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Hi all

Will try and keep my message brief - basically I have been coughing for about 4 weeks now non stop - it feels like ants are crawling round my voicebox, feels like I have some asthma where my voicebox is & sometimes when I breathe in its like I am sucking on a mint....

In January 2016 I had more or less the same cough, GP sent me for a chest X-ray which was satisfactory and then pumped me full of antibiotics, it helped slightly, I then developed Globus as diagnosed by the ENT doctor, then I was put on PPI's as I complained about acid reaching my voicebox sometimes and nearly killing me, I went for an upper endoscopy and everything was normal.

I went to the GP last week and she said my lungs are clear (I am frightened that all of this is lung cancer!!!!!) - she has prescriped PPI's again and anti anxiety meds.....I am seriously at my wits end, my throat feels tight, its dry, everytime I breathe in it scratches my throat then I cough, its never ending!!!!!

My point/question is - do you think or does this sound like Reflux??

I am 36, F and unfortunately a smoker (trying to quit before someone says stop smoking!) I am overweight also to add to all things.

I am terribly worried that I have the dreaded C now.....can someone offer some support or advice please? I would be grateful!



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    Kay, you're describing exactly what I went through.

    It sounds exactly like aspiration of extra-oesophageal reflux.

    Reflux from the stomach into the oesophagus (Gastro-Oesophageal reflux) can continue full column and, breaching the upper sphincter, aspirate into the respiratory system where it can cause all sorts of ailments. (See attached graphic.)

    Globus is the sensation caused by the cricopharyngeus muscle that foms the upper sphincter, tensing in an attempt to prevent reflux. The cough is attemptng to remove matter that has refluxed.

    I suffered reflux problems all my life until at the age of 60, nine years ago, I had a fundoplication operation to reduce the reflux and get my life back. (My cough would see me practically pass out a couple of times a day and sit up between 3:00am and 5:00am unable to stop it.

    Reflux is best reduced, if possible, by lifestyle modification and if that doesn't work, surgery.

    Lifestyle changes:

    Stop smoking. (Sorry but it does need to be said and you should be able to get help to do that.)

    Lose weight (again sometimes easier said than done).

    Do not overfill your stomach (eat little and often). Avoid tight clothing. Avoid doing anything that will compess, tilt or shake a full stomach. Leave at least 3 hours between last meal and going to bed.

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      Thank you so much for your email, I feel slightly reassured!

      Can you even get reflux without feeling it like I sometimes do when I am sleeping? Could I be refluxing every night, surely I would be feeling it?

      Was your cough a persistent one like tickley all day? When I breathe in it scratching effect which in turn makes me cough and it just continues on and one....I am so sick of it!

      Yes, smoking I will stop & losing weight well yes, that too!

      If you could let me know, sorry about all the questions 

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      You can get silent reflux. I tried to send you a link someone had sent me about coping with anxiety. But they havnt let me print it.

      Shame because alot of it made sense to me. I to have suffered

      Reflux I'm not taking medication I took myself off it and trying to control it with diet. I have good days and bad days. But the

      Crushing chest feeling and lump feeling in my throat along

      With the palputations you carnt help thinking there's more to it

      Than reflux. But trying to get my head round that one If I have a

      Anxiety attack though the symptoms I tell

      Myself its only the reflux rearing it's ugly head.

      I stopped smoking a few months ago. Trying to lose a bit of

      weight. No chocolate, no booze, no dairy at the moment, no spicy if I do i have gaviscon. No tomatoes or fizzy drinks.

      Drink water or herbal tea, don't eat 3 hours before you go to bed. Not to much liquid either, iv been taking Manuka Honey for just

      Aweek my tummy feels calmer. Expensive but worth a try.

      Please don't think the worse it doesn't put you in a very nice place

      I know.

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      Thank you Julie for your kind words...honestly I was in a mess last night, felt like falling apart, I am a smoker and coughing all the time....only one thing screams out to me is the dreaded Lung C!

      I will try all the things but the coughing is hurrendous! 

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      Night time can be the worst. You're lying down which means the contents of your stomach can flow unimpeded up your oesophagus.

      Your lower oesophageal sphincter is supposed to prevent this but it can be inoperative because of a hiatal hernia of too relaxed by nicotine.

      My cough was there permanently. When I wasn't coughing violently, I ws constantly clearing my throat. I asked for chest x-rays which showed nothing. It was when I said to my doctor my cough was worst when my reflux was bad that he suggested what I was refluxing may be overspilling the top of the oesophagus and entering the lungs. (That was 20  years ago and quite revolutionary idea at that time. )

      It helps to raise the bed head by 6 to 8 inches on blocks and lie on your left hand side.

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      Thank you, I kind of feel asthmatic whilst I am coughing,.... its a real nightmare and because I suffer so badly with my Health Anxiety all of the combinations really do not help me! At times it feels like I am, literally breathing through a straw! My GP said I dont have asthma as my lungs sound clear.

      My throat get so tight and dry, I wake with it and go sleep with it, I am convinced that my anxiety does play a part in the tight throat and Globus for sure, but its so debilitating to just cough and cough, smoking will definitely not help but provoke the issue (I will stop!)

      I had a chest x-ray last year and it was fine, my mind runs over drive thinking something has grown in the last year....or maybe something was overlooked!

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      Sorry me again will manuka 15+ be good, and just three spoons a day I read, is this what you take?
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      Many find manuka honey helpful as it's a demulcent, producing more mucous and soothing for oesophagitis.

      The Down With Acid book syas this about Manuka Honey:

      "There are a number of medicinal properties for honey, the main ones being its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Sterilised medical grade honey may be used as a wound dressing.

      Honey is sometimes used in cough medication or for sore throats. Along with the properties noted above, it's texture and mucous inducing properties have a soothing influence.

      However, research evidence that it may help with gastrointestinal problems is lacking."

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      Hi kay.

      Yes it is. But if you can afford it go for even higher. Make sure

      It's New Zealand raw manuka honey.

      I have it after my breakfast, and a spoonfuls before I go to bed.

      Iv read put it on a piece of bread and it coats the

      Osophiguas better than it just siding down quickly.

      Your throat is probably raw with coughing so much so it will take time to heal. I buy mine from amazon.

      It's worth a try

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      To help with reflux symptoms 3-4 times daily, One tsp with a small peace of bread 30 minutes before each meal and one before bed.

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