Normal tests but still have upper abdominal pain?

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For the past year now I have been having really bad pains in the upper middle and right hand side of my abdomin like someone is stabbing me. It is tendor to touch (no pain on the left) and cant sleep properly on my right hand side as it is too sore to lean on, feel nauseous most of the time, have the pain when I eat and when I dont eat (feel like I cant win). I cant do any excerise as it makes it worse, I have been losing and putting back on aroung 5kg ever so often and have had to take a few days off work when it has been really bad. It is taking over my life and getting me really down!

I have been for all the tests MRI, CT, HIDA, endoscopdy, colonoscopy, ultrasound, blood works etc etc and they have all come back clear yet the pain is getting worse as the year as went on and still going. All the doctors are trying to blame it all on my IBS, which I have had since I was 18, but I have never had any pains like this in the 10 years that I have had and not had any bad episodes with it in years as I have learned to manage it. I know my own body and I know it is NOT the IBS and wish people would listen to me!! However, 2 of the GP's that I have seen have both told me that all the tests can come back clear but my gallbladder will still be chronic and will propbably need to get it removed. I have tried even medication under the sun from anti-acids, nerve pain, ulcer medication and not currently just on tramadol to manage the pain, although it does not take the pain away but dulls it enough for me to go about my day to day life and be able to sleep.

Has anyone been through this and got anywhere futher than I have? What was the outcome? Any advise would be helpful.


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    Mostly you have allergy or sensivity for one or some

     foods that you eat. Do you have diarrhea or constipation?

    did you made comprehensive stool test for any pathogen(bac  teria,virus ,parasite and fungus ?)

    my suggestion to vist histolic or dietition doctor if

    your disease is not due to pathogen due to stool test.

    In general these days there  are a lot of gluten sensitivity

    at most patients whom have undignosed their diseases.(note:sensetivity of any food not found by biopsy when you made endoscopy or colonscopy) . So there is a latest

    test of sensitivity or allergy for all types of foods   your dietition doctor know it. Through this time you can make a test for your self : Aviod any

    product containing wheat flour for two weeks and see the difference.

    My wishes for heal as for my son.

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    I am in the same boat although all mine is left sided. Always had ibs since childhood but I'm sure this is so different. It's all up high under ribs and it comes in short sharp stabs that as times gone on also effects my left side and upper left back. 6 years I've had this and had every test under the sun. Been paranoid it's chronic pancreatitis as that's very hard to detect but every test is negative and docs say it's my ibs. I'm mainly constipated though which isn't a sign of pancreas probs. so frustrating just want to feel normal again!
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    Hi you mention your gall bladder is still chronic, presuming youve been told that by doctor, and problems have been seen on xray or scan scope.

    So do they not consider your symptoms related to that, some of your symptoms sound like gall bladder symptoms to me, or at least the symptoms l had wit gall bladder disease, your the second poster lve read with ongoing symptoms and following tests no cause found, yet they also mentioned problems with gall bladder confirmed. So l dont really understand it, as soon as l had gall bladder probs confirmed l went on list to have it removed, key hole surgery for chocylitus, less than 2 days in hospital, symptoms went with it. Can you ask gps to explain about chronic gall bladder and symptoms that can cause. and if and when they plan to take it out, There could be other reasons for your symptoms, but if its chronic it could be causing some. Also see if having a non or low fat diet helps,  good luck

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      I have an app with a gut specialist in Oct and I have to ask them more about as my GP suggested and maybe request to see a surgeon. I have been put on a FODMAP diet which cuts everything out and that didnt help so was told to stop it as if it was going to work it would have done in the 4 weeks. The hospital basically want to rule everything else out first before the go ahead with surgery i think but at this point i do not want to be living on high morphine meds just to function day to day!
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    Hi hun, ust came across your post....and im in a simular situation as you, i myself have a vry tender top abdomen, like it feels bruised, right in th middle of my top abdomen and slighly to th right....sometimes i get sharp pains shooting through too.  I also get a dull ache in my top middle back too. I feel sick most mornings when i wake up....and sometimes can wak up in th middle of the night feeling randomly sick, but never ever have been sick.  Also whn i eat a meal even a small meal at 3pm i feel it lies in my tummy till the next morning.

    Ive had a scan done/ blood work done and also a brath test and it all cam back clear. The docs gave me Ranitidine to take 300mg evry night before bed and they said if that doesnt help then ive to get a camera indown my throat :s

    At one point the docs asked me if it could all be in my mind???? I was quite shocked!!

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      yes the docs asked me that too and all i can say was i went a bit crazy at them! they put me on some nerve pain (anti-depresant) meds for that reason and when they didnt work i throw them back at them! i have had all the surgical test done that are possible and they have all come back clear so now i have the app with the specialist to see what they think and ask if i can be referred to a surgoen to get there opinion aswell.

      if i were you i would keep fighting them! i never got anywhere until i ended up in the emergency dept for the 3rd time and even then it was only because i refused to leave until i got some sort of answer.

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      I hope you found a new doctor. If they don't believe you and your symptoms how are they going to help. Have the upper scope done, its not bad iv'e had two in my life( the first when i was 18 and most recent 4 months ago). Hopefully it will show what your problem is. good luck
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    I had problems on and off for years and endless tests, in the end i had gallbladder removed, it was infected, no tests diagnosed this, since removal no more problems.
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