Normal tests but still have upper abdominal pain?

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For the past year now I have been having really bad pains in the upper middle and right hand side of my abdomin like someone is stabbing me. It is tendor to touch (no pain on the left) and cant sleep properly on my right hand side as it is too sore to lean on, feel nauseous most of the time, have the pain when I eat and when I dont eat (feel like I cant win). I cant do any excerise as it makes it worse, I have been losing and putting back on aroung 5kg ever so often and have had to take a few days off work when it has been really bad. It is taking over my life and getting me really down!

I have been for all the tests MRI, CT, HIDA, endoscopdy, colonoscopy, ultrasound, blood works etc etc and they have all come back clear yet the pain is getting worse as the year as went on and still going. All the doctors are trying to blame it all on my IBS, which I have had since I was 18, but I have never had any pains like this in the 10 years that I have had and not had any bad episodes with it in years as I have learned to manage it. I know my own body and I know it is NOT the IBS and wish people would listen to me!! However, 2 of the GP's that I have seen have both told me that all the tests can come back clear but my gallbladder will still be chronic and will propbably need to get it removed. I have tried even medication under the sun from anti-acids, nerve pain, ulcer medication and not currently just on tramadol to manage the pain, although it does not take the pain away but dulls it enough for me to go about my day to day life and be able to sleep.

Has anyone been through this and got anywhere futher than I have? What was the outcome? Any advise would be helpful.


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    Just came across your post, and I completely agree with you with regards to us knowing our own bodies - I've had IBS for 4years and know that the pain I have right now, is not my IBS, 

    I'm sorry I can't add anything useful to what it might be, just wanted to offer my support, and hope you find the cause for the pain, quickly.

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    hi, my brother is also facing same issue and he met several doctors and reports are saying normal..But often he is getting pain right side near ribs..unable to find out the problem. Day by day his loosing weight and his mouth also bitter. Could you please advise any treatment for this?

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    my daughter is the same exact situation

    cannot be easy

    Doctors say could be the effect of her depression and anxiety

    recently i got her these "ear digest" tablets

    she was not passing stool at all for months

    for the first time in months, she has been twice and passing gas and only started this easy digest herbal tablets

    please read

    very very good

    amazing article

    gut solution by Dr Raphael Perez


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    I have the same, I can't breathe sometimes as it feels like a knife is in my chest,

    I was told I had ibs but the tablets didn't help so had lots of other test and discovered I had ulcerative colitis

    Ask them to test for this.

    Im not sure if the stabbing is due to the colitis tho. Ive had scans but doc jus thinks I'm a hypochondriac which is annoying

    I've given up I use a hot water bottle dayx I got laxetives and a nurse recommended flaxseed. Only just doin the flaxseeds tonight

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    Oh my goodness I could have written this myself.

    I have upper right quadrant pain - intermittent for the past year, with a brief episode maybe 3 years ago? I've had extensive bloodwork (2x), CT scan and abdominal ultrasound - all normal. I went to the ER a week ago the pain was just unbearable. At the ER they just did bloodwork again, told me its probably an ulcer and sent me home with a boatload of ulcer medications. While they have eased the stabbiness of the pain a bit... the endless gnawing and feeling of inflammation on my right side is not relieved. I even sneezed a few times yesterday and felt like there was a rock under my ribs. Its very tender. I can't quite say its exact relation to food, sometimes it hurts and gnaws while I eat, sometimes not. I saw my GI today and I'm having an endoscopy scheduled next Monday. At the appointment I was crying out of panic and frustration, so he eased my mind a little bit, that having no "red flags" is a good thing and that we'll get to the bottom of it. I'm glad to find this board and others in this situation... I've had a feeling its gallbladder all along, so hearing many say their issues were finally revealed to be gallbladder and symptoms resolved with surgery is reassuring. (I also fit the F's very well - Female, Fair, Fourty (well, 35), fertile. Ughhhhh Good luck to everyone.

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    Hey all quick update, sorry not replied to you all individually. My symptoms progressed and I started getting numbness and pain in the right side of my body from my head to my toes, dizziness, confusion, sometimes a headache, few other symptoms aswell. It feels like I'm having a stroke, which sounds dramatic but that's what it feels like. This started 2 years ago and when this started the pain in my stomach stopped.

    After more CT and MRI scans and found nothing again they have now diagnosed me with Aura Migraines or Silent Migraines. They now believe that the pain in my stomach was Stomach Migraines. I am now on my 7th lot of meds and nothing has helped so far. I am trying to stay hopeful but it is getting really hard and it is taking over my life!

    Hope everyone is OK and this may help some of you.

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    Hi im am currently going through that pain at the moment, but mine is so severe that i cant breathe and the pain runs through my upper abdomen into my back all signs of issues with the pancreas. i have just had my gall bladder taken out and cancer was detected but after having an MRI nothing has shown up. Sometimes I black out with the pain. I am now being referred to have my bowel and colon checked but my symptoms arent to do with those organs it all revolves around the pancreas. Why cant anyone tell me what this pain is? Mine has only been coming on for about 6 months and it happens when i eat and when i dont eat. I have stopped drinking gone on a diet and yet it carries on

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    We are going thru these same symptoms with our 35 year old son with Down Syndrome. He had all tests, hida scan,labs endoscopy all negative only showing one thing the gall bladder contraction of 35% which he felt wouldnt cause his symptoms since normal ejection fraction for the gallbladder is considered between 35 to 65 percent. Two years ago diagnosed with celiac and has been gluten free since and lost 60 lbs. The gastro suggested we see a surgeon to see what she thought. She didnt feel the gall bladder needed to be removed. She prescribed several labs for stool samples. Found he had bacteria in large intestines. Given 14 days of a special antibiotic . That did help with diarhea but pain is the same if not worse. Any feedback/suggestions much appreciated.

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    I've had the same symptoms for 3 months now. It started with nausea but that went away after 3 weeks.

    I've had ibs since my teen years (self-diagnosed) but this is not ibs.

    I'm male, 33, and it's chronic pain on my right side. Usually it's in rib area but sometimes my back hurts really bad. Sometimes the pain is high and sometimes it is low but usually near the rib. My right side is sometimes also tender to the touch and usually I can't sleep on my right side anymore. I also can't have anyone touch it or put weight on it because it gets really painful. And sitting usually makes the pain worse - standing, walking, and exercising don't hurt at all usually. Bending my right leg while in bed also makes the pain worse.

    In addition, have elevated ALT (104) and AST (55) levels and microscopic hematuria (I test positive for invisible blood in my urine every time the doctor checks it) . None of the tests the doctors do ever reveal anything meaningful. I think I'm going to give up on modern medicine and just hope it goes away or I find a way to live with it.

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