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Numbness and weakness after brain surgery

Hi all. I found out I had a tumour in my brain on 29 January 2016. It was located on the right, deep in the brain and pressed against the brain stem. I had brain surgery on the 10th of Feb and most of it was removed. A biopsy was done and the results are confusing stating that it could be a lesion caused by a hemorrhage but it cannot be concluded or excluded that it might be a low grade astrocytoma. My symptoms before surgery were memory loss, lack of concentration, fatigue, blurred vision and occasionally my limbs would feel heavy. However now post brain surgery every 3rd to 5th day I would have episodes where my whole body would go weak, I would then start to shake, sometimes have difficulty talking and would struggle to walk. Very scary when it happens and as it affects my whole body and not just the left side, it is also very strange to the neurosurgeon that this is happening to me. Has anyone experienced this or perhaps have any idea what could cause this? Thank you in advance

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  • taz4960

    Hi, Taz

    ​The fact that whatever it is has only been partially removed will mean there will be ongoing symptoms. I would be asking my neurosurgeon for an MRI to see what the state of play is now. Depending how much is left even with an MRI they might not be able to see what is happening I had a meningioma and spent weeks with my right side not being able to do much at all. Good Luck

    • Fredf

      Hi Fred. Thank you. Sorry to hear about your ordeal. How long ago was that? On recent scan the leftovers are very small. Will have a follow up mri in 5 months time. It's just according to the neurosurgeon from a neurologic point of view it should only affect my left side and not my entire body. It's like something triggers it. I haven't figured out what yet

  • taz4960

    Hi Taz, I will be praying for you, I encourage you to listen to your doctors and do what they tell you.  They are experts at what they do, find a really good oncologist and plunge into treatment prayfully of course.  I know someone who has brain cancer and was diagnosed 6 years ago and is still living and enjoying her life.  So there is hope. Keep us posted on progress.


    • julie51848

      Hi Julie. Thank you so much for your prayers. I truly appreciate it. Fortunately I don't need further treatment at this stage as there is no evidence that it is a high grade tumour. They can't really explain what it is actually. It's a very odd thing. It looks like a tumour but inside it has a yellowish liquid which my doctor says he has never seen before. And from the start all my symptoms didn't correspond with where the tumour was located. What I am experiencing now is also foreign to the doctor hence my question. I am hopeful that all will be ok in the end. I will definitely keep you posted. Thank you for the support. Keep well and be blessed

  • taz4960

    Hi Taz, mine was found last March. I am now back at work 4 days a week but still get very tired. As others have said, listen to your neurologist. They know what they are looking at and know other histories. They will suggest the best treatment for you. Cheers

    • Fredf

      Thanks Fred. Did you experience odd things after the surgery and if so, did they go away eventually? Thanks for the advice. Good luck and all the best to you

  • taz4960

    Hi Taz, After surgery I lost all use of my right side. This lasted for a few weeks. I still have little strength in this side but otherwise it all works fine. It just takes time to heal. My neurologist said it could take a year or two before I know the lasting effects. Cheers


    • Fredf

      Free I had surgery in May and I lost

      Movement on my left side can you contact me I would like to get more,details this is my second month and,still nothing they told me i will never get it back if I didn't get it back by now what was your experience thanks

    • alejandra17

      Just wondering if you've had any luck with your left side? Do you have any

      movement at all or limited movement? I know it must be frustrating, but keep trying, people do things that doctors don't think is possible all the time!

      Have you gotten any

      helpful responses from people who have gone through this?

      My brother is a week and a half out of brain surgery and has movement in his left side, but it is VERY limited. He is also having a very hard time talking (can barely understand) and cannot swallow so they had to put a feeding tube directly into his stomach. This is a much harder journey to recovery than we expected.

      I'm trying to find out as much information online as I can because the doctors are pretty vague in their responses--everyone heals differently and it takes awhile for the swelling to go down.

      I will continue to pray for my brother and everyone on this forum for a speedy and complete recovery.

    • Rtvandgirls

      Hi, well I'm in my three months after surgery, no luck yet, my mobility is limited too, after a long massage on my hand I can move my fingers and I got a electric muscle estimulation device in Amazon that helps but you should ask physical therapy first. My advice for you is since the arm is heavy and not much movement the muscle in your shoulder can't hold it and the bone get out of the socket, be careful nobody told me that and now I'm in a lot of pain, you can buy in amazonkinesio tape is cheap and it will help to keep the arm in place , start using it now to avoid the injury and pain, I'm sorry about your brother , this is really difficult, especially the first 3 months, and I contacted a few people online but not much details about recovery, well here is my number if you have questions anything I can help you with, hope he get better soon. 4157558451

    • Rtvandgirls

      Hi i have just joined the forum sorry about that as i was just browsing the website I hope your brother has progressed, my  mum is exactly where your brother is at the moment after having brain surgery in march,  and has only just started talking which is barely understandable ,  she has just these few days got feelings bk on her left side as she had none whatsoever it does take time and will get better Post me bk a message once read i dont know if they have a direct inbox service here but do not hesistate to leave me a message on here if u have further questions, belive me i know what your going through if u need someone to talk to or anyone else have any questions let me know as i am going through the same process you are not alone.   one thing i do agree on the doctors are very vague


  • taz4960

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  • taz4960

    I don't know

    But it sounds like either


    Or possibly mini strokes

    It could be related to a brain tumor

    Either growing or pressing on a nerve

    Since it has been over a year , with your surgery

    Maybe your doctor could do another scan

    To see if your tumor is growing again

  • taz4960

    Since your doctor

    Is not operating on it right now

    I think it would be good to take

    Supplements like turmeric

    Or even garlic pills to help


    My dad used to get mini strokes

    Which were related to a brain tumor

  • taz4960

    Hi Taz

    I feel like I am so lucky I just read something

    That could explain your symptoms.


    It is a condition that can happen after brain surgery

    Post op follow-up is usually recommended

    For brain surgery patients

    To see if this condition develops

    Since I may have hypopituitarism

    I can tell you my muscles sometimes

    Feel heavier than they should

    It is important you tell your doctor about your symptoms and ask him or her about


    All the best

    • courtnay26

      Hi Courtnay. Thank you so much for you messages. Sorry I am only replying now, I just saw these posts. That is very helpful indeed, thank you. I am fortunately much better and those episodes have stopped. I have a scan in March and praying all will be well. I am definitely going to have a look at that condition you mentioned, it's good to gain as much knowledge as possible. How are you doing?


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