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I have been on remeron for around 3 weeks now.

One week at 15 almost 2 at 30mg.

I'm now finding I'm not sleeping so good. I toss and turn all night and find it difficult to get out of bed when I should.

At what point in time do people take their's ?? A few hours before bed?? or just as they go to bed?

Yesterday I also had the strange effect of having lots of energy but not knowing what to do with it. Still no emotions either , I think I'm gonna have to fake smiling / frowning the whole time I'm on this stuff.



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    I take mine at 10pm and go to bed about 11.30pm. I started on 30mg and went up to 45mg, no problems on either dose. In fact for some reason I'm struggling to get up more on the 45mg dose. Most of the symptoms you are complaining about are usually non existant for mirt users. I tried citalopram before mirt and I had 0hours sleep in 5days. I was put on mirt because of the lack of sleep. I haven't had 1 bad night in the whole 3months I've been taking.
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    Hi chris i take mine as soon as i set off for bed as it totally wipes me out and i need to be in a safe place it sounds like it is not working for you i would go bk to my g.p if i were you it took about 2-4 days to have this sleep affect with me
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    Ahh man this is nightmare..

    My gp is useless and it's usually a month to get an appointment

    I can't afford more time off sick to mess on with another med and endure it's awful side effects

    No one can help me anymore .. I wish I could go back in time say six months which is not logical so there's not many other alternatives really ...

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    I know where your coming g.p+ phyc just want to keep uping my meds there is no way i can continue to work while i wait for meds to kick in or out my g.p just asks why am i seeing her if i'm not willing to take her advise so iv'e discharged myself from my phyc i'll do it alone...have you looked into Kalms i know you can't take St johns wort with mitazapine but kalms contain motherwort not st johnswort it may be worth looking into i'm at a loss what else to surgest appart from take timeout b4 bed clear your mind...i did go through a phase even on mitazapine wen my head was full of thoughts wen i tried to go to sleep
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    So are you carrying on with the mirtazapine?

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    You need to wait 4-6 weeks before saying its not working....unless your symptoms are horrendous...I'm on week 13 of mirtazapine and only just feeling more me. Its taken the mirtazapine longer to work for me but I'm glad I stuck it out because its good now. 30mg is the dose at which Mort becomes therapeutic and is 'supposed ' to tackle depression and anxiety more although some people are good on lower doses. 30mg should be helping you sleep as does 45mg. Could the reason you're not sleeping be because you're extremely anxious about the medication. It doesn't knock you just helps you feel sleepy. Xx
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    Maybe .

    I am anxious about a lot of things and the medication isn't helping so far.

    What time do you get up in the mornings?.

    I'm thinking maybe it's because I'm not in a propper routine . I'm normally recall being awake at 7 but lie there till after 9 knowing I'm in for another shitty day

    Last night I couldn't fix on anything and I ate out of boredom.

    Tried watching tv , ps3 , tidying up but just felt full of energy but numb, so nothing satisfied.

    Went out today and have felt so irritable and couldn't wait to get home .. I have to keep telling myself it's only 3 weeks but I'm starting to feel like I'm gonna end up on psych ward or worse. I'm tempted to drink alcohol tonight as some sort of release but I know that will make things worse

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    I know its hard. My first 10weeks were very up and down. I was incrediy irritable too...all this and a 3year old to look after too! Part of my issue is that I'm bored so its my only worry constantly. I've reached a crossroads where my son is starting nursery, I'm only 22 myself and literally don't know what to do with my life now. I'm dying to get a job because routine would help me forget, keep busy and move on. Time on your hands is awful when you're anxious. Acceptance has been a big part of my struggle. Accepting that I feel like shite and will do occasionally has been my biggest setback. When you have anxiety you are desperate to feel better, desperate to feel 'normal' but it really isn't an overnight switch. Hopefully you won't have to wait as long for an improvement in you but patience and being kind to yourself. Its hard...and setbacks feel like you are going backwards....but you need them occasionally to see how far you're going. All of these things take a bit of practice so don't beat yourself up about it. Many of times have I felt like I'm screaming on the inside, you need to keep going otherwise you let it win. Just for now accept you will have good and bad days and eventually the good will be more and more x
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    Yesterday was my first good day during the afternoon as I had a bit energy.

    My biggest anxieties are being off work and the holiday I'm going on with mates in mid May.

    I worry I I'll feel like this in a foreign country surrounded by happy people drinking. None know about my depression .

    The fact this drug can take over 3 months to work scares the hell out of me. Whenever I talk to people I just feel like I want to get away and I currently hate everyone .. I'd just love to have the level of emotions they take for granted.

    All I see for the rest of my life is misery.. can I not just feel happy for even a few secojnds of one day?

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    It will get better, I promise. I totally relate to some of the things you've said and I can honestly say I'm not as bad now and that's because I carried on with the mirt. Force yourself to go on holiday with your only isolate yourself more which in turn will make you feel bad. I hated my partner when I started mirt...god forbid if he even breathed! Lol I was very angry about my situation and how I was fine and then suddenly got like this. So I would deffo say acceptance is your biggest hurdle. It will get better mate smile
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    Thanks Rachael

    I really appreciate you taking the time .

    I was so looking forward to my holiday last year.. and now I can't feel anything about anything . I keep torturing myself with thoughts that I'll wake in a real black hole when I am there

    You are so right about the feeling of screaming on the inside

    For me it's more deprrssion than anxiety x

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    That's okay sweet. I am a generalised anxiety sufferer....only happened last October due to life stresses such as having a son quite young, him being a possible ADHD or autism spectrum child, trying to go back to work and it not working, getting married and then the bit that broke me was getting a sinus infection and then having insomnia from it which started anxiety for going to sleep and then once my sleep was sorted the anxiety remained...hense why I'm on mirt rather than citalopram....SSRI types just give me insomnia which was my trigger for anxiety in the first place. Sometimes I just question how a strong person like me managed to get in this pickle... Its been very hard but I do think its made me more down to earth if I'm honest. Its been a reality check xx
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    I should add....the suffering with anxiety and stubbornness to not take meds initially made me suffer more which did result in depression....the depression has lifted now and its just ocassionsl anxiety xx
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    Chris, I would try taking something called Valerian tea. It's a herb, so you should be ok taking it with the mirt, and drink it before bed, it works for me, as with you, I also toss and turn at first at night on the mirt, and then can hardly get out of bed. I am on 15g, and wonder if 30 May be better although I have seen improvement in the nearly two weeks been on it
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    I heard you should avoid Valerian with mirt. I tried Valerian tea for my insomnia before I got poorly and it did nothing and smelt like dog food... Didn't taste very nice either lol xx

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