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Does anyone know whether this is a side effect or not? Think im going mad. I keep getting pain in the left side of my neck which means that when trying to sleep I have to try and put a pillow between my neck and shoulder when on my side. Tramadol isnt touching it and its there all the time but worse at night.Im having every other side effect going so wanted to know is this one too


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    Hi Michelle

    Yes it could be due to lack of calcium and low vit D.

    Tramadol contains codeine which suppresses the endorphins leading to depression and also suppression of the body's natural pain relief ie the endorphins.

    Are you taking any other meds?

    Codeine also causes headaches, chronic migraine, spasms,signs and symptoms of lupus and muscular and joint pain. It is also very addictive.

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      Tramadol can cause a lot of the signs and symptoms as it contains codeine which is converted into morphine an opiate by the body. As the drug leaves the body it will cause withdrawal symptoms but these will ease off after a while. It varies from individual to individual.

      Also with these drugs you need more and more to get the same effect or not.Best to do without them really as a neurologist told me. 

      Do you have migraines? These can also cause stiffness of the neck.

      I would stop the tramadol first .What dose were/are you taking?

      You need the lithium and as I do not know anything about this drug I cannot comment. I know that some anti depressants for example Dulexotine, Cymbalta causes muscular spasms etc and other nasty side feffects even in very small doses. All this is contained within the Patient Information Leaflet therefore in the Public Domain.

      Best not to rely on another med in order to get off the tramadol because then you just introduce another problem when you have to get off it.

      I researched codeine throroughly when the neurologists warned me about it. Try to keep positive. Easy to say I know but each day you will see a little improvement just by stopping tramadol. I do not know anything about Lithium but it may be necessary or perhaps there is a substitute. I do not know and it would be irresponsible for me to advise you.

      Tramadol of course as stated previously causes depression because it suppresses the bodys endorphins which are the natural anti depressants and pain relievers in the body. My Neurologist told me to avoid codeine, caffeine and stress and to exercise more. Exercise promotes the production of endorphins in the body.


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      Hi Michelle, Hypothyroidism a possible side effect of Lithium treatment. Obviously you need the Lithium but if you have any of the symptoms of hypothyroidism it would be a good idea to see a doctor and/or tell your psychiatrist. Below is an extract from a site that cropped up when I googled Lithium side effects (though I suspect you will already know them).


      Lithium exerts multiple effects on the thyroid gland. Most importantly it inhibits the release of thyroxine and triiodothyronine and can lead to enhanced thyrotropin activity resulting in goiter. Therefore some clinicians recommend baseline thyroid function tests and yearly thyroid function tests while patients are on lithium.[Ref]

      Endocrine side effects including clinically evident hypothyroidism (1% to 4%) have been reported. Goiter occurs in approximately 5% of patients. Myxedema coma and hyperglycemia have been reported. A case of silent thyroiditis has also been reported.

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    Hi Michelle,  I was wondering exactly the same thing - as I am currently undiagnosed with anything yet, I have noticed that the last few months I have severe neck pain, which is excruciating at night when settling down to sleep but also happens at random times through the day - its like a really painful stiffness that catches me unawares & painkillers have no effect.   This has started along with various other symptoms which all seem to be pointing to hypothyroid. I have a doctors appointment on Monday following "normal" blood test results so will have to see what she says.  I hope you find relief, good luck xx
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      Hi Jean,  I am going to go to see the doctor armed with information & advice that I have been given from this site!  Ive had "normal" results from every blood test for the last 5 years but Im at the stage where enough is enough - I cant be "normal" and feeling this rubbish for so long - Im just hoping the doctor is as understanding as she was a month ago! Im fed up of feeling permanently exhausted, and in near constant pain - Ive had a repeat prescription of paracetemol & high dose ibruprofen for about 2 years now, which I try to avoid taking as much as possible - the paracetemol I could swap for Tic-Tacs and have the same effect, I did have slight relief with taking 2 ibruprofen instead of the 1 prescribed but that has long gone so seems pointless to carry on taking them.  I was prescribed another painkiller to try (sorry, cant remember the name) along with a stomach tablet as it can cause upset, but I was violently sick with that so stopped after a fortnight a while back. Fingers crossed that I get somewhere on Monday!  xx
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      The nsaids are unsuitable and now your stomach is sensitised I assume your dr has told you to never take any NSAIDS ever again for fear of causing stomach/bowel haemorrhage and bronchospasms.

      If you google codeine and nsaids then you will be shocked.

      Is it possible to get your bloods done privately. You will also get a full report/explanation which means you can be informed so you can use that information to get sorted out. Have you ever had any antibody tests done or tests for lupus?

      I had my vit D test done privately by a NHS hospital in the Midlands . I am not pushing this just explaining because a lot of GPs refuse to do Vit D screening. Yet the test can be done for about thirty pounds now using a home testing kit.

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      Hi Jean, thanks for your reply - I dont know if I am sensitised to the pills but I dont want to risk anything so stopped taking them - the sickness on top of the pain was more than I could cope with!  

      I will ask the doctor about further blood tests, whether that means paying privately or not.  Any tests Ive had before have been for menopause or arthritis and then the recent ones were for thyroid and anemia and Im sure she mentioned Vit D as well.  But, as before - all "normal" - whatever that is!  I will ask her about the levels of those tests and hope that she opts to investigate a bit further.  Thanks again xx


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      if anyone takes brufen or any other NSAID then the advice is that if it causes nausea the drug must be immediately discontinued.

      It is not a drug that one gets used to!

      It also causes bronchospasms so must not be prescribed for people with respiratory conditions.

      ALL drugs need to be researched by the individual taking them.

      Hope that helps. 

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    Why is it doctors do not see that needing certain vitamins is just as important as pills.

    I looked at the symptoms of a vit d deficiency and found this is what I needed not painkillers.

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      Told by the doctor who removed my thyroid that my levels were low, her theory was everone living in the west of Scotland should be taking this.  When I investigated I found that the symptoms were some of the ones I was suffering and after buyng and taking an over the counter product it has helped.

      I didn't know that I needed regular calcium checks I will find out about that.

      I only know that in the past few months most of the pains have gone, I am  a novice on this site and learning all the time.  It helped learning that I should wait an hour before taking breakfast and 4 hrs before taking vits.  So all I can say is keep reading, asking & learning.

      Christine smile

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      HI christine

      Vit D is a hormone.

      Should really only be taken under medical supervision.

      Excessively high Calcium can cause kidney stones so that is why levels should be checked when taking vit D as Vit D causes calcium levels to rise.

      Are you taking D2 or D3?

      What is your target range of vit D/ What is the present level?

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