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Hi all,

I ams o confused with all the things I am reading about Omeprazole. I have never suffered from any problems with acid/reflux untill 3 months ago. I started out with bloating and feeling sick, then awful reflux. Then It whent to awful pain in my upper adomen and feeling sick after eating. I started on 20mg of omeprazole and after 2 weeks after still struggling my doctor upped it to 40MG. After a few more weeks I started to feel some relief and I felt confident things were improving. I then whent down to 20mg again as i was feeling that 40mg was making me feel what I can only discribe as dried out. I was going okay then went 3 steps back with having reflux again. I started 40mg again a few days ago and i have noticed some foods are making me worse. I tested negative for celiac disease but i am testing removing gluten. I am finding after keeping a food journal that dairy products are making me feel worse. 

I have been questioning if omeprazole are now casuing me additional problems. My doctor wouldnt have it..he said if i tried a lower dose he beleives I will get worse. He may well be right, but i cant help feeling that i am expereincing other things than when I started with it. The doctor thinks I have a duodenal ulcer. I have an endoscopy on sept! It seems ages away when trying to get hrough each day battling with these symtoms. 

What other things can you try with it, can you try ranitidine? Or gaviscon? It says on the pack nothing. Its hard I dont want to expereince this build up of acid everyone is talking about.

Any ideas would be fantastic,thank you 


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    About two years ago I started having bad heartburn and was prescribed Omeprazole.  I took it for a few months and it did work to begin with but it got that I would take the capsule first thing in the morning and by mid-morning I had heartburn again.  I read somewhere that to relieve it you should drink a tablespoon of VINEGAR!  That was far too much for me so I started with a teaspoonful and it was miraculous - it went within seconds.  I know that acid is supposed to cause the heartburn but if the muscle that closes off your stomach doesn't close properly the shock of the vinegar does it. An endoscopy showed that mine doesn't close as it should.   I couldn't believe how quickly and effectively ivinegar worked (although my doctor's eyebrows shot up when I told her!).  I also found that chewing gum makes you produce more saliva which worked while I was chewing it but I stopped that after deciding to try giving up milk.  I used to have it on my cerials and now only have it in tea and coffee. I use soya or almond milk and the heartburn has gone, except when I use milk on my cerials when I get it back but just in a mild way.  It might be worth you trying these "remedies".
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    Hi there...i suffered with a perforated duedenol ulcer in february of this year...i now have to take lazaprazole every day for a long time.  I just wanted to say that if the doctors do suggest that you could possibly have one please do not take any aspirin or may have already been advised of this but i just wanted to let you know as these are bad to take if you an ulcer.  I didn't even know i had an ulcer until it perforated and had to have emergency surgery...the only thing i had symptons wise was stomach bloating which was uncomfortable and i felt pretty run down and lethargic...two days before it perforated i experienced heart burn but not too severe and nausia.  I hope your problem gets sorted soon.

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    The vinegar I used was the ordinary brown malt vingar I put on my chips.I also put a teaspoonful in a glass of water to make it easier to take.

    Another thing I forgot to mention, after cutting out milk on my cerials the bloating that I had been getting daily for months totally disappeared and I haven't had it back since which I am sure is due to now drinking soya or almond milk.

    By the way, one thing people should be aware of is to do with Omeprazole and osteoporosis. There is information about this on various websites but to quote just one:- People who take Omeprazole and other proton pump inhibiters for a year or longer are more likely to develop fractures in the spine, hips and ribs.  Omeprazole causes decreased production of stomach acid. The body requires acid to absorb calcium from foods. Low levels of calcium in the blood lead to calcium depletion from bones".  So, you could cure your heartburn but have a greater chance of fracturing your bones - great.

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      The calcium deficiency is common knowledge with ppis, which is why I would always say take calcium... you also need multi vits and minerals as they also ruin your absorbing b 12 and magnesium and you need more zinc. You can also get cramps in the legs and feets with ppis. The thing about fractures is only a problem with those who are skinny and frail anyway.
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      p.s. If you are concerned about side effects of ppis themain one is that they kill off a lot of your good blood cells and the white ones can take over - so you need to replace them.
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    Sarah, Ranatidine worked for me for years, I was getting woken by stomach acid most mornings at around 5-6 o'clock, I stopped taking it as one of my Dr's told me it was antagonising another problem I had developed (restless leg syndrome, my own stupid fault due to heroin addiction, all good now though).

    I have also found out though online forums and then personal experience that sleeping on your left hand side helps prevent acid reflux.

    Hope my two pence worth has helped in some small way, good luck. Mark.

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