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So the Forum Family awakens to a new day, a New Year, and a new beginning

New Hope?

Hope is ephemeral I know. Here one minute, gone the next. But we, as a whole, have something far more solid to cling to. We have each other

The power of support from those who truly understand, who have experienced that which we go through and struggle to control, is beyond price.

How can this be? I was thinking about that, about you all, today. How can complete strangers be our lifeline, our support when loved ones, unwittingly, unintentionally, fail us?

Yes, we might hide from loved ones much of our true suffering for fear of becoming tiresome. But the answer, I believe, is we are not strangers in the true sense

We might not know names, faces, but you are me and I am you.

Each of us shares the experience of AD/PD, ergo each of us truly understands the other. And because of this we lay bare our true feelings

We might not agree on the self-help methods. What works for one might fail another. But the important thing is everyone reaches out to help and support each other

 Fear and loneliness, feelings of shame and helplessness, the inability to cope all alone, are the foundations which cement AD/PD firmly in place

So the reaching out of others makes this Forum a special place. It is our place, our refuge, our support line.

So when I was thinking about you all this morning I was not hoping, that being hard to sustain, but willing you one and all, to make a fresh start with renewed energy and belief

Let's all let go of last year with all it's ups and downs and heartaches. Lets all move forward and make this a great year, a healing year.

Together we can do this. Strength in numbers

We have each other to make this possible!

Day one, Forum Family!

Onwards and upwards

Love to all



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    Hot speak some true words Helen! Thinking that we have each other makes us feel better,seeing people get better on here, gives us hope. We are a family, a nice bonded family even if we've never seen each other! Best of luck! Happy new year to all!

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    I also feel scared and alone, I get this feeling of dying soon and dying from the inside out and it is getting worse by the days and weeks. I have days where I just feel like crying and I feel like there is nothing no one can do! I have a lot of people around me but I have not told no one till now on this forum I'm scared!!! Can anyone give me some advice on what to do please. I'm scared to tell anyone around me because they might find it stupid and tell me to get over it? I'm 28.

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      Hi there Bryan

      Firstly, you are not stupid.

      It appears you are depressed and have added anxiety disorder.

      Trying to hold it all together,  trying to cope  all alone, will not work honey. You have to take matters into your own hands

      You must make an appointment with your GP. And you must be totally honest so that the doctor can make an infomed diagnosis and decide upon the best treatment tailored to your needs

      There is nothing to ne ashamed of in being ill no matter what shape or form the illness takes. I would advise you to confide in a loved/trusted one. because trying to hold it all together in front of others for fear of being judged/humiliated, is piling stress upon stress

      If you feel like crying, then cry. It releases tension

      Learn all you can about Anxiety/Panic Disorder and the self-help methods availabe. The  Forum Family will all help

      Never google symptoms! Not unless you want to worsen your symptoms and frighten yourself to death

      And speaking of which

      You are not dying!


      Please don't be frightened. Take positive steps to get all the help you can. That's what the majority of the Forum Family do. That's where the road to recovery begins

      We are all here for you

      Hugs Helen


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      Thank you so much for such a heart warming response it actually means a lot to me, I'm guessing all I can do is try but some days are so difficult, it really is nerve racking for me to have a actually one to one with a doctor about what is going on with me. I just don't like the overwhelming pressure I get in my body it feels like I'm being crushed it is so scary. Thank you Helen

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      Reading up about it can either pacify or wind one up depending on how you are approaching it at the time. That is my experience anyway.

      I would advise taking on board the comments on here but still discuss with your dr.

      Sharing your fears with the Samaritns can be therapeutic as well. Their freephone number is 0116 1234. It is entirely confidential, non  judgmental and they will listen toyou.


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      Hi there Bryan

      In the side panel of this page is a list of related info

      If you are just starting on this jorney of recovery then don't get sidetracked by letting your imagination run away with you. Fearing fatal diseases, fearing impending doom and sudden death are the bane of those with AD/PD

      It's all nonsense. Dreadful as the symptoms are they will not harm you. And here I go again, lol, like a parrot


      It's not the symptoms that we must fear

      We must lose fear of the symptoms

      It's not easy, no, but it can be done. Arm yourself with every self help tool available. Be positive. Let the Forum Family support you. Let yor GP know what's going on with you.

      Please don't be afraid/. Take this opportunity to grab your AD by the scruff of the neck and shake it loose

      It's Day One of this New Year

      Make it Day One of you taking control of your problem

      The first wobbly step on the road to your recovery

      Hugs Helen

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      Ok then I'm not being entirely honest with you and myself and this group I feel as though this will be my first step to recovery. I have another problem and I use sex and self please as a comping mechanism and as soon as I have reached self pleasure I feel nothing and slowly go back to that dark place of Anxiety and Depression. I hope that this was not inappropriate to the chat but I felt as though I have to be honest on here.

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    Well said. I have made some decisions about my life i am anxious about but i am still doing it. This is going to be a better year. We can't let this take over. Thank you xxx

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      Hi Julie,

      well making decisions is a form of taking control and can be beneficial.

      It's when we dither, when we are suspended in a state of uncertainty that the stress weighs us down

      It's not easy making decisions, harder still to follow through. But when we do, we do regain that control, so missing in everyday AD/PD life.

      Whatever/however you choose to move forward, I applaud your courage and I wish you, from my heart, all the best!

      Keep going forward!

      I for one am cheering you on

      Hugs Helen


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