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Help! After weeks of itchy, streaming eyes, my GP has told me I've got Blepharitis and to wash my eyes in a weak solution if baby shampoo. It's driving me mad a and getting me down, I feel rubbish.  Any advice would be so so gratefully received. 

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    Hi Karen

    Check out Lyndas thread....sorry I'm no good at posting links

    I went back and forward for 3 years to the consultant {approx evey 3 months} I was given everything....drops, creams, instructions on hygeine for my eyes but it was always different.....some said baby shampoo, some said no

    I got so fed up that when I read Lynda's thread about Wet Ones I thought what have I go to lose!!!!

    I tried it and it worked.

    Sometimes they water a little bit and I have to do it more regularly but nothing compared to what they were.......dry, red, itchy, watering etc

    Try and find the thread



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    Welcome to the club, Karen (unfortunately)!  There's lots of information you can gleam from reading the other discussions.  In a nutshell, some people are having success by wiping their exterior eyelids with small pieces of Wet Ones towelettes to kill the bacteria.  You might want to refer to Lynda79's insights.  The Wet Ones were very drying for me.  I likely used them too often during the day as my eyes were really bothering me.  Someone recommended Vagisil which I am now using and having some success with.  It contains benzocaine and retinoscol.  It is less creamy than Lanacaine (which also contains the same ingredients, but is in a creamier mixture that I found clogged my pores when I used this and caused my eye lids to swell. I also posted trying this).  I am waiting to see if Vagisil does the same thing.  Either way, if you're going to try one of these over the counter items, I recommend that you use the Wet Ones or Vagisil sparingly and don't over do it with too many applications during the day.  You will also need to use eye drops (I use Systaine Balance) frequently during the day to wash away any bacteria that accumulates since your eyes are likely dry too.  I do use the baby shampoo regiment in the morning and at night too.  I am avoiding eye makeup as much as possible.  I threw out all my old eye makeup too and washed my brushes thoroughly.  I am finding that my scalp is now itchy too and am wondering if there is more involved in my case.  I'm trying Selsum Blue Shampoo now too. I see my family dr. tomorrow.  Beforehand, she prescribed two rounds of an antibiotic called Vigomax which I used on my eyelids (instead of putting the drops into my eyes)  This cleared up most of the crustiness, redness and itching but then the condition came back.  I'm not sure whether she will prescribe more antibiotics or refer me to an opthamologist for further consultation.  In my last visit, she questioned whether I had a condition called rosacea so I am a little worried that I might have to go on a longer round of oral antibiotics to clear this up.  Rosacea can appear on the eyelids only.  You can google this condition for more information too.  I hope this is helpful.  This condition is very frustrating to deal with and it is not pleasant to go around with red, rimmed eyes!
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      Hi Just thought I would add that I had rosacea for many years as do both my daughters.  I saw a dermatologist years ago and he said that as well as the rosacea I also had seborreic(wrong spelling) dermatitis and to use nizoral shampoo on scalp and face.  I still use nizoral everynow and then although not really troubled with facial rosacea since going throught the menopause obviously hormone related. I too have Blepharits mild years ago but got bad in the last few years now under control.  Yes you are right rosacea can either face eyes or both.

      Antibiotics are prescribed for rosacea.  I could not take cycline ones but remember having a 3 month cause of erythomycin some years ago.

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      I just went back to my cornea specialist.  He had diagnosed me a few weeks ago wit having Blepharitis. I had been treated all summer by another Dr for Pink-eye.  Bottom line, he tried prescription drops but not an oral antibiotic. He did say this last visit, Blepharitis Never goes away.  There are things to help it but he said as of now insurance doesn't cover the cost , about $1000 and needs to be repeated every 2 years and for some, it doesn't help. He said Rosacea and Blepharitis go hand in hand and that it is hereditary.. I never knew I had Rosacea, but now I am noticing raised bump like things under my skin on my arms.  I am using the wet ones about once a day and use Occusoft eye wipes that are very very soothing . I am using teh Systane Balance Ultra eye drops and they are very helpful.  I use the warm wash cloth compresses once in morning and before bedtime . Five minutes is all that is necessary for that.  But be careful.  At first, I got my cloth too too hot and burnt my lids and it took about 2 weeks for the crusty part to leave sad I also ordered disposable mascara wands to use when I do use eye make-up and it is great.  I ordered  these online at a discount price.I do find that if I wear eye make-up and leave it on for 8 hours, my eyes are much like they were when this first started .  It is very discouraging, but is something I can live with as opposed to having cancer or some other disease. I am thankful for that.  But misery loves company as they say and it helps knowing that we are not the only ones having it.
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      Thanks Kathy!

      Lots of info in your message.  Will try for disposable masscara wands too.  Have also used compressess that were too hot and thought my condition got worse.  Now I know why!

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    Thank you to all of you, it's just nice knowing others know how irritating it is.  And Lori. My scalp itches to, I wondered if it was the dye the hairdresser uses though. I'm going to get the wet wipes, anyone know where they sell them in UK?  As I'm writing this my eyes are streaming, arrrggggg! 
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      Thanks Karen!  I'm going to ask my hairdresser if she's switched products.  I didn't think about the hair dye causing my scalp to itch as I've dyed my hair for over 30 years and never had a problem! In the UK, I think Wet Ones are called Quats.  I think that's what I read in other messages.  Good luck!
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      Karen, Yesterday in my DR.'s appt. my Dr. mentioned the hair dye and asked me to ask my hairdresser if the product contained PPD's as this chemical compound is known to cause allergic reactions.  My Dr. thinks my eye issue is caused by allergies.  She recommended that I switch laundry to detergents and fabric softeners to products free of dye's and fragrances and to double rinse my laundry.  Yesterday, I washed my sheets with a dermatologist recommended laundry soap, double rinsed them  and I am not as itchy today.  There could be something to this.  She did not think I had eye infections and is prescribing an allergy eye drop which I'm on my way to pick up and try.  She also gave me a testing tube of Elidel for eczema to put on my eye lids at night before bed only so it doesn't get into the eyes.  It is soothing to the skin.  We'll see!
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    Hi I have Blepharitis and I have found taking flaxseed every day has eased all the symptoms. It can be bought at Sainsbury's or health food shops.


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    Hi Karen!

    I have tried a lot of what's been recommended on the forums.  I just had an allergic reaction to Wet Ones.  My DR. feels that my condition is caused by allergies.  She thinks that blepharitis is a form of dermatitis which can be caused or exascerbated by certain chemicals in various products we use for cleansing and beauty.  She feels that the stapholococcus bacteria is a secondary symptom of blepharitis, ie. when the site becomes infected, which it can, but is not the primary cause.  She cautioned me about washing my hair and letting the soap/cream rinse fall in my eye area or using other face cleansers/soaps with certain chemicals.  Even baby shampoo has chemicals in it apparently, even though it is tear free.  This process of washing the eye lids regularly with baby shampoo could be exascerbating the condtion in itself.   I am wondering if others have been down the route of allergic reactions and what they have found?

    I am going as far now to switch to cosmetic, beauty products, soaps and detergents that do not contain chemicals or allergic causing dyes.  I have found a line of beauty products called Arbonne which I am going to try.  These products are all chemical free. Today, I was able to try a sample of an Arbonne eye gel that did not make my eyes start watering!  This company makes a whole range of products including cosmetics that are all chemical/dye free.  But restocking all one's shampoos, makeup, facial/eye creams, soaps, etc with chemical free products is an expensive proposition.  So has anyone been down this route before and if so, what did you find?


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      Thank you for that Lori. I'm wondering if mine is caused by allergies as when I saw the optician he thought it was an allergic reaction. I'll look up that company for sure. I've been using Blephaclean wipes, they have made it slightly better but out cycling today, my eyes were terrible, streaming.  I'm so hoping that I can get some resolution . 
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      I am finding that I am getting a reaction to the wipes over time.  I had to stop using them and went back to the baby shampoo.  Now it is too drying too!  So I have ordered a body wash product from the Arbonne line for babies that is chemical/dye/scent free.  I should have it by the end of the week and will give it a try.

      I found the TEARS line has an eye drop for allergies that may help you with the excessive watering.  The antibiotic allergy eye drop I was given is called "Pataday".  It has stopped the watering and is clearing up the redness.  But I cannot use any creams whatsoever on my face or near my eyes so far.  I tried the Arbonne samples today and was able to use their facial line without itching or watering.  I am hoping this is helpful with the dry skin around my eyes too.

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      Hi Lori I have never used the wipes but a few months ago I changed from baby shampoo to bicarbonate of soda and my eyes are so much better.

      I use 1/2 teaspoon in beaker of cooled boiled water use to scrub around lashes as normal then massage and then I wipe over the entire eyelid with cooton wool make up pad dipped in the solution, and of course hot compresses first.  If you need another option it is worth a try.  I too found shampoo far too drying.  It is cheap as well.  Good luck

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