartik,

    Do you have any skin rashes, dry skin or muscle /joint pain. ?

    You gained weight because the dose might have included vitamins and digestive enzymes. Can you confirm?

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      I have had skin problems (acne, psoriasis patches, etc.) Since long.

      And yes, the dose included vitamins so maybe that's why I gained weight.

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      Hi did you ever find a solution for your Nausea? I was diagnosed with Viral Gastroenteritis a few weeks ago but that seems to have cleared now. I am now just suffering from extreme severe nausea in the mornings. It always subsides by the evenings, but it's affecting my job and I am very underweight now. Docs think it is acid reflux and have given me Lanzapresole but it doesn't seem to be working. Does anyone know what this could be ?

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      Have you had an endoscopy to check for gastritis or h pylori?  You can have an h pylori test using a stool sample, blood test or breath test as well. When being tested for h pylori, you need to come off PPIs to make sure the test is accurate.

      I have acid reflux but I don't get nausea.  I get burning, occasional chest pain which can be sore to touch and a cough. OTC antacids get rid of my symptoms. How long have you been on your antacid medication?  Maybe you need to be on the medication for longer to give it a chance to work.  If you have been on the PPI for longer, and you still feel nauseous, come off the Lansaprazole slowly to see if your nausea goes away.  Sometimes PPIs cause nausea.

      Have you tried a food diary to see if any food is causing nausea?  If you have tried all these solutions and you still have symptoms, see your doctor again or ask to see a gastroenterologist.

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      Nope. I still suffer from nausea in morning. Mine also subsides in the evening mostly after eating lunch.

      I have started to take aloe vera juice in the morning and evening. I hope it starts to help.

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      I don't think my nausea is related to the PPI's I'm taking.

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