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New here. I was started on 15 mg and was sedated for almost 24 hours! My Dr said to cut in half and it worked great for the next night. Last night I was ready to run a marathon I took the half dose and was ridiculously high I then took the second half and it didn't help at all. I only slept 4 hours. I want to just stop the med completely now.

I see my Dr in a week (on vacation) does anyone think it's safe to just stop it after 3 days? Any advice appreciated.

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    Yes, better stop now then later. It only gets worse the longer you take it.

    Remeron is a super strong drug and very hard to ween off from. Better don't touch it at all. My own experience, I am not a doctor though, but good experineced doctors in my opinion don't describe it anymore.

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      Have to disagree slightly with georg85519 about mirtazapine. It's been a wonder drug for me, given me back my life. So you can't generalise, what suits one person might not suit another. It's your choice.

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      I'm sorry Georg, that's just not true. Mirtazapine is one of the better ADs out there—that's not my opinion, that's a medical fact. If you had a bad experience with it, then it's totally understandable that you'd feel that way, but the vast majority of people who take mirtazpaine love it. Saying "it only gets worse the longer you take it" and "better don't touch it at all" is just going to further frighten people that are already dealing with depression and anxiety and are scared and vulnerable in the first place.

      I quit mirtazapine cold turkey 7 weeks ago after taking 45mg for 12 years and it was a walk in the park compared to quitting Paxil more than a decade ago. SSRIs are generally harder to taper off of. Just because it was easier for me doesn't mean it will be easier for everyone, of course.

      Mirtazpaine isn't right for some people, of course. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a try. Especially if you have anxiety and insomnia.

      Tess, I wouldn't recommend messing with the dosages set by your doctor. Although, I'm now questioning your doctor's knowledge of mirtazapine if he told you to cut 15mg in half so it wouldn't be as sedating. That may be true with some ADs but not mirtazpaine: it is more and more sedating the more you lower the dose. (To a point—it's not like if you take 1mg you'll sleep for a year or anything.) But 7.5mg is more sedating than 15mg, in fact, at 7.5mg it's just a sleeping pill with antihistamine properties that won't do anything for depression whatsoever.

      It's not until you get up to 30mg or even better, 45mg, that it becomes much less sedating, begins to combat depression, and you can function well on it.

      Are you on any other meds at the moment? Or did you just quit another med before you began mirtazapine? Are you taking tramadol or St John's Wort or opioids for pain or drinking any alcohol? (I'm a wine freak, and one drink while taking mirtazapine felt like 3 drinks, to me. Which was a problem when I just wanted wine with dinner and had no desire to feel completely loaded at 8pm on a Tuesday LOL.)

      And yes after 3 days it's totally fine to stop. Especially at that crazy-low dose. It takes time for these meds to work so I'd say don't give up after only 3 days. Everyone goes through that adjustment period and it, more often than not, improves dramatically and you feel completely normal again.

      Keep us posted and good luck!

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      Thanks for the great response (everyone) I've been on Xanax and a sleeping pill Dalmane forever. I let the depression go far too long and Sunday went to the ER for an overnight stay in psych for med adjustment. The Dr there started me on the mirtazapine. My regular dr advised me to increase the dose to 30 mg which didn't make sense at the time, I've learned a lot since then, she said I could stay on the 15 since it worked well for me. I'm going off it for now since I have an appt with my regular dr next week and will discuss best med for me.

      Again, thanks for all the great responses. Wish me luck!

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    Well I'd say 3 days is far too early to judge, mirtazapine needs a few weeks to show it's benefits and for any side-effects to settle down. It's your decision whether to just stop, but you'll be left with whatever problem you had to start with, and you'll never know if it could have helped you. Is there another doctor you could see, to perhaps get some temporary medication to help you sleep while the mirtazapine starts to work. It sounds like you are very anxious, perhaps a tranquilliser would help in the short term, or something like zopiclone to make you sleep? However, it is your decision, weighing up the pros and cons.

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    Hi tess

    i agree with pixie. It's only been three days and i personally know how good mirtazipine can be. How was you feeling prior to taking it? I would not just come off it without talking it through with those you trust.


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      Hi Lorraine

      I am a recent user of Mirtazapine for nerve pain and

      have had no significant side effects other than (don't

      know if I'm becoming paranoid) noticing a few

      strands of hair shedding more than usual. Have you

      any experience of this kind? In the patient leaflet

      it doesn't mention this as one of the common side



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      Hi Lorraine 

      Thanks for replying so quickly. I started taking Mirtazapine 15mg

      in the middle of June then advised by dr to increase to 30mg

      two weeks ago. As I said previously this is for nerve pain , which

      has come on since I retired at Christmas. I haven't had any

      noticable side effects and upping to 30mg doesn't seem any

      different to being on 15mg. I appreciate that I am taking it

      for different reasons to others on this site. I get a good nights

      sleep but the jury's out as to whether it helps the burning feet

      during the day! I'm in the UK, are you.

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      Hi woodie

      Yes I'm in UK (Essex) I tried the 30 mirt but it was too much of a high dose for me. The sensation of burning feet must be torturous and aggravating. How are you coping generally with retirement? Some people love it, whilst others miss working. Do you think mirt will help with your nerve damage? Hope so woodie as after all your hard work it would be great for you to enjoy your retirement with good health xx

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      Hi again,

      I live in Staffordshire. Not coping with retirement v well at 

      the moment. I just want to get to the bottom of the problem, 

      having nerve ending test, had 24hr water test

      (awaiting results) and blood tests for numerous conditions

      which have come back negative, noticed it around Mothers

      Day in March.

      I worked until 67, only a mile away from home and I have

      really missed everyone, a young crowd which I got on

      well with. Looking forward to better times with my very

      understanding partner.


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      Hi woodie

      you are right, you will have better times. 67 is still young so both you and your partner will have much better times ahead. If you get time let me know how your tests go.

      wishing you better ♥

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