Not sure if I'm in the right place... Stopped drinking 2 days ago :(

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I haven't had a drink Thursday or Friday and I feel like sh*te!  I drunk most days, though seldom spirits.  And most days I functioned perfectly fine. However, i am worried about what I could be doing to myself long-term and about my bank balance - i can't afford to drink daily!  

I've never seen a doctor about it.  Though I have had my mother make plenty of comments over the last 20 years.  And nicer friends.  Right now, I KNOW a couple of drinks (of wine or cider) would stop my head and back from aching.  Without going to the doctor, is there a way to tell if I've done/am doing damage or if I can still have a few drinks?  I can't picture a life void of alcohol sad

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    Well done you ! Hopefully tomorrow will be easier! As it leaves your system.

    You sound a bit like me, I'm on day 1


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      day 1... its a bigger deal than I would have thought! what are your reasons for stopping?  Before now I never really thought I had to, I never saw a problem and certainly didn't recognise that stopping may be difficult and that I'd need support!  

        having just reread my initial post, I sound like I don't want to stop - in truth, I kinda hope that I don't need to.  I don't drink nearly as much as some.  but at the same time, I know my relationship with drink isn't healthy. sigh!  Is there a middle ground where alcohol is sipped and put back in the fridge?

      is it normal to feel so bad?  maybe I'm simply coming down with something?!?!   x

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      my reasons for stopping is that once I start thats it until its gone! as you say the bank balance struggles too. I picked this weekend as my partner has taken the kids away ( a fun weekend) and I am scared of tackling this whilst their around! heading towards my second evening, I never consider drinking before 6pm and never touch spirits and do not want to speak to GP too ashamed
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      You said..." I don't drink nearly as much as some". Well add Yet !
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    hi tracy  please take it from me,  you will be doing damage to your organs, i was a heavy drinker, i damaged my liver kidneys i also had bladder problems, you must go to a doctor for help, they will guide you through if you realy want to stop, it is not easy to try and do it alone, the only way to avoid damage is not to drink at all

        good luck 

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    tracy my reson for stopping was LIFE i nearly died, alcohol is very sneaky it creeps and a gets bigger hold of you, bit by bit without you realising it x  
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    I am no medic but I am someone who has binged and stopped and started in differing lengths. You aint felt like this as your body has never been on empty. the alcohol stays in your body a long time so you've always supressed it - it will pass.  But do see your doctor and get some tests.
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    Hi Tracy,

    I hope that things are going well.. never feel ashamed about your drinking, it is the worst possible thing that you can do, it is 'very easy to then start drinking in secret and the guilt compounds and causes even more problems..

    The fact you like a drink does not make you a bad person in any way, go and see your doctor or your local communities alcohol service, they can offer help and advice in total confidence, also they are never in any way judgmental.... if you feel that you need help, you are entitled to it and as deserving as anybody else.

    I had a very bad alcohol problem that almost ended my life!! I was sectioned four times into a secure mental health hospital. And I had many home detox treatment

    With an alcoholic specialist nurse..

    You are worth as much as anyone else and to ask for help shows courage..I am

    Sorry to say that alcohol intake creeps up on you, but I am sure that if you get help

    Now you will have a very healthy and happy future...

    One final note, I am one of the very lucky? Ones, I can have a couple of drinks every

    Now and then, albeit after ten years of abstinence.!!!

    I truly wish you well and sincerely hope that you feel better health wise, and never

    Forget.... you are worth as much as any other person so try to let go of the worry

    And guilt.

    You will be in my thoughts, Deirdre x

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      I am ashamed Deride, and been hiding what I'm upto for ... wow ... well over 10 years.  

      It did indeed start with social anxieties following a childhood illness & then PTS after a road accident.  I  was always well aware I drunk more than others, but it wasn't something I saw as a problem as I was able to stop when I'd had a good month or when I got pregnant - not cut down - stop.  Cutting down has been an issue for as long as I can remember.   

      I'm afraid I drunk last night.  Again, not as much as some - a bottle of wine and a bottle of cider - one to two bottles of either is the norm for me, usually alone, but I have the control to keep most of it till the evenings.  I feel such a failure, im reaching out for help now as this time I see the problem, this time I am finding it hard to stop.  I really don't want to goto the doctor, im too embarrassed.  Is there an alternative?  Goodness, I couldn't even make it 3 days, pathetic!  Now I'm scared.  Of myself, my lack of will, and i admit, of what you guys will say.  Help, please.  

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    UR first clue admitting u" can't picture a life void of alcohol," says it all. Alcohol dependence is just what U said , that's the definnation of alcohol dependence. 

    Take the first step listen to UR mom.. Get the help u need. And move on....just keep it movin addiction can take over UR life as it sounds like it has. Time for learing how YOU can take back control of UR life without addiction! biggrin


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    Tracy, are you having physical withdrawal symptoms? By that, I mean, are you shaking, feeling nauseous or seriously anxious?

    I don't know if you have had a drink today (Saturday) but if you have managed to get through a third day without a drink then you are probably over the worst. If not and you find that you ARE having physical withdrawal symptoms, you need medical help to stop drinking, don't try to stop drinking without (that is IF you are having shakiness etc)

    You mention a couple of drinks, is that what you REALLY mean? Or do you mean a heavy session of drinking? How much have you been drinking per day?

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    Tracy made it thru the weekend ?  We r all pulling for you!

    Most alcoholics in clinical studies show they begin to drink due to extreme anxiety (social, general, etc). Living & suffering through this many times. Coping with the pain & anxiety and the inability to even understand that Anxiety was the primary cause of pain that caused the drinking in the first place. The path to drinking then starts as a learned behavior that alcohol numbs the pain of anxiety.  Many use alcohol as self medication to treat anxiety & for many years. Learning to cope with anxiety before the addiction becomes a illness is key & may even save UR life. confused

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    I didn't make it through, I feel even more worthless!  This is the 1st time I've ever tried to give up and I drunk on the 3rd day.   I kept myself so busy, working in the garden all day and i watched the clock as the shop shuts at 9pm (I don't keep alcohol in the house, but I ended up dashing there before closing. I don't think a drink enough to feel withdraw.  I had a constant head, stomach & 'bones' ache, but only trembled very slightly on and off - isn't trembling the biggie?  I assume, for me it isn't a physical addiction? The only thing aching right now is my head & my self-esteem.  I need help.  
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      tracy don't beat yourself up about it! today is another day! 

      I did manage a second night not without a bad bad headache, I have been drinking full fat soft drinks to try to give my body the sugar that its missing from the alcohol also a glass to hold!, maybe an idea?

      Good luck

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      Well done for your second day.  

      I can't do this alone - now looking up local support meetings.  Also looking up how long I can expect to feel physically ill as that will give me a short term goal to aim for.  

      Beyond the obvious, of not drinking alcohol, and keeping busy. What else can I do to focus, to distract myself etc?  Drinking sugary drinks may be a helpful - thanks.  

      I don't believe in a higher power, do all support groups include prayer?  

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      Tracy, it sounds to me like you need an alcohol detox. That will get you a week under your belt which will be much more comfortable than trying to go cold turkey. All it involves is taking some medication which counteracts the withdrawal symptoms.

      The fact that you have any physical symptoms at all suggests that you do have a physical dependence. Google 'sadq' and do the World Health Organisation's 'Severity of Alcohol Dependence Questionnaire' and see what score you get.

      Don't feel worthless, you are no more worthless than a person trying to run a marathon with a broken leg. You have a medical problem which needs sorting.

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