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After greatfully reading the horrors of the withdrawals of Fentanyl patches, could someone please tell me what other pain relief comes in a patch? Im currently on Hydrocodone pills and am seeing a pain mngmt dr for the 1st time next week to discuss a patch instead as i need continuouse pain relief. (Severe neck problems). When the dr suggests Fentanyl Id like to be educated on what else I may suggest. Is there one that DOESNT have the HORRIBLE withdrawals as Fentanyl? Also i might add, its got to be comparable for pain relief, as Fentanyl, altho Iv never tryed it, OR a patch. ANY advice is greatly appreciated! My only alternative, as I see it, is to just stay with Hydrocodones. Im on 4 a day, 10mg each. But with the new law my GP has bumped me down from 4 a day, to 3 a day and I am in terrible pain 24/7, cant lie down in bed to sleep without pain, since my neck is my problem. Help!!!

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    You poor thing pain is horrid at all levels and being in constant pain is awful. I'm on the fentanyl patch and desperate to get off them. It might help your pain and will be great for you,the problem starts if you get addicted to them and they no longer help with your pain. Everyone is different and it might help you. I can't advise other than to say I wish I'd never been introduced to them. Hope whatever you decide you get some pain relief soon. Sorry this might not be helping you. At least you will have some information before you start taking them. Wishing you all good wishes and that you find some comfort soon. 

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      Thank you! Can my body get physically addicted in only 1 months time? Dont laugh, but my plan was to TRY it, if i felt I was having withdrawals in between changing the patch, like iv heard can happen, id go back to my Hydrocodones after one month, at my nexk dr apmr.


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      Think one month would probably not be enough time for withdrawal to take place. It's definitely extremely strong but don't think it's that strong  I maybe wrong but not sure. The trouble is once you have had some relief you carry on using,it's only when it doesn't have the same desired effect and you decide to come off that my troubles started and it was too late for me by then. Good luck in you decision,not everyone gets addicted,you might be one of the lucky ones. Very difficult one for you.take care hope you find relief  from somewhere. 

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      I know this is an odd question .. have you looked in to

      the brain implant to turn off ur pain we have it in canada

      for extream pain .also have ur hormone levels checked

      bc there's a link between croinc pain and hormones out of wacky

      It's due to the use of pain meds for a long time if ur at the point

      omg I'll do anything to get out of pain then please

      don't laugh at this ..

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    YOU HAVE MY SYMPATHY it is a difficult choice and one most of us made without being fully informed. It was a god send to begin with that then turned into a nightmare with fentanyl. I got it for palliative cancer care, I survived and now have the nightmare of withdrawal and addiction. I beleive it should only be given to terminal patients. I think I live in a fog and do not function to my full capasity with fentanyl. I spend most of my day in bed as I am so lethergic but that may also be due to my cancer treatment.

    I see newspaper reports in UK of it being a wonder drug denied to other (non cancer patients) as a stop gap between waitng on back surgery and once the person has surgery stoping fentanyl with no side effects DO NOT BELEIVE IT. It is highly addictive. I have known no one who stays on the lowest therapeutic dose of 25mic/hr. Dependency develops and the dose increases. If you live in the US it may well affect what you can do due to drug testing and preconceived ideas on drug taking and the current witch hunts on innocent law abiding folks.

    There are butrans patches which contain buprenorphine another opiod. This is also addictive too and may affect your ability to drive depending on which country you are in. I have no doubt there are other types of patches but think you will find most filled with opiates which are all addictive. Hence they are all controlled drugs. Sorry, I know this is not what you want to hear. Just being honest.


    Have you tried low dose 10 mg amytriptiline? I find this helfull with pain and to help me sleep but need to take it about 6pm to avoid a hangover effect the following day. I find by 10 pm I am ready to sleep.

    I am currently using alternative pain controll as well as my fentanyl patch 50 mic,

    Reiki and acupuncture. I find I benefit from the peace and relaxation I get from this.

    I was given a TENS machine by my pain control clinic this is also worth trying. I think it just takes your mind of the pain when you zap yourself with electrical impulses. Just a few alternatives to try.

    I dont think there is an easy answer and wish you luck at your appointment.

    If you are offered fentanyl ask yourself do you really want to swap hydrocodones for the strongest man made opiate (used to tranquilize elephants), which are highly addictive with no guarantee that you will not have breakthrough pain and still need other pain killers. You are lucky you have the knowledge and foresight to question what you are being given as it will affect the rest of your life.

    Good luck and good wishes to be painfree and enjoing life again. Fentanyl Patches are not the answer unless you are aware they are highly addictive and a nightmare to come off in the future. There is plenty other things to try before fentanyl. Even with fentanyl in a patch and oral fentanyl I was never completely pain free.

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      Ty so much for answering! Iv used 10's and I hate the tingling. Call me weird but its not pleasant, even on low. I understand most patches r opiates & aware of withdrawals of all. BUT the htdrocosone w/d are not comperable to Fentanyl its seeming to me thru my research. And Iv withdrawn of Hydros. Its not prwtty, but do-able. The other patch u mentionex, that sounds like ibuprophen , do you know if THAT and other patches are as hellish w/d as Fens? Iv just GOT to TRY a patch, of some sort & if theres one that has less of a w/d Id possibly try it. Im so aware of how it can ruin ur life that if I TRYED it for only 1 month, the Fent.....would the w/d STILL be as horendouse as everyones saying it is? Thats my biggest question. I really want to see if ait will really give me contuoyse relief, then poss go back to my Hydrocodones. Sorry for misspellings, but im mobile! And bless your heart, here I am whining and my situation is NOTHING compated to yours!!! Hope youre having a good day, today!! One day at a time my friend!

      Kim in Arkansas (USA)

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      Hi Kim, the butrans patch is not ibuprophen its buprenorphine another addictive opiod. Thats why its a controlled drug.

      Fentanyl is 50 times stronger than morphine. People on this site have suffered withdrawals after only a few weeks of these patches. Its very much individual.

      To think you can have it for a month and not have withdrawals is unrealistic. If you have withdrawals then your addicted. This then affects all other narcotics you use . If you have had withdrawals from hydrocodon then you are already addicted to opiates. You are just swapping one opiate for another much stronger one. Simply once an addict always an addict so I am told at my drug counciling and it can go on your medical record and affect how health care proffessionals perceive you. I stopped oral morphine no problem becuse I wasn't absorbing it. I along with many other beleive this drug should only be used at the end of life in terminal care.

      Also consider if it does suit you and treats your pain and life is good. Then you then get another pain Dr who will not prescribe fentanyl like many on this site are experiencing in the USA what will you do then ?

      Any way whatever you decide do let us know how you get on and if you do manage one month and no withdrawals thats great.

      I realise your original question was not to use fentanyl but an alternative.

      Good Luck at the end of the day we just want to resolve our pain issues.

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      Dear Actiquser,

      You are spot on with all you said. Our family is a huge 12 step family. My daughter celebrated 3 yrs clean this week. I am an Alanon mom. I def. acknowledge Im physically addicted to Hydrocodones, but surgery isnt feasible at this time so Im taking pain meds. I, myself dont identify as an addict in meetings, I go to meeting that support family of addicts & etc. But i acknowledge it teust me, & at this point dont abuse, OR feel guilty. I hurt! I hope I didnt break rules by mentioning all that.

      That being said, Im willing to be on opiates for as long as I have pain!

      Curiouse....I know this thread is about Fent but im surprised Iv not heard anyone talk about going up the chain, with Oxys THEN Fent. Oxys are an option for me.....but they dont do much more than Hydros for my pain. (BTW Im a 53 yr old female, in the US)

      One more question...... no ones hardly mentioned, when someone DOES have to w/D from Fent......will no Dr give them a diff drug to HELP w the w/d symptoms? In treatment centers they give Librium. (&Suboxin & Methadone which I think is bad, and very addictive also) but Librium isnt.

      AND if you go to the hospital, will they NOT usually give you Librium to help?

      IMP FACT: Tramadol STOPS Hydro withdrawals!!! Its helped me a couple times!!! And I dont think its a scheduled drug. Wondering if itll help with Fent w/d?

      I just remembered my Neuro DID give me ONE 12mg Fent patch to "try". It did zero, and i cud NOT keep it stuck on ANYWHERE! it fell off and was lost after 24 hrs. Ugh. The teeny 12 mg was laughable and I was not happy.

      Kim (Arkansas, US)

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      Hi Kimmi my understanding of the 12mic patch that you get to start only if  you are already opiate dependant . If it is tolerated and works it is then increased to 25 mic which is the lowest therapeutic dose used, not 12mic.

      Yes I have been offered subutex but this simply replaces fentanyl with another addictive drug. You also cannot drive for a year when you start and have you driving licenced reveiwed annually. Methadone is also used. I would only get subutex if I fail to get off fentanyl and not by my GP but by a drug charity that supports me. I am the first fentanyl individual they are dealing with and they are appauled at my situation. I had to get of Actiq since I am no longer terminal.!!!! My GP practise does not treat addicts which is what fentanyl users are deemed to be.

      So simply because against all the odds and 3 years horrendous treatment and complications I survived my cancer I go from being terminal to a drug addict.

      Life is hard. You either sink or swim and I choose to swim and keep smiling. I beleive it is possible to get of this drug and have a life. I should also say my GP is not concerned about me being on the patch, only the oral Fentanyl, Actiq as it's licenced for terminal care. It was my decision after finding out about fentanyl addiction to want off the patch.

      At least you will be better informed when you go for your appointment to discuss a "patch" let us know how you get on.

      Life with constant pain is not good.

      Warm wishes and hugs to you and extended family, continue to support each other and be happy.

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      Hi if you still want to trial fentanyl patch read leigh69253 thread where she says she went camping. After being on the patch for a week she took it of and got withdrawals after one week. She wishes she had stopped it then. Now 15 years on desperate to stop.
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      Hello there's something u should know about

      hydromorph over 80% of people can't take it bc of all kind of

      Odd side affects really bad ones I try ed it and went sepic in 4 days so please don't it's a really bad drug it was to be the

      newest and best drug for pain control .it turned out to be the

      worst drug yet

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