Olanzapine to help with withdrawals?

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Hi guys

So I got an emergency appointment at the pdoc today because my gp is not happy with how I'm reacting to things after a month of doing a 15mg taper

I went through all the normal withdrawal symptoms but they just won't settle. Diazipams don't help my main problem is fatigue an inability to relax . which is affecting my sleep even though I'm taking zopiclones

Have had new issues like no appetite lost a stone in a month. Muscle spasms especially in my legs and jaw.

So explained this all to doc said i think it's still withdrawal but he doesn't agree. He is sending me for a full set of bloods and will check my thyroid as I have 2 sisters who suffer. I actually was examined this time and according to my records i haven't had a blood test in 5 years! Nearly the whole time i was on mirt!

Also I have really high blood pressure which is the opposite of me really in the past when any doc has taken it they struggle to find a pukse and look up and joke with me "your dead" lol always been slow soometimes 90 over 50 so he does want me off mirtazapine but because of how I'm responding has given me olanzapine to help with withdrawal

The aim is to use it as a stabiliser to wean me off mirt and put me on prozac. Then wean me off that when i stabilise.

Im gonna be honest guys of course i came home and Google it! Im petrafied! Says it makes you tired and that's one of my problems already i want to be out getting on with life. But i do understand that now everyone has realised the mirt is no longer doing me any good and I need to come off safely but because of blood pressure I've got to do it quickly ajd I hadn't planned for that

Has anyone had any experience with these? Ive reduced the mirt to 22.5 and start taking the olanzapine 22.5mg tonight in replacement of zops and diazzy's

S x

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    Sorry typo should havevsaid start olanzapine 2.5mg tonight!

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    When you say you have an inability to relax, do you mean you can't keep still. Like you're pacing the floor or can't keep from moving your body? How long have you been on the diazepam and what dosage? So you have completely tapered off mirt? I am tapering from 45mg of Paxil over to Prozac, which I'm on 10 mg of now. Are you sure that your olanzapine dose is 22.5mg?? I don't know how sensitive you are to medication, but most people start on 5 mg or sometimes as low as 2.5mg. Just 1.5 mg puts me to sleep, but I can start on small doses of medicine. I just got out of the hospital a little over 2 weeks ago and 1.25 mg is what I used to sleep because I get anxious in those places. I have OCD and I'm scared to take olanzapine unless I absolutely have to even though I'm on 1 mg of clonazepam now to help with the anxiety of doing a crossover of the Paxil to Prozac. I'm scared it will make me sick because I don't do withdrawal well. I've read the withdrawal side effects too.
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      Hey tonic

      It's a typo was meant to say 2.5mg of olanzapine.

      No I'm no where near off mirt all i did was a reduction from 45mg to 30mg

      I cant relax at all mind racing although nothing depressing just constant chatter. I can't concentrate for anything very long and then my muscles will join in. All in all an inner restlessness.

      I also have terrible restless legs and my blood pressure has gone through the roof. I just couldn't handle all the physical symptoms but my pdoc said after 5 weeks and it only being a reduction i shouldn't be suffering like this.

      It is the mirt raising my blood pressure which is why i feel so restless.

      So he wants me to switch to fluoxatine but using the olanzapine as mood stabiliser because atm I'm all over the place. I haven't got bi polar or anything it says it's used for on the label but my pdoc explained that during withdrawals while your head is readjusting you can get some symptoms and this will help control them until i am on the right meds

      I was so scared last night i took my first tablet and just laid still for hrs waiting to see what it would do to me lol

      Can honestly say i didn't get any nasty side affects. Felt a bit wobbly went i got up for the loo whivh was a few times. I am tired today but i do feel more relaxed. Cant be arsed to do much but thats better than not being able to sit still. And that's after 1 little tablet. Didn't help me sleep last night although I did give it a chance to work i was still wide awake at midnight so took a zop.

      Will keep you updated on how i get on

      Iv3 read all the side affects weight gain high colestral diabetes. But i figured i got all them warnings on mirt and i didn't gain any weight was citalopram that did that. But since the taper from mirt I've lost 16lbs in 5 weeks so figure i could probably use the help in that department. Plus this is only going to be used as a bridge until they can find a med that works.

      Will add ive not used a diazipam in 4 days! They weren't doing the trick anymore just added to the fatigue. Haveht felt ive needed to either

      Nothing can be as hard to come off than mirt! Ive come off sertraline citalopram and diazipams and nothing has felt like this

      Hope everyone is having a nice week

      S x

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    i do hope you start to get better soon,its been a long old journey for you.

    I am still on 10mg of mirts things are getting a little better,still not sleeping and my legs do not belong me,I still have the feeling of being unsteady.

    Still not driving not sure I am safe enough to do so.

    Thinking of you


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      Hey orchid

      So pleased things have settled down for you smile

      Are you going to give yourself a little while before you drop again?

      I was trying to do the slow taper thing but because of my blood pressure it just isn't an option anymore so did another drop to 22.5 last night

      Trying not to think about 2 weeks time when the withdrawal sets in

      I'm hoping the other med will have kicked in by then

      S x

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    I hope the meds kick in for fairly soon,I always had high bp but since taking mirts it has gone low so had to stop the bp tablets.

    You did say you googled things Iwould never do it again,after reading some of the side affects it made so frighted that back come all the symtoms again,and I mean all of them,

    So I have to start over again it my own stupid fault I am still on 10mg and I will stay on them longer now I have messed things up.the trouble is once you start reading these things your mind takes over and you begin to think you have all that you have looked at,

    I think the best thing is to take note of the people that are going through what you are and hopefully you will get peace of mind nowing that most of us are going through it too.

    Take Care


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      Hi orchid well done for hanging on in there proud of you!

      I had to get some help with withdrawal in the end but now know it's because there is an underlying problem too!

      I know i shouldn't Google things but in hindsight I'm glad i did because if i hadn't god knows how many meds I'd be on now!

      Im refusing them all from now on except obv to treat my physical condition I'm done with AD's even then i don't have much faith in my docs anymore. I seem to know more than them! Of course i do i have the experience on them.

      But getting somewhere now and for that i am grateful but took my heart pounding out of my chest and my breathing to labour before anyone would listen to me!

      Just hope there isn't any long standing damage!

      Best of luck to you sweetheart you are so close

      S x

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    Hi guys

    Thought I'd give an update

    To my surprise the orlanzapine is really helping. Im inly on the lowest dose of 2.5mg, but it has taken all the withdrawal anxiety away!

    I still don't feel right but have been able to do another drop on the mirt to 22.5mg day 4 and so far so good

    One thing i want u all to know because i think everyone should be aware of...... i went for full bloods yesterday 1st blood test I've had in 5 years! I've been suffering for 3 years so yes i feel let down! Anyway 7.30am this morning i got a call from the surgery my bloods have come back abnormal especially my cholesterol and heart kidney and liver tests. She couldn't tell me anymore just that the doc needs to see me ASAP but he isn't in today so have to see him Monday

    I'm so angry

    1... why didn't they check me before giving me mind altering chemicals? I was on 2 Ad's at 1 point which resulted in serotonin syndrome

    2...All my complaints chest pains restless legs being completely out of breath muscle weakness upset stomach ibs diarria was all in my head for 3 years they've made me feel like a hypochondriac and worse that i was mental! Now granted i know these r symptoms of anxiety but shouldn't they have checked me first?

    3... If i had followed their advice and took the diazzy's on a regular basis and forced myself to exercise (something I've always done but had to stop because of health) id be in a box by now! All at just 30 years old!

    The whole way along i said it was the meds. 3 years ago before the mirt turned on me i was a size 8 ( that's right the mirt didn't make me gain weight) 8 stone active fit crazy girl who had children for an excuse to behave like one wink I've always had low blood pressure eat healthy home cooked food(I come from a massive family and my parents are twice the age of other parents of people my age and was raised on old fashioned falues. ( veg from the garden) nothing processed! I don't enjoy too much chocolate I'd rather some fruit or a yogurt

    Nothings changed apart from atm i can't eat i have to force myself

    In conclusion, the chest pains are real. The water infections too. The lack of breath. Not anxiety stopping me from going out more my physical health

    I feel like I've been burned by pills get side affects so doc gives me another med to treat that then i get side affects from that so they add another med I'm sick of being sick!

    I believe that these meds should only be used for a short while. They do help! But only to start with.

    They all come with big butts!

    Anyway sorry for the rant but I've said on here before deep down i knew something wasn't right! Don't let them fob you off with its just anxiety.

    I was at the point of giving in and accepting i was mad! Became a pain in the ars for the docs instead and I'm so glad i did

    Will let you know Monday what he says

    Hope everyone is still fighting

    S x

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    Hi  Suzannah

    So glad you getting things sorted,I too keep getting water infection,I had them all scaned and all is ok, so I given up it has to be the mirts I dont care what they say.

    Best of luck for Monday will keep my fingers crossed

    forgot to say I am still sticking to 10mg



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    Hey guys

    So I'm day 8 of this drop not as big as the last and it's much more tolerable

    The orlanzapine has meant I've not had to use benzo's and am down to half a zop a night tonight i will try a quarter.

    Have found it much easier this time thanks to the advice on this forum i am now withdrawing comfortably

    Thank you all so much you have no idea how much it's helped

    Still no news on bloods doc can't give me an appointment there's a new secretary and she's worse than useless doesn't really he has an open door policy with me so I've left a message for him to get back to me with an appointment and hopefully educate his new staff!

    I know somethings wrong but this is how i know I'm getting better I'm not worrying about it! Yay!

    Hope everyone's having a good week

    S x

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      Hi Suzannah

      I am so glad things are better for you its certainly a long old journey we are all on,

      Still on 10mg  it is over a month now,but to be honest I can only say three because I didnt have the scales before then so it really hit and miss if I had the amount so I am going to say three,I got the scales of the internet they are only about 4" I do double check that I am getting the right mg.So far so good.

      Take Care 


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      Well done orchid!

      You are so close!

      How long have you been at 10mg? Are the withdrawals easier now with the smaller cuts?

      How are you feeling? Sleeping ok?

      Well done for getting scales must be reassuring to know the dose is consistent

      S x

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      Hi tonia

      No im still on orlazapine has only been a week ive been taking them and they have made this whole experience so much easier!

      Ive dropped again from 30 to 22.5 last monday. So far so good! Will drop to 15mg on Monday. Have already given up diazzy's and I'm down to 3.25 zop a night.

      I do try and sleep without them but if it gets past midnight i have to cave. I went 3 nights without and although i did fall asleep my son was having a rough night and if i get woken i can't get back off to sleep.

      Orlanzapine does help with sleep a bit i will say i feel like I'm getting a proper deep sleep now instead of the tablets just knocking my head out my body feels like it's resting too which is a relief after 3 years of not sitting still.

      See pdoc on 10th June and i think they're gonna start me on fluoxatine low dose while i give up mirt and olanzqpine so should only have been taking it 6 weeks at the lowest dose so I'm hoping withdrawal won't be too bad! Nothing can be harder than mirt! Plus again I'll only be on it a short while so again hopefully withdrawals won't be too bad!

      Its a plan at least!

      But could all change yet lol.

      How are you doing now?

      Did you go on another med to come off mirt?

      S x

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      You are doing so well now the gp will not give me any other meds to  help with the wd,because it means I will have to get over wd from them,

      regards sleeping yes on 10mg I am sleeping ok but I wake up with a muzzy head and my legs still are wobbly,but that could be through lack of  not doing much walking at the moment.

      I wish we could all get rid of this evil mirts,I  will think twice before i take other thats for sure.I never want to go through this again

      Take care my friend


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      No, I wasn't ever on Mirtazapine. How long were you on it? Do you usually come off of medications easily? I don't. I've been on Paxil for 15 years so it's hard to get off of. Which Paxil is hard to come off of anyway. How much olanzapine are you on?
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      Hi tonia

      I was on mirt for 6 years after the birth of my daughter. They gave me sertaline but it caused bad insomnia made worse by a baby that refused to sleep!

      Was so nice to finally get some sleep and served me well for 3 years until doc upped the dose that's when the panic attacks started and once they started the anxiety kicked in.

      They tried a combo or mirt and citalopram long story short it got worse! So i took myself off cit. Then they tried sertaline again whilst still on the mirt. Major reaction within an hr of taking it my friend said i looked like i was on speed!

      So struggled on with the mirt and the doc thought an increase might do the trick! Panic attacks started again i was put back 3 years!

      So now I'm coming off mirt but the withdrawal was messing with my head was so weak to start with i just couldn't handle it. That's why I'm now taking 2.5mg olazapine!

      It's been a god send taken away almost all of the agitation done another drop no problem and will do another monday.

      Have only been on them a week and the intention is to come off of them once I'm on fluoxatine so should only be 6-8 weeks msx!

      These meds have meant i have cut out diazzy's completely and am now taking half a sleeping pill.

      Which med are you switching to? Do you take anything to help switch ovet?

      S x

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      Sounds like you're getting there orchid

      Be kind to yourself if you body tells you to rest do it! How long are you holding at each dose?

      When and what dose are you going to next?

      S x

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      I am having bad restlessness from coming off of an antidepressant. I can't sit still and it's about to drive me nuts. Any ideas???
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      Hi tonia

      How you feeling now? Sorry for late reply

      Are the usual benzo's not helping?

      I was suffering really bad with withdrawals but the olanzapine has fixed all that made another jump Monday so am now on day 2 of 15mg

      I am coping so much better now and still only on the lowest dose of each.

      S x

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      Hi Suzannah

      Good to read you are doing so well.the change of  meds are really working for you, I can see you reaching the end of the meds before me

      I am still getting side afects after nearly 5 weeks on 10mg.

      I  am begining to wonder if I should stop taking them altogether now as I do not seem any better after all these weeks on the same amount.

      I also have stop reading about all the side affects it really did not help,

      Take Care



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      Hey orchid

      Lovely to hear from you

      I'm not changing meds still withdrawing from mirt but using olanzapine to help instead of benzo's. They weren't helping at all! Am still on a low dose of zopiclone to help me sleep too.

      I know I'll have to come off them too but it's the mirt upsetting me so we're going to get me off that first

      5 weeks is a long time to still be suffering have you told your doctor?

      Maybe it's not withdrawal but a reappearance of your symptoms?

      You've done so well. Might be worth a try giving them up all together? They could be what's upsetting you?

      I've been doing drops of 7.5mg a time but I'm now at the 15mg mark which is famous on here for being the hard bit so I'll let you know how i get on.

      Hoping they are more sedating at this dose as sleep is still a struggle.

      I'm going to bed earlier and earlier because i seem to run out of steam around 4pm. But can't sleep!

      I really hope this is just a blip for you and you find the strength to do another drop

      I dropped again even though i wasn't quite over side affects and it hasn't got worsel....yet!

      S x

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      What mg of olanzapine are you on now? Do you normally have a hard time coming off of the psychiatric drugs or just Mirt been a problem? I am so scared to try the olanzapine because of the withdrawal side effects, especially the vomiting. I've read where some people have a hard time coming off of it. What symptoms were you having before you started taking the Olanzapine? I went off the Prozac because it was making me more nervous. My doc told me I shouldn't have started on the 10mg and should have started on the 5mg. because it can make some people more anxious.
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      I'm still on the lowest dose the 2.5mg they have been a total game changer I like you was petrafied of taking them first one i took i just laid there for hrs waiting to see what they'd do to me!

      Anxiety was my biggest symptom of withdrawal which exaggerated the nausea and aches and pains! Within 3 days of taking olanzapine i felt like i could cope again. Not in any way 100% but i am now comfortable with reducing mirt.

      I've never had any problems with ad's before only been on sertraline which gave me insomnia so switched to mirt no problem. Stopped working 3 years ago but been reacting to meds ever since! But since I've been on olanzapine all the bad reactions have got so much better.

      Withdrawal is now in the back of my mind instead of me obsessing about it. Haven't needed diazzy's either.

      Give it a shot! Really helped me. Better than seroxat that's quetiapine!

      Hope you feel better soon

      S x

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      How many mg were you on of your diazepam? How long have you been on diazepam? I'm going to try to come off some of my clonazepam if I go on olanzapine. I'm scared of the weight gain too. Anxiety and feeling jittery is my side effect also, which causes the nausea . Is Zoloft the only antidepressant you've ever been on? What do yo mean you've been reacting to meds ever since? Did you titrate off the Zoloft onto the mirt or did you cold turkey the Zoloft. I've heard Zoloft was hard to come off of. How long were you on the mirt? I've seen so many people on here have trouble with the Mirtazapine. My anxiety gets worse the week before my period.
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      I was on the 2mg diazipams for 3 years but i didn't take them everyday as didn't want to be addicted and glad to say I'm not! I still have them in case of an attack but I've only used them this last month for the restless legs.

      They didn't really work for me.

      I found that once i started olazapine i didn't need them anymore. I have been on them 2 weeks and have gained 2lb but i wasn't eating beforehand so was needed and I'd also lost a stone in 5 weeks from the withdrawal so not a drastic amount of weight. I do feel hungrier especially first thing in morning but it could also be indigestion i get with withdrawals and find gaviscon helps ease it.

      You sound so similar to me i think the olazapine could help you. I feel less of a drug addict now only swallow 2 tiny pills a day now after suffering for 3 years sometimes taking up to 16 tablets a day. Look how far I've come. I got all the weight gain warnings when i went on mirt but it didn't happen. Withdrawal is something we will eventually have to deal with but once we feel better it won't be so hard! I've heard coming off olanzapine is like coming off benzo's and i haven't had a problem with that nor now I'm feeling better.

      Sertaline they tried first but gave me insomnia so i just stopped cold turkey and took mirt had no issues. 3 years ago they gave me citalopram to take with mirt but made anxiety worse and i felt so thick and stupid i couldn't think straight they said i was overloaded so i gave up the cit cut 10mg every 2 weeks no problem came off them and struggled through for a while. Now I'm coming off of it.

      The only thing I'm depressed and anxious about is how i feel physically and that i wasn't able to do what i wanted with my kids. But the olazapine has been a game changer.

      Since the mirt stopped working my body has become extremely sensitive to everything! Food fabrics i catch every tummy bug going and have huge reactions to meds i get every side affect on the leaflet. So now doc know to give me stupidly low doses of things to start with to then increase once I'm used to it.

      Since lowest dose of olanzapine I'm not as sensitive to the meds anymore and the side effects are there but really mild in comparison. I belive it's raised my mood a little too! Or that could just be a result of not being so anxious!

      Have noticed i can drink coffee again! Before i was too sensitive to even that!

      I have had no meds added on in fact the less i take the better i feel.

      My mood changes around my monthly too . I find it hard to cope with anything. Last period wasn't too bad though.

      Give it a go it's not as bad as you think. It could be your game changer too

      S x

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      Just to be clear I'm only on mirt 15mg and olanzapine 2.5mg!
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      You said you only take 2 pills now. You use to take 16? What did you take? Did you say you were going on Prozac after you get off olanzapine? Are you going to stay on it or stop taking meds all together?
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      I was on mirtazapine citalopram propranolol diazipam and zopiclone. Also oxepam, lorazepam.

      Now just the 2 meds still have diazipam to use in emergency but hasn't been often mainly when i get restless legs which is from the mirt so hopefully once I'm off them that will stop.

      The pdoc is suggesting i go on fluoxatine but now the withdrawal isn't as upsetting me and neither of us think im depressed just bad anxiety. This could all be caused by mirt so i think we're to see how i am once I'm off it first if i get into trouble or the depression comes back i will take new meds

      I just need to be well now. 3 years of suffering is more than enough.

      Got pdoc on 10th so will know more then

      Sleep is the only thing I'm struggling with now and a little bit queasy.

      But that's better than panic attacks

      How you doing today?

      S x

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