Need help but too scared to talk to GP?

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 I have fianlly admited to myself that i need to go sort this out. alcohol has been destroying my life for many years i have lost a lot of friends, family members and even jobs because of it. It's been the one thing i can rely on to make me happy but yet its turning me into a horrible person and making things a lot worse. I dont know what to say to my doctor and i feel like theres not going to be any way to resolve this issue. I am not good with talking in groups nor talking about my feelings in person I feel like nothings going to work for me dont know what to do

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    Don't beat yourself up Hun about this 💋 I will sit back and see the nice replies and then then the Warriors and then I'll reply 😚
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      I do not mean to be rude but it seems to me that you think your reply has a higher value than the thoughts of supportive individuals and Warriors.Even if you have better insights, I think that nice replies can be useful as well. I hope I misunderstood you and I can't wait to read your advice once you think the others finished smile I think many of us are happy to learn unique opinions and suggestions. I know I am.
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      Not at all I've posted many times and been ignored so watching and learning tonight
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      Ooooh....that sucks when you do get ignored sad
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      Please could you explain the difference between nice replies and the Warriors? Perhaps it's me, but I don't quite see what help that is to op
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      just saw your reply and do not agree with you since this is an open forum and it is best to strive to help others if you can. I have been ignored sometimes but that might be because that person was relapsing and in a deep hole...
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    Well done you. Many of us have been in exactly the same position. You've just taken a huge step in posting on here. Just tell you're dr what you've said here. You have nothing to be ashamed of at all. By telling your dr he will see that you accept your problem and need help. Good luck xx
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    Hi there,

    I am new here, but I hope I can give you a little support. I am studying Psychology. Previously I was studying mental health counseling.

    I understand how hard it is to talk to a doctor and ask for help. Of course this issue can be resolved, never give up on that thought. Doctors are trained to handle situations. They will not judge you, if that is what you are afraid of. Although groups like AA can be helpful, individual therapy is out there too, so you can build a trusting relationship with a counselor. I also think that joining forums like this can help a lot. You are a valuable person, you deserve to be happy. Just please reach out for help. *Sending virtual hugs* smile

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      Oh ..... Thought you was suggesting something new 😲
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      Do you have something new to suggest? 

      Many people feel stigmatized when they have a problem and they need affirmations to reach out for help. Nobody with alcohol problems should be fighting alone and feeling ashamed....

      I do not think that there is a magic pill that takes addiction problems away. So I can suggest what is out there: Support, therapy, maybe medication, alternative therapy methods...I could suggest things that are more specific, but that is not ethical for the following reasons: This is a public forum, and I do not know Laura. Suggesting something that might work for someone does not mean that it would work for her and should be shared in public. 

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    You won't be the first and you won't be the last. Your doctor should be sympathetic, understanding and helpful. If he/she isn't then change GP.

    I had to go to my doctor this year and say sorry (I wasn't made to), because I had let him down and all the hospitals down (yes that was plural, three have dealt with me) and all the people who had worked hard to bring me back from the brink of death.

    He even refers to me by my first name instead of surname, knows my wife by sight, which made it even harder, because it wasn't like some stranger that I see every few years. But if you want help, you're going to have to swallow your pride/overcome your fear and take the plunge.

    I don't like groups either, I have enough problems of my own, without listening to others', and I don't want to share my feelings/thoughts with others, unless it is a one on one with health professionals.

    The only problems that I can forsee is that Addaction (may go by another name in your area) seem to have it sewn up, and your GP is not meant to offer you detox, but refer you, and can be struck off for offering detox. This was my pesronal experience and it seems to be the same of others who have posted. If you have a good GP, they may ignore this and prescribe you something.

    Addaction, will make you have several meetings, group therapy, health check, then back again for an LFT, and probably several more meetings before they offer you a detox in 2-3 months time, by which time you'll be nicely into the Christmas period. As for AA, they don't get a good rap here either, I looked at their famous 12 steps, I am not religious and I not want it shoved down my throat. They have been referred to as a cult on here.

    There are many people on here that will offer you far better advice, it would be helpful if you would tell us the level of drinking, and does it involve morning, after evening etc. Be honest, honesty will get you the best advice.

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    Hello Laura

    I feel sad to hear of your situation. I understand and can emphathise greatly with you from personal experience. It can be a very lonely place to be in! 

    On the other hand i feel very happy that you have found the strength and determination to ask for help and accept that this addiction is taking over your life. 

    If you are not happy about seeing your GP at this time and feel unable to seek one to one counselling perhaps , is there anyone you can open up to honestly? Its a brave thing to do but you've had the strength to come on here ? If you find it difficult expressing your feelings to others this could be one of the reasons you turn to the bottle! 

    You mentioned that you have lost friends and jobs through drinking indicating that your drinking levels are high. It would be helpful to know how much you drink ?

    I posted on here a few days ago and found the advice so helpful. I am at the stage where my mindset has taken a huge step forward. I'm still drinking daily but cutting right down . I have tried before but this time it feels different. It's like a huge switch has been turned on in my head saying NO MORE and YOU CAN HELP YOURSELF !!! ....... 

    Maybe you are at this stage too Laura. The best advice I can give you is to start being kinder to yourself, make a list perhaps . Think of all the things you would like to do when you have recovered.

    The last few days I have gone walking more, decided to learn chinese cooking ( made a delicious curry alreadysmile Been listening to classical music( very relaxing) Have decided to relearn my piano ! , going to buy one of those adult colouring books smile made some delicious soup . When I can afford it I may book on a yoga retreat even. Most importantly I have told my daughter that what is in my wine glass at night is mostly soda water ( which it is ) I have also told her that if I slip back to drinking more I will go straight to my GP and try the Sinclair method as suggested on here smile You may like to look that up ! 

    This is a long message and I'm sorry to go on but feel so passionate at this time to get my life back. Feeling very emotional at the moment but thats because my life is becoming REAL !!smile not masked and covered up by alcohol !!! 

    I really hope that you seek further help and stay determined Laura smile 

    I dont know how old you are? I'm 44 and have been controlled by wine for over 20 years !!! I am now no way wasting and missing out on the rest of my life. I want to see it clearly and healthily. There is so much out there to experience. I want to learn it , enjoy it and share it with likeminded people. I'm making the change smile and so can you smile 

    Dont ever feel alone and very good luck xx

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      Great tools smile The adult coloring books are going viral. They also help with anxiety, love them. Exercise and other new hobbies and goals can lead to awesome results. Good luck to you smile
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      Hello sophia 

      Thank you for your comments smile I am in a similar line of work/study to you and really appriciate your support and encouragement at this time. I'm working so so hard at this and will succeed smile I've had some wine tonight but now going up to bed with a nice cup of peppermint tea! I hope all well with you also

      Thanks again, take care for now smile x

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