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Hi again!!

Im refering to you to have your point of view...

Started zoloft 7 weeks ago at

Week 1 :25mg

Week 2,3&4: 50mg

Had a lot of anxiety, trembling, ... so decided to try 25 again

Week 5: 25mg had some palpitations maybe from decreasing. Anxiety...

Week 6: so try my way up to 50mg maybe in between 25 and 50.

And since few days im almost at 50. But feel again like shaky inside....kinda anxious feeling in stomach... some palpitations mostly at night.

My doctor is not helping at all. Since we have tried a lot of med, she says if this one doesnt work, we will stop.

I have taken zoloft few years ago and it worked but it feels like Im not reacting well anymore to any kind of med. Over sensitive...

Should I continue with the 50mg?

Are my trembling or shakiness inside that feels like anxiety are nirmals?

I know I did played with dosage but I just need reassurance and your opinion of what you would di at my place!


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    I think you just nailed it when you said you’ve been playing with your dosage, for me personally I would get back to the 50mg and give it 6-8 weeks to work, the shakiness and anxiety at 3 weeks is definitely normal and to be expected, at least it was that way in my case.  Your side effects after 4-5 weeks should be much better. Again that’s how it went in my situation, of course everyone is different! Good luck God bless
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      So I kinda scrap the hole thing by going down to 25 after 3 weeks at 50.

      Cause zoloft never gave me palpitations issues in the it might all be anxiety.

      I think ill stick with 50 and when I see my doc in beginning of october, see if I should go at 75.

      Thank you Joe!

      Just the fact that you tell me you felt the shakiness also and it passed, I feel less alone.

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    I started on 50 mg for 6 weeks then went to 100mg 9 months on increased to150 mg horrendous side effects just like yours each time dose increased . Fortuneatly early retired so slept well . Year plus on feel ok 👌 but though great materialistic lifestyle having moved away from London confidence and socialising is rock bottom . But I guess that's for me to change as low self esteem/worth 

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    I felt increased anxiety, and 'jittery' especially in the mornings, with a slight hand tremor- started straight on 50mg Sert. 

    Try to persevere, it takes weeks for the side effects to fade, and for you to feel any benefit. 

    Hang in there ! 


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      Thanks New York !

      I dont know if its jitterness but it feels like Im shaky inside and some day my hands are more shaky also.

      I feel it in morning also and often during the day....Like after I took my med... I take it around 4pm.

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    I agree with Joe 100%. Stay with the 50 for awhile. I was on 50 for 4 months and then increased to 100. I had some side effects with the increase but nothing like the beginning, and I also knew it was the med and not anything health wise. I'm doing pretty good but occasionally have a bad day, this is to be expected. If you feel any kind of improvement, I would mark that down as med starting to work. 50 is a low dose and you might need to increase but some people do well on that dosage. You need to be your own advocate when it comes to your body. I don't know where your from but here in the USA we just go to another doctor. People on this forum is full of advice and knowledge and I am thankful to all the great comfort I received. I hope this helped. Sending angel blessings your way.😇

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      Great advice Brenda! I’m right here with ya in the good ole USA as well. 
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      Yes you are absolutly right....but I definitly have doubts every now and then. Its like if I loss self confidence over all the meds attemps.

      Just need to be settle and have a more stablilise mind.

      Thank you !!!

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    Have you got any support from anyone near you I'm afraid if my doctor said that if the meds didn't work that's it I would have felt panic struck can you talk to anyone close to you.I have been through a break down ten years ago and all you can do is find someone to confide in take the medication and sit it out.It took months for me to get better last time its horrible but you have to believe it will pass .Hoping it gets better for you .

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      I know its a long road!

      So for you also, it wasnt easy?

      I long have you been on it?

      Thanks a lot!

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      Only 8 days but the whole thing since the break down a week ago has been he'll just can't work out how it's all happened .

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      Hope you also have relief soon!

      Its always hell to have to go throughts side effects plus the symptoms we already have.

      But I know we have to be patient.

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    Thanks everyone!

    I know I have to persevere throught this but being my own advocate is not easy cause I doubt a lot... mostly about meds!

    I have a great support around me.

    But its been a loooong road .

    Had a breakdown in january 2017. Anxiety and burn out with lots of dizziness. I was already on lexapro.

    My pgdoc just changed my med several times. It was stupid and crazy.

    Then I asked for a psychiatrist cause it seemed I was oversensitive to all meds.

    The psychiatrist did 3 attemps and in last summer said that I can re try zoloft that worked few years ago but because I seem intolerante she wont try something else after.

    She tried withdrawing from prozac before my swicht to zoloft butI wasnt feeling good at all.

    Im kind of fustrated in the way doctors dont understand that we have side effects. I think my nervous system never had a break since a year an a half. I was having dizziness like crazy all the time and mostly after I took my meds.

    I just want some relief and life back!!!

    Im in Canada so the health system is a bit different.

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      If you can try celexa that may work for you:  I hope this works for you though:  they will tell you lexapro and celexa are same but don’t believe it!  I took 5 mgs if celexa and it was great and quickly went to 10 mgs and stayed there till inweaned off later:  this time I just stumbled upon sertraline and wanted to try it otherwise I would be back on celexa. 
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      Thanks Alf Alf.

      I tried celexa after cipralex and it didnt work. Cipralex worked for 3 years then I had my burn out and anxiety in january 2017 with intense dizziness.

      Celexa just also gave me bad headaches, anxiety and dizziness also.

      But I will hang in there...

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